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Chamonix 4 A • July 8-July 30, 2022

The Saddest Good-bye!

July 30, 2022

We’re USA bound!!!! Well… except for Rogers, she’s headed to Greece with her family, we miss her already. The rest of us are sitting on the plane in Paris getting ready for take off. Its been an epic few days in Paris and we’re sad to be leaving, but also ready to be home after a long adventure.

Here are some of the stories from our time in Paris:

We spent one final night in Lourdes, France at the edge of the Pyrenees where we ate pizza and recovered from 8 challenging days of hiking. That night, Christian and Isabelle led our Moonup and we all reflected on our favorite moments from the trip thus far. We all got up early the next morning and took a four-hour train to Paris. Upon arrival we ate a Parisian lunch of Crepes and then walked around the city. We ended up at a shopping mall where the group treated themselves to some new outfits after 23 days of wearing the same clothes. The boys and I (Wil) split off, and Christian and Sailor bought some sweet new shoes, Bobby and Hewlitt bought several shirts from Zara, Smith got a cool hoody, and Henry got a classic Coca Cola tee.

Meanwhile, the girls shopped hard in Zara where Marguerite and Mary Henley bought dresses to wear around town, Isabelle a skirt, Bennett and Rogers some white jeans, and Grace some new clothes for back home. After our shopping spree we headed to our hip hostel where we checked in to our rooms and took some down time before dinner.For dinner we took the Metro to the Eiffel Tower and got some “takeaway” as they call it here, pizza. We picnicked under the Eiffel Tower, took sooo many pictures, and then Sailor and Mary Henley led a Moonup with the tower behind us. We finished our day with some famous rose shaped gelato that was absolutely delicious.

The next morning we hit the ground running with a full itinerary created by Hewlitt with assistance from Marguerite. The two led us through the beautiful streets of Paris where we started with a nice coffee shop. Next, we made our way to the enormous Pantheon. From the Pantheon, we walked to Notre Dame which was both impressive and sad. The size and detail was immaculate, but to see half of it burned was upsetting. After these two iconic historical markers we split up into guys and girls and shopped around a bit. After hitting several cool Parisian stores we met back up at a nice sit down Creperie for lunch. We filled our stomachs and continued on to the Musee d’Orsay. This art museum was stunning. We enjoyed see dozens of famous Van Gogh and Monet paintings as well as tons of other artists.

Afterwards, we made a long trek to the Arc Du Triumph and then to a super cool restaurant down town where we enjoyed our final banquet dinner. We laughed as we told stories from the trip and reflected on all the life changing moments together. Back at the hostel Hewlitt and Marguerite led our final Moonup and we all expressed our love and appreciation for one another as well as all the lessons we learned on this trip.

We look forward to seeing our loved ones in just a few short hours and have tons of stories to share with you.

See you soon,

Wil, Molly, and the Cham 4A Family.

Fun in the Pyranees!

July 27, 2022

Hello moms and dads, friends, and families. We’ve had a series of epic adventures since our last update, so buckle your seatbelt as we do our best to bring you on a journey with all our stories.


Our first day of trekking started with a gradual uphill hike along a series of waterfalls. The spirits were high as the temperatures were much cooler than the TMB. We told many stories from back home and found the hiking to be much easier after five days in the Alps. Eventually, we made it to the most beautiful alpine lake where we ate a yummy picnic and Smith, Sailor, and I (Wil) jumped in the icy water. After lunch we had a big climb up to an incredible mountain refuge where we would stay for the night.


The back of the refuge looked up at multiple glaciers on the side of a mountain and over a field of wildflowers. Here we met a large group of Spanish teenagers on a similar trek. The refuge served us dinner and then Sailor and Mary Henley led a great Moonup on the side of a stream where we ended with a silly game of mafia.


The next day after breakfast, we started the day with a big uphill climb and then quickly crossed from France into Spain. The climb was challenging but we made good time. After reaching a pass we had a very long descent into Bujaruelo. Here the group ordered sodas, sandwiches, and fries and Christian, Bobby, and I jumped into the river. We then made our way to the quaint Spanish town of Torla.


In Torla, we shopped around a bit before our late Spanish dinner that was delicious! We got to order tapas and full dishes from a full menu and then desserts including flan, Spanish custard, mousse and more. After dinner, we Moonuped outside of a church where Smith and Isabelle asked the group who they wanted to get to know better during the rest of the trip.


