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Belize + Costa Rica 2A • June 23-July 6, 2023

A Final Thank You and Goodbye!

July 6, 2023

We are so thankful to each and every single one of you for sharing your children with us. As your kids will tell you, this group was a special one. We shared so many great memories and we cannot wait for the students to relay those to you.


Our final night together was a memorable one, to say the least. After our bus ride to the Adventure Inn, the group wrote letters to themselves that they will receive in a few months. Alison, in typical Moondance fashion, brought forth the idea to write notes to everyone for them to read on the airplane once everyone departed. The group spent hours before and after Moonup writing heart-felt notes and tearful goodbyes. The notes definitely stirred up some emotions because, after a few minutes, the whole group was crying and hugging. Carter was really going through it, fully sobbing. The group had trouble figuring out if they were crying or laughing, trying to contain themselves reacting to Carter. Even though they still had dinner, Moonup, and airport day, the group exchanged hugs and thank yous as we reminisced about the amazing two weeks. During dinner, we all went over our favorite memories. For example, Grace’s favorite memory was just getting to know everyone and becoming close to each person. Trey loved “shredding the gnar” and Shelby loved the bus rides and how we “never stopped laughing”. Wansley enjoyed the boat rides out to scuba diving and Thomas and Clay loved fishing at the island in Belize. Emilia actually said the ear infections gave her some great memories and made a great story to talk about. Every child will tell you how much fun we had overall. This was a goofy, crazy, and overall loving group that was able to get the most out of Moondance. Will and Jack M both impressed us with their ability to open up and speak about their experiences and their lives during Moonup. Their vulnerability with the group created an environment where everyone felt comfortable with sharing anything.


Our final Moonup started off with Wansley and Jack C asking the group,”what was the funniest thing you have gotten in trouble at school for?” This question took a while to get through due to the amount of laughs that filled our little hotel room we were all piled into. Even Spencer, Caroline, and William shared their funniest stories. The last question that the LODs proposed was, “What are you going to miss the most about Moondance?” Emilia said she would miss waking up with a group of friends every morning. The guys all agreed that the constant jokes and daily fun were going to be hard to leave.


Overall this group was and had a blast. These kids have a special place in our hearts. We emphasized to all of them that departure is not a goodbye, but “a see you soon”. Thanks again for sharing your kids with us.


Spencer, William, and Caroline

Our Last Adventures

July 6, 2023

Hi friends and family!

Our final days in Costa Rica have been a blast! We can’t believe that our trip is already coming to a close, but we are so thankful for this incredible experience with all of these awesome students!

Buenaventura quickly started to feel like home after staying there for two nights! It was a perfect place to relax and recharge before continuing onto the rest of our trip. Alison and Caroline took advantage of the peace and quiet of Buenaventura by waking up early on the last morning to do some yoga. Caroline thinks Alison should become a yoga instructor after the superb yoga class she led.

We had a ton of fun with the chocolate making class, service, and group games, but we finished up our time at Buenaventura with a hike up to a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest. We got to experience the “Avatar Adventure Tour” where students put blue clay all over their bodies then decorated with orange clay. Students got creative, drawing anything from necklaces to abs to playing a game of hangman! Thomas, Trey, and Jack C. put the clay in their hair and gave each other some pretty cool mohawks. Once it was time to trek back down the mountain, we placed “bets” on who would slip first. Carter was a fan favorite, but we definitely saw minor slips from Alison and Wansley.

We arrived in Turrialba and enjoyed a delicious dinner at a restaurant called Wok and Roll. We all had a little laugh when everyone ordered Asian food except for Trey who got himself some fried fish and fries. We had a very special Moonup that night with the LOD’s, Shelby and Clay, asking “who is the most influential person in your life who isn’t a family member?” It was sweet to hear that a lot of students are inspired by their best friends and their parents’ friends. We closed Moonup by opening up the floor and allowing students to just speak about anything they had on their mind. Seeing how comfortable students were with sharing their struggles or worries was a telling tale of just how close our group has gotten these past two weeks.

