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Chamonix 4B • June 30-July 22, 2023

Packing Up in Paris!

July 22, 2023



Hello from our final activity, getting to explore the City of Lights! After a smooth travel day, we arrived at Gare de Lyon (one of the many trains station in Paris). This began our first test of Paris, the legendary metro. Luckily everyone passed with flying colors. We arrived at our hostel, located near the center of Paris, and had thirty minutes or so to refresh before hitting the town again. The group arrived downstairs looking fresh and ready to hit the town. Mason, one of the leaders of the day, decided on Mexican. After getting our food to go, the group decided on a local Garden to have a picnic. After crushing our food we wandered aimlessly, exploring whenever something caught our attention. Our next big stop was Notre Dame. While it’s still under construction, the immensity of the cathedral blew us all away. Evan spent every second admiring the view and intensely reading about the architecture and renovation process. As the sun went down, we sat down in a park for Moonup until SJ noticed the policeman walking around rounding people up. We quickly relocated to the hostel to finish up and went to bed early to prepare for the long day ahead.


Waking up early, Stella was the first to rise. She went around to all the rooms saying “We’re in Paris, We’re in Paris!”. Perfect energy to start the morning! We headed out to a bakery right around the corner. It was amazing! Frances got a delicious Nutella filled Beignet, and we decided that breakfast was a resounding success. The group got right back on the metro, and headed into central Paris. Everyone in the group was basically Metro experts at this point, so we walked with confidence and got to our stop, the Louvre!


Ryan was absolutely adamant about seeing the Mona Lisa, while others wanted to shop, so the group was split. In the Lourve, the small group, led by Drew, walked around and saw everything that we could in our short time before lunch. Everyone was gobsmacked. Around every corner was a beautiful head to toe painting, intricately made by masters of their crafts. After taking our sweet time to travel to the Mona Lisa we finally entered the room with the world’s most famous painting. There it was. The Mona Lisa. Some might say it is underwhelming, but not this group. We sat and looked at the small painting for a few minutes, reading about the seemingly random woman who was so famous. What a moment. After seeing the painting, Emma Cate decided to get the group to go see the Golden Palace room, filled to the brim with gold and jewels of past French royalty. The Louvre group was ready for Lunch, but it took another hour to get out of the huge museum. We kept getting distracted by beautiful rooms and artifacts. Finally, Kate C. wanted to see one last statue, The Venus de Milo. It was a great way to end our stay in the Louvre, or so we thought. As we started our trek out, following the signs for the Sortie, or exit, we found our way into the foundations that the museum was built on. The group had no idea it was built on a castle complete with a moat and a watchtower! After walking around for ten more minutes looking at the foundations, we finally exited after just a little bit more time in the souvenir shop.


Once we had met up with the others, who were shopaholics for the day, we found a nice bagel shop for a quick lunch and then made our way towards the arc de triomphe. We found an incredible bookstore along the way and were immediately sidetracked. Oliver was looking for a very specific classic, Crime and Punishment, while Kate S. shopped for souvenirs outside. Everyone explored the shop and finally we were on our way. We never made it to the Arc de Triomphe because of the overwhelming amount of stores, but everyone was satisfied with the decision to go back to the hostel and rest up until dinner. After a quick refreshing stop back at our hostel, we ate our final meal together at a classic french restaurant on a corner right in front of the Eiffel Tower. What could be more Parisian than that!! Everyone was filled up until we wandered past a gelato stall, instantly we were hungry again.


The shining moment of the night was climbing the Eiffel towel as it sparked and glowed and admiring the city from above. There is no better way to end a trip than a final climb up those steps and a Moonup on the lawn watching the lights light up the night. As we walked away, Lilly was the one to remind us to take a last long look before we left. Now experienced parisians, we took the metro back to the hostel and slept soundly as you can before an airport day, awaiting the early morning.


The morning was a sad one as we arrived at the airport and hugged everyone goodbye. It was a teary morning for a lot of us, and we had to say goodbye so quick after spending so long with each other. This trip has been the ultimate experience and we will miss everyone dearly.




Drew and Daisy

Au-revoir to the Alps!

