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Canyonlands 2A • June 26-July 9, 2023

See You Later from Salt Lake

July 9, 2023

Hello Canyonlands Friends and Family!


I am currently sitting in the Salt Lake City airport a bit teary-eyed. Bags are checked, tickets have been printed, and Brita is leading the students toward the security entrance. It was time for me to say goodbye to twelve wonderful students. Students that set the standard for group behavior, respect, kindness, love, and laughter. After several group hugs, a last-minute “sprint and wave”, and a somber turn around with an empty feeling of having lost something so special, the goodbyes were finished. To the students reading this at home, know that Brita and I are forever here for you, just as our leaders have been for us. I am always a phone call, text, email, Snapchat (yes I have Snapchat I’m not that old), and I will talk with you about anything and everything. To call you my students for two weeks is something I am forever grateful for, and I am jealous of the wonderful people in your life that get to experience you grow up into amazing young adults. I am excited to see that transformation.


However, before these bittersweet goodbyes, we shared many memories as we made the most of our last 48 hours together. Following our river adventure in San Miguel, we returned to Moab and our home state of Utah. We had a bit of a long travel day in front of us, but we were reunited with Van Gogh which made everyone smile. Francie and Susu led everyone in a group T-Swift concert, making sure everyone knew the words to “Dear John” and “Back in December”. Apparently, there is a new album out? In between songs Jonas and Davis continued their diligent journaling. I have been so impressed with how they care about capturing their memories and adventures. Their future selves will be grateful (I still read my Moondance journal from 7 years ago). As we pulled into camp, Chefs Lyla and Quin cooked everyone’s personal quesadillas. Topped with sour cream, salsa, guac, and chicken, our group feasted as we played our favorite card game: Presidents. Alice helped me arrange a fire in the fire pit, and we sat back and enjoyed one of our final Moonup together.


The sunrise woke us up impatiently. This was our last day with no time to lose! You can sleep in when you are home! Baxter and Findley helped everyone get organized and funneled everyone into the van as we set off to a car wash. Van Gogh had been so good to us the past two weeks, it was time to make sure it was refreshed and ready for another session. Brita made sure tunes were playing and we all grabbed wipes and soap to make the job go as quickly as possible. Following the car wash, we all were feeling a bit hungry. Brita and I spotted a local legend, In-and-Out! The cheers from the students were thunderous as we pulled into the drive. With burgers and shakes in hand we all started to feel better and more prepared for the adventures to come.


Next stop: thrift store. It is a Moondance tradition to go to a thrift store, buy ridiculous outfits, and then go eat a banquet dinner. I challenged the students to go out of their comfort zone, and they took my advice to heart. My personal favorites were Bellamy, who dressed like a character out of the matrix wearing black shades and a brown blazer, and Emily, who dressed in every yellow piece of clothing imaginable including banana-colored high heels. Avery and Alice walked out looking like mad scientists in their white robes and oversized glasses. We all had enormous fun showcasing our outfits like models in the parking lot. Following a quick shower, we waltzed into our banquet location looking VERY out of place. The waitress laughed and loved our outfits and set aside a 14-person table for our group. As we picked out our meals and enjoyed sitting down to eat, we discussed our favorite memories and funniest moments. It was the perfect time to relax and reflect on two weeks well spent.


Our last drive was full of nostalgic music, including my personal favorite, Rivers and Roads. We set up our last campfire, circled up for the last time, and began our last Moonup. The words and stories shared are sacred to the circle, but the emotions pouring from each student showcased the magic of Moondance. Happy tears, belly laughs, somber reflection, and pensive thoughts danced their way through the conversation as we relished this last chance to be open in our trusting environment. I took deep breaths throughout, bringing myself to the present moment, and looked out at the faces illuminated by the fire. 12 strangers had turned into a temporary family and shared secrets and experiences amongst each other like childhood friends. People were resting their heads on one another, drying the tears of their friends with their sleeves. There was this beautiful collective in front of me, a group of 14 that may never be all together for a long time. However, I find comfort in knowing that this group will continue to exist. Our memories are everlasting, this journey was a shared experience that lives in the heart of each student. And if you find yourself driving through Zion Canyon, or overlooking the beautiful Canyonlands overhang, and you listen very closely, I believe you can still hear the laughter of our group echoing on for eternity.