We woke up ready to conquer our final activity as a group on a very special day: white water rafting on the Fourth of July!! We divided into three teams with one leader for each raft. Caroline’s raft, named the “Sexy Rexy’s” after the owner of Buenaventura’s dog named Rex, was an absolute unit of a team! With Will and Thomas in the front of the raft, Emilia and Jack C. in the middle, and Caroline and Allison bringing up the caboose, our team shared a lot of laughs on the raft. Emilia was a little nervous with the first few rapids, but by the end she was asking the guide when we’d be going down even bigger rapids! Will won MVP in paddling for our team because without him, our boat would be going sideways. William’s raft was by far the most coordinated and hard working. Grace and Jack M. manned the bow while Calvin and Carter held down the middle. William was in the back with the guide, Esteban, and continuously splashed the kids. Of course their group would end up winning with Calvin’s paddling skills and Jack M.’s constant counting to keep them on pace. They carried the boats out of the water and had an amazing victory lunch in the Rios lodge.

Spencer’s boat consisted of a strong lineup of Shelby, Clay, Trey, and Wansley. The group named themselves ‘The Masters’ and quickly made a team chant to intimidate the other groups. The rafting day started off with Clay and Trey up front leading the group. Spencer took a turn up front as well. ‘The Masters’ had great team chemistry. Wansley loved to ‘pet’ the water in between paddle strokes. All together, they successfully made it down the river. Teamwork makes the dream work.

We got to celebrate the 4th of July in a lodge right off the river. After exploring a small waterfall and natural pool, all of the students got changed into their red, white, and blue! As the students came to dinner, the leaders greeted them with American music, star sunglasses, and sprayed them with water guns. We enjoyed a delicious dinner then tatted ourselves up with some patriotic tattoos. A group Congo line around the dinner table followed by some more dancing put a smile on everyone’s faces. We finalized our festivities with a bonfire where we roasted marshmallows and sang the National Anthem.

We woke up for the second day of rafting ready to paddle 14 miles! We kept the same teams, allowing for more friendly competition. The Sexy Rexy’s experienced some turbulence with Alison and Will falling out in slow motion in the same rapid. They successfully climbed right back onto the raft! Jack C. got hit by a wave that almost threw him out of the raft! Day Two of William’s group was much of the same with their group coming in first again. The only downside was that Carter lost a gibbet from her croc. They cruised to an easy victory and laughed and sang the entire way. William was really the only one who sang but the kids enjoyed his effort to keep them entertained in between rapids. Spencer’s group had an absolute blast of a day. ‘The Masters’ were constantly giggling at each other, Trey and Clay screaming every time they got wet. There were very few seconds where there was not a full smile on everyone’s face. Wansley definitely received most improved paddler of ‘The Masters’ group. Ask your students about the rafting, all of them had a crazy time!

After rafting, the swaying of the bus caused by the curvy mountain roads and the country music playing out of the speaker was a perfect formula for a car nap. All of the kids knocked out. A good bus ride nap followed by some bus games and then a surprise McDonald’s trip capped off our final day in Costa Rica.

As our trip comes to a close, we reflect on all the amazing experiences we had and friendships we built, beyond thankful for each one.

Pura Vida from Costa Rica for one last time!

Spencer, Caroline, and William

Fun Times in Costa Rica!

July 3, 2023

Hola from Costa Rica!


The students are having so much fun transitioning from the placid, tropical beaches of Belize to the adventurous beaches and jungles of Costa Rica.


The transfer from Belize to Costa Rica was such an enjoyable time and allowed for many hours of student bonding. 10 hours to be exact. In the airport, the students parked themselves upstairs next to a Subway. Due to a 3am wake-up time, the students made make-shift beds laying on top of the luggage, with Grace saying it was “one of the best sleeps she’s had all trip.” Time was passed through games, ridiculous conversations, and more sleep. The Jury Duty game became a fan favorite! This is where students come up with a silly scenario while two students are separated from the group and have to figure out who they are and what they did. Shelby and Wansley figured out their story line pretty quickly. Shelby deciphered that she was Spongebob, Wansley was Elsa, and together, they robbed the Royal Rat. The students’ positive attitudes helped power everyone through the long layover. The group shared many laughs on the plane, mainly due to Trey’s humor and Will and Grace’s game of shadow boxing. Jack Craven and Emilia were also both troopers throughout the day and helped keep everyone’s spirits high!


