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Ecuador + Galapagos 1 B • June 9-June 22, 2022

Final update from Ecuador!

June 22, 2022

We woke up rejuvenated for our day of travel back towards Quito and enjoyed our typical breakfast of eggs, bread, and fruit. We listened to music and caught up on sleep on the bus ride before we stopped for lunch at a beautiful hummingbird farm. Charlotte and Carter were able to get hummingbirds to land on their fingers which we were told is really rare. Ava, Sara Frances, and Michael attempted the quiet game by signing at everyone and quickly dissolved into laughter. Julius tried the quinoa soup while Harry and Gray kept us entertained with stories from home. Once loading back up on the bus Addison laid across the seats and was able to sleep while Charlie and Sophia sped read through their books. Once we arrived at our hostel Mac commandeered the speaker and the hot tub for us and we all go to relax together. For dinner we again had an eclectic variety at a nearby restaurant and with full bellies we held our final moonup. Our leaders of the day Harry and Addison asked “what are your three core values” and “what is a lesson you learned on this trip”. Tears and lots of hugs went around the circle before we got our final night of sleep as a group.


In the morning we got the chance to sleep in and get some breakfast before spending a fun day by the pool and having a field day. While these past two days were a change in our itinerary the kids took it in stride and we heard no complaints. We had a variety lunch together and packed up in the afternoon before heading to the airport for the late night group flight, group dinner, and final goodbyes!


Favorite memory and thank you’s:


Mac: Best part of the trip for me was taking a 45 foot boat with just the group out in Galapagos, and jumping off and swimming to a small island with no people.  The water was crystal clear and the sea lions were playing with us and chasing us.  It was awesome.  Loved the trip and thanks so much Mom and Dad for paying for it.  I was also able to watch the last couple hours of the US open in Spanish.  What a thriller.  Looking forward to seeing y’all soon and love y’all.


Harry: My favorite memory from this trip was swimming with the playful sea lions and sea turtles. Thank you mom and dad for allowing me to have this great experience.


Gray: my favorite memory from the trip would probably be playing soccer with all the kids at the hostel and on the service part thank you so much mom and dad for letting me go on this trip it was very very worth it and I have so many memories and people I won’t forget


Kamal: Thank you so much Mama and Baba, I loved the trip so much. My favorite part would be trying new foods while speaking to new people in Spanish and improving my speaking and understanding. Love you and see you soon!


Julius: My favorite memory was snorkeling to a private beach and playing with the sea lions. Thanks mom and dad for sending me on this trip.


Carter: My favorite memory of this trip would be swimming and playing with the baby sea lions in the Galapagos it was an amazing experience, and thank you mom and dad for sending me on this trip, I will have these memories and friends for probably the rest of my life, thank you.


Ava: hi Mom and dad!! I had an experience of a lifetime at Ecuador and Galapagos and I can not thank y’all enough for allowing me to go on this trip. Swimming with the sea lions was easily one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I surely will not forget it. Love y’all so much and thank you so so much.


SF: hey mom and dad! Ecuador was an amazing experience and I loved every part. Thank you very much for this experience with some of the best people. I enjoyed rafting and seeing the sea lions! This was an amazing opportunity thank you again for signing me up! I love you both. See you soon!


Addison: Hey Mom and Dad!! I had an amazing time in Ecuador! I enjoyed snorkeling with the sea turtles and sea lions the most! I can’t wait to see y’all! Thank y’all so much for giving me the opportunity to experience such an amazing trip! Love y’all so very much!!


Charlotte: Hello parents. This trip has been amazing. My favorite memory was definitely snorkeling with sea lions or the boat ride I had back from snorkeling. It was gorgeous. Thanks you so so much for sending me on this trip. So grateful for it and it has taught me so much. Love y’all! See ya soon!!!


Sophia: Hello mom and dad!! I had so much fun on this trip, it was amazing. My favorite memory was swimming and playing with the sea lions… I can’t believe it was real. Thank you so much!!


Charlie: hi mom and dad! I had such an amazing time here. It is actually one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. My favorite memory is still swimming with the sea lions because they were so playful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip I appreciate it so much and I love you all!

Excitement in Ecuador!

June 20, 2022

Hasta la vista familias (see you soon families)!

