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British Columbia 2 A • June 26-July 9, 2022

A bitter sweet goodbye to BCO!

July 9, 2022

Day 11 consisted of a super early morning, but before leaving our campsite everyone said goodbye to our favorite camp cat, Boo Boo. Since we speedily packed up, we had some time for a morning doughnut and hot chocolate stop at Tim Hortons, a Canadian classic. Loaded up with sugar, we headed to our final ferry ride. Vee and Turner both agreed that the ferry rides have been one of their favorite parts, so they were sad it was our last one. During the ferry ride, Allis and Luke bought matching friendship bracelets and Katie, Valentina, and Grace bought a magazine to get all the latest drama in the world.


After the ferry we drove to our rafting place, and our rafting guides are good friends with Henry and Kristin, so they were super pumped to see the moondance crew! We quickly ate lunch, and geared up in our wetsuits and life jackets. We took a super bumpy 45 minute bus ride to the top of the river and drove past some incredible views and waterfalls. Our guides were making us laugh with their jokes and singing, and we even passed a movie set on the way up!


Once at the top of the Squamish river, we went over safety procedures and did a quick lesson on how to properly paddle. We were ready to go, so we loaded up in the boats at hit the river. During our ride we navigated multiple insane rapids, but they were no match for our two paddlers at the front of the boat, Dash and Valentina. We also had an opportunity to get out of the water and swim, and everyone jumped in to float along! The water was only 4 degrees Celsius, but thankfully our wetsuits kept us warm.


The kids loved getting to talk to our guides because they were from Italy, Canada, and Chile! They had incredible stories about places they’ve traveled and funny thoughts on American food and culture. In one of our rafts, the group talked about Hill and Allis going to boarding school next year. The other boat asked our Italian raft guide about his favorite types of pasta, and talked about American fast food restaurants. Also, some of our fearless students (Stock, India, Grace, and Katie) stood in the front of the boat and balanced as we were going down the rapids! It was a super fun time and we have great go pro videos of everyone surfing the big waves and rapids!


Shortly after our adventure, we arrived at an island off the side of the river where we unloaded our raft and started setting up camp. We were greeted by one of our guides with appetizers of cheese, crackers, fruit, hummus, veggies and chips. Mia said it was the perfect snack after all of our rafting! Additionally, our guides made us a huge jug of hot chocolate which was delicious considering the air was a bit cool. Turner was over the moon about the hot coca and had roughly 10 cups! His energy made our rafting guides laugh a lot.


After we explored the island and set up camp, our dinner (prepared by our guides) was ready to be eaten! The food was AMAZING and we had Cesar salad, steak, salmon, and potatoes with apple crumble for desert. Stock was in heaven and ate 2.5 steaks! He also bonded with one of the raft guides over their love of Steak and all meats.


Later that night we had a campfire on the beach that night and did Moonup with our guides led by our LODs, India and Stock. We talked about our dreams and what we do to cope with sadness. We sat by the fire for awhile chatting but then it started to rain! We quickly turned on our headlamps, ran to our tents, and went to bed.


The next morning we had yogurt, fruit salad, cereal, eggs, and bacon for breakfast! Luke was in heaven with the bacon and everyone enjoyed big cups of hot chocolate. After breakfast, we packed up our tents, loaded up our rafts, and got back on the water for our second day of rafting. It was a bit cold and rainy, but today was a chill day because there were no rapids and we barely had to paddle. During our raft float we talked a lot about lacrosse, since many of our students play, and India and Stock were bonding with our raft guide about how intense the sport can get. After our rafting adventure ended, we said bye to our guides, quickly ate lunch, and hit the road on our 3 hour drive back to the US! We passed through customs seamlessly and made to our campsite with ample daylight to set up camp!


At our campsite, we began to clean out our van, gear, and tents. After about 30 minutes, we took a break and tie dyed Moondance t-shirts! It was super fun and everyone got creative with their color choices. (Katie made a rainbow shirt while Dash made his look like a dark stormy night.) After tie dye we started to get ready for dinner, but this dinner wasn’t normal because it was IRON CHEF NIGHT! We brought out every food item we had, split the group up into 3 teams, and told them to make dinner! Each team whipped up some masterpieces such as fried rice and veggies, pesto chicken pasta, taco/hot dog pasta, lemon salad, chocolate chip pancakes and apple crumble. Everything was delicious, but the winning team was the pasta/salad crew consisting of Allis, Luke, Valentina, and Grace! After dinner we all did dishes and then hung out in everyone’s hammock for a bit. To close the evening, we did Moonup which was led by our LODs Valentina and Grace. This was an emotional Moonup because our LODs asked the question “if we were to die tomorrow, who would be the last person you say goodbye to and what would you say. Everyone in our group said super genuine and emotional things, and many people began to cry. It was a heartfelt night that brought people together through love and compassion built over the 2 weeks together. After Moonup the group hung out for a bit more before going to bed to get ready for our final day: Banquet day!


