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Why We Lead

April 5, 2019
Alaska hiking trails on Moondance

From the youngest kid on a trip to the most seasoned guide, leaders come in every shape and size imaginable. This month, and leading up to the summer, Unplugged features Moondance leaders on why they lead and what keeps them coming back.


The biggest reason leaders do what they do, and do it well, is because of the students. Sixth through twelfth graders romp around the world every summer with Moondance and they always return talking about their leaders.


Here are a few quotes from past Moondancers about the people who led them up a mountain in Oregon or down a river in Fiji:


I am not exaggerating at all when I say my leaders made the trip. They are two of the greatest people I have ever met.”


“The leaders really impacted me and the way I think. They are all such good role models to me along with the rest of the group.  They were so fun but also very responsible and know how to have a good time.”


My leaders are two people that the world is blessed to have. They carry so much joy with them wherever they go and it does not go unnoticed.”


“The part of this trip that put it over the top was my leaders. They truly cared that we got something out of this experience. I think the leaders are quite possibly the best thing Moondance offers.


“I loved how well my leaders work with us and with each other. They were absolute rockstars and I could not have dreamed of better leaders.”


My leaders are two of the coolest people I know. They are so fun, sweet, smart, hilarious, caring and so much more. I am very thankful to have had them as my leaders.”


Stay tuned as Unplugged features veteran Moondance leaders on why they love to lead!