July 20, 2023

Bonjourno! Grazie!

For the past few days we have been trekking through Italy, Switzerland, and France!!! As the trip comes closer to the end the days have absolutely sped by. It seems like just days ago we were starting our trek in Chamonix. Our first day we woke up early and met our new mountain guide Christophe. For our first part of the trek we got to ride a cable car up and over a mountain before setting off. The view of Mont Blanc was overwhelming and we got to walk in its shadow majority of the day! Our lunch spot revealed even more of the alps as we looked down into the valley below and could see both sides of the ridge. The day got even better when we crossed over a high pass and the wind almost knocked us off our feet. It was so strong that Kate C. lost her hat! Mason and others spent several minutes playing in the wind before heading down the steep slope to our first refuge of the Alps. We spent some time decompressing along the river nearby and Oliver took the opportunity to show off his handstand tricks. After everyone had showered off, we were treated to a filling dinner of omelets, salad, and ice cream for dessert. We found a spot in the valley for our Moonup, led by Frances, with a full 360 view of the mountains. We all slept soundly in our snug lodging with the smell of wood smoke surrounding us.

Day two!! We woke up to a heavy mist filling the valley and could only see a few feet above the cottages. It was a magical sight to see especially as we climbed out of the fog and descended into the forests. We crossed a suspension bridge that hung over a roaring waterfall and then continued down into town to get our lunch supplies for the next few days ahead, as we’d be heading into the most remote part of the TMB. After Ryan had helped shop for lunch and pick out the perfect snacks, we departed the small town headed for trees. Drew kept everyone entertained by telling stories about his past adventures. We ate lunch in a mossy green forest area and rested our legs. Kristophe brought out some local cheese he had purchased, and everyone enjoyed the wonderful cheese in our sandwiches. The rest of the day carried us up to our next private mountain refuge perched in the clouds. We dropped our bags to explore the area more and Lilly led the way on an extra adventure to see part of a nearby glacier. When everyone was happily exhausted we moved into our rooms and had a hot meal of vegetable soup, pasta with meat sauce, and homemade chocolate brownies. We had our meal outside, and it was a perfect way to close out the day! The sun set right behind our mountain so we had a prime view as sat down for moonup in the grass looking over the town below. Right before we headed to bed Daisy spotted an ibex (alpine mountain goat) heading up the ridge with the longest horns we’ve ever seen! We quickly went to bed in our quaint dormitory ready for the next day.

Our next day started with a quick breakfast of toast and coffee (like our breakfast everyday in france), and started towards our next refuge. This day would be long, so we started early with enough time to make it over the mountain pass before possible afternoon storms. After a descent down to a valley, we started our slow ascent up and over the mountain pass. It was grueling! Everybody struggled a bit, but SJs positive attitude kept all of us happy and willing to finish our hike! Our view from the top was amazing! The group walked 10 more minutes to a beautiful and open protected lunch spot, which was a favorite of the group. After another lunch of sweets and sandwiches, we started ascending more and more to the top of the pass. At the top, we found a precarious mountain refuge called Bonhomme, where we stopped for a refill of water and coffee. Even though some thought it might be our stop for the night, our guide told us that we had two more hours left! Stella kept a positive attitude and led the group down our steep descent towards our hut for the night, the “Cheese Factory”. This is a private chalet owned by our trekking company, so we were the only guests! The factory was our most unique refuge, because it was an old farm house dating back about 200 years. A few of us went down to the river to cool off from the sun, others got to showering before the hot sadly water ran out! One special part about our spot was getting to cook our own dinner! Kate S. picked out her dinner crew, and started to chef up some raclette. It was fantastic, and even better knowing that we made it! The others in the dinner crew helped clean everything up, and make sure that we left our chalet as good as we found it. After finishing cleaning, we had moonup with some popcorn that had been gifted to us by our trekking company. As the night got cold, we wrapped everything up by getting settled for bed in our very cool dormitory with old stones surrounding us.

