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our covid-19 policies + procedures

June 11th, 2021

With the most recent inclusion of kids 12 and up able to get the vaccine, Moondance will strongly encourage they get this prior to their trip.  In addition, the CDC guidelines lifting the masks mandate for those fully vaccinated on May 13, 2021 has altered this policy for both outdoor and indoor activities. We have made several updates to our normal course operations based on information from the CDC, WHO, and other government agencies. These policies are subject to continued editing as we learn more going into the summer and continue to follow new CDC guidelines. Certain trips will require additional paperwork and/or testing requirements. 

Please review the extensive requirements for entry to Hawaii here if you are participating in Maui or the Hawaiian Islands trips. 

 Pre-Trip Requirements + Considerations
  • All Moondance leaders are fully vaccinated.
  • For those fully vaccinated, you will NOT need to get a pre-trip COVID test.
  • We encourage families to follow their local and state government, the CDC, and the WHO guidelines and recommendations regarding social distancing, mask wearing, and avoiding COVID exposure prior to your trip.
  • Moondance highly encourages students 12 and older to receive the COVID vaccine.
  • Action Items:
    • For NON vaccinated students, Moondance will require proof of a negative PCR test taken, and a COVID health form to be submitted, 96 hours or less before trip arrival. (Hawaiian Islands + Maui however require a test taken at 72 hours before the final leg of departure, see full requirements here.)
      • PCR Testing: Testing sites are listed here.
      • If your trip starts on July 9, please take your PCR test between July 5-8. We consider this a 96 hour time frame.
    • Moondance Specific Documents: We require you to upload your PCR test results or vaccination record and complete a COVID medical questionnaire within 96 hours of your trip start date.
    • Please make copies of your vaccination card or PCR test to carry with you to your trip destination.
    • As your child travels, regardless of vaccination status, they should continue to wear a mask in the airport, on public transportation, and on their travel day.
On Travel Day
  • Participants should bring copies of their PCR test or their vaccination card.
  • Participants will be required to bring two facial coverings and personal hand sanitizer, in addition to the other required clothing and equipment.
  • Masks should be worn while travelling in airports. We recommend practicing social distancing and being diligent about washing your hands while travelling.
Policies + Protocol
  • Moondance will practice the pod model within the group.
  • Moondance participants will be required to wear a mask and social distance when interacting with individuals outside of their pod/group like professional outfitters, while indoors except while dining, when visiting public spaces like airports, when traveling in a non-Moondance vehicle like a bus, etc.
  • Groups will practice excellent sanitation, hygiene, and cleaning throughout the course of the trip.
  • Moondance will discuss expectations related to COVID (e.g. mask wearing, hand washing and communicating about medical concerns) during our orientation on the first night.
COVID Symptoms Presenting
  • Moondance will contact the family of the individual feeling symptoms of COVID and discuss the best course of action. Typically, this will require testing of the individual with symptoms.
COVID Positive Test
  • Moondance will test symptomatic individuals or those unvaccinated students with known exposure.
  • Moondance will notify the family of the positive individual immediately. The family must pick up their child within 48 hours of the positive test result notification.
  • Moondance will test the rest of the group participants and communicate with families about the next course of action which could include continuing the trip without interactions with those outside our pod or quarantine.
  • Moondance will attempt to resume trip operations depending on trip itinerary, date of positive test, availability, etc.

Revised on June 11th, 2021.