After a good night sleep, we entered Spain’s Ordesa National Park and climbed up a steep 600 meters to the edge of a canyon where we were treated to a spectacular view. We took some pictures and continued on down the trail through the canyon and along a river full of giant waterfalls. After a final 400-meter climb, we made it to another incredible refuge with a view of the entire canyon that we trekked through.


We ate dinner and then enjoyed another scenic Moonup led by Bobby and Rogers where everyone shared what they were currently struggling with in life. We were very impressed by the vulnerability and courage of the group.


The next day was another long one, by far the longest yet. It started with a big climb up the “The Bresh”, a high mountain pass that looks like a chunk was taken out of the mountain. This pass marked the border back into France and offered the greatest view of the trip so far. We sat in awe and took tons of pictures before making our way down the other side where we ate lunch beside blue glacial pool. Here, Smith, Hewlett, Bobby, Henry, Grace, Mary Henley, Molly, and even our guide Mandy jumped in the coldest water I’ve ever felt giving us all a huge adrenaline rush. Smith even decided to jump in for a second time!


After our scenic picnic, we hiked past another beautiful refuge and down to an alpine field. Christian, Sailor, Smith, and Grace all ran full speed down the mountain with me where we relaxed while waiting for the rest of the group. We then made our last descent into the much-anticipated town of Gavarnie. Our hostel for the night was quite charming and served us a delicious three course meal. Moonup this night was led by Christian and Grace, and they asked us about our favorite memories from the trip so far.


The next morning started with a delicious breakfast and our first relaxed morning in a while. After several big days of hiking, we only had about a two hour hike this day. We spent the morning walking around the town Gavarnie, exploring the shops and trying some of the local cuisine. We all met up in a park on a glacial fed stream and swam in the freezing cold water, which felt amazingly refreshing as it was a hot, sunny day. For lunch we sat down at a sandwich shop and had some sodas.


After lunch we hit the trail and climbed up a short but steep path to our mountain refuge. This had to have been our most scenic accommodations yet. We hung out and then sat down for a yummy dinner. Afterwards, we walked around the alpine meadows looking at the cows, goats, and sheep. We played hackie sack and took another photoshoot. Bennet and Henry led Moonup, and we all discussed where our minds wander to on the trail and relationships we struggle with. After Moonup, we watched the sun set and then stargazed all together. The stars were absolutely amazing! We saw satellites, the Milky Way, and even a couple of shooting stars.


The next day we had another easier day of hiking. After breakfast we hiked back down to Gavarnie, treated ourselves to some ice cream, and hung out at the park again. Henry started a dance that led to our entire group joining in and dancing to the music in the park. We then hiked about 30 minutes to our next hostel just outside of town. They served us dinner and then Smith and Rogers led Moonup.


The next day was our last full day of hiking. It was a cold and cloudy morning, and we quickly made our way towards our final mountain hostel. We made it there before lunch, enjoyed a picnic, dropped our packs off at the hostel and then embarked on a day adventure to an epic summit. The clouds slowly started evaporating as we ascended higher into the mountains. Just before the summit we spread out and hiked in a silent “monk walk”, where we all reflected on our adventures thus far. Bobby, Smith, and Sailor even decided to walk barefoot along the way.


As we arrived at the summit, we were greeted with yet another incredible view where we could see the bresh we hiked from several days prior. We hung out here for a while and Christian, Bobby, Smith and I climbed up the side of a mountain to find an even better view.


We then descended back into the clouds and made our way back to the hostel. Back at the hostel we indulged on some sodas and crepes and hung out before dinner. We enjoyed a delicious last meal in the Pyrenees and then Hewlett and Marguerite led Moonup where we shared what and who made us feel most loved.


This morning we woke up, packed up and ate breakfast before hiking a couple kilometers to a small town where we were picked up and shuttled back to Lourdes. At this point in the trip, it feels like we have been friends for life and are soaking in our final moments together. We are so excited for our grand finale in Paris, but sad to think that we will be saying goodbye in a few short days.


Molly and Wil

Kayaking thru the Coast!

July 19, 2022

Hola from Costa Brava!

