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Geneva, Switzerland
46.2044° N, 6.1432° E
10th-12th Grade23 days$7195
June 9-July 1, 2020 Limited Inquire
June 14-July 6, 2020 Limited Inquire
July 3-July 25, 2020 Limited Inquire
July 8-July 30, 2020 Limited Inquire

Take the alpine route through the old world in Chamonix. With the birthplace of modern mountaineering as a cornerstone, this immersive pilgrimage exposes you to two of Europe’s most spectacular trail systems. Trek the Tour Du Mont Blanc, spanning three countries through the Alps. Traverse the Breche Du Roland backpacking through the Pyrenees. Hop a train to Spain and paddle the Mediterranean in a sea kayak. You’ll even get to experience the twinkling lights of Paris. Mais oui! This leadership trip is for those who are looking to combine international travel with a true wilderness challenge.


  • Explore the mountain town of Chamonix
  • Trek through the Alps on the Tour Du Mont Blanc
  • Sea kayak the Mediterranean waters of Costa Brava, Spain
  • Trek from hut to hut in the remote and rugged Pyrenees
  • Gaze upon the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower as you explore Paris


Orient yourself to alpine life, trekking two iconic mountaineer meccas; The Tour Du Mont Blanc and the Pyrenees. Spend your days hiking through the rugged and stunning terrain of these historic footpaths. Each night you’ll arrive at a different hut or hostel nestled deep in the glacier carved valleys of Italy, France, Switzerland or Spain.

sea kayaking

Catch a train to Costa Brava, Spain, and explore the Mediterranean Sea by boat. Sea Kayak the coastal caves and electric blue waters of the Med. You’ll spend three days learning to paddle, exploring remote golden beaches. Soak up the Spanish sunshine and immerse yourself in the small beach town of Costa Brava.

visit paris

After an epic adventure, catch a train to Paris, and explore its metros, museums and monuments. Visit the Louvre, the Arc du Triomphe and Notre Dame, as you re-enter the realm of city life. You and your group will have time to cruise for cafe au laits, crepes and croissants before you spend your last night together beneath the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.

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trip details

Cost $7195
Length 23 days
Current Grades 10th-12th
Ages 16-18
Begins Geneva, Switzerland
Ends Paris, France
Group Size 12

dates & availability

JUNE 9-JULY 1, 2020 Limited Inquire
JUNE 14-JULY 6, 2020 Limited Inquire
JULY 3-JULY 25, 2020 Limited Inquire
JULY 8-JULY 30, 2020 Limited Inquire