See you later,

Layton and Brita




Here are thank you notes from all of your amazing students!


Jonas-thank you mom and dad for the opportunity to go on this trip, I had so much fun. See you soon!!


Alice-thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to go on this moondance trip mom and dad. It was so fun and I made so many amazing friends. See y’all soon!!


Davis – Thank you so much Mom for giving me the opportunity to go on this amazing moondance trip to Utah where I was able to see views and sunsets I can’t see anywhere else and meet amazing new friends. I can’t wait to see you!!!


Bellamy- Thank you for giving me this opportunity to go on the moondance trip. I had some of the funniest moments of my life. Thanks Mom and Dad


Baxter- Thank you so much mom and dad for always being supportive and having my best interest at heart. Although you work in mysterious ways. Your intentions become clear at just the right time and are always to lead me in the right direction. Thank you so much.


Quin- thank you mom and dad! For being supportive of me going on this trip it was amazing and I made so many memories this trip!


Finley – Thank you so much grandpa, mom and dad for letting me go on this amazing trip. I have made some awesome friendships that will hopefully last forever. Again thank you and I love you!


Francie- Thank you so much mom and dad for the opportunity to go on this trip and make lifelong memories. I can’t wait to see you guys, Sam, and Rockie!


Emily – Hi mom and dad thank you so much for giving me this experience. I love you all so much and I will never forget this trip.


Susu – hey mom, dad, and Edie! Thank you guys so much for the opportunity to go on this trip. It’s been amazing. Can’t wait to see you! Love you!


Lyla- Hey Mom and Dad! The trip was so amazing and I had an awesome time! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to go. I miss you guys so much and can’t wait to see you tonight! Love you!


Avery – Hey mom and dad! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip! It’s been one of the best experiences of my life. I can’t wait to see you in a few hours! Love you!


Rafting the San Miguel!

July 8, 2023

Hello, my Canyonlands people!!

 We have safely arrived back from our great whitewater adventures! We have spent the last 4 days on the amazing San Miguel River. Due to the high-water levels, Mild to Wild Rafting took us to one of their favorite rivers ever, the San Miguel, just out of Telluride. Canyonlands took a 4 day break to become Coloradolands! A two-for-one trip! The kids were SO excited to not only emerge themselves in the beautiful smooth red and orange rock but also soak in the pines and mountains of Colorado. Once we arrived in Colorado we OOOOOed and AHHHHHed at the crisp air and the green landscape. We made an impulse decision to vacation from our original home, planet Mars. Not only was it a rafting day but… drum roll please….. it was the 4th of July!!! What a day to be alive! Layton and I woke the kids up by singing them the star-spangled banner decked out in some patriotic gear. Everyone woke up to our angelic voices and was so excited for the day. Jonas was the first one up and brought the energy. Once everyone was up, patriotic gear on, and blue, red, and white face paint artistically drawn on our faces… we were ready for the day. Susu demonstrated her professional artistic skills by drawing a beautiful polka dot “USA” on her leg and Finley proudly wore red, white, and blue stripes under her eyes. It was time to raft!