The second cook group woke us up for breakfast with eggs and croissants and coffee, of course. We headed off early to be able to catch the bus and cut off a few miles of hiking on the road. After, the group began our trek hiking up towards the Italian French border. It was a steep section but the energy of the group kept us moving forwards. Evan decided to charge up ahead when near the summit so he could be the first in Italy! When we reached the pass we frolicked across the border from country to country. After pausing for some snacks and taking photo ops we went down a short ways into a boulder field to have our lunch. We shared sandwiches, Pringle’s, fruit tartes, and toblerones for a filling meal and then rested for a bit. Christophe decided to take us off the beaten track of the TMB and showed us a much older pathway through a high plateau surrounded by historical significance from WW2. This gorgeous route took us along the side of the mountain to another refuge Elisabette for an amazing Italian coffee break. We gazed out on the glacier behind us while everyone enjoyed a quick treat. The next section, we got to walk along a Roman road, created about 2,000 years ago! The end of our trek that day was a long descent down the road that would in an out of the trees before reaching our next bus transfer to take us into Courmayeur. When we reached town, we made our way to Hotel Ottoz for some well deserved comfort, rest, and showers. We had a change of plans for dinner, so Christophe found a pizza place that exceeded our expectations. Emma Cate impressively finished her own whole pizza! We finished the night with a moonup looking out over the city and fell asleep to the rain storming outside.

Our first and last morning in Italy started with a breakfast filled with sweets, Nutella, and straight espresso. It was the perfect start to our mornings, and helped to fuel us up for our LAST day of hiking. After catching a bus, we started on our way up our last climb. At the start of the trip, 300m (or about 1000ft) would have seemed like a lot, but for our last hike it was almost nothing! We crushed the uphill, and got to a beautiful spot looking over the glacier valley we had spent the last two days in. After a quick photo op, we began on our long walk across an uncrowded TMB (shocking for this time of year) and took a snack stop to look at the Italian side of so many beautiful Alpine peaks. It was an amazing moment for all of us, because just four days ago, we were in France staring at the same peaks. We had made it all the way around! After reminiscing, we made our last descent to our lunch spot by a river. After taking it very easy, and holding off on the sweets for Courmayeur, we took a bus to the town. In the town, we had some Italian gelato. What a perfect way to end off the trekking in Italy! After taking a bus through the Mont Blanc tunnel (with only 6-7 miles of material above us), we ended back up in Chamonix and walked to our hostel for the night. Kristophe surprised everyone with a certificate stating that we had finished part of the TMB! He said amazing things about all of us, and it was a sad moment to see him go. We had a group hug, and wished him the best of luck with his future trips and his daughter. After checking back into the hostel, we ran back to the center of Chamonix to get in some last minute shopping including some awesome shirts! Our trekking company had set us up at a restaurant, so we found it and took our seats. No words were spoken to us, and pizza was thrust on our tables. Was this the appetizer? Who knew. So we started to eat it all. Come to find out it was the appetizer, and it was followed by lots of food including salads, fries, raclette, and a platter of meats for us to cook on a hot griddle placed on our table. Wow! What a decadent meal to end off our last real section of the trip. After laughing our way through cooking, and eating an absurd amount of food, we decided to go right across the street for our second ice cream stop of the day. It was delicious! We found a very nice moonup spot near a hotel, and finished up our last moonup in the mountains with a hilarious motivational speech Drew had found. We walked back to the hotel, ready to get to bed and wake up late!

After waking up and having a nice quick breakfast, we began our last travel day onto our final stop of the trip, Paris! This trip has flown by way too quick, and we are so excited to end it off in the city of lights! See you soon!


Daisy and Drew


Mason- Dear Mom and Dad, thanks you so much for sending me on this trip. I have had many fun experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life. I am very grateful that you sent me on this trip, see you soon.

Evan- Thanks Mom and Dad! I had a lot of fun and matured a lot, and am eternally grateful for the help with packing for the trip. I’ll tell you about all the adventures soon—miss you guys!-Evan

Kate S. – Mom and Dad, thank you so much for sending me on this trip. I have made so many new friends and seen so many new things. The hiking was a challenging experience but also one I will never forget. Can’t wait to see y’all soon!