Crazy to think our final day is here! We started off banquet morning with Kristin making the group sausage, hash browns, and chocolate chip pancakes. Everyone feasted and Dash had about 6 pancakes! After breakfast, the group showered, packed up gear, cleaned the van, and organized our duffles to get ready for airport day! We then took a break to make friendship bracelets, and India and Allis showed us they were PROS. After bracelet making we had grilled cheese, veggies, and pesto pasta for lunch, and Turner helped make his signature dish: pan fried pepperoni Sammie.


With everyone’s bags packed and bellies full, we loaded up in the van and headed to the car wash! Vee, Hill, Katie, and Grace were our designated soap and power washers, and Dash and Turner were our internal speed vacuumers. The van looked good as new, so we headed to goodwill to get our outfits for our banquet dinner! At goodwill, Luke and Hill got matching PJ pants, Grace and Val got prom dresses, Allis and Mia bought frat boy outfits, and everyone else had a variety of miscellaneous shirts, shorts, shoes, and accessories!


Once all dressed up for dinner, we headed to coconut Kenny’s for pizza and salad! The group devoured the Mac Attack and Hawaiian pizza and everyone in the restaurant was starring at our crazy outfits. After dinner we HAD to make a pit stop for ice cream, and then jammed out to Taylor swift as we drove back to our campsite.


We did our final Moonup on the beach, led by Mia and Dash, and watched the sun set over the bay while talking about our favorite memories from the trip. After some rock skipping, we headed back to the campsite for a bonfire and s’mores! Henry and most of the group stayed up all night talking, playing games, and sharing stories by the fire. Kristin went to bed early because she had to wake up at 3am to drive everyone to the airport!


Around 3am the group loaded up their gear and hit the road to the airport. After two hours of driving in silence, because everyone was asleep in the van, we stopped at an ihop for breakfast! The group had mounds of pancakes to fuel up before their flights. (India got the strawberry banana pack cakes and Stock got the tres leches!) After ihop, Henry and Kristin checked everyone into the flights and the group slowly started to say their goodbyes. After lots of hugs, selfies, and tears, everyone was on their way home to their loved ones.


Thank you, families and friends, for joining us on our journey this summer! We’ve loved getting to know this group and cannot wait to see all they accomplish in the coming years.


Lots of love and hugs,

Henry and Kristin <3

Climbing through Comox Valley!

July 6, 2022

Hey loved ones,

We woke up with the sun to begin our journey from Tofino to Comox Valley! Saying goodbye to the surfer vibes of Tofino is always difficult as the group became especially close with some of our surfing instructors, but alas, we had an afternoon of climbing to get to! There is major construction happening on the only road to Tofino, so there are very specific times we can access the road. On that morning we just barely made it through which was super lucky! It was a great way to start the day, and our great luck continued as we saw a black bear on the drive! It was definitely worth waking the group up for, as it was some people’s first time seeing a wild bear. We also made incredible time to our next campsite and got ready for climbing. While Henry went grocery shopping for the next few days, Turner, Grace, and Katie cheffed up some personal pizzas with an array of toppings. Turner especially loved the pepperonis and kept plopping them on his pizza and in his mouth! After fueling up at lunch, we learned all things climbing such as how to wear our gear and what to expect while climbing. We did a few icebreakers with our instructors and then walked to our first set of climbing routes!

