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Fiji 1B • June 8-June 24, 2023

One Final Bula From Fiji 1B!!!!

June 24, 2023

One final bula from Fiji!!

The group woke up to another wonderful pancake breakfast at Club Oceanus as PADI certified divers!! After breakfast everyone quickly headed out to the beach to enjoy the gorgeous weather we have been having. The girls started building sandcastles which quickly escalated into a full blown sand fight. Within the blink of an eye, Maya was covered in sand after an attack by Rocco. Once the group was thoroughly sandy, everyone dashed for the water to rinse off and we were met with rain falling from sunny skies. It was truly a WOW moment for the group as we all swam under a rainbow. After the rain subsided the chicken fights began. Wolfie hopped onto Nikhil’s shoulders and Sascha onto Brooke’s! Next thing we knew Sascha was in the water. The rest of the group got ready to fight all laughing as they toppled into the water. After the chicken fights tired us out, we started a new game of STAR. Hunter killed it with the movie selections! Next, we continued playing games with birdie on a perch and captains coming! Leena and Lily won birdie on a perch but Wolfie and Rocco will tell you they won. To end our fun day at the beach we headed back to our condo for lunch! We had a wide range of orders from pizza to sandwhiches to fried rice!

Then it was time for our scuba section! It was a big day in the open blue waters of Fiji for our crew. Our first dive was our deepest yet and we even spotted a lion fish! We were all trying to spot a shark and surprisingly enough we did. Brooke signaled to Leena and tried to tell the rest of the group by making a fin on her forehead with her hand. Although a lot of our group missed the small reef shark, it was OK because they had no clue what was coming next. Our very own shark dive! Sascha, Leena, Lily, Rocco, Wolfie, and Maya were particularly nervous but all conquered their fear and competed the dive! They all came up in awe raving about how the dive was the coolest thing they’ve ever done. To celebrate everyone’s bravery we returned to our new favorite restaurant for a massive dinner. Brooke, Harry, Jack, Sascha, and Reid shared a sushi boat while Lizzy and Lula shared some delicious sweet and sour chicken. With full stomachs we headed home and had an incredibly peaceful MoonUp on the dock with a sky full of stars. We all went to bed early excited for our last day of scuba diving. \

Once again the group was treated to a little more sleep as we had another relaxing morning. We woke up to a breakfast full of amazing pineapple, eggs, and toast. Before making another trip to the beach we took a quick walk to the nearby arts village where we all got sweet treats! Max devoured a ‘berry ballistic’ while Nikhil and Harry made quick work of their chocolate shakes. After enjoying our time at the Dream Cafe, we made our way back to our favorite beach spot. Lily and Leena read their books while the rest of the crew played in the waves. After lunch it was time for our last scuba dive. By now everyone was super comfortable with diving so we were all so excited (and a little sad) for our last dive. This time, instead of a shark dive, we stopped at a huge reef and had a long session full of cave dives. The boys saw a white tip reef shark and the girls described their dive as real life Nemo! It was an incredible end to our diving adventures and all of our kids said they felt as though they were in an aquarium! To celebrate our new certified divers we surprised the kids with an ice cream sundae bar. They loved the pre dinner treat! For dinner, we headed to our new favorite pacific harbour spot Baka Blues Cafe. We had a selection of meal options but the crowd favorite was the burger. Wolfie and leena said it was in the top 3 they have ever had. We ended the night with moonup led by LOD’s Sascha and Jack and laughed about what our irrational fears were.

We woke up the next morning super early to make our way back to Nadi! We arrived back at the Fiji Gateway Hotel and settled back in before hopping on a catamaran for our afternoon cruise. The whole group absolutely loved the relaxing afternoon on the boat as we swam and snorkeled in the beautiful weather. Tired, we had a big pizza dinner in the marina and made our way back to the hotel for one final, long MoonUp. We reminisced about our favorite parts of the trip and the lessons we learned throughout.

Our last day concluded of a final catamaran run while fishing. We were gifted with all different types of fruit and sunshine. Nikhil and Lula both caught fish! We ate a lovely lunch of a grilled chicken wrap and banana bread while the boys played president for one last time. After we headed back to the hotel to pack up and clean up one last time, we got a pizza to munch on. Next, we were on the way to the airport and said our final goodbyes! It broke our hearts and tears were shed.

It was an honor to lead these incredible kids in their Fiji adventure and we can’t wait to hear all they accomplish soon! We’re thankful for the new friendships and memories formed in our time in Fiji!

