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Slovenia 1 A • June 15-June 28, 2022

Hello from Venice!!

June 28, 2022

We want to start off by saying thank you SO much for letting us spend the past 2 weeks with your incredible kids!! The laughs, views, and friendships are ones that will stay with us forever.


Our past couple days were spent in Croatia and Venice. After our van ride to Croatia and a beautiful sunset Moonup, we prepared for a day of sea kayaking. We woke up with an ocean breeze on Sunday morning and headed to the ocean. We hopped in the kayaks with an unmatched energy, making the most of our last activity day. No surprise, but Kennon and Norah were steadily in the front of the kayak pack. We kayaked to a group of caves, where we ditched the kayaks and dove in the caves to explore. Bo’s curious and adventurous spirit shined as he explored all the nooks and crannies the cave had to offer us. After that, everyone in the group didn’t even hesitate to jump off the nearby cliff, and then we were on our way. On our way kayaking back to the start, we made a new friend with a nearby jellyfish. Jack managed to capture some sick footage of it, of course! We continued on our way back to shore, where we then surprised the group with tickets to the floating obstacle course. Everyone was slippin and sliding everywhere, Meghan was flying off the blob, and the smiles and laughs were HUGE! After our adventure filled morning, we made our way to a nearby farm for a delicious lunch. Everyone got a little adventurous in their meals, with even Julia trying a new meat dish like a champ! We rested our eyes for a second after lunch, then headed to a nearby beach for some more cliff jumping. We just can’t get enough! Anna, being the boss she is, showed us all how it was done for jumping off the cliffs, with no hesitation at all. With sun drained bodies, we headed back to camp where we ate a delicious grilled out meal and found a perfect spot on the water for a fantastic Moonup hearing more about everyone’s creative sides. Lastly, we couldn’t resist a game of signs before bed, but then laid our sleepy heads to rest full of excitement for Venice.


Yesterday, we travelled to Venice in the morning, which was not short of entertainment with the killer aux. We arrived with jaw drops from the beautiful city and water surrounding. Biz lifted everyone’s spirit with her excitement of everything, especially the beautiful flowers around us! We shared a delicious lunch of pizza and pasta, then headed to Piazza San Marco for some sightseeing and souvenirs. Parks served as our private tour guide, helping us to navigate the city and hit all the hot spots. LOTS of souvenirs were bought, pictures taken, and gelato eaten. Margaret led the charge in getting the girls to buy matching bracelets, to remember this amazing trip! We then jumped in the gondolas as the sun began to go down, which were an absolute HIT, especially from Harrigan! After our gondola rides, we finished off the day with an impeccable banquet dinner full of more pizza and pasta. The group just CAN’T get enough of the delicious pizza and pasta here. Camp even ordered the same pizza for lunch and dinner, that’s how unreal the food is!! After a dinner full of laughs and reminiscing, we ended the night with a heartfelt and bittersweet Moonup. We reflected on the trip, shared a few tears, but ended on a high with group superlatives.


Today was full of lots of hugs, smiles, and tears as we said our final goodbyes and sent the kids headed y’all’s way. Again, thank YOU so beyond much for sending your lovely kids with us. We couldn’t love or adore them more!!!


With love,

Phil and May May

Greetings from Slovenia!

June 25, 2022

Greetings from Slovenia!!!!

The past 3 days have been some of our favorite yet!! After our hard days of trekking, we shifted

gears in Soča Valley to busy days full of a variety of activities. On Thursday, we woke up after

stellar night sleeps in our new campsite. We jumped in our bathing suits and headed to the river

for a morning of rafting. Parks had one raft almost in tears laughing while heading down the

river, cracking jokes about the low river and the rocks we kept scraping over. The low river

couldn’t stop these spirits, though!! We took a couple swim breaks along the way, even setting up

one of the rafts upside down to make a slide into the river. Norah was first to show off the

stomach slide approach, and the rest of the group obviously quickly followed her lead. After a

couple hours of swimming and paddling down the river, the group enjoyed another delicious

lunch and shopped around town for some souvenirs before we prepared for canyoneering. Biz

and Harrigan especially took advantage of this opportunity, finding many goodies and even

surprising Phil with some tiger slippers to match his night time tiger shirt! After everyone was

satisfied with exploring town, we geared up for canyoneering and headed to the canyon. We

absolutely crushed a tough hike to the top of the canyons, with our trekking experience definitely

showing. It was no surprise, but Camp was the first to hop in the canyons and show the rest of

the group how it’s done. We climbed, jumped, and rappelled down countless waterfalls in the

canyons. We ended this section with a finale of belaying down the tallest waterfall in the canyon,

then sliding the couple of meters more into the water. Canyoneering was absolutely a fan

favorite, and definitely lived up to the hype!! With happy and filled hearts, we had a delicious

dinner with almost everyone in the clean plate club. We had our best Moonup yet, hung out a

little bit more in our tents, then all hit the hay with heavy, tired eyes.

Yesterday, we woke up with excitement to our favorite morning song and prepared for the day.

