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11th-12th Grade17 days$6795*
June 5-June 21, 2024Full
June 23-July 9, 2024Full
July 11-July 27, 2024Full

Adventure to three different countries and experience a multitude of adventures, including rafting the deepest canyon in Europe, island hopping in Greece, and trekking through the most mountainous region in Albania. Our oldest students who are looking to enhance their Moondance student experience with a challenging, iconic odyssey are encouraged to enroll.


  • Raft the iconic Tara Canyon, the second deepest canyon in the world 
  • Trek hut to hut through the picturesque Albanian Alps
  • Experience Greek Islands and the Mediterranean Sea to their fullest 
  • Explore the historic wonders of the Acropolis as you end your adventure in Athens

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white water rafting icon | Moondance Adventures

white water rafting

Conquer Europe’s deepest gorge, the Tara Canyon, with a pulse-pounding whitewater rafting adventure. rush through raging rapids amidst breathtaking Montenegrin wilderness.

day sailing icon | Moondance Adventures

day sailing

Embark on a captivating day of sailing in Greece, where the sun-drenched waters and gentle breezes frame an idyllic adventure along the enchanting greek coastline.

sea kayaking icon | Moondance Adventures

sea kayaking

Explore the greek islands by the coastline, paddling through cool, clear water, discover hidden spots, and savor the sheer beauty from the water.

trekking icon | Moondance Adventures


Embark on an unforgettable trek through the Albanian Alps, connecting with nature and local culture as you traverse ancient trails, resting each night in charming mountain huts for a truly immersive experience.

discover scuba/snorkeling icon | Moondance Adventures

discover scuba/snorkeling

Unveil a mesmerizing underwater tapestry in corfu as you swim among vibrant schools of fish, graceful octopuses, and colorful sea anemones, creating an unforgettable encounter with the diverse and enchanting sea life of the Ionian Sea.

rock climbing icon | Moondance Adventures

rock climbing

Adventure in Corfu, scaling towering limestone cliffs and hidden crags, surrounded by the breathtaking wilderness of this undiscovered gem in the heart of the Balkans.

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