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September 30, 2020


How will we look back upon this period of time?  We don’t know exactly when we will get through this pandemic, but we are optimistic and will be ready to travel again. We felt that our decision to suspend the 2020 season was our only option in order to keep everyone safe.

The world has been forever changed during these past six months, but the essence of Moondance’s mission has not waivered – creating magical experiences for young people.  

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 as it relates to our operations both domestically and abroad as the global situation continues to develop and change daily. The safety of our students and Trip Leaders remains our primary concern, and we will continue to plan and prepare accordingly. 

At Moondance, we have begun preparations for 2021 in full force!  We have opened our enrollment and the response has been overwhelming, but there is still much to learn. Though no one can predict precisely how this pandemic will develop throughout the year, we know that teens are anxious to emerge from this most bizarre time of their lives. We understand that one of our most precious commodities is time, so we take this opportunity to impact lives in a safe and caring environment seriously.  

After this past spring, we understand how quickly things can change and we will continue to be transparent and clear in all of our communication with Moondance families. We will always defer to health authorities and their expertise in adapting to COVID-19, especially as we get closer to the summer.

We look forward to delivering the trip of a lifetime to so many of you who lost this past summer.  We are grateful to all of our families who believe in our mission and trust our policies.  

Please join us as we celebrate the magic of Moondance and prepare for summer 2021.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Moondance office.


Hayes Hitchens

President + Founder