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What to Expect From Your First Moondance Trip

November 10, 2020
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Doing anything for the first time can be scary.


We can all remember the anticipation the night before the first day of school.


You’re ready to see your friends again, maybe even your teachers, ready to get back into the familiar routine again. You know what’s waiting on the other side of that car or bus ride, and yet the nerves return year after year.


Your first time doing anything is often steeped in uncertainty and anticipation. Minds wander to the possibilities of what could go sideways, or the friends you may or may not meet. But, what if you had nothing to be scared of? What if all that was waiting for you on the other side of the anticipation was good times and good friends?


Our Trip Leaders and HQ team often hear similar stories of nerves, anxieties, and uncertainties from students and parents prior to their first Moondance trip . We get that! You’re about to jump into a real adventure, full of new places, unconquered activities, and unfamiliar people. We understand the uncertainty because we’ve all felt it, lived it.


Our 2021 catalog features a letter written by former Moondance student, Elizabeth Moran called “Leaving the Comfort Zone”. Elizabeth, fifteen at the time, begins the letter stating: “Before I left on my Moondance trip I was more nervous than I have ever been… in the wake of uncertainty, I was anxious.” As she dives into what it meant for her to leave her comfort zone and where her first Moondance trip took her, she notes “All the anxieties I had before I started my Moondance trip were immediately forgotten.” 


Elizabeth’s story and perspective is one that feels familiar. These feelings resonate with anyone who has left their comfort zone. You discover all the friendships and fun that was waiting for you on the other side of the uncertainty.

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So, how do you prepare for your first time adventure? How do you move past the uncertainty and into the excitement? Here are some tips and FAQ’s from first-time Moondance parents that we find helpful:


– Plan ahead and prepare! Our Admissions Team provides each Moondance family with an abundance of information prior to the start of a Moondance trip. From the Clothing + Equipment List and Travel + Flight Information, to a Meet the Leader phone call from your leaders prior to the summer, we can help answer any and all questions you may have.

– Dive into the Trip Guide on our individual website trip pages! These Trip Guides break down the itinerary and give great insight into your trip.

– Call our office! Each member of our HQ team has extensive experience in the field. We are here to answer all of your questions and can oftentimes give on-the-ground perspectives for what to expect from our trips.


We are here for our first time families because we know a Moondance trip is a big deal for students and parents alike. Our HQ team and Trip Leaders are here from the moment you’re enrolled to the final departure on the last day of your trip.


After Elizabeth Moran reflects on her feelings prior to her first Moondance trip, she ends her letter thinking about her next Moondance trip. She recognizes her new perspective and her newfound confidence as she prepares to step outside of her comfort zone again:


“Of course, I still wonder about who will be in my group and what the trip will entail. I still wonder about where we will travel and who my structors will be. However, regardless of whom I am with or where we go, I know that I can meet the challenge. My previous Moondance experience taught me this and more.”


So, where can your first trip take you? Let’s find out.


– Moondance HQ



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