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Ecuador + Galapagos 3A • July 8-July 21, 2023

Bienvenidos to our last Ecuador and Galapagos adventure!

July 21, 2023

Sebastian and I can’t believe that our spectacular trip to mainland Ecuador and the tropical paradise of the Galapagos has already come to an end. It seems like yesterday that this group was meeting one another for the first time at the Quito airport before heading out to our first hotel. Over the course of our two weeks together, we were both so excited to see this group become close and step out of their comfort zones to grow in such a culturally and ecologically rich environment. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing sons and daughters with us and without further delay, here’s what happened during our final moments together!


After we last left off, our crew had just arrived on the wonderful island of San Cristóbal and had begun to explore the incredible land and underwater wildlife this place has to offer. The next morning, our crew was able to have a later start and all met up downstairs for a filling breakfast of cheese empanadas, hard-boiled eggs, cut fruit, and fresh fruit juice before packing up our packs and setting off in multiple taxis up to the highlands for our service activity at a local farm. Carlos, the owner of the farm, immediately met us with a warm greeting and an awesome introduction about the importance of his work using sustainable farming techniques. Carlos first treated us with some warm herbal tea and crackers to snack on before all of us suited up in our farm gear and headed out to the fields to begin our activity. He then gave us a personal tour around his farm, where he taught us the process of his practices while directly engaging the group with some hands-on activities. Our first activity was helping milk a cow where Ford was among the first ones in our group to step out of his comfort zone and volunteer to try something new! The group then walked down the farm trail to the chicken coop to learn all about the farm’s raising techniques while trying to catch chickens of all ages and sizes! While our crew ran around the coup in search of a chicken to catch, Camilla came up with the super idea of starting a vlog on the trip GoPro to videotape all the surrounding action! Wyatt showcased his patience and persistence when he finally caught the massive, alpha chicken and handed it around to all the members of our group to take some fun pictures!


After our chicken-catching activity came to a close, the most courageous of our crew walked over to a hot pepper tree to pick our very own pepper to eat. The group counted down together and then took one massive bite to test our spice tolerance. Weston and John were among the bravest of our crew, as they ate the entirety of the pepper and immediately washed it down with some warm milk and watermelon! The crew then cooled their tastebuds with the snacks set out for us before walking to the fields to dig some holes for coffee plants to be placed into. After a hard morning’s work, the gang was treated to a mouthwatering lunch of grilled shrimp with sauce, fried plantains, cooked rice, and juice. Each member of our crew personally thanked our gracious hosts before chowing down while laughing and sharing stories. The gang then piled back into our taxis to head down to a close by the beach, where we cooled off in the water and sat out in the sun. Heidi and Anna Grace were having such a fun time in the waves while encouraging the girls to play mermaids, a game where they dived underneath a crashing wave right before the wave broke! When it was time to go, the crew then grabbed all their things before heading back to the hotel to shower and change. We then headed out into the nearby shops in town to look for souvenirs and explore the beaches filled with so many sea lions!


After buying a couple of cool mementos and practicing our sea lion calls from a distance (I can say truthfully that through practice, our group has gotten progressively better!), everyone walked back to the hotel to get ready for the banquet. As a group, we mutually decided that the theme of our special dinner was to dress as someone else in the group! In preparation, the crew switched clothes with one another before walking over to a close by a sushi restaurant for a delicious dinner of sushi, ramen, dumplings, and fried rice. The gang then treated themselves to some delicious ice cream in a cone. As everyone enjoyed their sweet treats while walking to the pier, we held a special moonup while enjoying the view of the water before jumping in bed and falling fast asleep.