We started off the day with a hike to arguably the most beautiful waterfall we have ever seen.

The vibrant colors could not be beat! Kennon immediately impressed us all with his spiffy jumps

into the water, and Jack ensured we captured the most epic GoPro footage we could of the

moment. We swam and explored, then headed to town to fill our bellies before our afternoon of

ziplining. Ziplining certainly was a hit, as well, especially for Bo, who had the biggest smile

EVER on his face the entire time. It was SO. AWESOME. After 10 exhilarating ziplines over

and through the canyons, we ended the activity doing what we do best: jumping in a body of

water. Margaret led the train in getting everyone to jump off the rock and into the water, clothes

on and all! With another packed day in the books, we headed back to camp and took the chef hat

from the chefs, and cooked our own dinner of veggies, chicken, beef, and watermelon!! Meghan

elegantly delegated cooking tasks, being the backbone of our delicious meal. Volleyball was

played, roasted marshmallows were made, and another night ended telling scary stories in the

tent before bed!

Today, we headed out of Soča Valley with bittersweet feelings. We headed to our cooking class

a little before lunch, and created the best meal yet. All hands were on deck, with Anna leading

the train in preparing the cherries for the pie and Julia ensured the veggies were being cut and

prepared properly. After our hard work, we sat under the most beautiful grape vines, at a long

table, and enjoyed our four course meal. It did not disappoint, that’s for sure! Now, we are


headed to Croatia for our last activity day of kayaking!! We’re really soaking in these last couple

of days together and in this beautiful place, but see and talk to y’all so soon!!

Until next time,

Phil and May May

Checking in from Slovenia!

June 22, 2022

Hello there!!!


We just finished our trekking portion of the trip in the Julian Alps and could not rave more about the experience!! IT. WAS. EPIC.

We woke up early on day 1 of trekking, stuffed our bellies, packed our packs, and took a gondola up to the top of the ski mountain. We jumped right into some steep inclines (aka Slovenian flat), but that didn’t stop the high spirits from the group. Parks got the trail talk going, talking about food, hobbies, friends, and everything in between. The group was in awe as the views only got better and better, as we gained higher and higher altitude. Off the bat, we saw the driver in jack, leading the front of the pack and setting a steady pace for the rest of us. We trekked for a couple hours, across different terrains, from rocks to pastures. Biz’s positive spirit couldn’t help but radiate as she constantly reminded us how beautiful the journey and views were. Finally, after a long day of trekking, we made it to our hostel and were greeted with yummy bowls of chicken noodle soup and an ice cream for dessert! After we settled in to the hostel, we rested and finished the night off with an awesome Moonup, with an even more awesome view, propped up on a little hill. The moon was shining and the vibes were immaculate. On day 2 of hiking, we woke up with sore bodies, but excitement for our day ahead! Today, we day hiked so our backs were feeling light, and our pace was picking up. We switched up the hiking order, so everyone had a chance to dive into a deep trail talk with someone new. Again, the views are indescribable and the flowers were vibrant all along the way. Words and pictures just don’t do the views justice! We hiked up to a World War I bunker, learning all the history of the area from our outfitters along the way. Kennon especially took an interest in the history, sparking follow up questions with the guides about the area. It was another tough hike to the top, but our high spirits and unbeatable trail talk, helped us get to the top in no time. And when we got there, let me tell you, it was worth it. We popped a squat and ate lunch at the top, looking out over the Alps in every direction. We had a mini photo shoot and snapped many pics, thanks to Julia and Margaret, who helped us all capture the moments the best we could. After a long lunch and pictures, we explored another WWI bunker and headed back down to the hostel. We ate ANOTHER delicious meal of pasta and played the sign game for hours. Harrigan never fails to crack us up playing this game, playing with an elaborate sign that almost always puts him in the middle! After many games of signs, we wrapped up the day with a Moonup discussing favorite people in our lives and appreciating the beauties of our days. Our heads hit the pillows quick, after our long, hard days work. Yesterday, we packed up camp and headed towards another hostel. By this day, blisters were present and muscles were sore, but that didn’t stop us at all. Norah’s motivation and her boss energy kept the group inspired for our final two days of trekking! We took off from our hostel, had a day with a little bit more down hill, soaked up the views, and made it to our next hostel. The girls took the lead today, with Meghan setting the perfect pace for everyone. We put packs down, rested a bit, and then Anna helped us decide to explore a beautiful nearby lake with the clearest water you’ll ever see. Bo got a game of ultimate frisbee going, getting everyone in the group involved. We then headed to a local farm, and tasted the cheese that was being made. De-lish. We then headed back to the hostel, laughed til our bellies hurt during dinner, and ended with another amazing Moonup. Today we woke up bittersweet. Proud of what we’d accomplished, sad to leave the incredible views, but happy to get our stinky selves in some new clothes and shoes!


We hiked out a couple hours, back to the vans, and were rewarded with a hamburger lunch (you can imagine how quickly those got eaten!). We then jammed to some music in the car, and rewarded ourselves with some down time before Camp got a game of basketball going at the campsite. Now, we are headed to a take a quick jump in a waterfalland look forwards to the EPIC jam packed schedule we have ahead of us!!!


