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Keflavik, Iceland
63.9998° N, 22.5583° W
8th-9th Grade14 days$5595
June 9-June 22, 2020 Limited Inquire
June 25-July 8, 2020 Full Waitlist
July 11-July 24, 2020 Limited Inquire

Despite its namesake, Iceland offers the warmest of welcomes; that of the geothermal variety. Thanks to its seismic activity and remote location, this unique landmass is home to technicolor landscapes, rugged coastlines, glaciers, volcanoes, and snowmelt fed rivers, warmed by the volcanic activity below. Discover the wildest parts of this incredible island as you backpack, raft, kayak, soak in thermal pools, and adventure through the most spectacular of worldly wonders. From deep fjords and backcountry trails, to stunning waterfalls and black sand beaches, Iceland will leave you awestruck.


  • Soak up the mineral rich volcanic waters in multiple hot springs
  • Explore the spectacular waterfalls of the South coast
  • White water raft the gorgeous Gullfoss canyon on the Hvita River
  • Trek the stunning trail of Strutur
  • Explore the rugged coastlines and fjords in a sea kayak

hot springs soaking

As far as water goes, Iceland is host to some of the most wonderful. Experience the finest, by soaking in the bright blue mineral rich waters of the Blue Lagoon. This enormous hot spring is known for its healing properties and stunning color, and you’ll get to take a proper soak. Orient yourself to Iceland, and the adventures ahead as you bask in this natural wonder.

white water rafting

Discover the Golden Circle, and tour the geothermal marvels of Geysir and Gulfoss. This day will have you rafting the mineral blue waters of the Hvita River, dropping down the deep and gorgeous Gullfoss canyon. Gaze up at the remarkable waterfalls cascading over volcanic rock, and witness the effect of active geology in this unique landscape.


Immerse yourself in the Icelandic wilderness as you spend 5 days on the stunning Trail of Strutur. Featuring volcanoes, glaciers, steaming green valleys, this scenery is unparalleled in its color and variety. Spend your days hiking through spectacular backcountry. Soak in natural hot springs along the way, and savor this epic trail.

sea kayaking

Glide through the waters of the beautiful Icelandic fjords in a sea kayak. From your boat, you’ll explore the wild coastline brimming with curious seabirds and marine life. Navigate deep fjords, making for bright green towering cliffs rising up from the water. Learn to paddle in this pristine wilderness of waterfalls and wonder.

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Cost $5595
Length 14 days
Current Grades 8th-9th
Ages 14-15
Begins Keflavik, Iceland
Ends Keflavik, Iceland
Group Size 13

dates & availability

JUNE 9-JUNE 22, 2020 Limited Inquire
JUNE 25-JULY 8, 2020 Full Waitlist
JULY 11-JULY 24, 2020 Limited Inquire