After trekking through the Alps this group was ready for some beach time! We left Chamonix early to begin our travel day into Spain. Our first train of the day departed from Geneva. Bennett was so excited to see the city she used to live at! The group was happy to be back in Switzerland even if only for a little. We boarded our train (most of the groups first train ever) and began our journey down south. Christian befriended a former train conductor on the train. He taught us all about how the train works and prepped us when a beautiful view was coming up. We passed fields of sunflowers, bright blue lakes, and lots of old country side towns. We switched trains and stopped for a lunch break. Finally, we made it to Spain! Hewlett was especially excited to use his Spanish.

Our bus picked us up for the final leg of our journey. He blasted loud Spanish music as we approached the beach, the group loved it! Marguerite, Isabelle, and Bobby sang along to every song they knew! We pulled into Costa Brava in awe of how blue the water is. After arriving at our accommodation for the next three nights the group was eager to see the beach in person. We arrived to the beach at golden hour just as the sun was setting. Sailor, Bobby, Smith, Henry and Hewlett ran directly into the water! Meanwhile Molly (me) Mary Henley, Marguerite, Isabelle and Grace watched as a couple celebrated their wedding on the beach. Back at our campsite we had a quick moon up so we could get some well deserved rest!

The next morning Wil and I surprised the group with a big breakfast of eggs, cereal, fruit, juice and some meat and cheese. At our place we have access to a kitchen! This is the only section of the trip where we are able to cook. Bennett and Bobby helped start the big clean up and helped get the group up and moving for the day. We are on our second round of leader of the day and starting to give them more opportunities for leadership roles!

We headed to the beach just a short walk from our place. The boys immediately ran into the water while the girls started to work on their tan. After a while, the group decided to check out the beach restaurant. Mary Henley and Bobby both treated themselves to a fruit smoothie. Rogers ordered and I quote “the best poke bowl she’s ever had”. The group rented a paddle board and played with the soccer ball in the water. We ate at a local restaurant with a nice beachside view. We are really living it up here in Spain! We left the beach and stopped at a local grocery store. Tonight’s plan includes a cook off between 3 groups!

Wil and I gave them time to plan and let them pick the groceries for the cook off. Team 1: Henry, Hewlett, Christian, and Sailor. Team 2: Smith, Bennett, Isabelle and Bobby. Team 3: Grace, Rogers, Marguerite, and Mary Henley. The rules: each team is to make a meal and dessert for the group. The judges (Molly and Wil) grade based off creativity, presentation, overall cleanliness and of course, taste!

Team 1 decided to whip up some chicken wings and potatoes. Sailor displayed his passion for grilling, Christian created a spicy sauce, Henry created the dessert and Hewlett set the vibe with the music. Team 2 made some chicken quesadillas with homemade guacamole, pico and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Smith blew us away with his ability to cook chicken, Isabelle diced and prepped all the veggies, Bobby put together the guacamole and made sure they cleaned every step of the way, and Bennett helped cut and assemble the delicious chocolate strawberries. Team 3 made a dish inspired by our time in Italy, caprese sandwiches, fresh cut watermelon and chocolate covered strawberries. Marguerite grilled the bread, Grace cut up the world’s biggest watermelon, Mary Henley prepped the food and Rogers assembled the caprese. Parents you should be proud, you have some skilled chefs returning home! It was extremely hard to pick a winner as they were all extremely tasty. Ultimately, we decided on team 2 with the deciding factor being Smith and Bobby offering to clean our plates and give us wet wipes. Such a thoughtful act that won them the gold!

The next morning we hit the sea in solo kayaks. Rogers and Bennett shared tales of their Hawaiian Island trip and sea kayaking the Napoli Coast. Once on the water and beyond the beach we were shocked to see how blue the water can get. Henry showed off his paddling skills passing up everyone from the start to lead the way. Grace and Isabelle kept sharing their awe of how blue this water really is! We ventured into a few caves and past some insane cliffs. The crisp water felt refreshing in the warm sun. Smith showed us his skills from back home in Florida. Christian practiced his Spanish with our guide Albert.

We approached a massive cave where our guide needed to use a flashlight to see. Mary Henley really wanted to swim so she could see more of the cave. She inspired the others and soon we all started to explore this massive cave! Next, we moved on to a much anticipated moment- cliff jumping! Our guide showed us his special spot right next to a beautiful beach. We ate lunch at the beach and let our legs free from the kayaks. Bennett, Rogers, and Grace took a nice nap in the sun. Sailor, Henry, Bobby, Hewlett and Marguerite climbed around the edge of the beach taking photos. Mary Henley, Isabelle, Smith and I snorkeled. Christian and Wil attempted to catch some fish for dinner with their bare hands, unfortunately no luck. We were all having such a great time!

