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Fiji 2B • June 25-July 11, 2023

Final Bulla!

July 11, 2023




We can’t believe that our trip is over! We have had such an amazing time getting to know all 12 of our kids. We are so proud of everything they have accomplished and watching everyone grow as young leaders!


On our last day scuba diving, everyone woke up very anxious for our biggest dive yet!!!! We hung out at Club Oceanus for the beginning of the day before getting on the scuba boats. Everyone did so good for their final dive in Fiji! Arianna was very glad because we did not encounter any sharks, even though our dive guides told us we would be diving with them. After we rinsed off from our dive, it was announced that it was MASTER CHEF NIGHT!!! Our team captains, Burke and Caroline, gathered their teams together before we walked to the grocery store. Both teams went over the $125 spending limit, but it worked out in the end. The first team that claimed the kitchen consisted of Gunnar, Liam, Burke, Virginia, Arianna, and Olivia. They made pasta, corn, potato wedges, and ice cream sandwiches. The second team contained Will, Bradley, Cece, Caroline, Hadley, and Gia. The team put together a Mexican themed dinner with Quesadillas, guacamole, and Doritos. After a long hard cooking war, the teams tied the win by both having 16 total points. Both teams did an amazing job working together to clean up the kitchen while we danced to Whitney Houston! To end the night we circled up for a cabin time moonup led by LODs Burke and Caroline!


The next day, we woke up very early in order to drive to the Fiji Gateway hotel. Mostly everyone slept on the ride there, and we made one stop to grab some breakfast. We had a very quick turn around in order to arrive for our fun boat day on time. We were greeted on the boat with a very delicious plate of fruits. Cece and Hadley especially enjoyed the coconut pieces. We dropped the anchor for a stop to swim, and we played some fun games with pool noodles. Will took a very long nap on the boat, while everyone else played king of the hill on the water mat. Burke and Gunnar especially enjoyed pushing people off the mat. However, that didn’t stop Virginia and Caroline from pulling the boys off the mat. We all bathed in the sun on the way home and prepared ourselves for our BANQUET NIGHT!!! Liam looked straight out of Top-Gun with his sunglasses and ripped shirt. As fun as banquet is, it is very hard to find a restaurant that will sit 14 people dressed in weird outfits. Bradley, Olivia, and Hadley RAN from restaurant to restaurant, while the rest of us trailed behind. After our delicious pizza dinner, we gathered for our last final moonup as a group. Tears were shed by most of the girls, but we all shared laughter when Gia talked about Liam and Cece in funny ways.


On airport day, we went for another boat ride with even more fruit this time. We all sang along to our many requested songs and had such a fun time. It was emotional for everyone as we knew it was our last activity together. We couldn’t have asked for a better time with 2B. It was amazing to watch everyone grow and make memories. We hope for safe travels and easy adjustments to the time change. We love you, 2B❤️❤️

Lizzy and Reid

Checking in from Fiji!

July 9, 2023

Bula vinaka from Fiji 2B! For the Fourth of July we started our day with a party in the USA wake-up call for surfing over the Fijian corals! Will, Caroline, and Arianna all caught their first wave of the trip! Liam and Gunner even caught a party wave! After surfing we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and had some reading and relaxing time by the ocean. After, we broke out into a volleyball tournament! We sang along to American classics in Fourth of July spirits. It was a close game but the boys ended up beating the girls in the last second. Next, we surprised the kids with ice cream! YAAAAY! After ice cream we headed to the boat for a sunset and fishing cruise. It was a wavey ride. Caroline, Olivia, Arianna, cece, and Virginia sang along to throwbacks while gunner and Liam held fishing line off the back of the boat in hopes of catching a fish. Although no fish were caught we still had a blast! Burke and Bradley even sat on the top of the boat on the way back. Once We got to our home base we ate dinner and chatted about the fun fourth we had. We ended the night with moonup led by LODs Virginia and Bradley. We said goodnight and griddyed to bed.


