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Yellowstone 3B • July 13-July 26, 2021

Goodbye Jackson!

July 26, 2021

Hastings and Suzanne here, bringing you our last trip update with heavy but full hearts!


Day eleven was another perfectly spontaneous day. Abigail, Luke, and Rhys cooked a breakfast favorite: Eggs Benedict. Rhys mastered cooking bacon, Abigail took charge to make the hollandaise, and Luke helped fry eggs. When breakfast was served, the group fell silent, content to munch on the delicious meal and not wanting to interrupt their feasting. In the van, we played music to hype up the group for our frisbee golf competition at the official course in Teton Village. Once Hastings made the teams, everyone went into TJ Maxx in search of matching uniforms for their team. Sporting blue tie-dye was Hastings, Helen, and Luke. Decked out in pink graphic tees and beads were Coleman, Abigail, and Suzanne. Flexing Hawaiian shirts was Rhys, Walker, and Anna Sloan. Repping red was Storey, Evalynn, and Luke. At the village, we studied the 9 hole course on our maps and then set out on a hike to the first tee. Every single person was fully invested in the game, and the close scores reflected that. We weaved our way up and down the ski mountain, some holes being over 400 feet long! By the end of the course, the blue and red teams were tied. It took three more overtime holes to break the tie, but the blue team finally prevailed. Everyone shook hands and got group photos at the bottom of the course. It could not have been a better day! We treated ourselves to ice cream for the ride back to camp, a fitting finish to our athletic day. Luke finished the day off by cooking a delicious stir-fry feast, accompanied  Abigail’s mix of fresh veggies.

We then had a friendly competition of ultimate frisbee with the other Yellowstone group, who camped down the road from us. While we will not disclose the score, it was a good match, and Walker was able to show off his serious wide receiver skills. This night was a big night for our group. When describing group dynamics, there are four stages: forming, storming, norming, and performing. Forming is the classic awkward small talk on the first two days of the trip. Norming is getting used to talking about the bathroom, seeing each other with bedhead and morning puff in our eyes, and learning about each other. Storming was a quick phase during the backpacking trip when we faced unavoidable challenges. This night, we formed as a group. The students opened up to each other and learned to trust in each other as friends and companions. Rhys and Luke led a stellar Moonup, and chose the question “where do you feel most at peace?” Each student shared their place and the reasons why provided thoughtful insight into who each student is. From this moment on, the group felt the weight of the small amount of time left we have together.

We awoke the next day, eager to show off many of the fly-fishing techniques we had been practicing the past week and a half. Brian, aka the wizard (the boys’ nickname for him), took Jack, Rhys, and Luke on his boat where they landed twenty-two fish! The boys were pumped at their success, and Rhys even had a nineteen-inch cutthroat on. Evalynn was determined to catch a fish, after her promise on day three that she wouldn’t leave Wyoming until she caught a fish. Everyone was able to reel in a fish despite some tough water conditions with high heat and dirt, so sadly Evalynn gets to leave the state. We returned to town to feast to celebrate our success over the day, chowing down on delicious burgers from Jackson Drug. Hastings and Suzanne worked hard to trick the group into thinking we weren’t going to the rodeo. We drove circles around town after dinner and finally spilled the beans as Hastings played “Eight Second Ride” to reveal the surprise. The Jackson Rodeo never disappoints! Storey bought a classic cowboy hat, fitting right in with his cutoff shirt. Anna Sloan gaped at the wild bucking of the bulls, and especially at the eight-year-old that braved a young bull. Jack and Helen led moonup as LODs and Suzanne read a quote about loving life, living every moment, and finding joy in the little things. Tonight’s question is one of our favorites: “What are three things you are thankful for?” This time to reflect is always meaningful. We are so lucky to camp under the stars in Wyoming, lucky to have each person in this group, and lucky to be us. We love hearing what the students are thankful for!