The group arrived in San Jose at midnight bright eyed and bushy tailed, despite the three-hour bus ride, to an outdoor basketball court where we were ‘staying’. On the way to the hotel, we made a pit stop at a 24-hour clinic where Spencer and Caroline brought a group of four students who were experiencing ear pain and needed some remedy. With each of the students being diagnosed with ear infections from the scuba diving, Shelby, Jack M., Emilia, and Carter kept the vibes high and were just thankful to get some answers! Since life is a little more fun with some friendly competition, Shelby won the ‘worst’ ear infection award and officially gained the bragging rights, yet, she still has yet to complain once! To everyone’s surprise, that three-hour bus ride to the ‘basketball court’ was actually just a 15 minute one to our air-conditioned hotel! The kids constantly say they have us figured out, but we got them good with that one. Carter was close to tears when she heard we were going to be in a cool room with ‘real towels’.


The next morning, we jumped in the bus and drove to zip lining! We got the chance to see Costa Rica from a whole new perspective as we zipped down the 10 different cables—even getting to go upside down on one of them! We had scream competitions, seeing who could scream the highest and lowest as they zipped through the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica. Thomas won the ‘girl’ scream contest hands down.  As we waited between cables, Alison and Shelby had a wicked “moo off,” where they had a competition to see who could hold the longest “moo.” Thomas spiced up his zip lining experience by ‘griddying’ off the platform a few times. We spent a few minutes learning a new game called ‘Big Booty’. It took most of the kids a while to get the hang of this one, but they ended up loving it!


We transferred to Uvita for some sunset surfing on a beautiful national park beach with jungle serving as our backdrop. The picturesque beach day was interrupted by a 6 ft long crocodile. Luckily, the croc left the beach, so the coast was clear for us to shred. Jack C. looked like a natural out there catching the waves—constantly posing for an action shot. Grace and Emilia were so filled with joy that their smiles while surfing automatically made everyone else smile! Will already looked a little like a “surfer bro,” but the shredding of waves combined with his new mullet really added to the whole outfit. The group had some much-needed time in the sun. Thomas, Trey, Calvin, and Jack B. continued the theme of friendly competition into the waves with a game called battle wave! It is so impressive how this group is always able to make our activities that much more fun.


We walked 10 minutes back to our hotel at the end of surfing underneath the most beautiful sunset. The oranges and pinks in the sky stopped everyone in their tracks. It was such a great moment to be able to take in the natural beauty. Once we arrived back at the hotel, we told the students we were having a nice dinner and to throw on the fanciest clothes they packed. These outfits ranged from jean shorts to khakis to collared shirts to t-shirts. Jack M. was probably the best dressed in his black joggers and t-shirt. We enjoyed a delicious family dinner, followed by an ice cream sandwich surprise! We ended our night with a mega Moonup, asking double the questions because we decided to do a more light-hearted Moonup than the previous night because of our doctor excursion. The LOD’s for the day, who we named the “LOD Squad” since there were four of them, asked some wonderful questions. Wansley asked, “what do you admire about the person sitting to the right of you?” This question was such a fun way to see how the students have already learned from other individuals on the trip and how we continue to challenge each other every day! Jack M. complimented Clay on his lightheartedness and ability to always make people laugh. Grace told Alison that she loves the way she is always smiling and how her laughter is contagious to everyone around her. It is quite apparent how close the group has been getting these past few days.


We woke up the next morning ready to catch some more waves! Thomas, Will, and Jack M. got to the beach early with Spencer to maximize wave time. After 30 minutes of surfing and the arrival of the rest of the group, Mr. Crocodile made his grand return. All the students had to exit the water. It was a bummer but when one door opens, another closes.  To pass the time, the students made drip sandcastles and buried Caroline in the sand. Spencer rallied the students together and facilitated a big game of two-hand touch football on the beach! Calvin was the MVP with a pick six and Jack C. also had a great interception. Clay and Trey both had a blast on the line rushing each other.


Our next few days took us from the beach and into the mountains. The students were placed in 4x4s and driven 1.5 hours deep into the Costa Rican Jungle. The farm of Buenaventura is only accessible by bridge crossing. Not a concrete bridge but a swinging, metal wire bridge that only two people were allowed on at a time. Emilia was nervous about crossing the bridge but got over it pretty quickly—we were so proud of her!


The first hour we arrived, we were out working and planting cocoa trees. The students laughed while they broke a sweat in the sun with Jack C, Carter, Wansley, and Alison specifically leading the giggle train. While Jack was scooping dirt, he ended up breaking the handle of the shovel, igniting the group with smiles. The night was capped off with a talent show where Will and Clay performed a shark tank spin off business pitch.


