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Kahului, Hawaii
Spring Break
Spring Break Maui
10th-11th Grade7 days$2995
March 2-March 9, 2024Available Enroll
March 9-March 16, 2024Available Enroll

The island of Maui is paradise for those who heed the call of island adventure. This trip takes you from dense green jungles, to golden beaches, to a diverse array of water exploration. You’ll surf, stand up paddle board, windsurf and sea kayak the crystal waters of the Pacific. Then you’ll dive beneath to discover unworldly displays of coral reef, colorful fish, and volcanic craters. As you experience the many natural wonders of Maui, you’ll also get the chance to learn about the vast ecosystems in this tropical paradise. Immerse yourself in paradise, by land, sea, and community.


  • Sea kayak like an islander in the mighty South Pacific
  • Visit the Molokini Crater for a snorkeling safari
  • Surf, windsurf and stand up paddle board in Kanaha Beach
  • Rappel through rainforest canopies on a canyoneering adventure
  • Contribute to disaster relief efforts from the recent Maui fires
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Dive beneath the waves to the technicolor reefs and coral forests of the Molokini Crater. This world famous destination is a marine life sanctuary, and features some of the clearest waters in the South Pacific. The curve of the islet protects its waters from the open sea, making it the perfect place for wildlife to flourish. The crater is one of three volcanic calderas in the world, and it is home to over 250 species of fish. Put on your flippers and goggles and glide through marine magic in an unforgettable snorkeling safari.

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No Hawaiian adventure is complete without a classic foray into it’s national pastime. Surf’s up! It’s time to stoke the swells of the best waves in the world. Professional guides will get you going, and before you know it you’ll be reading and riding the rolling sea. At Kanaha Beach you’ll get a two-day sampler of surfing waves and wind!

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sea kayaking

Head to Makena Beach where you’ll get to hop in a Sea Kayak and head out to sea! You’ll explore the underwater wilderness of the South Pacific as you snorkel among the colorful fish and coral!

Maui views with Moondance
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disaster relief

In August of 2023, Maui was devastated by wildfires that destroyed the historic town of Lahaina and displaced countless families and small businesses across the island. 2024 Maui students will have the opportunity to connect with the local community and participate in the disaster recovery effort through projects organized by our longstanding partner outfitters on the island. We are grateful to help play a small role in giving back to the beautiful place that has welcomed Moondance students + leaders since 2014.


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Length7 days
Current Grade for 2023-202410th-11th
BeginsKahului, HI
EndsKahului, HI
Group Size12

dates & availability

MARCH 2-MARCH 9, 2024AvailableEnroll
MARCH 9-MARCH 16, 2024AvailableEnroll

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