If your kids come home doing cinnamon roll hugs instead of boring arm-in-arm hugs, you can thank us. At the end of every night, enough days into the trip we smelled ripe and liked each other enough, we performed a cinnamon roll hug. So, it was only fitting we make the kids cinnamon rolls for our last breakfast in Wyoming! Every student was pumped up to go white water rafting. We got to the put-in early and tossed the frisbee to our group playlist. Once in the boats, we bounced down the river not wasting a moment together. We yelled over the rapids, determined to keep up our conversations. Coleman showed contagious enthusiasm on the raft. He never wasted an opportunity to jump in the cold water, “ride the bull” by sitting at the front of the boat on a rapid or play a game. We took turns standing at the front of the boat on flat water as everyone else spun the boat in circles, straining our muscles to try and spin the person into the water. Anna Sloan and  Coleman tried a trust game by locking paddles and leaning backward, only using each other to hold themselves up. No amount of trust could prevent us from knocking their paddles to grant them an extra swim. The rafting was over in the blink of an eye, and our town day began. We enjoyed Haagen das ice cream while strolling through town, shopping and browsing.

At this point, we look forward to returning to our campsite because it feels like home. Luke and Abigail lounged in the Enos. Helen took charge to start a card game with the group. Walker and Storey slung the frisbee with expert precision. Our final meal together began with guacamole, salsa, and chips while the students wrote letters to themselves. It ended with delicious burgers and fire safety-friendly pot smores. Walker and Anna Sloan had the important task of leading our final Moonup. Walker picked a moving quote about friendship, which every person reveled in. A final Moonup can never be long enough, so we had three questions: “What did you learn about yourself on this trip”; “What do you want to take away from this trip”; and “What was one of your favorite memories from this trip”. Everyone’s answers drew laughs, smiles, moments of silence, and hand squeezes. No one could only give one favorite memory, so we popcorned around the circle to share memories as they arose. Wanting to squeeze every last moment out of the trip, the students built a mega tent so they could stay up talking, laughing, reminiscing, and playing cards.

While the ride to the airport was sleepy at 4:00 in the morning, there is never a dull moment with this group. We listened to music, gazed at the Tetons, and exchanged smiles when sleepy silence fell. We had a hard time saying goodbye. We will miss the stomach-cramping laughs, the little moments that are remembered as big moments, and the special people all of these students are. We will miss Moonup, where we get to tell each other how their small acts of kindness impacted us, where we get to share our thoughts and feelings, where we get to laugh at things that shouldn’t be funny, and where we get to revel at the moment. Despite the trip taking a detour from our original schedule, it could not have been a better two weeks. Every student gave so much to their peers and to the experience. It was up to them to make the most of these past two weeks, and they exceeded our every expectation. We cannot express how much we miss this group already, and how thankful we are for these past two weeks.

WOW, thank you, and we miss your special kids already.

Much love,

Suzanne and Hastings

Yellowstone Fun!

July 23, 2021

Hello from our spontaneous section of the trip!

The students are easy fun, so the list of ideas to fill our newfound time grew rapidly. We treated the kids to a late morning, letting them sleep in and climb out of their tents on their own. We snagged our favorite campsite, which has lots of space for cooking and play. The students had their choice of Nutella pancakes with blueberry syrup or oatmeal with peanut butter or almond butter for their first meal of the day. A stop at the grocery store turned into an activity in itself because the kids got to come in with us and buy themselves whatever snack they craved (within reason). Then, they got to choose between frisbee golf at Teton Village or basketball at the local Y. Knowing we would play plenty of disc golf at our new campsite, they chose basketball. We to warmed up with a game off knockout, and then played 3 vs. 3 king of the court. Storey used his knowledge in basketball to coach his team to plenty of victories. Evalynn gave it her all in the games and everyone cheered on her competitive spirit. It was exciting to see the kids spirits high and energy back. Our next activity… drumroll please… surprise showers! We let them take their time getting clean, reveling in the hot water, soap, and flushing toilets. We barely recognized each other dirt free and smelling fresh, and the van ride was refreshing without twelve smelly bodies piled into it. We got a beautiful view of the Tetons on our drive back, as Walker queued music to feed our energy. Storey, Coleman and Walker took on cook crew tonight. As they cooked Alfredo pasta with chicken, Helen ran the picnic table at cards. Everyone bounced off the walls when we surprised them with a gooey skillet cookie and hot chocolate after dinner. With warm tummies and a Nalgene lantern, we circled up for Moonup. As one of the LODs, Abigail chose the question “If you were to give a random piece of advice to a stranger, what would it be?” As we went around the circle, everyone shared enlightening pieces of advice and the past or current experiences they drew from for inspiration. Abigail elected Coleman as one of tomorrow’s LODs because of his positive spirit despite a challenging past few days, his never ending humor, and most of all his excitement to see the thermal pools tomorrow. Abigail nominated Evalynn as the other LOD because of her constant positivity which the rest of the group leans on, and her ability to not take herself too seriously.

