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10th-11th Grade14 days$6295
June 14-June 27, 2024Available for Guys
June 29-July 12, 2024Full
July 14-July 27, 2024Available for Guys

Nestled between Europe’s most ancient forests and spectacular mountain ranges is the stunning Slovenia. The crossroads of the Balkans, this storied central European wonderland is one of the continents best kept secrets. A cultural and natural mecca, Slovenia features emerald waterways, craggy coastline, massive mountains, castles, canyons and caves. Surrounded by Croatia, Hungary, Italy, and Austria, and the Adriatic sea, you'll savor the flavors and features of each in Slovenia. Explore rich landscapes, pristine wilderness, tiny towns and floating cities as you hike, climb, raft, kayak and eat your way through the heart of Europe.


  • Spend four days hiking hut to hut through the alpine peaks and passes of the rugged Julian Alps in Triglav National Park
  • Navigate the narrow chasms of the Soca River as you white water raft through its famed overhanging rock walls and emerald green water
  • Rappel, jump, slide and scale the water carved canyons of the Soca River Valley on a canyoneering and climbing adventure
  • Paddle the turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea off the Istrian Peninsula on a Croatian sea kayaking expedition
  • Explore Europe’s most magical canals, culture, architecture and gelato in the floating city of Venice
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With over half of the country covered by forest, and much of it covered in huge mountains, Slovenia is a world class wilderness experience. Spend five days hiking the alpine paradise of Triglav National Park. Trek through the spectacular Julian Alps, up jagged peaks, and along towering ridge lines. These days will be epic and challenging, but each night will finish in the remote Slovenian countryside with a hot meal and cozy bed to prepare you for the next days adventure.

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Explore the inverted worlds of the Soca River Valley. The emerald waters of the Soca River carve their way through incredible rock formations that can be explored by climbing, jumping, rappelling, and sliding on a canyoneering expedition. Learn a whole new way to adventure using ropes, harnesses, belay systems, and climbing techniques to explore the caves, canyons, and caverns of this gorgeous gorge.

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white water rafting

Get into the sparkling Slovenian magic of the Soca River on a white water rafting excursion. Known as the “Emerald Beauty” for its vivid waters, this river takes you through overhanging rock formations, beautiful landscapes, and thrilling rapids. Learn to navigate these crystal waters with your team, cruising narrow canyons, and paddling in sync. Watch the Slovenian wilderness go by on river time.

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sea kayaking

Access the best of the Adriatic sea on the historic coast of Croatia. Explore this spectacular stretch of beaches, turquoise water, and Roman remains, as you glide around the Istrian Peninsula in a sea kayak. Cruise by ancient seaside villages, examine ocean made caves, and tour oyster beds as you paddle this cultural coast, rich with Croatian and Italian heritage.

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Length14 days
Current Grade for 2023-202410th-11th
BeginsVenice, Italy
EndsVenice, Italy
Group Size13

dates & availability

JUNE 14-JUNE 27, 2024Available for Guys
JUNE 29-JULY 12, 2024Full
JULY 14-JULY 27, 2024Available for Guys

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