Just as the rain started to come down, our instructors taught us how to safely climb and the proper procedures for both belaying and climbing. Given the weather conditions, our kiddos quickly got ahold of how to safely climb. Hill, our resident climbing expert, was among the first to show off his spider-monkey skills, and crushed the routes. While most of the kiddos were climbing, Allis was one of the first to go down the rappelling route. She got stuck in the middle briefly, but with some coaching was able to troubleshoot and adapt! Luke also crushed the climbing and was so pumped for the rappelling that he shot down the rappelling route as fast as possible. As we continued to climb in the rain, the group got more comfortable with the procedures and the “mental puzzles” of climbing. Our instructors explained to us that climbing is more mental than physical as it is all about trusting your body and your belayer! Everyone crushed climbing. We (Henry and Kristin) even got a chance to climb and belay! At a certain point, the wall became too tricky to climb. The moss on the wall and the rainforest surroundings certainly added some difficulty. We headed back to the van and drove a quick 2 mins to our campsite to set up! Because it was raining, everyone was anxious to get tents up and set up a tarp village! Some people showered (Mia had to, she slipped and was covered in mud) some people relaxed in their tents, Valentina gave everyone fairy hair, and EVERYONE chatted for hours under the tarp! We had chicken and tofu curry for dinner, which was cooked by our Head Chefs, India and Stock, who are always willing to help.  We followed our yummy dinner with our MANDATORY teatime. Vee is especially fond of teatime as she typically fills up her entire Nalgene with tea! Tonight, Henry whipped up some honey-lemon tea for Moonup! At Moonup, we talked about our most difficult challenges and our greatest accomplishments. We get really deep here on Vancouver Island! Dash and Turner were the first to turn in, but we heard their voices and giggles from their tent. We had an earlier night, and definitely went to bed closer than ever. We all rested easy knowing that we would not be climbing in the rain tomorrow, and instead would be hiking and exploring the beauty of Comox Valley- and celebrating what will definitely be a memorable Fourth of July in Canada!

We had a chillaxed morning that consisted of huddling under the tarp with our red, white, and blue bagels, showing off our patriotism with glasses and beads, and getting ready for a day of adventures. We hit the road after breakfast and headed to Paradise Meadow to hike! Hiking in rainy conditions is so fun, and the group definitely conquered it, with minimal complaining- the conditions were not ideal, however we still had so much fun! Our LODs, Hill and Vee, helped navigate the group through the terrain and make decisions about which routes we should take. The consensus was to take the shorter route back to the van. After about 2 miles we finally made it back to the parking lot and everyone was excited to see the van and turn on the heat. A quick snack and jamming to Taylor Swift made the van ride back to camp go by super fast! We picked up our Uhaul in hopes to start our 4th of July cookout. we were going to set up in a local park, somewhere covered preferably, because it was raining. After searching for far too long we headed back to camp, warm and dry, we were ready to party. Our luck continued- right as we were getting out of the van, the rain stopped- it was a miracle! Now it was time to celebrate with burgers, dogs, Mac and cheese, potato salad, watermelon and so many chips. The party and laughs continued into Moonup, where we talked about people we love, and many people’s answers consisted of current group members! We treated everyone to cookies before mellowing down for the night. We hit the bed early to prep for another exciting day of climbing!

The next day we woke up early for our big day of climbing! We packed up our campsite and had waffles, whipped cream, and berries for breakfast. After breakfast we met our guides and started up on our hike to the first 100-foot rappel and rock wall. The wall looked steep but it was no match for Katie and Stock who were two of the first people to rappel down! A short hike away, India and Hill were two of the first to climb to the top of the rock walls. Vee and Grace were some of our superstar belayers, and everyone was taking turns helping each other find stable spots to put their feet while climbing. It was a great morning for everyone to take risks and try new things! After our morning climb, we hiked to a gorgeous outlook for lunch where we could see Comox Lake and mountains for miles. It was a bit cloudy, but luckily not raining anymore! We sat and made sandwiches for lunch with veggies and snacks, and got ready for our second half of climbing. The climbing walls and rappel were much more challenging, but nothing our group couldn’t handle! Everyone got the chance to rappel the 200-foot wall and Valentina said it was an awesome view from the top. Katie even loved it so much that she went twice! As late afternoon approached, the group was getting tired from all the climbing and hiking. We wrapped up our session, thanked our guides, and headed back to our van to surprise the group with a local ice cream stop! At the ice cream shop everyone got two scoops of ice cream but it looked as if it were 5 scoops! Dash had a mega cone of cookies and cream and Mia and Vee had mint chocolate chip – hardly anyone could finish their ice cream. After ice cream we headed back to camp to shower, make dinner, and do some laundry for all of our clothes that got wet in the rain. We re-organized our duffels to get ready for rafting and Grace even found her raincoat she was “missing!” For dinner we had a giant taco bar with queso, guac, salsa, beef, chicken, tofu, and a bunch of topping options. It was delicious and everyone’s bellies were happy and full! After dinner we did moonup and talked about hard moments in our lives and what our favorite campsite was. Many students agreed that Tofino was their favorite because of the beach, but a lot of people liked our current campsite because of the owner’s cute cat named boo boo. During moonup it started to drizzle so everyone went to their tents to rest up before our big day of rafting ahead! It’s crazy to think we only have a few days left! Henry and Kristin want to thank all of the parents, families, and friends for this group of 12 wonderful kids, and for sending them on Moondnace this summer. We’ve loved getting to know them and will miss them in a few short days – this is quite the energetic and outgoing group. They always keep us laughing!