Today, we get to be real tourists! Everyone flipped through Suzanne’ book of games to pass the time as we drove to Old Faithful. The van bounced as everyone danced and sun along to sporadic music genres that appealed to every student in the van. At Old Faithful, the spewing geyser did not disappoint. While we waited, we observed the “real world” and the tourists from around the world gathered to watch the geyser erupt. Back in the van, 2000’s music took the group by storm and made our lungs tired from singing along. Anna Sloan and Helen belted One Direction in the back, followed by Jack and Rhys bouncing their heads to Jason Derulo. The thermal pools in Yellowstone were beautiful, tucked alongside Yellowstone Lake. Luke led the pack as we weaved around the pools. The kids got huckleberry ice cream before jumping back into the van to return to our beloved campsite. It is special to have a group of kids that can so easily make any activity a fun one and makes our lives as leaders even more fun! Cool weather welcomed us back at camp, which made for perfect frisbee golf weather. Anna Sloan, Jack, and Evalynn worked tirelessly to make fajita bowls, and in the meantime the other students were engrossed in an intense card game. Today was effortlessly fun, and it is all thanks to every student in our group. With fishing and rafting up next and our trip coming to an end, we realize how quickly the trip is coming to an end. Everyone wants to make the most of these next four days, so the next trip update will be stocked full!

You will hear lots from us soon,
Suzanne and Hastings

Emerging from the Backcountry

July 22, 2021

As promised, we have stories for you from the backcountry!


We surprised the kids with sausage and Eggo waffles topped with blueberry syrup. This was the perfect meal to prepare them for our first day in the backcountry. We piled into the van with high spirits and full belles. The drive to the trailhead went by in a blink. Everyone requested singalong songs to get the energy flowing. At the trailhead, the students got a lesson on pooping in the backcountry, everyone’s favorite topic! Once the panic over pooping in the ground and packing out toilet paper passed, everyone shifted their energy to the more serious topic of bear safety. One final lesson prepared the students for the backcountry: the ABCs of packing your bag. A for accessibility, B for balance, and C for compression. Luke had the honor of carrying our one log of summer sausage, because you can’t go into the backcountry without summer sausage. We began our trek into the backcountry by passing the time with jokes and twenty questions. Coleman and Suzanne challenged each other to a few games of twenty questions, and before we knew it we were already 3.5 miles into our 9 mile hike. We took a long break on the trail to snack on our gorp and swap stories about our friends and hometowns. The group moved as a unit, and positive words from Helen and Evalynn helped push us along. We got to our campsite just before dark, and the sunset was a beautiful sight over the landscape and snaking river. Storey claimed our dinner of chicken quesadillas was one of the best meals he has ever had, but we suspect it had something to do with our massive hike. Late as it was, everyone insisted we do a meaningful moonup question, so everyone answered the question “what is the most physically challenging thing you’ve done?”. We had a surprise visit to our tent as we began to doze off to find that Coleman had the stomach bug. Walker did not hesitate to run to his aid, binging him water and keeping him company. Coleman did not let his illness get in the way of his humor and attitude, which never faltered.