The next morning, the crew woke up and headed down to breakfast, where they enjoyed some home-cooked egg frittatas, toast, fruit, and yogurt. We then threw on our swimsuits and headed to the pier before boarding our private boat for our last snorkel activity at la Isla Lobos. While on the boat, our crew rode the waves for a bit before arriving at a small, private island that houses numerous endemic wildlife, including the famous blue-footed boobies! Everyone took a small boat to arrive at the small island before beginning our informational tour led by our exuberant, personal guide while in San Cristobal, Fabricio! We were able to see multiple types of sea lions as well as blue-footed boobies of all ages and sizes which was so cool! Everyone ecstatically snapped pictures on their cameras and GoPros of the surrounding wildlife before taking the small boat back on our ship to snag a quick snack of fruit and chocolate babka. We then strapped on our fins and snorkel goggles before jumping “flipper first” in the clear water! While swimming, Perry killed it and was so enthusiastic during the entirety of our activity to see all the different sea lions, fish, and even sting rays swimming all around us! After we were done with our snorkel exploration, the crew then hopped back on the boat to start our super fun boat day. Half of our group decided to sit back and relax at the front of the boat to catch some rays and the other half ventured to a nearby, beautiful beach to explore and view some humongous sea lions. After relaxing for a bit, we all headed back to the boat where during our ride back to port, we were able to see a massive pod of dolphins swimming all around our boat which was such a memorable experience for everyone on board. The gang then hopped off the boat to head over to Giuseppe’s, a local Italian restaurant to feast on some hot and ready pizza for lunch. We then headed back to the hotel to chill before heading back into town for our cooking class, where we learned to make Ecuadorian ceviche using tuna as well as some mouthwatering sides of empanadas and fresh passionfruit juice. Everyone had an awesome time jamming out to some music together while preparing the food and Mary Lyon and Alex absolutely crushed it making a side of perfectly fried empanadas filled with queso! Our crew then enjoyed the delicious efforts of our hard work and decided to walk over to a local panadería where Gabe bought a freshly baked baguette to eat and share with all our members of the group! We then headed back to the park located right across the street from our hotel to hold our last moonup with one another, where we were able to share all the funny and fulfilling moments that we made together during the entirety of our trip. Our amazing leaders of the day, Sienna and Jack, decided to end moonup with a fun “charade-like” game that left the entire group laughing so hard as they tried to figure out what each person was acting out! After closing moonup, our crew headed back to our hotel to finish packing before jumping into bed to get a good night of sleep before our big travel day in the morning.


The next day was filled with travel as our crew finalized all our packing and took a plane ride from San Cristobal back to Quito. The gang then ate our last meal together in the airport, where we were able to write everyone’s contact info and make a group chat before saying our tearful goodbyes and heading through security.


Sebastian and I could not have asked for a more amazing group to have as our last session in Ecuador and Galapagos. We have greatly enjoyed getting to know each one of your kiddos personally and we can not wait to see all the amazing things they will accomplish in the future. We both have full confidence that they will succeed in whatever they decide to pursue and we can’t wait to keep in touch! Thank you so much for trusting us with your spectacular kids and for following along on our amazing adventures!



Annie and Sebastian

Hola from Galapagos!!

July 18, 2023


We can’t believe that our group has already flown by to our last stop on our trip: the wonderful island of San Cristobal! From the last time we spoke together, our crew has explored so much of Isabella’s natural beauty, popped back to Santa Cruz for a quick visit, and traveled to San Cristobal, known as one of the geographically oldest and most biodiverse islands of the Galapagos. We are so thankful to have a couple more days with your spectacular kids and we can’t wait to tell you all our past adventures we’ve had together!


Our group woke up feeling refreshed from a good night of sleep in preparation for our second day of fun activities in Isabella. After changing for our upcoming hike, the crew walked over to a nearby restaurant for a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast with butter and jam, and juice to fuel up. While we were eating, Perry excitedly pointed out to the group a bright pink flamingo flying across the sky which was super cool to see! After finishing our last bites, the group hopped into the van to head up to the beginning of our hike at Sierra Negra, Isabella’s largest volcano. The walk up was mostly uphill with some muddy terrain that stretched for over a mile. After enjoying the view for about, the crew began their descent down the mountain to head back to the car. During our climb down, Camilla accidentally slipped and fell in the mud but immediately bust out in laughter and kept a positive attitude during the entirety of our hike! So awesome to see her infectious positivity and hilarious personality be such a strong influence on the group!