We woke up the next morning ready to go to our next location for scuba diving! Our car ride was full of good music, naps, and chats. Once we got to our next stay, the kids raced to hang up their hammocks. We played speed and ERS for the first part of the day. Next the kids put their swimsuits on and got ready to start their PADI certification course. Once the first group was done, we ate an assortment of lunch options. CeCe said she loved her chow mein! Then it was time for the second group to hop in the pool while the first got to hangout in the hammocks. Both groups got through the training quickly and loved our outfitters! The whole group was excited to get in the ocean the next day. Once everyone was done, we had some chill time while Reid played guitar and the girls sang along. After, they played a short volleyball game before we headed out for dinner! We ate at one of our favs and everyone ordered the classic spicy chicken sandwich. Once we finished and walked home, we got ready for moonup led by LODs Liam and Gia. We sat out in awe at the super moon and incredibly bright stars before heading to bed!


We got to sleep in the next morning and once we got up we ate breakfast and went to the beach! We played captains coming and enjoyed the sunshine. Once all beached out, we went to our hole in the wall coffee spot and got smoothies and iced coffees then walked back to get ready for our second day of scuba diving! It was our first day in the ocean and the kids killed it. We saw new fish and seashells while we got used to breathing underwater. We were parked by a beautiful island looking out on the blue water. During our dive break, Arianna, Caroline, Hadley, and Liam all did backflips off the boat! We got cookies as snacks and got energized for our second dive. Once we were done, we enjoyed a scenic boat ride back to our home island and saw lots of flying fish while the sun set! For dinner, me and Reid cooked burritos for the kid and they loved it. It was a 10/10! After dinner we did moonup led by LODs Burke and Hadley.


The next morning, we had another slow start and went to the coffee shop. After, we had reading and journaling time and the the kids went to jump off the bridge. There were lots of laughs and everyone jumped! We got ready for another day of diving, this time deeper in another part of the reef. It was a little rainy but we didn’t let that stop the fun. Although we had a couple nervous to scuba dive, they conquered their fears and everyone dove! Burke even found a lion fish while gunner and Liam found an octopus. Once we finished diving we rode back on the boat all certified. For dinner, we went back to one of our favorite places and ate burgers and pizzas. After dinner, we had a little sing along with Reid’s guitar and jammed out to home and Vienna. After singing under the stars we ended the night with a meaningful moonup led by LODs Will and Arianna. We’re excited to continue our scuba diving journey and finish off the

last couple of days of our once in a life time trip!


Thank you’s❤️❤️


Gunner- hi mom hi dad thank you for giving me the opportunity to be here I’m having so much fun. Liam and I are ready to come home.


Liam- Hi mom and dad thanks for giving me the chance to come to this unbelievable place. Scuba diving is so fun and the reefs are so cool. I can’t wait to see you guys in a couple days. Love you, Liam


Will- Hey mom and dad! I’ve had an absolute blast with this one in a lifetime trip y’all sent me on. I just want to convey my gratitude for y’all sending me on this trip with this message. Thanks again and y’all are the best parents ever! Love, Will


Caroline- hey mom and dad!! I have had so much fun and am so grateful for this AMAZING experience! Although scuba diving didn’t end to well I still loved fiji and the beach was so pretty and the village was so cool! I love and miss y’all so much! i cannot wait to tell y’all everything!


Virginia- Hi mom and dad! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I am forever grateful for all the things you do for me, and all the work that has been done to allow me to experience moondance. I love you guys so much! Can’t wait to tell you guys about my trip. See you in 3 days!


Bradley- Hi parents! it’s Bradley. We’ve had lots of fun in Fiji. I loved the village it was really special the kids are really funny and sweet, got some middle fingers though. We’ve been scuba diving which is cool but I haven’t really gone down due to some sort of air bubble under my teeth but I don’t really care. Excited for a shower and to see you soon!