The next morning everyone slept in, unsure if a stomach bug was about to take the group by storm. We enjoyed a long morning on the river, tossing a frisbee and painting faces with face paint. As reports of other students feeling unwell rollled in, a new plan was formulated. Walker, Rhys, and Anna Sloan stepped up to carry group gear for students not feeling 100%. We made our way to a new campsite with positive spirits and a steady pace. We wrapped up the day on the trail with a tough riddle provided by Suzanne, and Storey worked tirelessly to figure it out. Whoops and cheers erupted when we arrived at our campsite, as everyone was relieved to find it was big, beautiful, and right by a river. Everyone naturally fell into conversation once our packs hit the ground, and a riddle competition erupted. Two hours passed before we were jolted from the quizzing by grumbling stomachs. We had couscous with sweet potatoes and marinara sauce for dinnner, which was a huge hit. Evalynn and Helen jumped to help with dinner, taking the burden off students who did not feel healthy quite yet. Rhys and Jack fished on the river, and returned buzzing about the trout that were top feeding. Tonight’s moonup question was “what is something that you enjoy staying up late for and something you enjoy waking up early for?”. As leaders, we love this question because it always reveals so much about each students motivations, interests, and routines without them having to think too much about it. Everyone went to sleep fast and hard, but not before a few late night pranks….


We got to sleep in again for our third day in the backcountry, as a solution to the prevailing stomach bug fell into place. Rhys and Jack took advantage of the long morning to fish on the river by camp, and Rhys was able to hook two rainbow trout! Helen cheffed up golden brown and fluffy pancakes for breakfast. We surprised Luke with a huge stack of pancakes with rainbow swirly candles for his 17th birthday! Suzanne made sure to write “birthday boy” on his face with the face paint to make his day extra special. His family sent him with birthday notes and cards, which brought smiles to his face. Hastings and Suzanne had to make the hard decision to pull the group out of the back country early, for the health and success of the group. It is tough to part ways with a place as beautiful and peaceful as the backcountry of Yellowstone, but every student took the decision with maturity and positivity. They all understood the difficulty of the situation but agreed with the plan. No one was concerned that this would put a damper on our fun, because nothing can stop this group from turning any situation into a joke or game. We made sure to look up from the trail to take in the views and landscapes a few extra times as we hiked the six miles out of the backcountry. Not a single negative comment surfaced today, and we forgot that anything had gone wrong at all. Everyone giggled and chatted on the trail, finding the silver linings in our situation. Abigail got a nosebleed on the trail and laughed at her blood-stained hands, and when she later tripped on the trail, she laughed even harder at the collage of dirt and blood on her hands. If this isn’t a testament to the attitude of every student on this trip, then I don’t know what is! The glint of our white van in the distance put an extra pep in our step, and everyone ignored their sore legs, blistered feet and tired eyes. Our time in the backcountry closed with crossing the Snake River, which also served as our bathtub and swimming pool. The river washed away our dirt and any lingering exhaustion. At the van, it was a treat to enjoy tortillas with Nutella instead of just peanut butter and jelly. The other Yellowstone group left us a bunch of sweet and silly notes on our hood, and we passed it around as everyone piled into the van. The warm air was a blessing as we drove, because we needed the windows rolled down to air out our stink that we have become blind to. The group went crazy when we surprised them with a stop at a general store, where they got ice cream and other cravings they had missed in the back country. All challenges were forgotten as the kids jammed into a single picnic table to joke and chat. Coleman asked every person he could find if they knew any updates about the NBA tournament which made said strangers chuckle with confusion and surprise. Storey queued up songs to energize the group, including hits from Katy Perry, Kesha and Pitbull. Our time in Yellowstone would not be complete without a bear sighting. We had a wild encounter with a juvenile grizzly bear from the van thanks to Hastings spotting him off the road. The students crammed their faces against the windows to get a good look at the cute but daunting animal. To top it all off, they got the surprise of pizza for dinner! We wolfed down pizza while playing UNO and watching the sun set behind the Tetons across Jackson lake. We are headed back to Jackson today with sore stomachs not from backpacking but from non stop laughter. Hastings and Suzanne are confident that the next few days will be nothing but unforgettable as we have already brainstormed a long list of things to do with our new schedule. We could not say enough wonderful things about every student on this trip. Each one of them played an integral part in turning a bad situation into a fun one. Anna Sloan was always positive. Jack was always offering to take more weight or lend a helping hand. Evalynn tossed out jokes and stellar determination. Abigail provided positivity and a constant helping hand. Walker provided hilarious comments and jokes to lighten the mood. Storey was a friend to everyone and his maturity shone. Coleman let out his goofiness, which prompted the rest of the group to do the same and taught us to not take ourselves too seriously. Rhys put his cross country skills to the test by shouldering a heavy pack filled with other peoples’ group gear. Helen always had a smile on her face and was the first to offer a helping hand, especially on cook crew. Luke happily carried the most group gear out of every student. Spirits are high!