 On the first day of rafting, we experienced our first class 3+ rapid. Due to the frigid water temperature, we all wore wetsuits, dry jackets, water boots, and of course our helmets and personal flotation device. Once we all looked like members of the Incredibles family, we were ready to attack the rapid. Davis and Jonas demonstrated how our new outfits would be coveted by ninjas. We loaded up into the boats and we were off! Our first big class 3+ rapid was called Saw Pig because it used to be a natural saw for wood sent down the river. Even with a daunting name, everyone absolutely killed it! It left the group wanting more! After the rapid, Avery felt inspired to willingly dunk her head underwater. Brain freeze! I was so proud of everyone’s positive attitude and excitement. After the Saw Pig, we conquered a few more class 3 rapids. We sang songs, exchanged stories, and laughed on our rafts. On the first day, I was on a raft with Quin, Alice, and Jonas. Quin and Jonas took the front row and kept our group in line. They called out our paddle strokes so we were in unison and a well-oiled machine. Once we were on the calmer stretch of the river, Jonas and Quin started a SPLASH WAR! NO one was safe. We approached the other rafts with our paddles in hand and our splash spirits high. After a few hours on the river, we arrived at our first campsite. We made a fire, enjoyed a charcuterie board provided by our wonderful raft guides, and played many many many rounds of mafia led by Bellamy. Before we knew it, our raft guides wanted in on the fun so we played a few more rounds of mafia. Bellamy set the scene of the game with what he claimed to be his “1600 pilgrim” accent. Even though Mafia should be considered a serious game, everyone was laughing. After accusations, laughs, and fake lawyer trials, Davis was the first successful mafia of the trip. After Davis’s success in mafia, we had a wonderful Moonup around the fire led by Lyla and Bellamy.

 Another amazing day on the river! We woke up to coffee, tea, and yogurt parfaits. It was a wonderful July 5th. Once our bellies were happy, we suited up to conquer some more rapids. Before we got on the river, we spent the morning playing a few rounds of hacky sack which led to several veggie-offs. Alice showed us all how a cheerful artichoke would look and dance like. Emily showed off her wicked hacky sack skills, as well. She is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hacky sack. Competitive and goofy spirits were high and ready for the river. We loaded up onto our rafts and we were off! Today my raft included Emily, Bellamy, and Avery. Dream team! Our raft time was filled with Bellamy telling great stories of his ancestors and how they were involved with the nuggles. Aka. a fantasy-like creature that we made up that roams this Earth and feeds off of our positive energy. It is hard to explain in writing, but I promise everyone will come home with great stories of the nuggles and their adventures, and now they’re a part of history, thanks to Bellamy. We arrived at our second camp and set up our tents. Baxter enlightened the boys with his idea to make a mega-mansion tent. It was awesome. The girls felt inspired by Baxter’s intelligence and followed in his footsteps. We had a delicious dinner that consisted of chicken tacos, played some more mafia, and had meaningful conversations with the raft guides around the fire. But this fire was not an ordinary fire. It was a caveman fire!!!! Jonas, Davis, Baxter, Bellamy, Layton, Quin, and I collected the firewood… caveman style. This meant our only form of communication was via shouts and grunts. We were laughing so hard our caveman bellies hurt. Once we had the warmest and coziest fire going, Francie and Baxter led us in a wonderful heartfelt Moonup. 

It was a great day to be a Moondancer on the San Miguel River. Again, we loaded up into our boats and conquered the river. This day on the water was a bit more peaceful but filled with singing and more storytelling. Today, I spent the day on the water with Davis, Jonas, and Avery as we talked about our best friends from home, our summer plans, and what inspires us. Causal raft talk. These conversations were quickly interrupted when a fellow Moondance raft approached us and initiated another SPLASH WAR. Francie and Susu splashed us all until we were drenched in water, but we did not go down with our fight. After another perfect day of rafting, we arrived at the last campsite of our river trip. Mega tents were set up and we feasted on some delicious spaghetti. Tonight was not a normal dinner, it was a dinner with a show. Layton and I sat back and enjoyed the skit the students performed and acted out the funniest, most embarrassing, and laughable moments of the trip so far. The raft guides joined in on the fun and we poked fun at one another until everyone was dying of laughter. After the Broadway-level performance, Davis and Finley led us in a wonderful Moonup. After Moonup, we stayed up around our, again, caveman fire, and conversed with one another until we were too tired to keep our eyes open. 