Hadley- hey mom and dad I am having so much fun but am pretty much ready to go home. I am having lots of fun but I am so excited to get a real shower and sleep in my bed. I can’t wait to see y’all and the dogs!


Burke- hello parents, I have been having a great time in Fiji and while I am excited to get back to America, it will also be sad to leave. Everyone here is great and the experiences we have encountered are cool as well. Can’t wait to talk to you!


CeCe- hey mama et papa and may may!! It’s been so so fun and will and I have had a blast. Even though our group has some great people and we got rlly close im ready to go home and see y’all. Can’t wait to eat ice again and tell y’all everything!!!! See you soon!


Gia- hey mom and dad I’m having a really fun time my last few days here. I’m really excited to go back home, but i know I’ll miss the trip after. Thanks for sending me here it was awesome. See you in a bit!


Arianna- Hi Mom and Dad!! I’ve been having the best time in Fiji and I’ve made the best friends and seen the coolest things. I am so excited to see you both and tell you everything 🙂 Love you guys miss you- Arianna


Olivia- hi guys I’m really excited to see you soon and I love and miss you both so much! It’s been amazing and I’ve loved every minute of it but, I’m ready for a shower, to sleep in my own bed, and for moms spinach dip. See you guys soon, love – Olivia


July 4, 2023

Bula from Fiji family 2B! It’s been a busy start for us, and everyone has clicked quickly! We started our morning with pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast, and assorted jams with juice or coffee. Hadley told us pancakes were her absolute favorite breakfast! After breakfast, Cece, Caroline, and Arianna hit the volleyball around until it was time to pack up for the village. Once all packed, we headed to the beach with our guides, jumped in the ocean, then got into an intense game of capture the flag. After sprinting and laughing we were ready for lunch! Our guides brought us a delicious chicken burrito that our whole crowd loved. Then our long-lost brother Burke joined us! It was an awaited reunion, and we all celebrated his arrival with hugs and cheers. Next, we were off on our first day in the village. The bus ride was scenic with views of the Fijian mountain range and the sleeping giant mountain! Once we got into the nambukelevu village we were greeted with smiles and lots of bulas. We made our way to the local school for a game of rugby. All our kids got into it and had the time of their lives learning a new sport. Next, they were greeted by their new BFFs, the kids of the village! We played handfuls of new games and shared many laughs while running around and dancing. After sweating, we made our way down to the creek for a cliff jump and swim! Gunnar was the first to jump and everyone followed. The creek was cold, but it was a refreshing polar plunge! Next, we were treated to dinner of lamb curry. After our bellies we’re full we made our way to the chiefs opening ceremony to become new members of the village! The kids were respectful and asked meaningful questions in our time. We ended the night with moonup and asked the question why are you here? To listen to dreams and expectations for our time here with moondance in Fiji!


Our second day in the village was one for the books! We had and incredible morning hiking through the Fijian jungle that ended with a float down the river. We had a rest stop on the creek shore and skipped rocked while our outfitters steamed cassava root with a bamboo stick. Liam and Gunnar helped start a fire! We got to enjoy fresh bananas straight off of the tree as well. Olivia, Virginia, Arianna, and Hadley all had a blast jumping from the rocks into the river before we all gathered some fire wood to float down with to bring back to the village. Once we ended our eventful morning, we ate a lovely lunch of chicken pasta prepared by our thoughtful guides! After lunch the boys helped set up their very own lovo oven to prepare our chicken dinner! While we were waiting for dinner to cook, we had the opportunity of exploring the village school with the kids. Gia, Olivia, and CeCe all got their hair braided by our new friends in the village. We played games and laughed for a while till we were all sweaty and needed a break. We all went back to the creek for a swim to wash off after play time with the kids! Virginia, Hadley, and Caroline conquered their fears of jumping off the high rocks edge while we all cheered! After a swim, we got to enjoy dinner and reflect on our time spent in the village. We got our final photos with our new friends and ended the night with a meaningful moonup led by LODS Gunner and Olivia.