Tomorrow we are treating the students to a huge breakfast of blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate. We will bring you more updates soon, especially of the winner of tomorrow’s disc golf tournament!


Here are some shoutouts from the kids!


Evalynn – Hi! Miss you all so much! You wouldn’t believe how granola I am though, I’m practically a local now. Give the doggos hugs for me! Also tell Wheels I said hey! Kisses from the Wild West!!


Helen- hey mom and dad and yancey I survived backpacking and had fun (I know you’re surprised). Tell Izzy Olivia and Emily I miss them!!!


Anna Sloan- hey family it’s been very fun out west! See you soon and tell Mia I miss her too!


Rhys – Hey mom and dad, I walked a marathon, tell Coach Hall.


Jack – Hey family, I miss you guys but I’m having lots of fun in Wyoming.


Storey- Hey family miss you guys hope to see you soon. I have developed a love for disc golf.


Walker- Hey Fam. We have seen many Durango’s and everyone is impressed. Dad I’m going to FaceTime you when I get my phone so the boys can see the whip. Love you all. #MarshMobile #DurangoLivin #SpeakinFromDaHeart


Coleman- Sup family! Having so much fun in the wild. Unfortunately, I fell victim to a disease named the tummy bug, but I am doing much better now. Anyways, miss you guys!


Luke- I’m having fun and not missing y’all or her too much. My birthday was great but can’t wait to celebrate with everyone


Abigail- Hello to my lovely parents!! I’m having a great time but I still miss y’all so much (including the dogs). I hope you’re doing well and not missing me too much. Bye for now!

Teton Time!

July 21, 2021

Hello from the Tetons!

