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Apps, Streaming, and Gaming at Home!

March 28, 2020

Hillary Bridges shares her highly regarded top ways to stay active and have fun while at home!


Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a few things that have brought me happiness while adjusting to the new normal!


Being Active 


I am an active person. I love going to CycleBar, Pure Barre, yoga classes, you name it. I love the group aspect with fitness classes of all being there, in it together, with an instructor pushing you along. I’m also an avid walker. I love getting fresh air, stretching my legs and taking in the world around me. Walking is my time to listen to a podcast, catch up with friends/family members, and enjoy music. It’s really just my happy place. 


So in this time my walking has naturally increased more than normal, but I’ve also added in some new things. Here are my new-found favorites:


Peloton App: yoga, stretching, meditation, bootcamp, strength, cycling, outdoor (my new favorite), dance cardio (can’t wait to try), etc. You name it they have it AND they’re doing their first 90 days FREE right now. I’d encourage anyone to download the app!

  • Outdoor Running has been my favorite class on the app so far. I am NOT a runner (as mentioned above–an avid walker) and this has helped me run! 


Pure Barre GO: Pure Barre is live streaming classes daily and keeping the videos up for people to use for the days following. Grab a couple of cans of beans or corn for hand weights and try this new workout! Classes are 30-45 minutes and I’ve loved doing them at home.


Playing Games


If you know anything else about me you know I LOVE playing games. I get quite competitive during Staff Training group games of 100+ leaders. I also love game night with friends during the year. Here are a few games I’ve been playing recently as my roomates and I have been at home: 


Bananagrams: My roommates and I have been getting into a nightly game after dinner, good way to keep your mind going while having fun! 


Cards: ERS, Speed, and Spades are my go to games! 


Drawful: I’ve enjoyed playing this game with friends in person in the past, but NOW you can play virtually


These are just a few of the many ways I’m staying active and engaged!


– Hillary Bridges, Moondance HQ


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