Oliver- Hi Mom and Dad, Thank you guys for sending me on this trip. I had a blast. I’ll tell you all about it in like three days. See you soon.-Oliver

Ryan- Thanks for sending me on this amazing trip. I’ve had many experiences and seen many things I will remember for the rest of my life. Thanks to everyone who helped get me ready for this trip I will see y’all soon.-Ryan

Frances – Hey Mom and Dad! Thank you for sending me on this trip! I am so grateful for the opportunity to make new friends and see amazing things. I’ve had the best time, and I will never forget this trip! Can’t wait to see y’all!

SJ- Hey Mom and Dad! Thank you so so much for sending me on this trip! I’m so grateful to be sent on this trip of a lifetime and have these experiences I will never forget! I had the best time and can’t wait to see y’all soon!

Stella – Thank you for the best three weeks! I have made the best memories and love all of my new friends. I am so grateful for this experience that I will always remember!

Emma Cate- Hi Mom and Dad! Thank you so much for sending me on this trip, I am so grateful that I was able to have this amazing experience. I can’t wait to see you soon and I’m so excited to tell you all about it:)

Kate C – Hi, Mom and David! Thank y’all so much I love you both see you soon!!

Lillian- hey Stephen and Stephanie! Thank you all , can’t wait to see everyone and hear about Spencer’s trip , love y’all!

Bouncing through Costa Brava!

July 14, 2023


Today was a long travel day on a hot bus ride from the Pyrenees to Costa Brava but Lilly kept us entertained with her wavelength game to pass the time until we arrived at our campsite. We will be spending the next four nights in our Punta Mila bungalows! Immediately after arriving, Kate S. led the charge to go to the beach and tan. After a short walk through a Spanish forest, we arrived at our first real view of the Mediterranean. The water was so blue! After swimming in the sea Kate C. decided to go get some fruity drinks on the beach. This was a big hit, so others joined in and most of us went and got some of our own. Tanning followed, and then we took our first walk to the supermarket. The boys had decided to cook tonight, so while Drew shopped for Breakfast, Oliver and the boys shopped for the group to eat. After realizing that there were in fact not enough burgers in the store for everyone, the boys decided to make some chicken sandwiches as well. After buying way too much lettuce, we left the grocery store on our way back to the campsite. Evan, with his experience in a restaurant, helped cook most of the burgers, even if Mason took all the credit. We capped off the night with our first Moonup in Costa Brava and headed to bed.

BEACH DAY! For our first full day the group gets to relax and rest their sore muscles in the salty waves of the Mediterranean. We woke up late, made a full American breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast, juice, and chocolate milk, and then headed to the beach. There were no questions asked once we got there because everyone knew what to do, jump in. Throughout the day, everyone went back and forth between the water and the sand, and occasionally the snack shack for fun treats. We had a late lunch at a nearby restaurant, a respite from the blazing sun, and rebooted our energy with LOADS of water and food. After lunch we obviously had to make a stop at the ice cream shop next door, and then returned to the beach. Once the group had decided they’d had enough sun, we went grocery shopping so the girls could get groceries for dinner. We were treated to chicken quesadillas, chips, salsa, guacamole, and strawberry Nutella crepes for dessert. The lost whipped crème for the crepes continues to be a mystery. After we were all cleaned up with dishes put away, we rounded up the troops and settled in for another Moonup.

Our first day of kayaking had people out of bed early and ready to go. The boys were so excited they almost forgot about breakfast! We arrived at our first site with our kayaking instructors and after a thorough risk management and instructional talk we headed off on our paddle. This group had no trouble learning the strokes and kept pace well. We explored along the rocky coast, going in and out of small inlets, and took a break midway for lunch at a gorgeous, secluded beach. After the Nutella, PB, and jelly sandwiches were scarfed down, the goggles and snorkel gear were brought out. SJ had her mermaid moment and threw on some flippers as well, showing us all how it’s done. We played in the waves for a while before heading back to shore and hopping in our kayaks for the paddle back. With the wind behind us we flew. Caked with salt, we threw our stuff into the vans and were back at the bungalows before long. Dinner tonight was tacos. Lily cheffed up some ground beef and took care of all the dishes without a complaint! After another Moonup at the bungalows, we went to bed, excited for our final full day of Spain.