We began the Ecuador portion of our trip with breakfast of eggs, toast and jam, fresh fruit, and juice at our hostel. Our group loaded up for a drive to our morning activity with a fully charged speaker and lots of sing-alongs planned. Our group likes quite the diverse range of music. With much anticipation, we arrived at the hot springs center sitting at about 12,000 elevation feet in the mountains outside of Quito. The hot spring was a large facility with a variety of water temperatures and everyone had an amazing time relaxing. We had a few brave enough to jump in the ice bath and then into the hot springs with Kamal, Julius, and Michael able to brave the cold water the longest. Harry, Gray, and Mac explored the different pools and naturally found their way to the snack bar. Carter described the hot springs as much needed which I think everyone agreed upon now that we’re halfway through our action-packed trip. Following the hot springs, we showered and some of the kids attempted to blow dry their bathing suits before we walked to a local restaurant. As usual we were fortunate to have a variety of options and had everything from shrimp and rice to pizza to wings to traditional Ecuadorian sauce. With full bellies, we again loaded up on the bus where everyone quickly fell asleep for a nice afternoon nap. We stopped for pick-me-up snacks and Gray found special Coca-Cola flavored tic tacs. It has been really interesting for us to see random representations of American influence here such as Simpson’s merchandise.

We arrived at our hostel shortly after and switched up the room arrangements so everyone has now had a chance to stay with a different person most nights. Charlotte, Sophia, and Charlie otherwise known as our romance book club congregated down by the water and ended up swapping stories with Addison joining after her hot shower. For dinner, we went to a pasta place where Ava and Addison as well as Sara Frances and Charlotte split Oreo milkshakes for dessert. For our nightly moonup, our leaders of the day Gray and Sara Frances delivered the question “what’s one piece of advice you want to give everyone?” While we typically don’t share answers from our moonups we had some very insightful advice from “never stop doing what you love” to “forget what anybody else thinks about you if they can’t appreciate you for you then they don’t deserve to be in your life” to “make every moment count we never know when things will change.”

We woke up in the city of Tena to a breakfast of eggs, pineapple, bananas, and toast. Everyone was in high spirits as we prepared for our fun day ahead – white water rafting down one of the Amazon River tributaries surrounded by the Amazon rainforest! In Henry’s boat was Julius, Kamal, Gray and Carter while Georgia had Sara Frances, Ava, Addison, and Michael, and our leaders of the day Harry and Sophia captained the third boat of Charlotte, Charlie, and Mac. Mac did not stay in his own boat for long as every chance we got to swim he would leap in the water and pull someone else off the boat for fun. We had several brave enough to sit at the front of the boat and face the whitewater head on including Julius and Ava. Michael led the one boat fearlessly chanting “ONE, TWO” while Sarah Frances and Addison screamed with joy. For lunch we had pasta salad, guacamole, plantain chips, and chocolate cake. We stopped in a local village about halfway down the river and all sampled local chocolate. Georgia’s raft group decided to buy friendship bracelets. We learned a lot in and out of the water about the history of Ecuador and the Amazon rainforest including that only 18% of the land is protected! Following rafting, we removed our helmets and life jackets and grabbed some showers before picking up water and snacks for the remainder of our afternoon. We took a quick drive followed by a 30 minute boat ride before we arrived at the entrance to the village. Our group was a little intimidated by the trek up the stairs with our heavy duffels to the lodging, but with some singing we were able to make it to our rooms with smiles. We relaxed in some hammocks before dinner of vegetable soup, fried chicken, yukaton, and papaya prepared by local people. Our leaders of the day Harry and Sophia guided our moonup with the question “what is the hardest decision you have ever had to make?” We are so proud of everyone for their honesty and vulnerability – it definitely brought us closer as a group.

