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Zagreb, Croatia
45.8150° N, 15.9819° E
9th-10th Grade14 days$5295
June 9-June 22, 2020 Full Waitlist
June 25-July 8, 2020 Full Waitlist
July 11-July 24, 2020 Full Waitlist

Featuring over a thousand islands, archaic trails, rugged mountains and coastal civilizations, Croatia is known as the jewel of the Adriatic. This leadership trip combines immersion of the old world with wilderness travel in one of the most stunning parts of Europe. Trek ancient footpaths and explore historic cities nestled among waterfalls and lakes. Rock climb spires of limestone, paddle through canyons, and sea kayak to remote islands off the Dalmatian Coast. This experience is for those looking to expand their wilderness skills, and discover the adventurous side of the Adriatic.


  • Explore the lakes and waterfalls of Plitvice National Park
  • Trek the the mountain coastal trail for five days
  • Rock climb the limestone crags of Paklenica National Park
  • Paddle the Zrmanja River and navigate emerald waterfalls
  • Sea Kayak the remote Elaphitii Islands off the Dalmatian Coast
  • Experience the Adriatic charm of old town Dubrovnik


Trace the ridge lines of the Adriatic coast on a mountaineers trek through spectacular Paklenica National Park. You’ll hike through sweeping views and passes, and each night you’ll stay in a remote mountain hut. Hot peka, (traditional dish) and Croatian cuisine will be waiting for you at the end of these long mountain days. Savor the true wilderness of the old world.

rock climbing

Get vertical as you explore a different vantage of Paklencia National Park. Learn to rock climb on the stunning limestone spires you’ve come to know on the trail. Professional guides will teach you belay systems, rope maintenance and techniques to help you master this thrilling sport. Take on climbs of varying difficulty and push yourself to new heights.


Take an aquatic expedition on the beautiful Zrmanja River. Using inflatable kayaks you’ll navigate the clear turquoise channels and multiple waterfalls that populate this river. You'll spend the day cruising through the deep canyons and sparkling waters that lead to the Adriatic Sea.

sea kayaking

Push off into the bright blue waters of the Adriatic. Explore the magical Elaphiti Islands cruising the coastlines in a sea kayak. With over a thousand islands to explore, this area of the Dalmatian coast offers a watery wilderness of remote beaches and coastal crags. Spend the days exploring this paddlers paradise.

croatia rafting the zrmanja river
Water views in Croatia

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Cost $5295
Length 14 days
Current Grades 9th-10th
Ages 15-16
Begins Zagreb, Croatia
Ends Zagreb, Croatia
Group Size 12

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JUNE 9-JUNE 22, 2020 Full Waitlist
JUNE 25-JULY 8, 2020 Full Waitlist
JULY 11-JULY 24, 2020 Full Waitlist