Our second day of kayaking didn’t quite go as planned but ended up being even better! We had a few kids who were feeling a tad under the weather so instead we had an easy breezy beach day with added activities like riding on ‘the motorboat out to a snorkel spot, paddle boarding, kayaking, and some sightseeing. Everyone had more time to stay hydrated, get some shade, take a nap, and have fun with our new activities. The first group came back from their boating and snorkeling excursion absolutely glowing with bright smiles on their faces. They were revived and had a blast. While they were gone, Daisy taught Oliver and Mason how to do headstand on their paddle board which was momentarily successful. The next group went out while the previous group rested and by the end of the day, everyone had their balanced fill of naps and fun. When we got back to the bungalows, we rinsed off quickly and walked over to the beach for our cooking class. Kate C. Stirred the PaellaIike a pro, Ryan made the pan con tomate like a local, and Stella whipped up the guacamole. Our final spread consisted of salmon tartare over guacamole, the local bread dish, roasted lettuce salads, and homemade paella with chocolate lava cakes and ice cream for dessert. We were absolutely stuffed. To top it all off, we ended the night with spontaneous line dancing on the beach to believe it or not, American country music. Frances and Emma Cate shined with their dance moves so much we almost lost them amongst the locals! It was the perfect day.

Today is an EXTRA special day because our own Stella Burke turned 17!!! We woke her up to Dancing Queen by ABBA to start the travel day right and whisked everyone else awake to eat waffles with whipped cream, pineapple, and watermelon. Can’t wait to start our last activity before Paris, trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc. Back to saying Bonjour for us!

Ciao, see you soon!

Daisy and Drew

Checking in from the Pyrenees!

July 9, 2023




For our first day of traveling we got on a train and took it all the way to Lourdes France! We are so grateful to have our new group and ready to start this exciting adventure. After a quick Moonup and introduction to Moondance for our two new Moondancers, we quickly went to bed after our long day of traveling.


After sleeping in, we started off strong with a nice breakfast at a bakery, or boulangerie, filled with French pastries and coffee. Afterwards we played some ice breaker games in a nearby park to get to know everyone. Mason and Lilly quickly bonded over their past jobs working at Chick fil A. Following this, we walked around the town to see the sites. Our first stop was the massive cathedral in Lourdes known for being one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in France. After walking around and viewing the impressive chapel, we got lunch and then decided to go to the local castle on a rock in the middle of town. It is now a museum, so we got to tour the old Fort that was made in the 10th and 11th centuries, and look around the beautiful gardens. After leaving, someone suggested ice cream, and of how could we say no, so on we went in search of a treat. We had some time to rest before dinner and then ate at a local restaurant. Kate C. was a big fan of the carbonara and helpfully finished it off. Belly’s full, we made our way back to our Moonup spot for the evening. Evan got to do his first nug jug story and the group agreed, it was a hit!


Today was our first day of hiking! After our drive from Lourdes, everyone was ready to get the heck out of the vans and begin our journey. We built up our muscles with a nice day hike around the Cirque du Toulouse. This was our first real experience of the French Pyrenees and the group was blown away by the immensity of the mountains. We began slowly but the group found their footing with Lilly in the lead. For lunch, we lounged among the rocks and shared bread, cheese, and ham for our sandwiches, and snacked on granola and apples. Matthieu, our guide, taught us about the landscape and gave us some insight into the days ahead. When we came back around to the hostel we found our rooms and got comfy. Dinner was an incredible spread of salad and rice with caramelized pork. Mason and Ryan couldn’t get enough. We got seconds and even thirds! For dessert we had brownies with cream sauce and finally the group was full.