Suzanne and Hastings here. Preparation for climbing opened up with a classic breakfast special that we stole from Suzanne’s family. It consisted of grits, sausage, eggs, and cheese all mixed together. We needed all of the nutrients this meal had to offer for the big day ahead. Our guides for the day— Bethany, Emily, and Wade (spidey) were eager to get day started with a few pitches. We rode the gondola from the base of Teton Village up to where we would spend the day climbing. A short hike brought us to the rock faces we conquered. But first, we practiced some of the key knots to climbing along with uncoiling the rope. Anna Sloan raced to the top with some pretty impressive speed, right behind our guide Emily. Rhys received praise from the guides after using his past experience climbing to zip up the face. Helen admitted her fear of heights and that she felt high nerves before our rappel. Despite this, she faced the rock face with a smile on her face. Walker zipped up and down the face and was happy to belay his peers. Our gondola cars buzzed with energy as we descended the mountain as everyone swapped stories about the climbing. We debated our favorite kinds of music, and Storey boasted about his crowd-pleasing playlists. The group put him to the test after Suzanne found his favorite playlist. The drive back to camp was full of energy and noise while everyone sang along to the music and raved about Storey’s playlist. the group was thrilled that we got back to camp in tie to play a full disc golf tournament. Walker crafted a bracket for the teams, and we put on our game faces. The first round face off was Suzanne and Walker versus Rhys and Jack. The next two teams to play were Hastings and Evalynn versus Coleman and Anna Sloan. The championship game (Hastings and Evalynn versus Storey and Helen) had the whole group running around the camp site to follow the action and watch every toss. It was dramatic and action packed. In the end Helen and Storey pulled out a thrilling comeback to clutch the win. As champs, everyone happily let them eat first. While we played, Luke and Abigail eagerly cooked dinner which was everyone’s favorite so far. We chowed down on chicken fajita bowls with peppers, quinoa, corn, onion, guacamole, salsa, cheese and taakis. YUM. We had a long dinner, taking bites between our conversation about everyone’s favorite moves and shows. Coleman and Walker bounced off each other making jokes and tossing out funny movies. Dinner cleanup was a breeze with every student pitching in, and practical jokes filling in the lulls. We had eagerly spent all of our energy today, so finding sleep came easy.

With climbing skills and knowledge Nader our belt, the students felt confident going into our second day of climbing. We split into groups based on who felt most confident. In the “gung-ho” group was Hastings, Walker and Jack. They set off to dominate the hardest climbs of the day. Abigail insisted upon being in a more challenging group, although she felt nervous. Suzanne went with Colema and Storey, both showing impressive courage as they faced their nerves. At the end of the day, Coleman said our final 115-foot rappel was one of his favorite things he’s ever done. Our guide Emily told Suzanne how impressed she was with the two boys, because despite their nerves they did not hesitate to step over the ledge and enjoy the experience. We enjoyed a breezy 2.5-mile hike around Jenny Lake where Suzanne had an in depth conversation with Coleman and Abigail about Avatar the Last Airbender. Before the second frisbee golf tournament could start, we needed to get ready for the back country tomorrow. Suzanne taught the “duffel shuffle” to the students, which tells them what and what not to pack and why. A lesson on layering and smellies took this a step further (goodbye cotton clothes and deodorant!). Hungry from another cutthroat and competitive disc golf tournament, we scarfed down delicious ramen pad Thai with fresh veggies and chicken. We sent the students to bed early to prepare them for the back country tomorrow, but not before another stellar Moonup led by LODs Walker and Abigail.

Goodbye real world! We are on the way to the wilderness of Yellowstone for five days. Fueled by delicious breakfast sandwiches on bagels, we bumped to music to get hyped up for the 6.9-mile hike to get to the first campsite. At the trailhead, the students learned the ABCs of packing a backpack (Accessibility, Balance, and Compression) as well as how to properly put on and fit their pack. We will return with stories, lots of dirt on our faces, and an impressive route tucked under our belts.

Wish us hungry fish and few blisters! Until next time,
Suzanne and Hastings

O-fish-ally Having an Amazing Time!

July 15, 2021

Howdy from Wyoming!


Suzanne and Hastings here, thrilled to bring you our first trip update. The first arrival Luke made quite an impression, easily chatting with us and showing off his comfort in new situations. After Luke’s arrival, the rest of the group rolled in one after another until with a blink of an eye we were leaving the airport to start our adventure. Coleman made an easy first impression, cracking jokes and helping the rest of the group get comfortable with each other. We presented the group with some conversation stirring controversial topics to occupy them for the van ride to camp: “Is pizza toast?”; “Is water wet?”; “are gushers ravioli?” And “is a hotdog a sandwich?”. Storey came up with some compelling arguments, and the rest of the group followed suit shouting their observations and enjoying the ridiculous conversation. We enjoyed Pinky G’s pizza by the river before setting up camp. Everyone had slept in a tent before, so the students took charge. We gathered for moonup and explained the live in the moment philosophy to the students. Hastings read a quote about adventure, the unknown, and learning to love dirt under your fingers. Every student shared their answer to the moonup questions “why are you here” and “what do you hope to get out of the next two weeks”. The outstanding answers, to gain friendships and get out of the comfort zone, gave us high hopes for this session. We nominated Storey and Helen as our first leaders of the day (LOD’s). Helen’s past experience with Moondance and Storey’s outgoing ad positive spirit made them easy choices. The boys tossed the frisbee before getting ready for bed. Suzanne taught the group the whale spray technique for brushing your teeth, and everyone laughed at the learning curve it has. The boys tossed the frisbee before bed, working off any last remaining energy. It was easy to sleep knowing every student in our group is excited to be challenged and embrace the Moondance philosophy.