After reaching our bus, the crew climbed back in and headed to a local eating place for an appetizing lunch of grilled chicken and tuna, veggies, and fries that also came with a sweet treat of ice cream to cool off from the heat. The gang then walked back to the hotel to chill out together for a bit before hoping in their swimsuits to head over to our surfing lesson at a close by national park. After practicing the basics on land, the crew carried their surfboards to the water and began catching some gnarly waves. Jack showed absolutely no fear as being one of the first ones in our group to successfully stand up on his board and he never faltered away from going for the biggest waves! John also showcased his incredible surfing skills and even did a backflip off his board into the water which was so cool! While we rotated through the surfboards with one another, Ford came up with the excellent idea to bodysurf which the entire group later joined in on! After our surfing lesson came to an end, our instructor gifted us with some delicious Oreos and vanilla cookies to share with one another as a sweet treat. The gang then began our close walk back to our hotel to shower and change for our upcoming soccer and basketball game against the local Isabella teams!


Upon our arrival at the soccer fields, each of our members introduced themselves in Spanish to the local team and put on a jersey to begin the game. Mary Lyon was absolutely pivotal to our team dynamic during the game as she led the team while defending the goal as goalkeeper! Heidi also fearlessly stole the ball from our opponents multiple times as key defender and even had a couple of assists for our team! While part of our group was playing soccer, Gabe fearlessly asked a group of local teens from Isabella to join in on their game which our entire group later joined in on! After both our games had ended, our crew shook hands with the other teams and headed back to the hotel for a super special moonup on top of our hotel’s roof where we laughed and shared with one another while looking up at the numerous, bright stars painted all over the sky. After finishing the moonup, our group said one last goodbye to Isabella before heading straight to bed, excited for our awesome, upcoming day back in Santa Cruz!


The next morning was a bit of an early start but our crew promptly packed their bags and grabbed a quick snack before heading to our boat to start our journey over to Santa Cruz. When we arrived, the gang immediately headed to a close by restaurant for a delicious breakfast. Weston decided to step out of his comfort zone and try a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast plate of fried plantains and eggs which he absolutely devoured! After breakfast, everyone changed and explored Santa Cruz before heading to a yummy lunch of chicken quesadillas and pesto pasta. After finishing our last bites, the group began our walk to the las grietas, a brackish canyon filled with cool salt water to refresh in after our long day of travel. When the group was about ready to jump in, Alex decided to organize the crew to videotape everyone jumping in the water with the GoPro! After swimming around in the sun, everyone hoped out of the water and threw on some clothes to begin their descent back to our hotel to shower and change before heading out to dinner.


Before dinner, our crew stopped by a locally owned artisan chocolate factory called Chocolapagos where everyone was able to buy delicious chelates to eat there or take them home. During our visit, Sienna particularly enjoyed the chocolate turtles filled with passion fruit and even came back to buy a second round! After grabbing our sweets, everyone walked over to a seafood and steak restaurant for dinner to eat some mouthwatering food while laughing and talking with one another. The crew then headed back to our hotel to hold Moonup before jumping into bed in anticipation for our last travel destination: San Cristobal!