The next morning, we woke up to the sun rising over the Napo river and enjoyed fruit, eggs, and toast – what is now becoming a typical breakfast for us. We took a boat ride to another village entrance where we began our service project. We are starting the building of an aqueduct for a village with no access to water by moving sand/stones/dirt towards the river. The work was very difficult but the kids kept moving and joking the whole time. Michael exerted a lot of strength alongside Kamal shoveling while Harry took over the wheelbarrow. Mac lugged sacks of building materials at twice the speed of everyone else. Sara Frances and Ava took large rocks down a trail while Charlotte, Addison, and Sophia kept smiles on their faces. Charlie kept everyone’s spirits high with her consistent kindness. We had water and snacks throughout the morning before the locals treated us to an amazing lunch of rice that is best compared to jambalaya, as well as a salad with fresh vegetables and watermelon. Following lunch, we headed back towards our lodging where we quickly swapped our sweaty clothes for bathing suits. We crossed the river via a small boat to play upon the banks and swim. Carter went on the hunt for cool rocks in the water, while Julius tried to engage some kids hanging around in a soccer match. We returned to camp where our girls’ book club met up in the hammocks and spent a fair amount of time reading before others joined us after their showers. The sunset was beautiful and for dinner we had plantain soup, yukaton, a purée similar to mashed potatoes, steak, rice, and a pineapple dessert. Soup is very popular during this season of the year in Ecuador and it is common to sprinkle popcorn on top of your bowl! Carter spotted a tarantula which to some excitement/dismay we learned were all around this area at night. Our leaders of the day Kamal and Ava led us in moonup with two questions, “what do you think you’re going to take away from this trip” and “what is something you want to go back in time in your life and change?”

We woke up for our last day of service to a light pitter-patter of rain which was a great sign that it would be a cooler temperature throughout the morning. Gray woke up and told us that he would love to have a waffle or something of the sort for breakfast – well he certainly manifested that as we were all happy to see plates of pancakes awaiting us! After a delicious breakfast, we again headed to the local village to continue our work on the aqueduct. We learned from yesterday and instead set up an assembly line to make our work more efficient. Kamal and Gray worked at the top of the hill on the building while Charlotte and Michael started at the bottom of the river handing up rocks alongside our guide Juan. Mac interacted with the kids walking around always giving out high fives, and Harry lugged a large bag of sand across the river. Julius sang songs while Carter scouted out some bigger rocks for the base of the building. Addison and Sara Frances worked together passing the stones in a great game of hot potato. Following our service work we had a lovely pasta lunch before starting up a soccer game. Ava scored our winning goal and everyone was in high spirits as we loaded up on the boat to head back to our hostel. We took a quick break to refill water bottles and headed out on a nature hike. Pretty cool to say you’ve hiked in the Amazon rainforest! We also got the chance to test cacao right from the tree – we all agreed store-bought chocolate is better. Afterwards, everyone was pretty worn out and most took naps, had relaxing conversations on the hammocks, and read before our dinner of soup, fish, rice, veggies, and a “tree tomato” dessert. Our leaders of the day Michael and Charlie asked, “where is your happy place / do you feel the most at home and comfortable?”

Happy Father’s Day to all our Moondance dads! We woke up after our last night in the rainforest to French toast, mango, watermelon, and yogurt. We took some group pictures with the view before lugging our bags down to the river and loading up on the boat. Once back on the other side of the Napo river we drove to our rappelling destination. While the climb was at times treacherous, we were blown away by the kids’ courage and teamwork. Harry faced his fear of heights and many others in the group overcame nervousness regarding the challenging terrain. Everyone was able to safely make it to the top and rappel down the waterfall if they chose before we headed back down for lunch. Charlotte was a clear leader on the way back down directing everyone’s footsteps to minimize falls. Mac continued to display strong leadership skills holding ropes to help people up. Kamal and Julius kept everyone laughing through the slippery rocks. Addison, Ava, and Sara Frances made a fast-moving team on the way back down but Gray and Michael were the first out of the trail. Carter spotted a really cool snail while Sophia and Charlie motivated each other through the climb. We changed into dry clothes enjoyed sandwiches and took a detour for ice cream before heading to our hostel. Our group napped, played outside, and took showers before heading into Tena. For dinner we all split delicious pizzas for some comfort food and Michael kept us interested with his wealth of WWII knowledge. Once we returned for the evening, we settled in for moonup with our leaders of the day Charlotte and Gray asking, “what was a turning point in your life?” It was a very powerful discussion.

We have one more trip update coming but we have to say how much we are going to miss this group!!!

– Georgia and Henry


Galapagos Galore!

June 15, 2022

Buenos Dias!

