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Food is Fuel, Food is Comfort

January 9, 2020

Food is a staple on every Moondance adventure, but it holds a special place on our Domestic trips. Why? Because you and your group get to learn how to prepare all types of camping-friendly dishes! In addition, Moondance leaders are skilled in front and backcountry kitchen techniques and are excited to show you the ropes. …

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Feature: Domestic Trips

January 6, 2020

This week, we are highlighting our Domestic trips! These trips have been some of Moondance’s longest-running, highest rated, and universally popular trips.   Since the beginning, Moondance has run fantastic trips in our own backyard. Twenty-five years later, we have trips running in and out of California, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Alaska. The…

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What’s in My Pack?

December 5, 2019

  Garrett Lucey, the newest member of our Admissions Team at HQ, takes you inside his pack! Take a walk in Garrett’s shoes.   Hey guys!   I’m Garrett Lucey and I hail from Jacksonville, FL. I made my way to Nashville, TN by way of Sewanee: The University of the South where I majored…

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What’s in My Pack?

November 15, 2019

Find out what’s in Harrison Newman’s pack and what her must haves are for any adventure!   Hi Moondancers!   My name is Harrison and I work in our Admissions Department here at Moondance HQ! Originally from Charlotte, NC I have made my way to Nashville via The University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) with a…

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2020 Here We Come

August 14, 2019

The 2019 season has come to a beautiful close. Now, we can reflect on another life-changing summer and look forward to the 25th year of adventuring with Moondance.   As we celebrate a quarter of century of Moondance Adventures, we say goodbye to some of the old and welcome some of the new. We find…

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mountaineering on machame route with moondance
Why We Lead: How Could We Not?

June 18, 2019

Moondance’s 24th summer has begun! With over 30 trips already underway, we are officially off and running into Summer 2019.   For ten months of the year we are prepping and anticipating the opening days of the summer. As students and leaders disperse all over the world, we are thankful for the time we are…

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Accomplishment on the hiking trail with Moondance Adventures
Oh, The Places Your Gear Will Take You

May 16, 2019

Unplugged features some tried and true classics and new gear items added to the Moondance Store. Here is a glimpse into the journeys they have taken and where they could take you this summer:   Baggies – Your New Best Friends   These shorts are more than just shorts. They are at once designed for…

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Africa hiking on Moondance
Why We Lead: To Connect

May 9, 2019

This week’s “Why We Lead” feature comes from second year Moondance leader Mary Ottley. Starting her leading career with Kilimanjaro and heading to the Dolomites this summer, Mary jumped into Moondance head first and can’t wait to come back.   Why me? Why Moondance? Why lead? About a hundred responses to these three questions come…

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on horseback | Moondance Adventures
Why We Lead: To Transform

May 2, 2019

This week of the “Why We Lead” series features fourth year leader James Kelley. He has led our Big Wild, Cataract Canyon, Hawaiian Islands, and Ecuador + Galapagos trips, and reflects on the transformative effects of being a Moondance leader.   I never thought I would be grateful for having a sinus infection, but one…

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moondance night views
Why We Lead: To Grow, To Inspire, To Teach

April 11, 2019

Third year Moondance leader Elizabeth Oakes kicks off our “Why We Lead” series with a heartfelt look at the long lasting affect of leading Moondance trips. She has led both our Colorado Trail and Northern Lights trips with an unbridled passion for kids, adventure, and fun.   This past week included a night class with…

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