The next morning, the group grabbed their bags and headed to the beautiful island of San Cristobal! Upon our arrival, the crew was driven to our first snorkel spot at las Tijeratas where we were able to spot and swim with numerous sea lions and schools of fish. Anna Grace immediately strapped on her fins and goggles to jump “flipper first” into the water to begin our underwater adventure! While snorkeling, Wyatt was quick to point out the alpha sea lion swimming around her babies to the group which was absolutely massive! After exploring the underwater biodiversity of this incredible snorkel spot, the crew walked over to grab an amazing lunch of chicken and pesto pasta while cooling off with some delicious Cokes! The crew then headed to la Loberia to strap back into their fins and head back into the ocean to spot some spectacular sea turtles! Then the crew played a little in the water before walking back to our bus and heading back to the hotel to shower and get ready to head into town for a dinner of tuna tartare, burgers and grilled fish. After dinner, the crew enjoyed some ice cream while watching countless sea lions of all ages interact with one another. The gang then headed back to our hotel to hold moonup and then head to sleep.


Sebastian and I are so incredibly excited for these next couple days in San Cristobal! We are so grateful to have such a spectacular group and we can’t believe how quickly this trip has already flown by! Can’t wait to keep you updated on all the special adventures in the near future!


Hasta luego!

Annie and Sebastian



Thank you


Alex: Hey mom and dad! Thanks so much for letting me go on this trip. I am having so much fun and made so many new friends. See you soon!

AG- Hi Mom and Dad! Thank you so much for sending me on this trip! It is so amazing and I love everyone! I love y’all and can’t wait to see you😁

Camilla- Hey mom and dad! Thank you so so much for sending me on this awesome trip! I love you! PS: my debit card isn’t working so is there any way you can put it in travel mode (I think it’s flagged) bc I only have $13 in cash left. Thanks! 🥰

Heidi- Hi mom and dad! Thank you so much for letting me come on this trip! I am having so much fun and made many new friends! I love you and can’t wait to see you!

Sienna- hey mom this trip is fun thanks xoxo ❤️

John- hey guys, thanks so much again for sending me on this trip. P.s happy early anniversary. See you guys soon.

Gabe-Thanks for the support 

Perry – Trip is really fun, can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Wyatt – Hey. I’m having fun on this trip. Thank you very much for allowing me to go. Call u when I have my phone.

Weston – What’s up, thanks for sending me on this trip it’s been the best. Can’t wait to get home and see y’all

Mary Lyon – I am having so much fun! Thank you for sending me!!

Jack – Hey y’all, Galapagos is awesome and y’all would have fun here. I can’t wait to drive the new truck and see y’all.

Ford – hey mom and dad thanks y’all so much for sending me on this trip I love you 😘

Galapagos Adventures!

July 15, 2023

Welcome back to our fantastic Ecuador + Galapagos adventure!


We are all so excited to continue our journey throughout the beautiful islands of the Galapagos. Sebastian and I are so ecstatic that this crew has already grown so close with one another! So excited to share with y’all the amazing adventures our group has had in the last couple of days. Without further ado, here are the incredible things your kiddos have been doing!


After our action-packed day and night in Baños that included a cable car ride, waterfall hike, and even salsa lessons, our crew fell fast asleep at our hotel to get ready for our morning adventure park activity! After eating a hearty breakfast of yogurt, fruit, croissants, and eggs, the gang packed up all their belongings and said goodbye to our hotel before hopping on the bus for a short drive over to our activity. Upon our arrival, the adventure park staff gave a warm welcome and helped us suit up in our harnesses and helmets before taking a couple of hilarious group pictures. Our first stop on the adventure park was a single-person zip line where each person went overtop a rushing river headfirst! When it came time to decide who was going to go down first, Jack courageously stepped up and confidently strapped in to have the first go at such an amazing ride! After everyone went down on the first zip line, the crew clipped in and walked on a metal bridge that stretched across the river. During the bridge, Sienna showed absolutely no fear as she walked on top of each step and encouraged other members of our group who were a little apprehensive at first! Then, the crew began their ascent up a cliff by climbing on rings that led us up the mountainside. After everyone successfully made it up, the gang got strapped in one last time for an awesome partner zip line which was so much fun. Once down, the crew excitedly talked about their adventures at the adventure park before saying goodbye to our guides and jumping back on the bus to head back to Quito. Before reaching our destination, the group stopped for a quick lunch break where Gabe tested his adventurous food palate and volunteered to try some grilled Guinea Pig, which is considered a local delicacy in Ecuador! So awesome to see so many members of our group reaching out of their comfort zones and immersing themselves in new cultures!


