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Staff Training in Flat Rock, NC
About Us

We believe that new experiences have the power to change the way we think about, interact with, and understand our place in the world. They wake us up. They tune us in. They get us out of our routines and open up the spaces and places around us. They tickle our brain, hug our hearts, and stoke the fire within us.

And while we believe that new experiences can and should be found everywhere and everyday, we believe that the most impactful ones require getting outside of our comfort zones and away from our hometowns. In doing so, we put ourselves in new places and new situations that require us to fully engage in what’s going on around us. These are the environments and individuals that inspire us to live in the moment. This is Moondance.

At Moondance, adventure travel runs deep. Our working hours are often in an office, yet we yearn for dirt under our nails, the utter exhaustion of a summit attempt, or the restful collapse after a day under the sun. Adventure travel is not our product, rather a state of mind and lifestyle that we spawn in those willing to join us. Adventure travel is magic.

As a true adventure travel company, we scour the globe for incredible, transformative experiences. And since working with teenagers is our passion, we feel a great responsibility to help shape the future stewards of our planet. Sustainable travel practices, community service, and leave no trace ethics are common themes throughout the Moondance curriculum and we are proud to pass the torch to the future of conservation minded explorers.

2023 HQ Culture Retreat in the Italian Dolomites

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