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Experience Moondance: 2022

October 21, 2021

An experience to last a lifetime


As the temperatures starts to get cooler, and the summmer falls further into our rearview, we continue to reflect on the 2021 summer. After a summer without trips, we were more than ready to get back outside. Over 1,100 kids experienced Moondance this summer on our beloved domestic programs.


At the close of every Moondance summer, endless stories of success and tales of triumph begin to circulate hometowns around the country. The stories that surface after a Moondance summer vary in size and shape but are consistent in feel. There is a similar feeling that links each one to the next. One students’ report of their trek through Alaska colors the picture of a summer full of growth and challenge. A leader recalls the final moments of their final trip of the summer with tears in their eyes, giving a window into the love for the work they did for two magical months. Another students reflects on their first time sleeping under the stars, surrounded by a smiling faces buried deep in sleeping bags.


These stories are at once completely separate moments while simultaneously pieces of the same experience. Every student and leader who traveled with Moodance this summer may not have shared every moment. However, anyone who experiences Moondance understands the power of those memories. Whether you went on a trip five years ago, or you’re signed up for your fifth trip for 2022, you can imagine the stories from other Moondancers in perfect color. You can hear others’ stories from their adventures and smile because you know what it’s like to be in the moments you will never forget.


When you experience Moondance, you walk away with more than a few cool pictures for Instagram. You leave the experience as a part of a community that will be there forever, one you can always return to. A Moondance experience connects us to the unforgettable people and places we might’ve been otherwise without. A Moondance trip is more than just a trip; it’s a part of your journey that pushes you towards the best the world has to offer and the memories that you will return to time and time again.


We are so thankful for the safe and successful Moondance trips that operated this past summer and the stories that have already been told. At Moondance HQ, we have been in full 2022 preparation mode since August, enrolling the most students we’ve ever had and fine tuning the best trips Moondance has ever run. We strive to be better each year because we want every Moondance experience to be better than your last, every memory more special.


A Moondance experience isn’t limited in its affect to a single summer; it seeps into every subsequent part of your journey. We are so excited for Moondance be a part of more kids’ journey in 2022 and continue to share the stories that have changed their lives. We will not hear most of the stories from the summer, but we can hear the laughter, smell the salt water, and feel the joy of another summer spent adventuring.


– Moondance HQ