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Moondance Blog Launch: Unplugged

November 12, 2018

Welcome to Unplugged


For 24 years Moondance Adventures has provided trips of a lifetime. For 24 years Moondance has been committed to our students and leaders as they set out each summer in search of awe-inspiring adventure. As Moondance has grown into what it is today, offering 26 different trips to five continents, seventeen countries, and eleven states, we have not forgotten why Moondance began in the first place: to provide students with life changing experiences outside of their comfort zone and beyond their wildest imagination. Yes, Moondance goes to some of the world’s most exciting destinations. However, these places are not what makes a Moondance trip.


Our people make our trips everything they have been and will continue to be. Moondance not only brings together a group of people for each trip; Moondance creates a family. We laugh, we triumph, we understand, we explore, and we do all of this alongside strangers at first. Adventure melds students and leaders together as they experience all their trip has to offer. But why should this stop when the summer ends?


This blog will connect our two to three weeks with Moondance during the summer to the rest of our year, bridging our many worlds together in some way. This blog will explore our history, our trips, our leaders, our students, and beyond. We will remember past summers and anticipate the future. We will divulge behind the scenes secrets and reminisce on our favorite Moondance memories. As we encourage students to unplug during the summer, we also encourage the Moondance community to remain Unplugged throughout the year with this blog. We want to hear from you and hope you want to hear from us. Unplugged is where you can look for updates, insight, and information throughout the year, and as always, in anticipation of another summer.


– Moondance HQ