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Mystery Trip
11th-12th Grade14 days$6400
June 30-July 13, 2018 Full Waitlist

Roll the dice, stir the pot, and take the risk. Sign up for our Mystery Trip and see what magic unfolds. You can’t go wrong; but you can surprise yourself with where you’ll go. This year we are offering a special trip designed for alumni students that features the greatness of a Moondance trip with the element of surprise. Pack your bag knowing that wherever you land you have everything you need to survive and thrive on an adventure of a lifetime. Mountains, coastlines, beaches, rivers, latitudes and longitudes, whatever wilderness awaits, you’ll be in great company in the thrill of an uncharted expedition.


  • Meet Moondance alumni from around the world
  • Experience the purity of amazement free from expectations
  • Embrace the unknown, and take a true adventure
  • Take a wilderness trip in one of the planet’s most awe inspiring places

Join us on the ultimate adventure!

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