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The Draw of the Dolomites

February 5, 2019
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The Draw of the Dolomites

In August, Adventure Journal featured “The Silence of the Dolomites” video from Casper Rolsted. Steve Casimiro says it well in his introduction, “If you haven’t been to the Dolos of northern Italy, go. You won’t find a more spectacularly or uniquely structured mountain range…” and we could not agree more. The Dolomites are inspiring, majestic, and all around incredible. When our groups return from this trip, they describe the landscape over and over. The leaders have a never ending stream of adoration for this special place.


The Silence of the Dolomites – Headphones recommended from Casper Rolsted on Vimeo.


Moondance office staff, students, and leaders have explored this beautiful region of northern Italy and all would agree with Casimiro, if you haven’t been, you simply must go. From trekking to canyoneering, the Dolomites have captured our attention and held onto it since Moondance’s first Dolomites trip in 2017. We want to sit in the silence that envelopes the peaks of limestone. The noise that constantly surrounds us during the year dissipates as you trek further and further into the quiet of the Dolomites. You tend to hear more when you settle into the silence and truly listen.