Until next time, Phil and May May


Margaret-hey mom and dad! I’m having an amazing time. It’s so beautiful here! Tell the dog I say hi. Miss y’all!!

Anna-hey mom and dad! It’s so much fun. Miss you all a lot, can’t wait to see y’all soon! Tell Grayson hi and miss and love her Camp-hey mom and dad! It is so cool here in Slovenia and all of the huts are crazy neat. Love you guys so much and miss you guys!

Parks-hey mom and dad! I love you so much and can’t wait to talk to y’all once I get my phone back. I’m having a great time love you.

Biz-hey guys! I miss y’all so much. Tell the dog I love them! Harrigan-hey mom, dad, mapp, and fuller. I hope your ready this mapp. Slovenia is so dope. The mountains are stunning and the culture is great! Love y’all.

Meghan-hi mom and dad! I’m having the best time here, loving every second. Send this to holt! I’m craving a quesadilla. Can’t wait to see y’all!

Julia-hey mom, Stephen, baby Steve, and lily (if she sees this!) I’m having a great time with an awesome group! The views are amazing and trekking is over! Love y’all!

Norah-hey mom, dad, Fi, and vin. I’m having so much fun in Slovenia, but definitely miss y’all so much. The views are stunning, the activities are fun, and the people are awesome. Give the dogs and cats a hug for me. Love y’all so much and can’t wait to see y’all in a few days!

Kennon-hey guys! I’m having a lot of fun in Slovenia! Our guides are amazing and the food has been phenomenal! I can’t wait to see y’all in a few days!

Bo-hey everyone! I’m having a lot of fun in Slovenia. We have been trekking, and it’s been awesome. I can’t wait to see y’all soon. Love y’all

Jack- hey guys, I’m writing you a message from Slovenia and have just finished 4 days of trekking! I am having a great time and looking forward to the rest of my trip in Croatia and Venice! Love and miss you all!

Zdravo from Slovenia!

June 18, 2022

Zdravo from Slovenia!!!


Day 1 started off GREAT, with many chats flowing in the Atlanta airport as everyone got to know each other. Instant connections were made, giving everyone ease and confirmation that this trip was about to be one for the books. We had a few slumbers on the way to Venice, but everyone hopped off the plane full of excitement. Parks and Biz led the train in sparking conversations on the van ride to Slovenia, playing two truths and a lie, to get to know everyone. We quickly stopped for a yummy lunch of sandwiches, provided by our OUTSTANDING outfitters. With full bellies, we finally made it to Slovenia, and were welcomed with incredible views, another delicious meal, and even better people in Kranjska Gora. We concluded the day with our first Moonup, with the mountain beautifully behind us.


Yesterday, we all popped out of bed early, ready to get the day started. Jack and Meghan joined the leaders in an early morning reflection outside the hostel and a quick game of cards, before the rest of the group woke up. We ate a hardy breakfast, then went on our way to our first hike in Gozd Martuljek. With high energy and spirits, Julia and Margaret ensured that the trail talk was flowing and everyone was having a great time. Our group didn’t skip a beat and quickly persevere to the top of our hike, to a beautiful waterfall at the end. Lots of photos were taken, and the views are indescribable. After admiring the waterfall and the steep incline we tackled, we turned around and headed back down towards the base, and stopped at a mountain hut for another delicious meal of stew and homemade juice. The stews and juices received raving reviews from the group, not letting a single drop go to waste. After lunch, the group finished the hike and Harrigan made the executive decision for us to go checkout a national ski jumping cite, which absolutely did not disappoint. Lastly, we went to a local lake to all take a swim. Kennon and Bo didn’t hesitate to hop right in, quickly learning how cold the water was. However, that didn’t stop us from fulfilling the Moondance way of always jumping in any body of water we see! After our epic, but long, first day of activities, we ate another belly filling meal of pasta, did Moonup, and hit the hay.


Today, we rose with the sun again and enjoyed one last final beautiful morning outside the hostel with a game of birdie on a purge. Anna had us belly laughing at her sassy squirrel imitation, winning the game and kicking the day off right. After our game and breakfast, we headed to Triglav National Park for a morning of kayaking on the beautiful Sava Bohinjka. With crystal clear waters and just enough rapids, our group cruised down the river in duckies, with the occasional splash wars along the way. Camp was a sniper when it came to the splash wars, keeping us all on our toes! After a morning full of kayaking and swimming, we filled our bellies with pizza and salad, and headed to rock climbing in Bohinj. Norah impressed us all with her rock climbing skills and determination, despite it being her first time climbing! The group crushed rock climbing (no surprise), and now we are preparing for our four day trek in the Julian Alps! We could not be more STOKED.


Until next time,

Phil and May May

Safe Arrival!

June 16, 2022

Hello Slovenia Families!

We heard from our leaders late last night that the group has landed safely in Venice. The trip is off to a great start and the way to Slovenia, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure!

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


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