The final activity the students had in the town of El Brujo was service. The service consisted of the students’ moving rocks from a river to the road to be extracted along with helping to dig a hole. Everyone got to get a little taste of each job.! The students then split into two teams and drafted everyone to play in a big group soccer game with the local kids. The Tigers got absolutely destroyed by the Monkeys, but it is still a debate on who had the most fun. Carter had an impressive performance despite not securing the win. Trey and Calvin battled it out on the wings while Alison and Shelby didn’t care too much what was going on in the game. I think they were just glad they were getting to hangout and tan!


All of the kids have truly been a blast to be around and have all gotten a lot closer since being in Costa Rica. It is so awesome to see this group slowly go from a group of friends to a family other the last few days. We will keep you posted on all the other fun and crazy things that happen!! We can’t wait to see what comes next!


Talk soon,

Caroline, Spencer, and William

Swimming with Sharks!!!

June 30, 2023

Hi friends and family! Our Belize and Costa Rica trip is off to a great start! The students have embraced the heat of Belize, while enjoying some breaks from the sun as we scuba dived in the world’s 2nd largest reef system. We are so thankful to have each of these students with us this session and are excited as we continue our adventures into the beautiful country of Costa Rica. After a smooth airport pickup and a delicious lunch, we all piled into two vans and ventured to the Royal Rat Hostel, our home for the next five days. On the bus ride, Caroline’s van jammed to some country music with Will and Trey managing the aux. We started off the car ride with a game of “two truths and a lie” in order to get to know each other a little better. We found out that Calvin broke his eye and Emilia has three older brothers. We played a few rounds of 20 questions to pass the time, but we had some trouble narrowing down the answer to Jack C’s which randomly ended up being a paintbrush. In Spencer and William’s van, the group also had some intense games of 20 questions with Shelby, Grace, and Alison all guessing Spencer’s ‘Hermione’ from Harry Potter quickly. We also had a great time sharing favorite songs with Shelby insisting Spencer look up her “fire playlist”. Upon arrival at the Royal Rat Hostel, the group enjoyed a savory (and comfort food) pizza dinner followed by Moonup and an early night sleep for our first day of scuba tomorrow!!!

Scuba diving started off with a bang with all of the students getting the hang of it quickly. With Shelby, Thomas, and Calvin all already certified, they got right into deep dives on Day One while the others started their training. The group of certified students, who named their team “the elites”, spent the first dive at 60 ft underwater. The rest of the group joined in for the final dive of the day, at 40 ft. The groups training took place about an hour off the coast on an island called ‘Laughing Bird Caye”, a bird sanctuary surrounded by crystal clear water and a large beach where the students would conduct shallow water objectives. After an exhausting yet rewarding day of scuba diving, we headed to a beachside restaurant. As we waited for our food, the students played some football and ran some routes against each other. Calvin, after challenging Caroline to a 1v1, almost had to be taken to the hospital after Caroline completely broke his ankles. Alison and Carter, wanting to represent the ladies, lined up against each other with Alison dropping a pretty wide-open pass. Everyone shared a lot of laughs on the beach.

The group also played a big game of Taps…or Tips (the official name became a big debate amongst the group). After a delicious seafood dinner, we treated ourselves to some Tutti Frutti ice cream. The students had a blast watching the first half of a local basketball game at the park across the street with multiple boys asking Spencer if “sports betting was legal” in Belize. By the second day, Alison was deemed the official hair braider for the girls. The braids were so good that the next night the boys asked Alison to braid their hair too! On Day Two, we returned to Laughing Bird Caye to continue scuba diving with our outfitter, Splash, with each instructor becoming more like family. On the second dive a few 100 yards from the island, groups saw many different types of fish and coral. On our boat ride back from scuba we introduced the students to the slump cam. Whenever a student would fall asleep for too long on the boat, we quietly approached them with the GoPro and would scream “SLUMP CAM” to wake them up and get a laugh out of the group. Carter was unfortunately a frequent victim of the slump cam, with the abrupt wakeups making her nervous to fall back asleep.

Upon returning to the Royal Rat (our new home away from home), the students weren’t quite done with the water activities for the day. They all got into the pool and didn’t come out until we told them dinner was ready almost three hours later. The students were determined to build a tower in the pool, with people on the backs and shoulders of other students. Grace was at the top of the pyramid, tasked with climbing the entire group like a jungle gym all the way to the top. This was a fun, spur of the moment, bonding activity for the group. It was cool to see the group work as a unit to accomplish this goal of building a human tower. The communication, organization, AND determination from the group got them to hold a tower long enough for Caroline to snap a photo of what looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Despite numerous attempts we have yet to accomplish the ideal human pyramid, but we have faith that we’ll get it by the end of the two weeks! After some Mexican food for dinner, we returned to the pool for Moonup, where the Leader’s of the Day, Emilia and Calvin, broke the ice by asking each person their goals for the trip.

