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Anchorage, Alaska
61.2181° N, 149.9003° W
Midnight Sun
8th-9th Grade14 days$5195
June 9-June 22, 2020 Limited Inquire
June 25-July 8, 2020 Available Enroll
July 11-July 24, 2020 Available Enroll

Spend two weeks adventuring in the land of the Midnight Sun, savoring the long lovely days of Alaskan twilight. Explore a land so rugged and wild, getting around is limited to bush planes, paddles, passion, and your own two feet. You’ll get to use each of these modes as you orient your Alaskan dial to the Chugach, Wrangell, and St. Elias Mountain ranges; the largest in the National Park system, and one of the most unspoiled wilderness areas in the world. Raft, climb, backpack, and immerse yourself fully in this true wilderness.


  • Fly in to McCarthy via Alaskan bush plane
  • Spend 4 days backpacking the remote Wrangell St. Elias mountains
  • Ice Climb and traverse the Root Glacier
  • Take a multi-day rafting exhibition on glacier-fed Alaskan rivers


Learn to navigate the Alaskan wilds, using map and compass and carrying only what you need. Backpack the Wrangell St. Elias mountains, and experience the freedom and beauty of living outdoors. Camp, cook and hike through unparalleled wilderness, leaving behind the world of material things.

ice climbing

Walk, climb, and traverse the Root Glacier as you learn the art of ice climbing, glacier travel, and navigation. Walking amongst blue moulins and cobalt caverns of ice, you’ll use crampons, and ice axes to ascend a high-point looking out over the Stairway Icefall. Along the banks of this enormous glacier, you’ll explore a 14 story copper mine where $200 million worth of copper was discovered and processed in the early 20th century.

white water rafting

Spend 4-days on a whitewater rafting expedition, spanning three rivers fed by the glaciers and tributaries you’ve been exploring. You’ll charge the rapids and steep canyons during the day, and camp on remote backcountry beaches by night. These wild, rugged, and beautiful rivers are a thrilling and amazing way to roam the Alaskan wilderness.

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trip details

Cost $5195
Length 14 days
Current Grades 8th-9th
Ages 14-15
Begins Anchorage, Alaska
Ends Anchorage, Alaska
Group Size 12

dates & availability

JUNE 9-JUNE 22, 2020 Limited Inquire
JUNE 25-JULY 8, 2020 Available Enroll
JULY 11-JULY 24, 2020 Available Enroll