Love, FIJ 1B leaders
Lizzy and Reid

Scuba and Sushi!!

June 21, 2023

Bula from our Fiji family! To start our first day on the beach we had a buffet breakfast on the coastline, then headed out for a snorkeling adventure! We grabbed our fins and goggles and hopped on a boat to sail to another island off the main island coast. The views were incredible, and the water matched the bright blue skies. Jack put on the silly LOD glasses we gave him and then we were on our way. Wolfie pointed out several flying fish that almost caught up with our boat! It was a bumpy ride on the waves, and we laughed the whole way there. Once we got to our private island, we ran right to the water to start snorkeling. We saw hundreds of fish and the reefs were unlike anything we’ve ever seen before!

Once we got done snorkeling, Sascha, Lily, Lula, Maya, Leena, and Brooke all laid on the beach listening to music and reading. The boys Nikhil, Rocco, jack, Hunter, Harry, and Wolfie all caught hermit crabs and watched which would climb out first from a hole they built. After that, we sat down to eat lunch! We had hotdogs, chicken, vegetables, and all the kids were excited when they saw Coca-Cola on the table. After lunch, the crew all hung out on the beach reading, talking, and exploring. Once we hopped back on the boat, we were taken to a new reef to snorkel in.

We “vlogged” and laughed from the middle of the ocean and Harry noted that it was the bluest water he’s ever seen! We all held on to an anchor line our captains put in the water for us and looked around at the views in awe. Once again, we saw tons of fish and different creatures, it was amazing to take in. On the boat, Harry, Wolflie, and Rocco had a pull up competition and Nikhil climbed to the roof of the boat to jump into the water! Once Nikhil got the courage to jump into the water, the rest of the boys followed. We made our way back to the island for a rainy surf session. The girls all showered and went to the sweetest coffee shop and got treats like banana bread, muffins, and smoothies while the boys shredded it out in the waves. It was a rainy one, but they had a blast with our guides Steve and Bruce. All the boys stood up on their board! After our busy afternoon it was time for a big dinner! Our new home for the next couple days had tons of options but the kids all went with beef lasagna or curry. We all sat and ate dinner together as we talked about our big day. After dinner we headed to the beach for our first beachside moon-up. We saw thousands of stars lighting up the sky while we reflected on what has been most impactful for us in our life so far. It was a magical moment watching everyone open up about their life. To close, Reid played his guitar and we stargazed while jamming out to Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers, The Lumineers, and Caamp.

The next morning, we had a dream sunrise surfing! We got the kids up bright and early to “Good Morning” by Kanye West, threw on our swimsuits and made our way down to the ocean to begin our surfing lesson with our guide Bruce! The girls had a short lesson while the boys got a refresher and then we were off to surf in the morning glow! Lily and Lula “vlogged” while shredding some waves and it was really fun to see everyone laughing and standing up on the board. Brooke was the first of the girls to stand but shortly after everyone followed. We had a couple funny wipeouts, but we all caught at least one wave! After surfing, the crew was ready for some food, so we made our way back to the shore to eat breakfast. We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, cereal, toast, and scones to choose from so the selection was plenty! The sun was shining so we all sat out listening to the waves while we ate our yummy breakfast. After eating, Lula, Lily, Leena, Sascha, Brooke, and Maya all got their books to read, and the boys played cards and got comfy in the hammock chairs. Nikhil took a good nap in his chair! Lizzy and Harry hit a volleyball around while Max, Jack, Wolfie, and Rocco played the card game, presidents. We had a relaxing day on the beach soaking up the sun and asking random fun questions. Next, we hit the water for a sunset cruise with line fishing. It was the most beautiful sunset we had ever seen! The water was blue and clear, and we could see through it as we cruised along. Harry and Lula were up first to fish and were followed by Rocco and Sascha! We didn’t have much luck catching fish, but we had a great time singing “Stick Season” and “Revival,” seeing who could sing it the loudest. Our captains danced along with us! To end the night, we met up for moonup in Lizzy’s room led by LODs maya and Jack! We hung out in there for a couple hours talking and laughing while Rocco asked how much it would take each of us to get a buzz cut. It was special to see how much our group has come together and opened up since the beginning of the trip.