When we arrived, the crew unloaded their bags in their rooms and immediately slipped into their swimsuits to jump in the pool and lay out in the sun. John had the great idea to encourage all the guys to zoom down the slide and even join in a line for a train to go down it together! After resting for a bit, the crew decided to initiate a soccer game on a field by the hotel. During our game, Mary Lyon was an absolute star on the soccer field as she confidently dribbled the ball past the other team’s defenders to score multiple assists and goals for her team! Weston was absolutely pivotal as a defender on his team and would consistently intercept the ball to avoid so many players from having an open shot on goal! After our game ended, the crew washed off and walked over to a close by, local restaurant for a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, lentils, and rice with hot sauce. When everyone finished their last bites, the gang decided to enjoy a delicious, sweet treat and each picked out their chosen ice cream flavor to eat while walking back to the hotel. Our crew then went straight to moonup where our trusty LODs (Leaders of the Day), Heidi and Perry, led us through such an awesome conversation where we were able to share and learn more about one another and grow closer together! After moonup, our crew went back to their rooms to finish packing all their things in anticipation of our early morning flight to the Galapagos the next day!


Despite the early wake-up time, everyone jumped out of bed to gather their things for our flight! We all drove to the airport and boarded our plane to sit back and relax before reaching the beautiful islands of the Galapagos! After our arrival and check-in, the crew met with our guide and boarded our bus to drive over to the highlands for our first look at the massive tortoises at a nearby sanctuary. However, before our tour began, the gang enjoyed a flavorful lunch of cheeseburgers, pasta, veggies, and french fries. After savoring our appetizing food while having funny convos with everyone, the crew headed out to see tortoises of all ages and sizes! Wyatt was especially excited about seeing the different wildlife present in the highlands and I was so ecstatic to see him taking numerous pictures on his camera! The gang was even allowed to walk inside a humongous cave created by lava. When the crew finished their tour of the highlands, we were driven into town at Santa Cruz to get settled in our hotel and get ready to head out and walk around the shops. During our shopping adventure, Camilla, Anna Grace, and Alex made a stop at a local souvenir store and each bought a matching, custom friendship bracelet with each of their names embroidered on it! After exploring the town of Santa Cruz, everyone walked over to an outdoor Asian restaurant to devour a delectable dinner of sushi, poke bowls, and ramen. The crew then headed to a nearby gelato bar to cool off with some yummy ice cream while walking over and viewing all the marine wildlife from the pier. Our group then headed back to the hotel for a deep moonup on the hotel’s roof before calling it a night and heading fast asleep.


The next morning, the gang woke up bright and early to catch our boat taxi to our second island stop in the Galapagos: Isabella! We ate a quick breakfast at the hotel before making our way to the boat to start our journey to our next destination. When we first stepped off the boat after making it to Isabella, the crew immediately spotted so many sea lions, iguanas, and even a couple of penguins! We then immediately slapped on our goggles and fins to jump in the refreshing water and enjoy our first snorkel stop at Concha de Perla. Everyone was so pumped to swim together and view the biodiversity of this new island. During our time snorkeling, Ford courageously swam down to see some of the underwater wildlife that was hidden by some rocks and pointed out to the rest of the group a humongous sting ray located in a little cove which was so awesome! The crew then dried off and headed over to lunch where we ate an enjoyable meal together of tuna, chicken, fries, and homemade mango juice! After, we all hopped back into a bus for a short drive to the island’s tortoise breeding center where we were able to see tortoises of all ages ranging from less than a year old to over 100 years old! When the crew finished learning all about the center’s procedures and importance in sustaining the tortoise population, we all walked back to our hotel located right on a beach. Without missing a beat, everyone instantly put their swimsuits back on and ran into the water to chill and pass the football with one another in the waves. After a couple of hours in the sun, our group headed back to their rooms to rinse off and get ready for dinner situated right near the water. Each member enjoyed a freshly prepared dish of burritos or grilled shrimp with chicken while laughing with one another during our group conversations. We then decided to explore the town a little and stumbled upon a quaint dessert place that prepares homemade mini churros with chocolate sauce. Everyone was in heaven enjoying their sweet treats and after our last bites were finished, the crew held an eventful moonup before saying goodnight to one another and heading back to their separate rooms for bed.