We woke up to the last day of rafting! We were sad to say goodbye, but excited for the last few days to come. We exchanged hugs and said goodbye to our wonderful raft guides and loaded back up into our vans to listen to the new Taylor Swift album all the way to our new campsite. Even when we would lose service, the car ride was never quiet because Lyla, Alice, Emily, Jonas, Finley, Francie, and Avery would sing karaoke style Taylor Swift for us. It was angelic. Once we arrived at our campsite, Lyla and Quin helped make some awesome quesadillas and we played many rounds of cards. Everyone is so so grateful for the lifelong friendships and perfect memories that we have made. It has been some of the best days EVER and we will cherish our last few days together. It has been a blessing to get to know each and every student on this trip and I know I will miss them all dearly.


Singing off,

Brita and Layton

Better late than never! A shoutout from Baxter: 

I am very sorry for not writing you earlier. I was taking care of some very serious leader of the day responsibilities, such as shopping for food with the coleaeders so that everyone could eat. This trip has been one of the best things that has happened to me. I am so thankful that you made me stick with it. Relying on myself and my friends has felt very freeing. Realizing that I was ready for the challenge has been very spiritually uplifting. Furthermore, the people on this trip have been nothing but nice and understanding. I will go into more detail when I arrive back in Atlanta. It sounds cheesy, but after a long period of life where events were very uncertain. I feel like I can look past tomorrow with a positive outlook. Going back to a basic level of life has helped put many things into perspective. I never thought I would say that I wish I had a room with a shower at the dury inn. I found that letting go basic things such as time and knowing what I will do today was very freeing. The only thing I had to worry about until then was building bonds with new friends that I will remember and enjoy for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for challenging me to do something new and giving me the confidence to take on bigger and better challenges. -Baxter


July 6, 2023

Davis – Hey Mom and Jackie!!! I miss y’all so much and I hope you all are in Maine right now and having a fun Fourth of July in Prouts Neck. Tell everyone up there that I miss them, and I love them. We just finished our last hike of the trip and start our four-day rafting tomorrow. It’s so much fun but it’s hot! Love you guys!

Jonas-Hey Mom and Dad, I miss y’all. I’m having so much fun though! Best 2 weeks of my life. Everyone on this trip is so fun and awesome. Love y’all! Tell Evie I hope she had so much fun at camp.

Bellamy -Hey Mom and Dad. I miss you guys but I’m having so much fun. Hope you’re having fun with your vacation. I really wish we had longer. Send Wright an email for me. I love y’all.

Quin-Hey mom and dad just wanted to say im Having so much fun!!! It’s been an awesome 2 weeks. Hope your having fun wherever you guys are and I’ll be home soon enough! Also happy birthday mom love you guys!!!!!

Alice – Hey Mom and Dad. I’m having so much fun and love everyone on the trip! I miss you and hope Eloise is having a good summer too. It’s been the best 2 week ever! Love and miss y’all!!

Avery – Hey Mom and Dad, I miss you guys so much, but camp has so far been so amazing. I’m having so much fun and I made so many great friends. I hope that you guys have a good Fourth of July and wish Mason good luck at his camp for me. Love you and miss you!!!

Francie – hey mom and dad! I miss you guys so much! so far this has honestly been the best week of my life. I love all the other campers like brothers and sisters and we have grown so close! I have some crazy coincidences to tell you about when I get home.

Emily – Hi mom and dad! I have had so much fun at camp so far. I have done a lot of hiking! I hope everything is great at home. I can’t wait to spend time this summer at Belle Haven! Hope all is well!

Finley – Hey Mom and Dad! I miss you guys so so so much but I’m having so much fun! We have done a bunch of activities so far but I’m most excited for rafting tomorrow!Tell Lila that I miss her so much and I’m really excited to see her! Love you both!