The kids woke up extra excited today because it was our first day of our scuba section! We had an assortment of toasts for breakfast with jelly, peanut butter, and butter with different types of bread. The weather was amazing while we ate at our outside breakfast table. Max, Wolfie, Jack, and Nikhil all played pool after we ate and the girls got ready to hop in the pool to perfect our diving skills before getting in the ocean. We shared lots of laughs during training and everyone caught on quickly! The boys watched to learn what they had to do next while playing the card game presidents. After the girls all finished, we went out and enjoyed the sunshine. We listened to music, talked, and laid out on the dock to tan. The boys headed to get fitted in their wetsuits then they jumped in the pool for their scuba lesson. Leena, Brooke, and Sascha all caught a big hermit crab while we were at the dock, and we watched it run around and try to fight us for a while. It was an afternoon full of tanning, reading, and laughing. Once the boys finished up, we showered, played cards, and then surprised the kids with milkshakes in the arts village! It was a great ending to our first day of learning to dive. After, we came back to play some more cards and then surprised the kids once more with dinner out in the town! It was a fan favorite. At dinner we all played wavelength and Lizzy got a little candy treat from the store! We enjoyed a variety of dinner picks between pad Thai, sushi, all the way to pasta and chicken fingers! We made our way back to our hotel and ended the night with an intentional moonup led by LODs, Sascha and Harry talking about what the hardest lesson was we’ve had to learn and laughed about what animal we’d want to have as a pet.

The next morning, we got to sleep in! We woke up to a warm sunny day and made our way to breakfast to eat some toast and eggs. After breakfast, we adventured down to the beach and were greeted with a clear view of the Fijian mountains on another island off the coast! The guys dug Wolfie’ s legs in the sand and the girls started building a castle and a hole in the sand until it was taken out by the waves coming in. When this happened, a sand war broke out! We were all running across the beach laughing and throwing little piles of sand at one another. After, we all hopped in the water to rinse off and floated around. We got to experience a WOW moment in the water as it started raining while the sun was still out shining. After swimming, we got out of the water to play some games! We played birdie on a perch and captains coming. We had some argues on who the winners were, but Lily and Leena won birdie on a perch and Lily and Maya won captains coming. After the beach, we made our walk back for some lunch! We ate grilled chicken sandwiches, pizza, and pasta! Then it was time for our scuba section. We were welcomed by our guides and got to get on a boat to venture out to another island off the Fijian coastline. We got to sit on the boat’s upper deck and take in the ocean views while playing wavelength! Our guides started having a water war that made us all laugh. Once we got to our diving spot, we geared up to take our first ocean dive. Once we got to the bottom, everyone was a champ equalizing and learning our final skills to be certified. We saw beautiful and colorful fish that we later called unicorn fish! Rocco, Lily, Leena, and Sascha were particularly nervous to start scuba diving but once we got in and got the chance to explore the reef, they all said it was their new favorite activity EVER! Sascha said she wanted to be a professional scuba diver. We took a 30-minute break in between skills, and all had a blast jumping off the upper deck of the boat. We got to get in the water one more time and saw a number of cool creatures, but we all agreed the best was a school of fish that swam around us! We had a sunset boat ride back to the hotel and once we got back, we got ready for dinner. Dinner was delicious with burgers, pizza, and chicken sandwiches! We got to jam out to the restaurant’s music while Wolfie and Nikhil each built soda can towers. We laughed at the littlest things throughout dinner because everything seemed funny! After we ate, we walked back to the hotel and played a couple of rounds of speed before getting ready for moonup. We had a giggly moonup led by LODs Rocco and Maya, then headed to bed!

The next morning, we had another late wake up, and started our day with pancakes! After breakfast, Lula, Lily, Leena, Maya, and Lizzy graciously walked into town to get water for the group while the rest stayed back and played another card game. We played until lunchtime which consisted of lots of fried rice, grilled chicken sandwiches, and pizza. After lunch, the group relaxed for a bit in preparation for our last scuba training session! This time, our dive masters took us to a shallow reef just off the coast to finish our last few skills. Feeling much more comfortable now, the group absolutely killed it! We practiced our controlled emergency swimming ascents and our compass navigation. After everyone finished their skills, the group had a ‘fun dive’ where we all floated our way around the reef care-free. As we re-entered the boat, the whole group was officially scuba certified and we could not be more proud of how well everyone did! In celebration, we drove just into town to have a MASSIVE sushi dinner, and wow was it worth it. Tired and full, we arrived back at our hotel and had a peaceful moonup on the dock led by Lula and Max before heading to bed early. Tomorrow is our first soft coral dive, and we cannot wait to experience it as a group!

