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A new year, renewed excitement, boosted motivation. We are stronger than last year. We are excited for what is to come this year. We know it will be filled with laughter, friends, quiet moments, pushing ourselves, and so much more. You never really know what a year holds, but you can create space for moments of joy and time spent with those you love.

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Moondance provided each of our three sons with a unique, memorable experience that was individual and personal to them. The friends, experiences, and feelings of accomplishment they have will last much longer than the quick summer experience. You truly have a unique company.
John Eakin, Nashville, TN

Moondance is an adventure travel company for teens going to some of the world's most awe-inspiring places.

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I was put back in check with how powerful natural wonders can be. I often forget how big the world is and how many opportunities for fun there really are.
Adele Zieman, Mobile, AL


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