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September 14, 2020

The 2021 Trip Leader Application is live! The search for the best people for the best job has begun.


Every September we launch the Trip Leader Application with great anticipation and excitement. We have enrolled over 1,200 students since the end of August. The reality of next summer has already begun to crystallize. Our motivation to find the best Trip Leaders we’ve ever had builds with each new student enrolled in Pacific Northwest, the Dolomites, or Costa Rica.


Moondance has moved beyond the 2020 summer. We are looking ahead, ready to deliver the trip of a lifetime to every single student on board so far. Now, we begin our search for the most motivated, dynamic, hilarious, competent, and fun people to give each and every student the Moondance experience in 2021.



Veteran Moondance Trip Leaders submit their application for the position every year with an eager spirit and stories to tell. Stories of what they accomplished the previous summer, how they grew, how their students changed their lives. With every story we see how the Moondance experience shifts and molds to each individual, student or leader. As we always say, the magic of Moondance lies in the people. The people who adventure and lead during June and July make those memories, and, ultimately, make those students into leaders.


There are many experiences that mold leaders. Whether you attended camp, participated in sports, come from a wonderfully large family, completed a NOLS course, or pursue community service opportunities, you could be a fantastic Moondance leader. We come across incredible leaders from a myriad of experiences and backgrounds, but with one universal trait: a deep desire to work with teens and change lives.


The Trip Leader position differs from a traditional internship or even camp counselor position because the uniqueness of a Moondance experience is unmatched. Whether you’re backpacking in Alaska, snorkeling in Maui, or exploring the Mediterranean by sea kayak; you can change lives this summer. You can leave a lasting effect on students who will be in college and beyond in just a few shorts years.


This is more than a job.


This is THE job. The one you remember for the rest of your life, that you wish you could do forever. The job that all your future employers ask you about in interviews. You will never forget changing someone’s life.


So, are you ready to apply for the best job you could ever have? If so, follow this link. Go here for more information. If you want to see more of the joy in the video above, check out our Instagram.


– Moondance HQ



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