Here are some Thank You’s from your kiddos!

Lily- Hey mom and dad!! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come to this amazing place with this amazing group. I am super grateful for all the lifelong friends I will have after this! I love you and am excited to see you both.

Lula- Thank you Mom and Dad for sending me on this trip! I love y’all so much! I have had so much fun, and I can’t wait to see y’all!!

Brooke-Hi mom and dad! Thank you so so much for giving me the chance to do another moondance trip. I have grown to love this place and these people so much. Love you both. See you soon!

Sascha- Hi mom and dad thank you for sending me on this trip. I have met so many new people and seen so many new things. I will forever be grateful. Love y’all and can’t wait to see you soon!!

Leena- Hey Mom and Dad!!! Thank you so much for letting me go on my third moondance trip. I am so grateful I got to experience and meet such amazing people in such an amazing place. Can’t wait to see you guys! Love you always.

Maya- Hi Mom and Dad!! Thank you so much for allowing me to go on my third moondance trip! I’ve had so much fun and am so thankful I was able to come to Fiji and meet everyone. See y’all soon. I love you!

Rocco- Hey fam, thanks for letting me explore the world even more on this trip. I have been under a water fall I have been through villages and seen so much all because of my awesome family for letting me go. I wish you were here with me. THANKS!!

Wolfie- Hi parents and grandparents, thank you so much for sending me on this trip to Fiji! I am having an amazing time and am very thankful for this opportunity. Love you

Hunter-Hey mom and dad, thank you so much for letting me go to this beautiful country of Fiji. Miss y’all and can’t wait to see y’all soon. Love you

Nikhil – Hi mom and dad!! Fiji is incredible, definitely one of the most breathtaking countries I have visited. This experience is one remembered with great joy and thanks as the trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see you guys again.

Jack – Hi mom and dad! Thank you so much for allowing me to go to Fiji! I’ve had so much fun meeting new people and seeing this country. I miss you and I’ll see you soon!

Max – Hi mom and dad! Thank you so much for sending me to Fiji. I have had so much fun exploring this beautiful country. The experiences and memories, I have made, I will never forget! I miss you can’t wait to be home soon!! Thanks!

Harry- Thank you parents for sending me to Fiji. Like all my others trips I’m having the time of my life and meeting so many amazing people and learning so many new lessons and different outlooks on life. I want to stay here for forever, but I can’t wait to get back and tell you guys all about it. Love you and see you guys soon.


Bula from 1B in Fiji Paradise!

June 17, 2023

After a scenic trip up the mountain, we made it to the welcoming village of Nambukelevu. There, we attended Sunday’s church service and after were greeted by the villagers with many bulas and smiles. After we made our way to our village home and sat down for a freshly cooked lunch prepared by our guides. It was a delicious burrito with chicken, veggies, and rice. Once we finished eating, we put on our sulus and explored the village. Our LODs Sascha and Harry led the way as we walked meeting tons of new kids along the way. Since it was Sunday, the village wasn’t very active, so after walking around we chilled for most of the day at our house and played games. Mafia was a crowd favorite and our guide, Pedro, watched with a smile. For dinner we ate chicken curry with rice and all the kids loved it. Once our food settled, we got together for moonup led by Sascha and Harry. We all shared some laughs about our first day in the village and got excited about the times to come.


The next morning, we woke up to an egg, sausage, and Fijian pancake breakfast! Harry said the Fijian pancakes are his new favorite food. We all made coffee and hot cocoa to drink and heard about the busy plan for our first full day in the village.


After finishing breakfast, we got our work clothes on and headed to the farm with our guide Pedro. Our LODs Nikhil and Leena led the way through our jungle hike to the farm. Once we got there, Reid and Petero got us into the riddle game of black magic, and we all laughed at our guesses trying to figure it out. Sascha figured it out first and Lily was soon to follow. After chatting and exploring part of the farm, we went on to find fresh cassava root to pull. Max, Wolfie, and Nikhil all pulled a root from the ground! We also found some fresh bananas and got to eat those along the way. After finishing up our hike through the Fijian farm, we headed back towards the village but made a stop along the way and saw a baby pig! After seeing our new baby pig friend, we got to swim in the village river. Jack, Wolfie, Rocco, Harry, Hunter, and Max all made the big cliff jump to enter into the clear water! Sascha brought her shampoo and conditioner, and we all took a makeshift bath once we got in the water. Petero got our whole group together to walk down the river and float down the current for a natural lazy river! It was a blast and we hung out in the water for the next couple of hours until all the kids arrived home from school. For lunch, we ate rice and chicken noodles with delicious garlic bread. Once we were done eating, we saw the kids walking home and were invited to a game of rugby. Lily and Lizzy vlogged while the rest of the kids played a game. The girls then went to find the kids while the boys stayed for another game. We played a lot of new dancing games and danced with our new friends in the village! After an awesome day of play we ate our dinner of freshly cooked beef stew. Then, we made our way to the community hall for a basket weaving lesson from palm leaves. We paired up in groups of 3s and they taught us how to weave purses, baskets, and hats! After we finished weaving, we ended our day with a goofy moonup led by LODs Nikhil and Leena!