To our outfitters and guides, thank you for providing us safe, exhilarating, and genuine fun. Your love and passion for the outdoors is contagious and we appreciate you sharing your time and energy with us!

Lots of love,

Henry and Kristin


Happy 4th of July from Canada!

July 3, 2022

Each day brings new adventures and with this group the laughs are never ending!

Day 5 consisted of a long day of traveling to our new campsite in Tofino. We started off with an early 5am wake up call and drove to the ferry terminal to get back to Vancouver. Since it was an early morning, Henry surprised everyone on the ferry with doughnuts from a local shop. The powdered doughnuts were a fan favorite and Luke and India had two each!


After the ferry ride we drove across the border and finally entered Canada! Everyone was super excited and Katie even sang the Canadian national anthem for us. For most of the car ride we blasted sing-along-songs, and whenever Taylor Swift came on everyone would sing at the top of their lungs, especially Allis and Grace.  We had some time before our second ferry, so we stopped at a Canadian fast-food staple spot: A&W. After lunch we headed on the second ferry and it felt like we were on a cruise ship! Everyone explored the boat and bought snacks and trinkets from the gift shop. It was super relaxing and the views were incredible.


We had our final road trip of the day and were entertained by Turner, Mia, and Katie making go-pro vlog videos the entire trip. Vee took a long nap in the van and India said taking a bunch of funny pictures of people sleeping was one of the highlights of the road trip. For the people who weren’t sleeping, everyone was looking out the window at the breath-taking views of the mountains and lake. Even though the roads had a ton of twists and turns, we had a beautiful scenic outlook for the entire trip and we’re jamming out to music that made the time fly by.


Once at the campsite, everyone started setting up their tents while Henry made quesadillas. Luke and Hill were big fans and kept grabbing them fresh off the pan! Meanwhile, Turner was excited we had chips and queso and devoured the queso before it was even heated up. Turner and Valentina agreed our food wasn’t as good as Willy’s (taco shop in Atlanta) but it still hit the spot.


After dinner we walked down to the beach to do moonup and told the group what to expect for tomorrow’s surfing and paddle boarding lessons. Everyone was super tired from the long travel day, so we got back to our tents and hit the hay.



Day 6 was Canada day and we started off with chocolate chip pancakes! This was the first day of surfing and stand up paddle boarding and everyone was stoked to get out on the water. We walked down the beach to the surf shop and got ready for our lesson. While we were paddle boarding around a big rock, we saw a bunch of starfish. After awhile we did a speedy paddle board race and India took the lead, winning it all for the blue team!


Once paddle boarding finished, we went back to the campsite for lunch consisting of guac, hummus, snacks and turkey sandwiches. Quickly after, we drove to a nearby bay for our surfing lesson! It took everyone a few tries to stand up and catch the waves, but after a big wave or two everyone got it! Dash, Hill, Grace, and India we’re naturals out there, and Katie especially kept making us laugh as she continued to preserve, even when stuck paddling in multiple waves.


After surfing we had some free time on the beach so we decided to hangout and play games. Luke and Allis were super good at playing 4 square, Hill got to pet someone’s dog, and India made friends with a Canadian kid flying a kite. We went back to our campsite where some people showered and others helped make dinner. For dinner that night we had ramen with peppers, onions, and tofu! We learned that some people have never had tofu before and others loved tofu! Either way, it was a hit amongst the group.