Although Moonup had ended, the pool activities did not. We ended up staying in the pool for almost another hour playing games like Birdie on a Perch, 4 Corners, and even managed to create a whirlpool. We finished scuba training by Day Three so the students got to go on their first official deep dive. We dove about 60 ft and saw nurse sharks, lion fish, lobsters, eels and more! Some students, like Calvin, Shelby, and Thomas, added to the experience by going on each others shoulders underwater (don’t worry Caroline snagged a photo as proof).When Emilia surfaced the water she said how scuba diving was the “coolest thing she’s ever done in her life.” We enjoyed lunch on a beautiful island and before going out for our second dive for the day, the students once again attempted the human tower, this time with the help and encouragement from our scuba instructors.

When we got home from scuba we spent our downtime introducing new card games. The most popular game amongst the group was Egyptian Rat Slap. Alison was in the lead at one point, but her collection of cards quickly dwindled as Caroline and Spencer slowly took back the lead. Grace was an absolute menace at slapping back into the game. Her concentration and reaction time was unmatched. Wansley was a newbie to the game but added to the group fun by making her own rules and laughing when she messed them up. That afternoon we went to a nearby resort to swim around and eat some yummy dinner. The boys played some more football, but this time it was William as QB1 throwing dimes mainly to Will, Jack C. and Jack M.

As we wrapped up dinner and took a group photo, William started numbering off the students 1-4, saying that their number correlated to the car they were taking back to The Royal Rat. Instead, that number was the team they were on for a surprise mini golf activity! The mini golf talent among the group ranged from Trey’s hole-in-one to Shelby somehow losing a ball in the bushes. Nevertheless, all of the students enjoyed this little surprise and then were treated, yet again, to another ice cream run.Due to rain, our final day of scuba brought us back to a spot we had already been, but it turned out to be some of the students favorite dive. Solely for the fun of it, Will, Trey, William Spencer, Shelby, Emilia, and Caroline all decided to rock wetsuits for the last day because according to Trey they were “drippy.” It was awesome to see how infatuated Thomas was with everything underwater. He was so easily intrigued by all the coral and fish and loved swimming behind the nurse sharks with his GoPro. Jack M definitely got the most out of scuba diving. Every time we would look at him, Jack was zoned in on the underwater world around him. Wansley was also a graceful swimmer and was always intrigued by everything she saw.

We spent the late afternoon at “The Other Side,” an outdoor restaurant that sits across a small canal with a pool that the students happily helped themselves to. Clay started a congo line in the pool with the boys and Trey enjoyed swimming around with his duck floaty. When it started to rain, the restaurant workers gave some of the students umbrella hats that you couldn’t even pay some of them to take off their head. Alison, Shelby, Emilia, and Caroline were big fans of the hats, choosing to continue swimming in the rain since they had the hats to protect themselves (even though they were already soaked from the pool). As it continued to pour, we all ventured back to our favorite place, Tutti Frutti, for some ice cream to top off the last day of scuba! Every student embraced the rain and lived in the moment.

After four fun and eventful days of scuba diving, the students deserved a day of relaxation. In the morning, we told the kids to pack their bags for a sea kayaking trip that would last all day. To their surprise, we showed up to a catamaran docked at a pier in Belize!! The girls soaked up some sun on the front of the boat while enjoying some virgin piña coladas. We were on the boat for two hours before making it to MAHO Caye.The island, deemed by the guides as “one of the most beautiful islands in Belize,” was where we were parking for the remainder of the day. On the island, the group quickly got into an organized volleyball game. Jack M and Grace were team captains with Jack’s team coming out on top. It was a very very close game. Wansley had a blast watching the ball land right next to her. She had great team spirit but we might need to work on her spiking abilities. Clay also admitted he needed some practice on his serves. Trey and Will formed a ‘set and spike’ duo that they called “bread and butter,” screaming it out at almost any chance they could. Shelby and Will were a power duo for one team, with Calvin and Jack M. on the other side giving them a solid matchup.