We returned back to camp to take a nice siesta and clean our laundry! We headed back to the beach for our special dinner experience. On this night we have a private chef teach us how to cook local delicacies at a beautiful beachside restaurant. Rogers helped with the avocado for our salmon tartare. Bobby and Henry were put on pesto taste testing duty. Christian and Sailor helped prep the parm and pesto. Smith, Bennett, Marguerite, Isabelle, Mary Henley, Grace, and Hewlett helped assemble the tomato toast. Meanwhile, the chef prepared a homemade paella over a fire for us. This meal was incredible! We feasted and celebrated our last night at the coast. Back at camp with had a very sweet moon up led by Hewlett and Grace. We can’t believe we’ve only known each other for less than two weeks! We are excited and nervous to begin the Pyrenees tomorrow. We love and miss everyone so much.

Here are some shoutouts from the group:

Rogers : Hey Mom this is hard. but such a cool experience-. Hope all is well, miss you and home.

Bennett: Hey!! I miss you, P, and Goose. We completed the Mont Blanc, travelled to Spain, about to take on the Pyrenees, and then off to Paris. A very challenging, but rewarding experience. Rogers and I got this though. Thank you for sending me on this trip that is once in a lifetime. Sending my love and hugs!

Grace: Hi Mom, Dad, Catherine, Janie, and everyone! This is so hype!! I love and miss you so much. I am having the best time ever exploring all of the small towns of France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. I ran into Janie at our hostel in Chamonix, and I was so glad to see her. All the food, people, and adventures have made this an experience of a lifetime that I’ll never forget!!

Bobby: Hey mom, Dano, Kaki, Henry, Virginia, and everyone, I miss you guys so much. I’ve been having such an awesome time… Mont Blanc was intense but totally worth it. Our group has gotten so close and I am so thankful that you guys gave me this opportunity. I love you guys so much and I can’t wait to give you all the biggest hug in a few days (Virg please pick me up at airport!!) peace and love. Bobby

MH: Hey Mom!! Thanks so much for sending me to Chamonix- we’re having the best time! I hope you and all the animals are doing well. Please write Sara and tell her I love and miss her. Can’t wait to see you both soon! xoxo

Isabelle: Hi mom and dad and hogan!! I miss you all so so much  I have had the best time ever on this trip (and we get to shower every day)!! Thank y’all so much for doing this for me, I am so so grateful! I miss you all so so much and I LOVE the tile, everyone in my group gets so excited when it goes off and I get so happy. We have been to 4 countries so far and are having the best time and are getting so close. I love and miss you all, tell everyone I said hi!!

Marguerite: Hi Mom, Dad, Eliza, and Holmes!! I miss y’all SO much!! I am having the best time ever and I LOVE my group and leaders so much!! We finished hiking the Tour Du Mount Blanc a couple days ago which was pretty hard but the views were incredible. Thank y’all so much for this trip it has been amazing!! We have been to Italy, France (where I have gotten to speak so much French!), Switzerland, and Spain! I love y’all so so much and can’t wait to see y’all soon!! Tell everyone I said hi!

Hewlett: Hi Mom and Dad! I love and miss y’all so much. I hope y’all are having an amazing time in Spain. I am having a great trip so far and it has been a ton of fun. I love my leaders and my group and truly enjoyed my time spent hiking the Alps and on the coast of Spain. Onto the Pyrenees next! Once again I love y’all so so so much and I miss y’all a ton and can’t wait to see y’all when I get back. Let everyone else know I miss them too and can’t wait to see them as well. Love, Hewlett

Henry: Hello mother and father! I love you guys so much and I miss you guys. I’m having so much fun right now and everyone is super nice. I’ve made friends with everyone and my leaders are so cool. My leader Will has a nickname named brick and I came up with it. We have completed the French alps and on to the Pyrenees. I can’t wait to get home and I hope everyone is good. I haven’t shaved. Sorry. Love you guys. Love, Henry

