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How Do We Stay Positive?

April 14, 2020

Staying positive right now can be exhausting. Every day we must confront the strangeness of our current situation, and every day we have to choose to see beyond it.


What does it mean to stay positive?


Does it mean you have to be laughing, joking, and carefree every second of the day? Do you have to ignore surrounding negativity or put a positive spin on every slightly negative thought you have?


This past month has made it very clear that we have to strive for positivity in a way we might not have needed to before. The necessity for positivity is potent, yet the path to get there mentally can be winding and full of road blocks. Embracing each day with a positive mindset does not mean you must ignore negative feelings, or, during the past month, our stark reality.


We cannot expect to float through this time untouched by the happenings of the world and our local communities. We cannot deny the heaviness of daily life. So, how do we find our positivity and strength day after day isolated from our normal lives?


We don’t ignore what’s happening and how we feel; we face it head on. We don’t cover our uncertainty, questions, and hurt in a thin veil of false positivity. We move forward with an understanding of what is outside of our control, and focus on what we can control. Focus on the book you’re reading, the people you’re with, the work you can check off your to-do list. This practice has made me feel increasingly invested in my time rather than merely observing life, or waiting for things to change.


I have chosen to stare the negativity, bad news, uncertainty, and weight of each day in the face and not let it dominate my thoughts, attitude, or way of life. I do not ignore it. I am trying not to push everything aside and force a smile.


Take a step back and take a deep breath. We have to choose positivity, especially now. We must channel strength and perseverence in order to confront and take control of each day, no matter the circumstance.


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– Kit Sommi, Moondance HQ