The next morning was an early rise to head to our next activity: rafting! The kids got their raft teams together and we headed off on a scenic bus ride to our rafting spot. The kids had a blast flowing down the rapids singing country roads take me home! Gunner, CeCe, Liam, and Olivia had some fun pulling Hadley, Burke, Bradley, and Caroline out of the raft. For our lunch stop, we got to feast on the best pineapple we’ve ever had and sandwiches! We made friends from South Africa and California during lunch that our kids had tons of fun asking questions. Once our rafting trip ended, we took in the views of our new home for the night! We were welcomed with open arms by our next village and got to have down time playing cards. For dinner we ate delicious stir fry with cooked peppers onions and chicken. Next, we got the gift of celebrating an opening ceremony with our new village! We experienced the culture of Fiji and got to dance all night long with the kids! Cece and Will even performed a just dance routine. It was hilarious! To end our night our LODs Liam and Cece led us in a thoughtful moonup to close our time spent in the Fijian villages. It was meaningful to hear their thoughtful responses and thankfulness to the village people for teaching them new things about life and fun. Our group laughs all day long and it’s special to see how close they’ve gotten in just a couple of days unplugged!


The group enjoyed a much-needed sleep in for our first morning at the Fiji Beachouse! As everyone stumbled out of bed they were greeted by a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, and just about anything else you could imagine. Hadley thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes and struggled to get them off of her mind for the rest of the day. We spent the morning on “Fiji time”. Caroline spent her time tanning and Virginia got her hair braided all the while Will and CeCe enjoyed a siblings birthday massage! Gunner and Liam followed the birthday crew to get a massage of their own, and Bradley and Burke did the same. For lunch, everyone regrouped and was surprised by a gorgeous cake for Will and CeCe’s 16th birthday! After lunch everyone picked themselves up by their sandal straps as we prepared for our first afternoon of surfing! Caroline, Burke, and Hadley all looked like naturals as we surfed until the sun set off the beautiful Viti Levu island. We truly could not have had a more beautiful and relaxing day. We had an early group dinner and bedtime as we prepared for a full day tomorrow!


The group woke up a bit earlier today as we prepared for an all-day trip to nearby Yanuca Island! This tiny island was our home for the majority of the morning and afternoon. We arrived after an exhilarating boat ride and the group beelined for the volleyball court that was set up on the beach. Will was quick to use his athleticism to his advantage, spiking the ball at any chance he got. After a bit of unorganized chaos, the group gathered into four teams and began a volleyball tournament. The team rightfully named “winning with Will” came out on top just before we got a whiff of our delicious BBQ lunch! After lunch we hit the water with snorkels and fins on! Olivia, Gunner, and Liam all soaked up their time in the water and looked like sea animals in their own right as they glided along the reef. We wrapped up our day on Yanuca with a bit more volleyball and boarded the boats to head home. That was not all though because the group was surprised with another (much more breathtaking) outer reef snorkel and swim! Bradley had everyone belly-laughing as he showed off his goofiness in the water. Tired and content with such a wonderful day, we headed back as the sun was setting to prepare for dinner. After we ate, Will and Arianna led our best MoonUp yet and the group went to bed with full stomachs and full hearts. We absolutely cannot wait for our last day of surfing and our scuba diving section that is approaching ever so rapidly!

Until Next Time!

Lizzy + Reid

First Wave Arrival in Fiji!

June 26, 2023

Hello Fiji Families!

We just heard from our leaders, and most of the group has landed safely in Fiji! Burke is having a bonus day in LA and the rest of the group cannot wait to meet them tomorrow! We are so excited to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout-out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!


-Moondance HQ


  • Arianna
  • Bradley
  • Burke
  • Caroline
  • CeCe
  • Gia
  • Gunner
  • Hadley
  • Leonard
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