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10th-11th Grade17 days$6295
June 5-June 21, 2024Full
June 23-July 9, 2024Full
July 11-July 27, 2024Full

600 miles from Lisbon, deep in the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find the mystical remote island of Madeira. An autonomous region of Portugal, Madeira is quite special and quite unknown. Its landscape will take you from volcanic peaks to green, rugged mountains and hills, all the way down to rocky ocean cliffs and pebbly beaches with deep blue waters. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you navigate the internal workings of this remarkable island. Rich in culture, beauty, and adventure, you’ll experience everything Madeira has to offer — hiking, canyoneering, rock climbing, surfing, coasteering — and still want more. It might just be a dot on the map to most, but to those who have traveled to Madeira, know it’s one of the best hidden gems.


  • Spend six days hiking and camping across the island of Madeira, up and over volcanic peaks and narrow valleys
  • Dip into the refreshing waters of the Ecological Park of Funchal as you wade, rappel, jump, slide, and swim your way through the laurel forests on a canyoneering adventure
  • Scale and scurry up the jagged, volcanic rocks on this climbing adventure of the easternmost point called Baia D’Abra
  • Surf’s up as you ride the tides of the bluest, clearest, and most pristine ocean water you’ve ever seen that gently collides with the softest, warmest, black volcanic sand beaches
  • Channel your inner child for the wildest activity of all — coasteering! A maritime merry-go-round, coasteering includes swimming, climbing, and jumping along the coast
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With a variety of hiking trails, peaks, valleys, levadas, and rolling hills, Madeira is the perfect place for all hikers. Ingrained in the culture and daily life of Madeirans, hiking through the island is the best way to experience and understand its natural beauty. Spend six days trekking across the island, weaving in and out of different mountains, valleys, forests, and clouds with sweeping views of the entire island. You’ll be stunned as you stand atop the highest peak of Madeira, Pico Ruivo, gazing at the 360o views of everywhere you’ve been and where you’ve yet to venture just yet. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders as you camp in mystical campsites deep in the lush forests. At every turn in the trail, you’ll wonder how you’re seeing yet another breathtaking view.

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Go deeper into the natural wonders of Madeira as you suit up for your canyoneering adventure! Instead of trekking on the trail, you’ll now be wading through the waters of Madeira and taking every chance to rappel down a waterfall, cannonball off a rock, or slide down the smooth rocks into the river below. You’ll feel like a true adventurer with ropes, harnesses, and epic skills to explore these gorgeous canyons.

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rock climbing

Gear up and get ready to tackle the vertical walls of Madeira! Professional guides will help you scale the nooks and crannies, all while you take in epic landscapes around you. You’ll even get to take a refreshing dip in the Atlantic Ocean after you’ve conquered the walls!

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It wouldn’t be an island trip without surfing! Connect with island life on a new level as you surf the waves of the Atlantic. Professional guides will show you how to ride the tides and catch some waves! Your surfing spot will be iconic with the best waves, richest water, and softest black sand beaches. You’ll be a pro in no-time!

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The action hasn’t stopped yet! Prepare yourself for a wild, energy boosting, and all around FUN time while you try coasteering! This activity might be unknown to most, but we promise it will quickly become your favorite. You’ll become one with the tides to take you through an ocean rollercoaster ride of jumping, sliding, swimming, and floating in the water along the rocky cliffs of the Madeiran shore.

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Length17 days
Current Grade for 2023-202410th-11th
BeginsFunchal, Portugal
EndsFunchal, Portugal
Group Size12

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JUNE 5-JUNE 21, 2024Full
JUNE 23-JULY 9, 2024Full
JULY 11-JULY 27, 2024Full

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