Lyla- Hey guys! I’m having such an incredible time! I’ve experienced so many amazing new things and met awesome people. I miss you so much and can’t wait to see you! (Especially Jax) Happy early birthday Dad I can’t wait to celebrate with you! Love you all so much!

Susu- Hey guys!!! We have had so much fun like repelling down an 85 foot cliff and hiking the narrows! Happy early 4th of July!! I miss everyone so so so much and I can’t wait to see you! Love you guys!

Greetings from Zion!

July 3, 2023

Hello Canyonlands friends and family!!!


This is Layton, Brita’s coleader on your child’s Canyonland’s trip this year. I am already so grateful for our groups attitude, excitableness, confidence, and inclusion. Each member has already made their mark on the group dynamics in a positive way, and I cannot wait for our group to grow closer as we bond over good food, laughs, and Utah adventures.


Our drive into Zion was magical. We arrived on the east entrance, where the towering cliffs of Zion are hidden. Rolling hills carved smooth by wind and stone surrounded us, and Davis and Jonas ensured that the group had great music throughout. Alice and Quin remarked that Zion was already one of the most beautiful places they have ever been to! I smiled to myself knowing that this was only an appetizer. We arrived to the tunnel that would take us into Zion Canyon, the tunnel that separated real life from a fantasy world. I challenged the kids to see if they could hold their breath through the 30 second tunnel. We all took a big gulp of air and entered the mountain. Thirty seconds and another deep breath later we arrived to the another set of incredible views. Bellamy and Finley shouted out new lookout points and cliffs to direct our attention towards. There was a collective sense of awe and inspiration, a feeling I imagine anyone who has been to Zion before can understand. As we drove to the bottom of the valley, we set up camp, cooked an amazing stir fry meal (thanks as always to Quin’s natural chef skills), and went to sleep dreaming of the places we would see the next day.


Early wake up. Quick breakfast. Today was Narrows Day, and there was no time for lollygagging. Francie helped direct everyone into hiking shape. She has been such a leader for our group, and I applaud her peer-leadership skills. We made the Zion shuttle by 8am, early enough to skip the lines like a Disney Fast pass and continued on our adventure. Susu and Baxter lead the group in a game of 20 Questions as we traveled up the narrowing canyon to the entrance to our hike. Lyla took the lead at the beginning, leading us into the cold snow-melt-fed river. I had never seen any views quite like this. There were towering red rocks splintered into the sky, each testing the limits of physics and puzzling the eye. Green moss and vines drank in the mist flowing from the rapids, and they climbed all the way up to the top. If you have ever seen the movie Avatar, picture the CGI landscapes shown in the movie. We were hiking through the real life version. As we hiked back on the river, Avery and Davis motivated everyone to embrace the water and go swimming. We alternated between hiking and swimming for another hour as we headed after an amazing day, we headed back to our campsite.


At our campsite, we received wonderful news. Our last camper, Emily, was arriving soon! Emily is an absolute trooper; with the most positive attitude I have ever seen. She endured three canceled flights to finally reunite with us in Zion. Of course, we needed to throw a party! We got out cupcakes and cookies, busted out our tie-die T-shirt kit, and all gave her a BIG group hug as her mom pulled up to our campsite. The welcoming energy of the group was astounding and made Brita and I so proud. Alice, Susu, and Lyla made sure that Emily was caught up on everything that she might have missed and made sure she felt at home and surrounded by friends. We were so happy to have her, and her laughter was a huge boost to our already high morale. I seriously never heard her complain, she sought to make the most of what was in her control.


After our Zion adventures we entered the real world once more. A skip and a jump later, punctuated with van-dance offs and journaling/reading time, we finally arrived into our home base for the next few days, Moab!


Our group bravely faced the heat to hike to one of the coolest sights on our trip: the Delicate Arch. Jonas got the group motivated with some A cappella songs, and Quin and I had a fantastic time talking about our favorite movies to pass the time. A few iconic pictures later, and we set off to our campsite for the night in the Devil’s Garden. We were treated to a beautiful sunset as we went to sleep early in anticipation of a busy morning.