We woke up early the next morning for a day full of activities. We ate a filling breakfast of eggs sausage and jelly toast. After breakfast, we started our hike through the Fijian jungle to explore the farms along the trail! It was a muddy trek with insane views. We used bamboo for walking sticks to climb and poor maya won for most slips of the day. Once we finished our hike, we headed back to the village to the river to rinse off. Lily, Leena, and Maya all conquered their fear of heights and cliff jumped into the river! We were all chanting as they came up from the water. We spent the next couple of hours sunbathing on the river rocks and floating in the lazy river. Next, we hung out with all the kids as they got home from school. We danced and wrestled some. Later, we got called to shave coconuts! Wolfie and hunter got pretty good at it and the whole group enjoyed drinking some refreshing coconut water. After prepping for our underground oven lovo dinner, we played with all our new friends! The girls were given a beautiful garland made by our friend Nate for our farewell celebration. The boys played rugby until dinner time. Once dinner was ready, we all sat down for a lovely Fijian lovo oven meal of chicken, taro leaf, and cassava. Reid’s new favorite food is taro leaf after dinner. Once we finished dinner, we spent our last night in the community hall laughing and playing games with all the kids. We got pictures, and hugs and had the best time ever. After saying our final goodbyes, we headed back to our house for our final moonup in nambukelevu. Our moonup was led by LODs Brooke and Wolfie and we talked about what we wanted to accomplish in our lives. To close and say goodnight we played a game of mafia!


The next morning, we had an early wake up call to prepare for our rafting section! We hopped on the bus and took a scenic drive to our rafting put-in! The crew split up into three different boats, and we began our journey through the Upper Navua river. As we weaved through the narrow river, squeezing by its towering walls, Reid, Lula, Lily, Sascha, and Brooke blessed the group with some wonderful karaoke. To the tune of Love Story by Taylor Swift, Max initiated a “splash battle” with one of the raft guides, Abraham. We stopped for a nice picnic lunch on the riverbank where we relaxed and enjoyed some fresh fruit. For the next two hours, we peacefully floated down the river until we arrived at our next stop: Wainadiro Village. Similar to Nambukelevu but about half the size, Wainadiro is a relatively remote village home to some of the most kind and welcoming people any of us had ever met. After arriving everyone took a very long nap before waking up for dinner. After dinner we were invited to an impromptu dance party in the village center where Nikhil and Harry showed off some of their best moves. After such a long day, everyone went to bed early to prepare for another early wake up. The next morning, we said our goodbyes and made our way back to the river where we found our next mode of transportation, inflatable kayaks (duckies)! Despite the chilly water, everyone was eager to get on their way. Maya valiantly fought off some ants that tried to board her kayak while the guys raced each other. We quickly arrived at our first stop where we disembarked and hiked to the most beautiful waterfall any of us had ever seen. Rocco and Wolfie led the group as we pushed through the water into the cavern behind it. The entire group was in awe watching and listening to the curtain of water right before our eyes. Easily a highlight of the trip so far, no one could stop talking about it on our hike back. We once again ate lunch on the riverbank and had a short trip to our final destination where a bus was waiting to take us back down from the river. Our time in both villages, and on the river, was remarkable, and the group has gotten incredibly close over the past week or so. We absolutely cannot wait to see how everyone grows over the last half of our trip!