Both Sebastian and I cannot believe that we are already this far into our fantastic trip! We are so excited to continue to grow closer with this group and we both cannot thank y’all enough for trusting us with your spectacular kiddos! So excited for all the fun adventures to come and we can’t wait to share them with y’all soon!


Until next time, hasta luego!

Annie and Sebastian

Shout outs from the kids!

Heidi – Hi family! I miss you all so much and I am having an amazing time! Thank you so much for sending me on this trip and I love you! See you soon!

Camilla – Hey fam! I miss y’all so much but don’t want to leave! Everyone in my group is so nice and I’m having a ton of fun! If my phone still doesn’t work then I’ll call y’all from one of my friends phone at the airport. Love and miss you!

AG – Hi Mom Dad and Eliza! I’m having an amazing time in Ecuador! Can’t wait to see y’all. I love y’all so so much!!

Sienna – Hey y’all I miss you guys soooo much. I can’t wait to get back home!!!😻Tell cassia I miss her so much. P.s. I tried Guinea pig Xoxoxxoxoxo 😽😽😽

Alex – Hey y’all! I am having so much fun and I miss you guys so much. I can’t wait to see you all soon! Love you!

Mary Lyon – Hey! I miss you guys and am having so much fun! Thanks for sending me! I’ve seen so many turtles!

Weston – Hey y’all! Ecuador has been super cool! Thanks for sending me on this trip. Miss y’all

John – what’s up. This trip is so cool. It’s been super fun. See you guys soon. Tell Billie I say hi.

Wyatt – Hey. Ecuador was cool. We are in the Galapagos right now. Miss y’all.

Perry – Ecuador and the Galapagos (at least what I’ve seen so far) is absolutely incredible! Can’t wait to see you and tell you all about it! Also, tell Davis I have some really cool animal pictures he would like.

Ford -hey y’all, the trip is great. Ecuador was fun but the Galapagos is better already. Be sure to tell gigi I ate Guinea pig.

Jack – Hey y’all I ate Guinea pig I really like this trip and I miss y’all.

Gabe – The Galapagos is cool excited to see you


Crushing it in Cotopaxi!

July 11, 2023

Bienvenidos to the beginning of our amazing Ecuador + Galapagos journey!

Sebastian and I are so incredibly excited to spend two weeks with such an amazing crew! In just a short time, both of us can already see that this group has already gotten close, and we can’t wait to explore everything that this incredible country has to offer with such an outgoing and hilarious group! Thanks so much for sharing your spectacular kiddos with us!

Right off the plane, our gang eagerly grouped together and started introducing themselves to everyone before hopping on the bus to take us back to our hotel in Quito. When we arrived at our destination, our gang chowed down on some yummy pizza to fuel up after the long flight. After our last bites were finished, our crew held a big moonup with the other Moondance Ecuador + Galapagos crew which is a nightly ritual where we all recount all our fun and funny adventures that day and share a little bit about ourselves with each other. After moonup, our gang went to our separate rooms and fell fast asleep in anticipation of our first day of activities in Quito!