Christian: Hi mom and dad! I love you guys so much and can’t wait to see you. I am having so much fun and meeting so many cool peeps. We have finished the Mont Blanc which was something I think you guys would love to do. It was so cool. The days were long, but it went fast because the stories we told on the trail. We hiked 10 hours one day that was by far the hardest of the trip (incline). We just finished Spain I loved it. I got to use all the Spanish I have learned and felt like it was actually cool to know another language and now I understand how useful it is. We kayaked in caves that were super cool. The water was beautiful. We are on the way to the Pyrenees then Paris and I am hyped. The Pyrenees is going to be a challenge it’s a lot of hiking. I am now more then half way through my trip. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you. Say hi to the my brothers I miss them. Love, Christian

Smith: Hey Mom and Dad, I know it has been a while but I am having a great time and have met so many cool people, and I actually have taken lots of pictures. We are on our way to Lourdes, France right now, it is apparently the city of miracles. I love both of y’all so much and I hope y’all had a fun time in Amsterdam, see you back at home!

Sailor: hey mom and dad, hope y’all are having fun at home and Gavin had/ is having a great time in Croatia. The kids are pretty cool and I’m having a good time. I really liked are mountain guide Xavier. Got to see the Mediterranean it was cool, love y’all sailor.


Molly + Wil


Tour de Mount Blanc!

July 18, 2022


The students arrived the Geneva airport and we welcomed them to Switzerland. While they had already bonded on their long journey from Atlanta we met them all and Sailor impressed us having already memorized everyone’s name. We hopped in two mountain taxis and headed for Chamonix. We quickly crossed the border into France and cheered as we entered a new country.

Upon arrival into Chamonix we checked into our quaint mountain hostel and walked to a local burger joint in town. On the way we passed the rock climbing World Cup. There were hundreds of people gathered around watching climbers climb up a big wall in the middle of town. We ate our burgers in a patch of grass in town surrounded by the jagged peaks all around us. After lunch we hung out at a basketball court in town where Christian and Henry challenged some locals to a game of basketball and I am proud to say they came out victorious.


Eventually we made our way back to the hostel, settled in some more amd conversed in our rooms. We went for a short walk and then played a group game of head it catch it where Smith showed us all how it’s done after beating Marguerite in a Moo off to become champion. We ate a French dinner of veal, salad, rice, bread, and cantaloupe at the hostel, followed by an ice cream dessert. We then circled up for our very first Moonup, where all the students were asked to reflect on their long journey to get here. The group was exhausted after a long journey so we went to bed early. At this point in the trip it seems to be a great group, and despite some jet lag the spirits are high. We are so thankful to be here!


The next morning started late as we all caught up on sleep and got adjusted to the new time zone. We ate breakfast and then Molly and I (Wil) taught a packing lesson for our upcoming trek of Mont Blanc. We then headed into town to explore Chamonix, buy some last minute gear, and eat a good lunch. We stopped by the local park again after lunch where some of the group played basketball again and others hung out and conversed. Once back at the hostel everyone packed up their bags leaving behind unneeded gear to be picked back up upon completion of the trek. We ate another yummy dinner at the hostel and then went outside for Moonup. Our first LOD’s, Sailor and Marguerite, led a great Moonup where everyone shared who they would chose to be stuck on a desert island with. After Moonup we walked back into town to watch the World Cup of cook climbing.


To our surprise, it was a super cool event with tons of people. We cheered as the best climbers in the world attempted to climb an incredibly challenging inverted rock wall. The night ended with an American climber who we cheered loudly for and ended up taking 3rd place. Finally, we made our way to bed.

The next morning at breakfast the nerves were high as we prepared for our first day on the Tour Du Mont Blanc. Our guide, Xavier met us and guided us to the trailhead. To get there we took a bus and then a gondola. The gondola dropped us off in an amazing alpine meadow with some incredible views of glacier peaked, jagged mountains, and fields of wildflowers. We took some pictures and then hit the trail.


The group hit the ground running keeping a strong pace and making light of the challenging trekking with heavy bags. After a long uphill climb we reached a beautiful mountain pass where we picnicked for lunch. Next, we hiked down the other side of the pass into a beautiful valley where we arrived at the most enchanted mountain refuge ever. From the outside dining hall we indulged in the beautiful view of glaciers and waterfalls on the side of a giant mountain.