We have settled into our Hostel in San Cristobal and adjusted to life in Galapagos paradise. For breakfast, we enjoyed fresh watermelon juice as well as eggs and toast before heading to our special conservatory tour. We had the incredible opportunity to see giant tortoises from 3 months old to 100 years old. The whole group was captivated by the gentle giants and fawning over the smallness of the babies. Harry jokingly pulled out his “binos” (binoculars) to get a closer look but did not need them as several tortoises came within feet of us! Carter continued to have excellent questions for our guide Pepo, especially regarding how the tortoises came to live on this volcanic island. Following our tortoise experience, we took a beautiful nature path to the beach where the water was crystal clear and the sand was a fine white grain. Sea lions were scattered across the shore and our guides kindly brought SUP boards for us to take turns surfing on. Mac, always our first to volunteer to help, carried the boards to the beach where Julius was then able to stand up multiple times and ride the waves in. At the edge of the beach, Gray was the first to climb a large lava rock and was lucky enough to spot a blue-footed booby! With the sun shining and group spirits high we headed to a local lunch spot where we dined upon a variety of seafood, meats, salads, rice, and fresh-squeezed juices. The kids have been loving Galapagos French fries! Mac began playing with some local kids before him as well as Harry and Gray decided to initiate girls versus boys soccer game. Sara Frances had an incredible goal save before subbing out for Addison. Julius scored the boys’ winning goal. Following lunch, we had a tight squeeze in the bus back to town but with our song DJ Charlotte queuing up some sing-alongs the ride passed quickly. For our afternoon adventure, we got dropped off at our outfitter’s headquarters to pick up our snorkel gear before taking another scenic pathway down to a secluded lagoon. The kids were blown away upon entering the neon blue water when baby sea lions immediately approached them and began to play. Kamal was able to free dive and do spins with one of our new marine friends and Sophia described snorkeling with the sea lions as the coolest thing she’s ever done. After a pretty long day of water activities and basking in the equatorial sun our group decided to spend the rest of the evening relaxing, showering, and getting four large pizzas (carried back from the restaurant with help from Sophia and Charlie), for dinner. Addison grabbed one of the hammocks and kept the conversation on the hostel patio lively as others came by to fill up their water bottles at the filter station. Our leaders of the day Ava and Michael, both picked for their inclusivity and conversationalist tendencies, asked the question, “what is something you would like to accomplish in the next five years” resulting in some unique answers. We all headed to our respective rooms knowing that the following morning we were lucky to get an extra hour of sleep!

For our last day in the Galapagos, we had omlettes and fruit for breakfast, as well as a hot chocolate for Charlie, before a big day of snorkeling. Our first stop was a seemingly private beach spot where giant sea turtles awaited us just below the surface. Everyone had the opportunity to swim alongside a sea turtle as they all rose to the surface and began their own day in the Pacific Ocean! Mac was excited by the multitude of diverse fish swimming by and Kamal, our GoPro professional, stayed out in the water getting some great footage. We had a little time to relax on the beach during which some of our girls went for a beach walk and everyone else helped to bury Michael in the sand. He kept laughing causing the sand to fall off of him, so he did not stay buried for long. Everyone had worked up an appetite in the water, so we headed to a popular local spot where we indulged in grilled fish and chips or the option of chicken pasta. Ava brought a bracelet string that has come in handy as we wait for our food. Following lunch, everyone was very excited to head down to the pier for a private boat tour! Our two-story boat filled with all of us cruising down the coastline was surely a sight to see! Harry took the initiative as one of the first to try to do a cool jump-off into the water and was followed by Michael. Everyone swam to shore where again sea lions were laid out. The sea lions were also showing off for us by jumping in and out of the water. Carter was the last one out of the water as he played and swam alongside one of the juvenile sea lions. Back on the boat, we headed to a small rocky island known for being the nesting place for blue-footed boobies. Our group climbed over a maze of lava rocks and got to see blue-footed boobies sitting on their eggs while the barking of the sea lions filled the background. We also got to see mature as well as baby frigatebirds. The males of this species have a large red balloon-type neck that is puffed out for mating purposes and extremely unique. We had Gray express that this was his favorite animal he has seen on the trip so far. Marine iguanas scuttled past us as we again climbed over lava rocks to get back on the dingy boat that returned us to our larger boat. Addison made sure everyone had a chance to use her sunscreen before we sailed back to San Cristobal. Julius was able to grab a quick nap on the boat while Sophia sat in the back, smiling out at the amazing view. Once back at our hostel, we used our downtime to grab hot showers and walk to our dinner spot. A testament to the closeness of our group was watching many of the girls run down the street hugging in the glow of the sunset and our guys then hugging for a photo in front of the orange sky as well. Our dinner was a mix of sushi, poke, wings, burgers, pasta, and more. Afterward, we decided to treat the group to ice cream cones before heading home. Our leaders of the day Sophia and Carter, picked for their engagement with the trip and overall kindness, asked “what is your favorite thing about yourself.” Many gave insightful answers displaying their personalities and values.