After dinner we had tea time and then played a bunch of group games on the beach with moondance group, BCO C. Some of the games included ships and sailors, birdy on a perch, and capture the Birkenstock. Grace and Katie were birdy on a perch champions while Allis and Luke won ships and sailors. Unfortunately BCO C won capture the Birkenstock, but our group will be ready next time!



Day 7 was our second day of surfing and paddle boarding and it was SO much fun! Everyone got to sleep in and we had yummy eggs, sausage, fruit, and cereal for breakfast. Then, we put our wetsuits on, loaded up in the van, and drove to Cox Bay to go surfing! We met our surfing guides, did some beach yoga, and reviewed the safety procedures before going out on the water. The waves were gnarly this day and Hill was one of our best surfers – standing up every time and coasting right into the beach. Katie, Stock, Dash, and India were also consistently catching the waves and taking super fun go-pro videos throwing up their Shakas!


After surfing the group had sandwiches and snacks for lunch, and then we got ready to go paddle boarding. Everyone was exhausted from surfing, so our paddle board guides let us have a chill day out on the water. Mia, Vee, Valentina, and Katie took naps on their boards. Meanwhile, Luke and Hill went to go find starfish, and Turner and India were catching crabs and putting them on their boards. Grace and Allis successfully did headstands on their boards while Stock and Dash were slowly drifting away with the current. The water was a bit choppy, but the group still had fun and a lot of laughs doing their various activities.


Later that night we had some time to shower and we surprised the group with a yummy local food stop for dinner! We had burgers, sandwiches, salads, and gelato. Unlike most of the group who got burgers and fries, Turner got a Cod sandwich and gumbo! He said was super fresh and delicious.


After dinner we came back to our campsite and saw Moondance group BCO 2B! We chatted with them played games (4 square, ships and Sailors, birdie on a perch) on the beach before Moonup. We all sat in a circle and had Moonup with honey lavender tea. It was going great until Katie and turner kept farting from all of their ice cream intake. The whole group was laughing even though our circle was a bit stinky.


It’s crazy to think a week has already gone by and that it’s almost the 4th of July! Our group has already made memories, friendships, and inside jokes that will last a life time.


We hope you all have a great 4th of July!  We’re off to rock climbing now but will touch base again soon. 🙂


Peace & Love,


Kristin, Henry & our crazy BCO 2A family!




Vee: Moondance is so much fun, but Canada is so cold. My fingers and toes turned purple and blue while surfing!  Please get me some good food when I come home. Love y’all and miss y’all so much!! Also happy Fourth of July!


Mia: I’m having so much fun! Canada’s sick. Tell charlotte I hope she has the best birthday ever and I love her so much. I hope y’all have a good Fourth of July and love u all lots.



Val: Miss you guys so much! Can’t wait to see you in a week! Moondance has been so much fun and surfing was a blast today (even though it was freezing). Love you !!P.S  Happy early 4th of July! Wish I could spend it with you guys.



Turner: Miss y’all so much! You forgot to pack me Canada money and put a travel notice on my card. I want Willy’s when I get home. And it’s sooo cold. See y’all in a week.


India- I love it here. I miss my dog, and food #islay


Katie- hey guys Miss y’all so much!  I can’t wait to get canes when I get home! I miss my free showers soooo much. The US is overall better than Canada! I can’t wait to come home!!! PS… happy 4th of july i forgot my pineapple with a mustache at home


Grace- heyy I’m not used to the cold weather. The travel days are so much fun and I’ve loved the activities and ferry rides.  Miss and Love yaaa


Allis- I miss you guys and it’s so cold. I’m having a lot of fun surfing and being with my friends. I can’t wait to see you and I love you guys so much.


Dash- it’s really cold but I’m having a muy bueno time.


Luke- I’m having so much fun surfing and paddle boarding. We still haven’t rock climbed or white water rafted but I’m excited for it. I miss all y’all but I’m having so much fun here. P.S I have not Canada money please add money to my card.


Hill- I’m having so much fun! we have surfed and sea kayaked and still have to roc climb and white water raft. A lot of my group says it’s cold but I don’t really think so. I’m having so much fun miss yall and duke.


Stock- I miss you guys, I love it here and the cold is not too bad. I am a pro surfer and paddle boarder, when we go to the beach I will have to show you guys my skill. Love y’all so much

Kristin: Love you mom and dad! Jessa, call and chat on my off day. I want to hear all about the wedding and your travels! Jeff and Emily – have the best 4th of July!  (group face time soon!) Also, thanks for being some of my first camping friends and life long pals :’) ily

Henry: howdy and love y’all to all my friends, family, and fans. @mallie text me when u see this lol

Howdy to all the folks back home!