Driving into the town of Moab and listened to rock songs the entire way. It was fitting, as we were about to go ROCK CLIMBING! We strapped on our harnesses, adjusted our helmets, and attacked the wall. Jonas quickly summited the tallest route the guides setup, while Finley and Emily scrambled up multiple technical routes. Davis, Baxter, and I all attempted the hardest route on the mountain. Davis was the only one to summit it, through an incredible display of determination and grit. Avery and Alice also showcased their selflessness and coaching skills by belaying others and offering step-by-step advice on where the handholds were. After thanking our guides for an amazing morning, we drove to a picnic spot at the Moab City Park. After stopping in town for some much-needed showers, we all felt rejuvenated and ready to cook dinner. But Brita and I were also feeling a bit tired. So, we told the group we could get BURGERS!!! We stopped at our favorite hole-in-the-wall spot in Moab: Milts Burgers and Shakes. Finally, with our bodies clean and our stomachs full, we retired to our sleeping bags for some well-deserved rest.


Up next is our Canyoneering and Rafting adventures. I am so proud of this group for their introspection, positivity, and love they have for one another. This group is why I lead Moondance, and I cannot wait to see what’s next.


Until next time,


Layton + Brita

Cooking in the Canyon's!

June 29, 2023

Hi Canyonlands friends, family, and awesome humans!


Brita here, and I am abundantly grateful to be one of your student’s leaders for this

Canyonlands trip. I know my amazing co-leader, Layton would agree when I say that it is a

privilege to have spent the last three days with this all-star group. Since the trip is only

beginning, we cannot wait to see what the next two weeks entail. We know it will be nothing

short of fantastic. We have grown to become a family very quickly, but we are just missing one

member!!! We are BEYOND excited to meet our last friend, Emily, when she arrives tomorrow.

Emily if you are reading this you are in for a treat!! We miss you dearly!


Once we left the great confines of the Salt Lake City International Airport, we ventured

on over to Yuba State Park. This venture included a 5-star van concert, some yummy pizza, and

lots of car ride games. After we showed off our dance moves and our singing abilities, we

arrived at our final destination. We quickly unloaded our things and made Yuba our home!

Overwhelmed by the beauty of the stars glistening on the Yuba Lake, we thought it would be

necessary to Cowboy camp. Cowboy camping entails sleeping under the stars, just you and your

sleeping bag. Everyone was so excited!! Before settling into our beds, we had our very first

Moonup! Baxter was so positive and led some great discussions. We all gathered in a circle,

sang a few songs, talked about what realistic superpowers we dream of, and why we are here,

passed the pulse by squeezing one another’s hands, and of course, howled at the moon. To our

surprise we heard some howls in return… if that was a human howl or an animal we may never

know. Our very first Leaders of the Day, LODs, were nominated… drum roll, please…. Jonas

and Finley! They were nominated for bringing the energy, being so helpful, and making everyone

feel so welcome. A LOD gets more of the inside scoop and gains a bit more responsibility each

day. After an amazing Moonup, we finally slumbered under the stars.


The first full day!!!!! Whoop whoop!!!! Everyone woke up with a pep in their step and

excited for the very first day!!!! Yay! For breakfast, with the help of Davis, Jonas, Finley, and

Lyla we made a yummy cinnamon apple wrap. Ironically, this infamous breakfast, and a

Moondance classic, is named the Davis. This name is dedicated to a Moondance legend, but we

also thought our Davis should take some credit. With full bellies, we packed up camp and

adventured to the beach! What? The beach? Yes, the beach! We spent the morning playing

games, pulling pranks, tossing the ball, and swimming in Yuba Lake. It was perfect. The beach

started off beautiful, calm, and peaceful, but that quickly took a turn when I thought it would

be a good idea to break out the water gun. After I sprayed Davis, a full-on water war broke out.