We rose early for our first full day and filled up on bread and yogurt and freshly baked croissants. The day started slowly but as the group gained momentum we soared through the miles as a team. Today was a day of ascent. We not only covered a good deal of mileage but we gained a lot in elevation too! We stopped for lunch in a deep valley right next to the river. Oliver took the opportunity to soak his legs in preparation for the rest of the hike. Kate C and Stella also dipped their toes in the water but only momentarily because it was too chilly. For lunch we had pasta with veggies and fresh bread, cheese, and omelets to share. The rest of the hike took us up and over a high mountain pass where we had views of both valleys below and saw our refuge in the distance. We were also given a summit opportunity. Several students were feeling up to the challenge and absolutely conquered the ascent. The panoramic view from the top was show stopping and Emma Cate was lucky enough to capture it with her camera handy. We made it down safely and the rest of the evening flew by as we ate our dinner of soup, beet salad, pasta with meat sauce, and a cup of homemade chocolate mouse for each of us! Almost immediately after Moonup, the kids had passed out, snug in their group dormitory.


We woke up with the sun and had our quick breakfast before hitting the trail. It was a relatively easy day and we crossed streams and forests before getting our first view of the Cirque du Gavarnie, a massive wall of rock with 5 waterfalls, one of the, being the the 2nd largest in Europe! We had our fill of lunch and then Ryan and Stella led us away towards Gavarnie and our next hostel. On the way we stopped in a small meadow to kill some time because we were so speedy today. We had a few minutes of quiet reflective time enjoying the sounds of nature and Matthieu played his flute for us while we sat and listened. Afterwards the group jumped into action with an intense game of hacky sack that went on for almost and hour! We finally made our way into town the group explored a bit before dinner. It was a dinner and a show as the energetic hostel owner graciously served us each a heaping plate of rice and fresh fish as well as some beautifully made salads. In an attempt to impress our lovely host, Kate S was very brave and tried some new foods tonight. Afterwards we had a meaningful Moonup and went to bed soon after.


This morning was sad as Drew and Oliver stayed behind for the last leg of the hiking section but we left energized for our day ahead and look forward to seeing them in a few days. The group was extra supportive and encouraging as they trudged their way up the mountain and towards the Spanish border. We played games and shared riddles and had lunch in an old soldiers hut on the edge of the mountain. The snacks were passed around the inside of the hut as the wind got stronger and colder outside. Within the hour we were back up and marching toward the mountain pass and Spain! Frances kept the group entertained with stories from home and before we knew it we had entered a new country. The rest of the hike passed easily as we sped downhill toward Refuge Bujaruelo. The kids enjoyed a quick dip in the river next to the refuge and then ran off to play more hacky sack.


Today we had the breakfast of all breakfasts. The table was packed with cheese, bread, cake, bacon, boiled eggs, jams, hot chocolate, coffee, and cereal! What a spread! We began our day heading down along the river and Evan introduced a new game to start the day. The group was quiet while they walked and digested but soon enough the chatter picked up and we were on our way through the mountains. Our lunch spot was situated at a perfect lookout spot gazing out over what’s to come in next few days. The sun was high and around midday, the group was ready for a dip in the river. Lilly was the first to join Daisy and Matthieu in the frigid water and soon after, the rest of the group worked up the courage to join in. Mason, Evan, and Ryan showed us their swim strokes in the current while Kate C. lay comfortably on a rock in the middle. Afterwards we lounged on the banks dry and enjoy the sun. When we resumed our walk, everyone was feeling fresh and spirited to finish the hike. Finally reaching Torla, the group explored their next refuge and the village. Dinner was festive and lively in the restaurant next door to our accommodation and because of the rain, we finished with a cozy Moonup on the bunk beds.


We started this morning with a short bus transfer to the trailhead where we hit the ground running and gained almost 600meters! While it was no easy feat, this group crushed it and had an incredible view of their ascent from the lookout at the tippy top. The canyon walls opened up in front of us and as far as the eye could see were steep rocky outcroppings and blue sky. We stopped for lunch on a flat gassy patch and everyone was happily surprised with TWO sandwiches, fruits, and a granola bar.

It was a very hot and sunny day that became quite draining around midday. Frances impressed the group by drinking the most water and encouraging everyone else to do the same! She rewarded herself with a nice chocolate bar afterwards. The views continued to blow us all away, especially when we saw a massive waterfall in the distance. Towards the end of our hike, Ryan kept up his enthusiasm and it was infectious. Refugio Goriz did not disappoint. Situated at the top of a cliff, it offered the best views of Monte Perdido and the valley below as well as a steaming hot dinner of French onion soup and rice and pork chops. To end the night, we played a heated card game of spoons and headed off to bed.