Hi mom and dad, I miss you loads. Fiji is so pretty and I love it here. Happy early Father’s Day dad. Please give me some more money because I’m gonna run out. Love you loads!! Sascha



Hi mom and dad!! Thanks for sending me to Fiji it is incredible. Also how was your trip and I’m sad I missed Father’s day. Having a blast! – Nikhil


Hi mom , dad ,brother ,and grandparents!! I am having SUCH a GREAT time in Fiji Thank you so much for sending me on this bewildering adventure. I miss you guys so much. Wolfie


Hey fam, I miss you guys so much. Can’t wait to see you guys and my dogs. This has been an amazing adventure. I’m having the time of my life, wish you were here with me!!!  -Rocco


Hey mom and dad!!! I miss you and Layla and Samir so much we are having such a great time and have seen such cool stuff. Can’t wait to show you all the cool pictures and videos. Thank you so much for letting me come again I’m having so much fun love you guys see you soon. – leena


Hey mom, dad, Cameron, Bella, and Tbell! I miss and love y’all. I’m having a great time I’m Fiji and I cant wait to show you photos when I get home. Thank you so much for this trip. See you soon! -Maya


Hey mom and dad! I miss you guys so much. I’m having a great time surfing and hanging out in remote villages.. I have met many friends on the trip and in the village, aka Josh. Thank you so much for sending me to Fiji . Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it. Happy Father’s Day!!- Max


Hey mom, dad, Zibby, and Abby! I miss you guys so much. I’m having a really fun time in Fiji seeing lots of cool things. Thank you so much for letting me go on this trip! See you soon! -Jack


Hi guys!! I miss y’all so much. Thank you so much for sending me here, I’m having the best time. Fiji is amazing. I love you all so much and happy late birthday dad. See you soon! -Brooke


Hey mom and dad miss y’all a lot. can’t wait to see y’all again but loving it here in Fiji and can’t wait to tell y’all all the fun things I’ve done. See you soon-Hunter


Hey parents, I’m crushing life out here in Fiji and I’m not going to stop telling you guys about it when I get home. Happy early Father’s Day pops and maybe this time you won’t have to go to the hospital. Love you guys-Harry


Hey mom and dad! I miss you both so much. I’m having a blast in Fiji and I hope you are having a blast in Italy. I hope Ellie’s wedding was fun. Wish her congrats for me. Happy early Father’s Day dad. I hope you have a great day and can’t wait to celebrate you when I get back. Excited to see you both and fill you in on my trip. I love you both!! -Lily


Hey mom and dad, Miss y’all !! I am having so much fun in Fiji and will be so sad to leave it. Happy Father’s Day dad! I am sad I am missing Father’s Day but I hope you have the best day ever and I love you so much! You are the best dad in the whole world ! Love y’all both and see you soon !! – Lula

Bula from Fiji!

June 10, 2023

Bula from Fiji!!


The group landed in Nadi this morning at 5:30am after a great flight. Lizzy and Lula ran into some flight delays and had to spend some extra time in LAX, but the rest of the group persevered. After landing we had a continental breakfast at the Fiji Gateway hotel that stood no chance up against Jack. The group then spent some time in the pool before transferring to Pacific Harbor. Wolfie, Nikhil, and Max were among the first to initiate our brief pool party.


At 10am we hopped on the bus and began our journey to the south side of the island. After a nice, long scenic ride we arrived at Club Oceanus. We settled in and ordered lunch. Harry made it his mission to track down a volleyball which, after proving unsuccessful, led the group to work on some alternatives. A rugby ball didn’t quite do the trick, so we hit the beach. We quickly hopped in the warm water and Brooke and Maya suggested a game of tag. The girls formed a strategy of cornering their opponents which crowned them victorious.

Before leaving the beach, Hunter and Rocco got themselves a taste of victory as well in a shockingly competitive game of duck, duck, goose.


For dinner we had an assortment of pizza, burgers, and fried chicken at a restaurant next to our hostel – talk about comfort food! Leena and Lily even treated themselves to some milkshakes, all the while Sascha was sneaking in some hysterical one-liners.


The group had a wonderful, yet long, day and went to bed super early. We absolutely cannot wait to reunite with Lizzy and Lula tomorrow as we get ready to take our journeys to Nambukelevu Village!


Until Next Time,


Reid and Lizzy

First Wave Arrival in Fiji!

June 9, 2023

Hello Fiji Families!

We just heard from Reid, our leader, and most of the group has landed safely in Fiji! Lizzy and Lula are on their way and the rest of the group cannot wait to meet them tomorrow! We are so excited to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout-out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!


-Moondance HQ


  • Maya
  • Lula
  • Nikhil Dasgupta
  • Leena
  • Rocco
  • Brooke
  • Max
  • Harry
  • Lily
  • Jack
  • Sascha
  • Wolfie
  • Hunter