As a nice ending to our Galapagos portion, we slept in 3 extra hours before our travel day back to Quito. Our group packed up and headed into town where we grabbed “traditional American breakfast” (toast with butter and jam, a slice of cheese, scrambled eggs, and a glass of juice) before a smooth journey through the airport right onto our plane. The group grabbed some snacks of choice and again played games to occupy themselves. When we landed in Quito, we boarded our bus for a familiar sight: our hostel from the very first night! The kids were itching to jump in the pool and quickly threw on their swimsuits to take a dip before dinner.  We all grubbed on some deliciously filling pasta and garlic bread and then our leaders of the day Julius and Charlie, picked for their humor, asked one of our best questions yet, “who has influenced you the most in your life so far and why?”

Looking forward to checking in again, but for now, here are some shoutouts!

<3 Georgia and Henry



Ava: hi family!! I am having so much fun, I have so many stories to tell y’all and I can’t wait to give y’all a hug. Snorkeling was amazing and I had a once in a lifetime experience while I swam with the seals. I hope Lawson is ok, and I love you littles!!! Love y’all so much and happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world. Xoxo, Ava

Sara Frances: hi mom, dad and minor I’m having so much fun! The snorkeling was amazing. I cannot wait to tell you all about it! I miss y’all so much! Happy Father’s Day Dad!! Ily

Addison: Hey Mom and Dad! I am having so much fun and have been swimming with the sea lions. Can’t wait to tell y’all all about it! Happy early Father’s Day Dad! Miss and love y’all so much!!

Sophia: Hi mom and dad! I miss you but I’m also having so much fun! The sea lions were amazing and so interactive. Happy early Father’s Day, love you both!

Charlotte: Hey mom and dad! This trip has been amazing! The animals have been amazing and snorkeling with the sea lions might be one of the coolest things I’ve done. Happy early Father’s Day dad and happy early birthday mom! Love y’all! See you soon!

Charlie: Hi mom, dad, Finley, Blake! I’m having a lot of fun. We got to swim with sea lions, and it was so cool. Happy early Father’s Day and see you soon!

Mac:  Hey Mom and Dad!  Loving the trip! I’m having a lot of fun and love everyone here.  It’s beautiful.  The animals are awesome.  Happy Father’s Day Dad!  I’m going to try to keep as updated as I can on the US Open.  Miss and love y’all!  See y’all soon!  I love the trip.

Harry: Love you, mom and dad, see you soon. I’m having a blast and can’t wait to fill you in.

Gray:hello mom and dad and sam happy Father’s Day see you soon love you make sure you feed ziggy/bunny

Julius: Hello father and mother, I am having a great time with kamal and friends, feliz padre dia!

Kamal: Hey Mama, Baba, Natalie, and Rocky! I’m having so much fun with Juju and my new friends, I swam with sea turtles and sea lions in the Galapagos and just landed in Quito, Ecuador. Happy early Father’s Day baba! See you all soon!

Michael: Hi Mom, John, and Dad. I wanted to say that I’m having an absolute blast in Ecuador. We spent the first few days in the Galapagos, and it was incredible to see all the tortoises and the sea lions. Happy Father’s Day Dad, and I can’t wait to see you soon.

Carter: Happy Father’s Day Dad, happy birthday Luke, mom, Ethan, and dad, I’ve been having a great time in the Galapagos playing with baby sea lions I hope you guys are having fun whatever you’re doing too.


Galivanting in the Galapagos!

June 12, 2022


Group 1B is off to an amazing start! Our journey began in the Atlanta airport for the group flight where our first to arrive at the gate was Michael! The rest shuffled in throughout the afternoon and were quick to get to know each other. We treated everyone to some snickers bars before settled in our seats for the travel to Quito!