The next morning, our group sprang out of bed and headed over to the hotel’s dining room to enjoy a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, freshly cut fruit, toast with jam and butter, and orange juice. The crew then packed up their things and jumped in our van to head over to a peaceful hummingbird sanctuary located at the edge of the Amazon rainforest. When stepping out of our van, Jack was among the first of our group to point out the numerous hummingbirds fluttering all around us, which was so cool! Everyone constantly pointed out the birds that were flying all around our heads before John adventurously found a new path for the crew to follow that gave us an incredible view of the rushing river! After enjoying the natural environment, our group decided to make a quick pit stop in the local inn to warm up inside while enjoying some hot beverages and a couple of snacks of crackers and Oreos. Heidi decided to concoct a steaming cup of hot chocolate which was delicious!

After enjoying the inside for a bit, the crew jumped back in the van to head to the Palpacita Hot Springs which are hot pools created by the local volcanos! Upon our arrival, the crew slipped into their swimsuits and jumped in the first hot pool to start relaxing with one another. During this time, Anna Grace decided to initiate a fun-filled game of wavelength with the entire group, which kept the crew in constant smiles and laughter! Perry also decided to branch out and start up a conversation with some local Ecuadorians which was so awesome! Gabe led the charge in influencing everyone to courageously explore a change in temperature by encouraging the group to hop into one of the pools that were absolutely freezing. Wyatt was among the bravest in our crew and even won the “Who can stay in the cold pool the longest” by staying in a whopping four minutes! After hopping back into the hot pools to warm up and relax for a bit longer, our crew dried off and headed back into the bus to head over to a close by Ecuadorian restaurant for lunch. When it came time to decide what each person wanted to eat, Ford decided to try the freshly caught trout which was such a big hit!

After satisfying our hunger, the crew headed back to our hotel in Quito for a fun-filled afternoon of swimming in the pool and hot tub and zooming down on the waterslide. The gang even decided to do a connected train ride down the slide which was so much fun. The crew then grew hungry, so we all walked over to a local BBQ place where Sienna and Alex enjoyed some absolutely mouthwatering BBQ chicken wings with fries sprinkled with chimichurri sauce! After dinner, the crew headed back for moonup and then bed.

The next morning, the gang was in high spirits as we tossed all our luggage and began our drive to Cotopaxi for our awesome horseback riding activity! When everyone suited up in their authentic ponchos, chaps, and helmets, we headed over to saddle up on our horses and start heading up the mountainside. Mary Lyon’s horse named Aslan was so gorgeous and she was so confident leading him through all the different terrains. At the summit of our journey, the gang hopped off the horses to take pictures in our sick outfits while enjoying the incredible view. After, the crew jumped back on their horses to head back to the ranch. We all said goodbye to our trusty steeds before climbing back on the bus to drive to our lunch of fried chicken, burgers, and fries. After replenishing with some flavorful food, everyone climbed back on our bus to finish our drive south to Baños.

Upon our arrival, everyone excitedly dropped their stuff in their rooms before heading to a nearby park to watch some pickup soccer and basketball games. We then walked over to a tasty Italian restaurant where we enjoyed freshly prepared pizza, pasta, and even steak! The crew then decided to enjoy a sweet treat of homemade milkshakes. Weston decided to step out of his comfort zone and try the watermelon milkshake which was amazing! While finishing our drinks, Camilla began a fun-filled card game of UNO which was super fun! The gang then walked back to our hotel for a special moonup on the hotel’s terrace before saying goodnight to one another and heading fast asleep.

Sebastian and I are so excited to have this opportunity to hang out with such an amazing group and we can’t wait to explore more of the incredible things this special country has to offer in the near future! Can’t wait to share all the amazing moments with you all throughout our adventure!

Hasta luego!

Annie and Sebastian

Arrived Safely in Quito!

July 8, 2023

Hello Ecuador + Galapagos Families!

We heard from our leaders and the group has landed safely in Ecuador! The trip is off to a great start, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


  • Alexandra
  • Anna Grace
  • Camilla
  • Ford
  • Gabriel
  • Heidi
  • Jack
  • John
  • Mary
  • Perry
  • Sienna
  • Weston
  • Wyatt