To pass time on the island, our guide, Mike, brought all of the guys out fishing. Thomas and Clay were pros at catching, unhooking, and releasing the fish. The amount of joy that rushed through their bodies when they got a bite made all of the leaders smile!After our relaxing day on the catamaran, we walked down the boardwalk in Placencia, exploring shops to gather some souvenirs. Our Baton Rouge boys, Thomas and Clay, bought some wooden fish sculptures that will remind them of this special trip every time they look at them back home. All the girls were excited to buy matching “you better belize it” hats, whose neon color made them hard to miss.

As we continued down the boardwalk, we came across a barber shop where the boys originally wanted to get cornrows, but instead rallied together to all get mullets. The leaders told them that “they are allowed to get mullets but it is up to them to gauge whether their mom would want them to have them.” With that said, every. single. boy. now has a mullet! Will was the first to commit. Jack C. and Jack M. were quite hesitant on fully living in the moment and getting the mullet, both nervous that their moms would not approve. However, moms, do not fret! The mullets look awesome and all the guys look so handsome with their new haircuts (and the hair will grow back in no time if y’all are not a fan)!

We ended our last night in Belize just how we started: pizza and ice cream. Wansley finally got the “sure does” riddle after saying it’s been keeping her up the past few night as she tried to decipher it (and parents, don’t worry, we have no doubt that the students will happily share this riddle with you when they return home…it’s a good one). This day was a wonderful ending to a perfect five days in Belize, with each of us ready to conquer the long travel day to Costa Rica ahead of us.

Talk to you soon!!!

Emilia- “hi! Miss you guys so much. There has definitely been some ups and downs but I am making the most of my visit. I have seen so many cool things and met so many awesome people this past week. I hope that all the boys got to their trips safely and that you all are having a fun time up north with your friends. Scuba diving was a lot of fun and an experience I will never forget. Onto to Costa Rica! Miss you all a little extra but can’t wait to see you in only one more week- tell nana and baba I miss them as well! Sending so many hugs and kisses

Alison- “Omg I’m having the best time!! Miss y’all a bunch can’t wait to show all of the pictures and videos!! Cuddle beans for me!”

Grace- “HEYYY! I’m having so much fun and can’t believe we’re here in BELIZE! Got some great photos on the Gopro! Haha love you guys see you soon!!”

Carter- “Hey I’m miss you both so much but I’m having so much fun! It’s so so pretty and fun in Belize and can’t wait for Costa Rica. Love y’all so much see you soon!!”

Jack M.- “Miss you guys and hope you’re enjoying your week! I’m having a great time in Belize!!”

Clay- “I miss Mack’a da cracka and can’t wait to go surfing and pressure washin”

Thomas- “hey guys hope y’all have fun in Italy this is so much fun I miss lucy go tigers.”

Calvin- “Hey, hope y’all are having fun in Paris. We’re abt to go to Costa Rica. I’m having a ton of fun and my groups super good. Love y’all.”

Shelby- “Heyyyy y’all I had the best time in Belize and were on our way to Costa Rica right now! We just finished 4 days of scuba diving and saw sharks and so many other cool things! Cant wait to show you all the photos!! Miss and love you!!”

Wansley- “hey y’all! I hope everyone is having fun back in charlotte, I hope whit got his job back and fin in occupied. I am having the best time and am so grateful to be here. I miss y’all so much, see y’all in a week!”

Will- “ What’s up mother, dad, and Ava!! I miss y’all more than all the hours we spent in the Guatemalan airport. Trevon, Clayvon, and I haven’t had to hunt for food in the Belizean wilderness to survive just yet. I won’t throw a function at the house the days I get back. But Clayvon and I have so many good business ideas it’s ridiculous. We will run the world before you can even say “study for your spanish test”. Being billionaires will be so SHWEET. Also, I ordered in spanish for us at the chicken place and they understood it!!!

Trey- “ hey mom pops and caroline, I miss y’all so much! I’m having the best time here and I don’t wanna leave. But I can’t wait to come to cashiers with y’all. I’m currently chilling in the Guatemala airport with my boy clayvon..I love y’all so much! Love Quack .”

Jack C.- “hey mom dad and anna i miss y’all I’m having so much fun I don’t wanna leave! We are on the way to Costa Rica right now and I’m so excited. Belize was so much fun too can’t wait to see y’all!”

Safely in Belize!

June 25, 2023

Hello Belize + Costa Rica A Families!

We heard from our leaders and the group has landed safely in Belize! The trip is off to a great start, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure as they head into scuba.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


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  • Carter
  • Clay
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