While most of the group hung out at the refuge, Bobby, Christian, Xavier, and I hiked to one of the waterfalls and showered in the frigid glacial stream. Upon returning to the group we sat down for our best meal yet, consisting of French bread, salad, fine cheeses, and a potato, egg, and cheese dish. For dessert we ate ice cream and blueberry pie.

After dinner, Bobby and Mary Henley led another great Moonup where each student shared their most challenging moments of the trip thus far. We then watched an incredible sunset that looked just like the Patagonia logo and took a plethora of pictures and videos. We slept well in the comfy refuge beds after a long day of adventure.

The next morning started with a refuge breakfast, packing packs, and then hitting the trail again. This day’s trek started with a decent uphill climb. Again, the group impressed us with their ability to keep a strong pace. After a few hours of trekking we arrive in a small French mountain town where they hosted an amazing street market with tons of local cheeses, meats, and produce. The group shopped around and then we feasted on a big picnic.

After lunch, we hiked another few kilometers along a river we arrived at a big campground resort where we would stay for the night. Here we swam at nice lake and laid out in the sun. We ate some ice cream and then got cleaned up for dinner. For dinner we had some yummy chicken and rice in a creamy sauce and then an ice cream dessert. Hewlett and Isabel led Moonup outside where the group shared so much about themselves.

The next morning we got up early as we had our biggest day of trekking yet. We hit the trail after a good breakfast and quickly made our way to a beautiful Catholic Church where several students shared a sweet moment by lighting candles for their loved who have passed. We then started a huge uphill climb, gaining 1300 meters in elevation. It was hot and the trekking was not easy, but we all pushed each other to get to a high mountain pass where we enjoyed another big picnic.

After lunch we climbed even higher before arriving at an incredible summit. We then started a long descent down into an open valley. While hiking the group shared stories from back home and bonded over the challenging terrain we covered. Finally, late in the day we arrived to an old historic farmhouse in the valley. This place was very special as we had it all to ourselves. The decor was all original from over 200 years ago when the small chalet was used as a cheese factory.

Xavier cooked us a dinner of meat, potatoes, and cheese. After dinner, Henry and Bennet led Moonup where they had everyone share their ideal day and who they would spend it with. After Moonup some of the student watched the stars before falling sound asleep after a very challenging day.

Day seven of our trip was another challenging day of trekking. At this point our group moved like a well oiled machine. We stayed together and kept a very strong pace. We climbed a big mountain in the morning, again telling stories the whole way up. Eventually we made it up to what must’ve been our most beautiful view yet at the top of the pass. Here we cheered and celebrated as we crossed from France into Italy.

We picnicked on the border and had another photoshoot before starting another big descent. At the base of the other side we caught a bus into the Italian mountain town of Courmayeur. Here we arrived to a nice hotel where students stayed in smaller rooms of three or four. Everyone rested and showered before dinner. For dinner we went to a nice Italian restaurant where we feasted on salad, pasta, pizza, and handmade ice cream in celebration of our last night on the Tour Du Mont Blanc.

We finished the day with a Moonup led by Smith and Grace where students were asked what they wanted to work on personally for the rest of the trip. We slept soundly in comfy beds after yet another big day.

The next morning started with a delicious breakfast of assorted croissants, pastries, eggs, and fruit. It was time to finish our trek with one last day of hiking. We started at a glacial creek and hiked up. We were awarded with an insane view- the perfect spot for a photoshoot. Next we ate lunch in a shady spot under some trees. Grace and Bennett filled up water for the group! Just a short hike down after lunch led us to a big surprise. Gelato in Italy!!! We ended the tour Du Mont Blanc with a well deserved sweet treat. Our hearts were heavy when it was time to say goodbye to Xavier. We rushed into Chamonix to get one last chance to see the town and buy some souvenirs. We ended the night with Moonup, Rogers and Christian asked the group what they want they want to work on outside of the trip.


We are so excited to head to Spain and give our legs a well deserved rest!

Molly and Wil

Safely in Geneva!

July 9, 2022

Hello Chamonix Families!

We have heard from our leaders that the group has landed safely in Geneva. The trip is off to a great start, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


  • Bennett
  • Bobby
  • Christian
  • Grace
  • Henry
  • Hewlett
  • Isabelle
  • Marguerite
  • Mary
  • Rogers
  • Sailor
  • Smith