Our last full day of hiking was one for the books. We packed up and left our triple decker bunk beds in Goriz Refugio. The only other people we saw were headed up to Monte Perdido for an early morning summit. We wound our way through the hidden valleys behind each mountain and even had a one in a lifetime interaction with a mountain goat! Before we began our climb Stella reminded everyone to layer up with sunscreen. This was no ordinary hike. For a majority of the day we spent time climbing across technical rock formations and weaving our way through boulders and deep rock craters. There was so much to see and so much to pay attention to. We even crossed several large patches of snow. The high point of the day, physically and emotionally, was having lunch in the Breche du Roland, a massive gap in the top of the mountain range. It was also our highest point overall throughout the Pyrenees. After our fair share of photos and food, we crawled down into France on the other side of the range and skied the rest of the way on the snow drifts. Kate C and SJ showed us all how it was done. With the hard part behind us, all that was left was getting to the vans where Oliver and Drew were waiting for us with smiles and treats. We have our last night here in Luz-Saint-Sauveur and the group cannot wait for our next section of sea kayaking in costa Brava!


Stella – Hey! I am having the best time in France and Spain. I love all of my new friends! We just finished the Pyrenees Mountain section and are on our way to Costa Brava. so excited for the beach miss and love you all so much! Tell Bear I say hi and Happy Birthday Mom!


Oliver-what’s up mom and dad

Im having a blast

Did Isaac get my paycheck?

Miss u guys


Frances – Hey guys! I am having a great time!! We just finished hiking the Pyrenees, and we are about to go to Costa Brava! This is amazing, but I miss y’all so much! Pet the dogs for me and tell Walker I said hi when he gets back! Love y’all!


Kate S- Hey mom, dad, and thomas!

I’m having so much fun hiking in the Pyrenees and can’t wait to go to the beach. Miss y’all so much. Tell Winnie I say hi!


Kate C Hi! Mom and David!! I miss y’all lots! Im having the best time here in France and Spain (& practicing Spanish!!) had lots of fun hiking in the Pyrenees and I’m supper excited to go sea kayaking! (I’ve showered everyday thankfully!) ps. Please add money to my card so I can go shopping in Paris!!! (HI! Ella imy ily!!)


Lillian- hey Stephanie,Stephen and Ella! It took some adjusting but I’ve been having a fantastic time! It started rough but I have been doing great and had epic hikes and views; also got my haircut 🙂

Miss you guys!

Mercy jags, miss y’all and can’t wait to do more hot dog fishin


Mason- What’s up mom and dad I’m having a blast right now in France. Thanks for sending me on this trip. We just finished hiking in the Pyrenees mountains and it was really cool. Now we are heading to Spain and I am looking forward to it. I love y’all and tell Archie I said hi.


Emma Cate-

Hey guys! Happy late birthday mom, I hope you all have a had a fun week. I am having an amazing time hiking through France and Spain, I can’t wait to sea kayak, and I’m looking forward to telling you all about it. I love and miss you all:)


SJ- Hey! Happy bday momma!!!!I am the best time ever!! I love it so much here and just finished Pyrenees and are heading to Costa Brava! Hope you had an amazing 4th and hope Steve spoiled you on your birthday mom! Tell the rest of the fam and Thornburgs I miss them!! Love and miss yall!


Ryan- what’s up. I’m in France and we’re heading to Spain Costa Brava soon. This trip is the best. Tell everyone I miss them. Am I fired for taking a three week vacation?


Evan- what’s up! Just did the Pyrenees-unfortunately didn’t find any Great Pyrenees anywhere but pretty cool otherwise. Tell Ty I miss him, and if he’s still in Japan to buy me some of those sour ramune chewy gummies that I got from Family Mart. See you soon!

Arrived in Paris!

July 1, 2023

Hello Chamonix Families!

We heard from our leaders and the group has landed safely in Paris and are on their train! The trip is off to a great start, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


  • Emma Cate
  • Frances
  • Kate
  • Kate
  • Lillian
  • Mason
  • Oliver
  • SJ
  • Stella
  • Ryan
  • Evan