And once the water war began to settle down, water war 2 broke out!! We all laughed and

were soaked in water. After realizing that we were wet, everyone made a run for the lake, and

all went underwater! This is a big deal. After we were all brave enough to dunk our heads

underwater, Francie led us in some water games, leading to more dunking and more splashing.

Once Marco Polo was played and the splash wars came to a close, we all went back to the

beach to play even more games! Here at Moondance, when you play a game and there are only

two people left the only proper way to choose a winner is to do a VEGGIE OFF!!!! A veggie off

includes shouting out an adjective and a vegetable and then the lucky finalists act it out. Finley

and Avery were our first lucky final two and they absolutely killed the sporadic green bean

dance. After games galore, we were all ready for lunch. We had a picnic by the lake and Quin

and Bellamy taught us how to make a proper wrap. This included lots of cheese, chicken, and

ranch, and then proper folding techniques as well. Chipotle should be intimidated by their skill.

Once we were happy and full, we hit the road to Bryce Canyon National Park! This road trip was

similar to our first, filled will singing and dancing. We “passed the funk,” meaning you dance

and then pass the dance spotlight to another friend. Baxter blew us all away with his dancing

abilities. We feasted on some chips, guac, salsa, and taco bowls for Taco Tuesday and then hit

the canyon!!! We went on a beautiful scenic drive to the top. This drive was filled with lots of

OOOHs and AHHHHs. Once we arrived, we followed our LODs to a beautiful lookout spot to

do Moonup. Again, we shared dreams and aspirations, laughed, and were in awe over the beauty

of Utah. After we passed the pulse and howled at the Moon, Alice, and Davis were nominated

as our new LODs! We drove back to camp and quickly fell asleep after a busy day, but no one

fell asleep until laughter and jokes started to dwindle.


Another day of awesomeness! We woke up to music provided by Layton and bagels! We

knew we were going to have a BRYCE day….. sorry I had to. We packed up our day packs and

laced up our hiking boots, we were ready to attack the day. Bryce Canyon National Park wasn’t

ready! Everyone was uber excited to be immersed in the orange and red rock. Alice and Davis

led us on our hike through the canyon. We walked, hiked, skipped, and griddy-ed our way

through the morning. Avery and Susu’s griddy form was superb. Everyone followed in their

footsteps, as we shuffled our feet and moved our arms in a uniform motion. When our hike

neared the end, the group thought it was necessary to form a human tunnel to cheer on the

other hikers. The group followed Finley’s direction when she encouraged everyone to put their

arms up and turn on their encouraging voices. We became instant friends with everyone on the

trial!! Thanks Finley! After we explored Bryce, we packed up and then unpacked to have a

picnic just outside of the park. We made wraps, and then quickly used the tortillas as toys.

Jonas and Davis showed us how the tortilla challenge was properly done. After this

competition, the fruit roll-up competition began. I did not realize CAN 2, was really the 2023

Summer Olympics. Bellamy blew us all away by fast he could eat a fruit roll up with no hands.

After a delicious lunch, we followed Quin’s lead, and danced back to the van, and then headed

towards Zion National Park! Lyla and Francie showed off their Taylor Swift-ication by singing

every verse to Getaway Car. We have now safely arrived in Zion and are so excited to see what

it has in store! The afternoon has been filled with games, Susu showing us who is boss with the

hacky sack, and of course more pranks.


Talk soon!!

Brita and Layton

Kicking it in Utah!

June 28, 2023

Hi Canyonlands Families!

We are thrilled to let you know that the group has been having so much fun for the past few days in Utah! They have spent their time getting to know each other and are having the best time hiking through one of the most beautiful parts of the United States! We can’t wait to hear more. The group is very excited for their final member of the group, Emily, to arrive today after travel issues. They are going to welcome her with open arms!

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


  • Alice
  • Avery
  • Baxter
  • Bellamy
  • Davis
  • Emily
  • Francie
  • Jonas
  • Lyla
  • Susannah