We got to sleep in until 9:00 AM on our first morning, and the boys who had already been up for an hour guessed it was as late as 11:00. The first cook crew of Luke, Anna Sloan and Rhys got to cook breakfast sandwiches. Luke took charge of making the fried eggs, while Anna Sloan was in charge of the sausage. Today is our day to shake off the awkward and get to know each other, so there was no shortage of silly games. We played signs, mafia, and cards, and we have a bucket list of games to play already. Hastings and Suzanne also challenged the group with the riddle game “black magic” which always makes the students go crazy as they try to figure out the answer. A swimming hole provided easy fun for the group, and Coleman practically swam laps in the cold water, leaving the rest of the group gaping. Suzanne taught the group a new card game called “red king” which Evalynn quickly caught on to and dominated. Back at camp, Hastings took some of the boys fly fishing, and Rhys stood out as the most determined. Helen joined cook crew because of her love for cooking, and showed off her skills as we made chicken curry with zucchini, carrots, broccoli, peppers and quinoa. It was DELICIOUS. It was hard to tear the group away from dinner to clean up because every student had a stake in the conversation. Walker took charge after dinner in making a disc golf course at camp, and it was hard not to watch them play because of their vocal demeanor. Helen and Storey did a wonderful job leading us through moonup! Storey shared a quote he has memorized, which spoke to living in the moment. They picked the question “what is your biggest fear” and no student hesitated to share their honest and raw answer. Helen chose Anna Sloan as the next girl LOD because of her kindness and ability to make friends with anyone genuinely. Storey chose Coleman because of his constant positive attitude, excitement for every new activity, and his humor. We sent the students to bed after a very competitive disc golf game, and the boys surely stayed up drawing new holes in Walker’s journal.


It is ALWAYS easy to wake up early for fly fishing! We followed the guides to the fly fishing school, and the group shook off their sleepiness by jamming to the new playlist they crafted. An early morning at the school was beautiful, as the property is tucked away on the Snake River. The guides got to work teaching the students how to cast, mend, set and throw line. Everyone laughed as they practiced their casts because of the cows that descended upon the area, mooing and prancing around the property. Jack quickly picked up the casting techniques and he looked like a natural as he practiced on the lawn. During the lesson on flies and hatches, Helen and Anna Sloan threw out the answer to every question, and Bryan was so impressed he offered to eat a fly if they caught and identified one. Rhys perfected his knots quickly, which paired well with his beautiful cast. After a lunch in the shade, we split into groups to start catching fish! Coleman and Walker overcame the difficult conditions of today’s fishing, each catching two fish. Abigail noted how excited she is to keep learning how to fly fish, and Evelynn claims she won’t leave Wyoming without catching a fish! The group cannot pass a moment without a joke, Hastings and I feeding off their energy. The group was eager to get back to camp to swim in the river and play their improved disc golf course. Cook crew made a delicious dinner of pesto chicken pasta with fresh veggies. We went to sleep dreaming of the Tetons and rock walls, which we will bring you stories of next time! We already love your kids so much and cannot wait to start the next section of our trip.


P.S. Walker says happy birthday Kirksey!


Signing off from Wyoming,

Suzanne and Hastings




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  • Anna
  • Coleman
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  • Helen
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