June 30, 2022

Howdy to all the folks back home,


Wow – We cannot believe 4 days has already gone by! It seems like yesterday we were meeting for the first time in the airport.


On airport day, everyone arrived safely, and we played a quick “name game” so the group could get to know each other. Shortly after, we loaded up our U-Haul with everyone’s duffels and hit the road to our first campsite. During our 2-hour car ride, the group jammed out to some t-swift and talked about where they’re from and what they are excited for.


Once we got to the campsite, Henry and Kristin demonstrated how to properly set up and take down a tent and discussed the “Leave No Trace” principles. After, we played a quick game of “you’ve got mail” and talked all things Moondance. The weather was beautiful this day, so we decided to have our first moonup on the beach and saw the most amazing sunset. It was the perfect closure to the first day.


After moonup, everyone went back to sit in a tent and talk. I’ve never seen 12 kids in a four-person tent, but the group made it work and seemed to have a fun first night of getting to know each other and bonding.


Day two started off with an early morning (5:30 am wake up!) and then we headed off to ride our first ferry to Friday Harbor! After the ferry, we went to eat lunch on one of the docks and the group explored some of sea creatures below in the harbor. Katie accidentally dropped her hydro flask in the water, but luckily Stock got it reached out to grab it before it floated too far away. We loaded up on our outfitters boat and started on our on our whale watching tour.


After whale watching we came back and our cook crew, the Gordon Ramsey’s secret agents who included Katie, Turner, Dash, and Mia, made a scrumptious pasta dinner with red sauce, chicken, sausage, and parmesan cheese.  Later that night, our Leaders of the day (Turner and Allis) led a wonderful first moonup, and we went to bed to get ready for our adventure tomorrow.


On the 3rd day we were supposed to go sea kayaking, but our guides called us and said the winds were insane and the water would be unsafe. Luckily, they had a backup plan we explored San Juan Island! Our home for the next couple of day.  We went to a sculpture park, lavender farm, where we got homemade lavender ice cream. Katie and Turner got the lavender lemon sorbet. It was all so delicious and unique to the island. A perfect treat for the day!


After the lavender farm we went on a hike up to a huge cliff and scenic look out. We saw the ocean, The Olympics Mountains, and fields full of wildflowers. The scenery is incredible.



After our hike, we came back to our campsite and a brave few went swimming in Lake dale’s resort’s “hot tub” aka the chilly lake! Dash and Stock were two of the first people to jump in the lake and swam to a floating dock, where others joined them to lay on the sun.


After the lake a few people showered, and we got ready for dinner We played please don’t touch my pinecone, India, Vee, and Valentina continued to churn out friendship bracelets. India has even started making Fourth of July themed bracelets as well! Our Sea Kayaking guides made a taco bar for dinner! It was so yummy and felt very gourmet.



Day 4 woke up and had an oatmeal bar for breakfast with over 10 different toppings! Turner made the ultimate oatmeal with nearly every topping. After our hearty breakfast we got ready for kayaking! We geared up, went over safety procedures, and loaded up in the boats! We paddled around the San Juan islands and stopped for lunch on Henry Island (the island is shaped like an “H”!) to eat chicken Caesar wraps. They were delicious!  After lunch we kayaked back and while the current was a bit strong, Hill and Vee were the first to make it across with Katie and Grace coming in at a close second. The fun competing in the group will never end, it’s made everything fun!


After kayaking, we headed back to our campsite and got organized, made dinner, and Moonupped! Hill and Luke lead a Moonup discussion about the hard things we have been though. This Moonup was definitely on for the books as it bonded the group!



As we wake up the next month, we have a long travel day ahead as we now begin our journey to Canada- stayed tuned!


Henry, Kristin, and the whole gang 🙂

Safely in Seattle!

June 26, 2022

Hello British Columbia Families!

We just heard from our leaders that the group has landed safely in Seattle. The trip is off to a great start and headed to their first campsite, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventures.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

-Moondance HQ


  • Allis
  • Dash
  • Grace
  • India
  • Katie
  • Luke
  • Mia
  • Stock
  • Turner
  • Valentina
  • Vee
  • Wilson