Upon arriving in Quito, we were very fortunate to have everyone’s bags arrive then we met Sophia and Charlie outside customs. We headed to our hostel where the energy remained high, and we had a quick pizza dinner before we went over trip logistics. Everyone grabbed a hot shower and their own bed. The following morning, we got an early start with our first leaders of the day Kamal and Charlotte, both picked for their standout welcoming attitude in the airport. We had a big travel day beginning with breakfast in the Quito airport. While most opted for a big pancake plate, Harry treated himself to an early morning quesadilla. Julius bought an eccentric Ecuadorian knitted satchel bag which he sported through the airport while Gray got a knitted Ecuadorian mask that is unique and might even keep him warm later on in our trip!


On the flight to the Galapagos everyone did a great job keeping each other entertained especially when Ava brought out her Uno cards. When we arrived in the Galapagos our group showed great maturity getting through another customs checkpoint and staying organized with all their paperwork. Sara Frances grabbed a cart for the luggage, and we started our Galapagos adventure. Carter bonded instantly with our awesome guide Pepo who gave a guided tour through Baltra island and Santa Rosa. Following an incredible pasta lunch, Pepo lead our group through a tortoise sanctuary where we saw 500-pound male tortoises and walked through lava tunnels. Harry had some great guesses for some of Pepos questions. The boys kept the energy up playing hacky sack and crawling into some display tortoise shells. We headed to our hotel where again everyone was able to grab a hot shower and their own nice bed before we did a little walk around the town. Kamal continued to impress us with his Spanish as did Sophia our trip translator. We got some deliciously large sandwiches from a local deli and watched some street performers. While enjoying the live music a sea lion approached and began dancing to the beat! Kamal and Charlotte led our moon-up for the night with the great question of, “what is something challenging you’ve experienced”? After a long day of travel everyone was ready to get some much-needed rest for another busy day ahead. For our second day on the Island we woke up with the sun to sample some fresh fruit and croissants for breakfast before going on a beach hike. Our leaders of the day Mac and Addison, picked for their positive energy and excitement, kept everyone smiling as we walked a great length through the town and a nature park that led us to a lagoon. Harry and Gray were our first two in the water followed by the rest of the boys then the girls. Charlotte held Sara Frances up for a chicken fight against Kamal and Mac. Michael and Carter continued to impress us with their knowledge about the wildlife as well as seemingly random fun facts. Our group saw iguanas, sea lions, and black tipped sharks. On our walk back the chatter in the group remained lively and we decided to explore the town before lunch. Sophie was on the hunt for a ‘Yo  Galapagos’ shirt while Sara Frances led us through some stores looking for some traditional yet fashionable flowing pants. The girls ended up getting matching bracelets while most of the boys ended up getting matching T-shirt’s. For lunch we had a variety of delicious meals from seafood to beef to salads. Everyone tried Ecuadorian lemonade and some local cake. Before our afternoon boat ride, we played some fun games outside with Charlotte and Ava taking the lead on the parts that required singing. Charlie and Sara Frances worked on friendship bracelets while the boys played hacky sack and pretended to do jumps over some skate park ramps. Pepo then lead us down the pier to our boat where our group loaded up and prepared for a bumpy ride. The group sang a variety of songs while we bounced through the Pacific Ocean and a few toughed-out motion sickness like champs! Charlie was the only one able to sleep the whole ride, against a life jacket, and we were all jealous! The ride was totally worth it because when we arrived the group was instantly captivated with baby sea lions waiting for us on the pier! It was quite the sight to see with the group standing at sunset on the pier in some drizzling weather listening to the sea lion’s bark. For dinner we got some comfort food, and everyone dug into huge hamburgers or tacos, and a few got milkshakes which we felt was much deserved after the collective positive attitudes following travel heavy days. Addison started us off at moonup with a great quote and Mac asked the question “what’s the best thing that’s happened to you in 2022 so far”? Henry and I (Georgia) are so happy to share what a wonderful time we’ve been having and how spectacular our group dynamic is. More updates to come!



Georgia and Henry

Safe Arrival in Ecuador

June 10, 2022

Hello Ecuador + Galapagos Families!

We heard from our leaders late last night that the group has landed safely in Quito. The trip is off to a great start, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


  • Addison
  • Ava
  • Carter
  • Charlie
  • Charlotte
  • Gray
  • Harry
  • Julius
  • Kamal
  • Mac
  • Michael
  • Sara
  • Sophia