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The Olympics 2B • June 30-July 13, 2021

Banquet Dinner and Farewells

July 13, 2021

“No no, it’s not goodbye it’s see you later” – Mason

Checking in one last time from the Seattle Airport. Seems like we were just here yesterday. 14 days ago we arrived unsure of what the future might hold. Excited but nervous to be around new people and new places. Today, we leave each other with heavy but full hearts. We have learned more about ourselves and what it means to be a part of something bigger. Something that cannot be explained unless you were there. Something wonderful and at times a little scary. Something tangible and true. Something real.

The past two days have been incredible! In our last update, we left off on the ferry back to Anacortes. Even after a long drive to Tacoma the group’s energy was unwavering. Henry A. and Davern being on the aux was a major contribution to the vibe. Before dinner, we had some chores to do. Even something as simple and mundane as washing the van was exciting and hilarious with this group. Mason went to town with the scrubber while Henry H. hosed it down. I can officially confirm the van has never been this clean. Teddy and Henry A. found a basketball and somehow played a 1 on 1 with no hoop. Life was good and we were content.

For banquet, Molly and I decided we would pair everyone up and have them pick out each other’s outfits. After a quick stop at Goodwill and photoshoot of our ridiculous attire, we went to Cafe Rio for burritos and quesadillas. It was so nice to all sit around a table and eat together. We are so used to bunching up on the ground in our crazy creeks, which is great, but that night we really felt like family.

We made our way home and packed our bags for the final time. Riley and Henry H. led one last beachside Moonup. After a few songs, the question was about our favorite memories and what we will take away from the trip. CJ talked about how he is going to try to make this free time more meaningful.

Madeleine and Anna both agreed about how coming into this they knew each other but have grown even closer. We then picked each person one at a time and went around the circle and told them one thing we love about them. William brought the house down with a few one liners that resulted in many many tears. We once again slept under the stars and soaked up the last little bit of time together.

Molly and I cannot express how much we enjoyed this trip. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. We are eternally grateful for the memories and the time we have spent together. Both of us hope we have impacted their lives as much as they have ours. We cannot wait to see where life will take them and hope we cross paths again. We miss them so much already. To all of you, be happy, be well.


Frankie + Molly

Paddling in Paradise

July 13, 2021

“When the pursuit of natural harmony is a shared journey, great heights can be attained” – Lynn Hill

HELLO again, this time from Friday Harbor! Today we hop on the ferry one last time to Anacortes. The van seems to be the greatest place on earth. Tears are flowing, songs are bumping, happiness is being shared. It doesn’t feel like the trip is just about over. It’s the last thing on everyone’s mind, but it’s also the first. How lucky are we to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard!

The last time we checked in, we were on our way to the islands. When we arrived at Friday Harbor, we drove to park on the beach for lunch. After food, some of us found a patch of sun to nap while everyone else played sand volleyball for what seemed like hours. Teddy was apparently “going off” according to Henry A. Molly and I just sat back and watched. We were so stoked to see the group creating their own fun wherever we went. Later that day we met up with one of our kayak guides, Ruth, to go over some logistics for our paddle the next morning. Unknowingly, she and Molly had been communicating without realizing they knew each other! Ruth was a Moondance leader in 2018, which happen to be Molly’s first year as well! The Moondance world is small but mighty! After a hilarious reunion, we went over our plan for the next couple days. The group discussed tides and currents, charted a course, and passed out dry bags. We learned our final destination would be Jones Island, about a two-hour paddle east of San Juan Island. After some shopping and ice-cream in Friday Harbor, we made our way to our campsite. Davern, Madeleine, and Henry H. made pasta, salad, and garlic bread for dinner. After our bellies were full the group decided to go swimming and hangout on the beach.

We woke up early and excited to claim the day. Breakfast was a beautifully prepared breakfast burrito affectionately known as “The Davis” that over the years Molly has perfected. After stuffing both our mouths and our dry bags, we drove north to Roche Harbor which would be our launch point. The Henrys’ (aka the hive mind as they call themselves) led the unloading of our gear and carted everything to the docks. We met up with our other guide Eric who prepared pita wraps with chips and salsa for lunch. After a calm morning, the group was ready to get after it. We hopped in our boats and set off for Jones. On our way out of the harbor, Ruth went over paddling and channel crossings. We hugged the beautiful coastline to avoid the more turbulent waters of the channel till we couldn’t any longer. We wrapped around a point to which Jones Island then came into view. Our home for the next few days sat in the distance. The group bunched up and prepared to cross Spiden Channel. During our crossing we saw what at first we thought were orcas but turned out to be Harbor Porpoises. They are small dolphins that move in pods of 5-10 and they are not afraid to swim close to humans. Surrounded by porpoises, jellyfish, and seaweed, we pushed on. After an hour and half paddle which normally takes adults 2+ hours (this group is strong if you didn’t know already) we landed on the northside of Jones Island. We unloaded and set ups camp in record time. Everyone relaxed and settled in for the night. Finally, we could take it all in and let out a full breath.

Later that night, our LODs Madeleine and Teddy led a beachside Moonup where we discussed our biggest fears. As darkness approached and the sound of the ocean dulled our senses, we shared. Most everyone danced around the idea of not telling the ones we love that we love them. We feared that we would always continue to struggle to express how much that love means to us. I think the past couple weeks have shown how important it is to love oneself and to pour that energy into the people around us. To spread sunshine and good cheer just for the fun of it. To greet the dawn with a smile and each other with a laugh. We have learned a lot about ourselves and the ones around us. For that we are grateful.

The next day was incredibly chill. It was a nice slow roller of a morning as Molly says. We woke up a little later than usual to breakfast being served. Our plan for the day was a light paddle around the island. Because the kayaks were empty, we felt light as feathers. We took the next couple hours slowly hugging the gorgeous shoreline. Ruth and Eric showed us an abundance of creatures that call the rocks and cliffs of Jones home. We talked about the movement of water around the islands. How features on the bottom cause upwelling currents full of the nutrients which sustain the life that lives in this beautiful place. On the backside of the island, we came upon harbor seals soaking up sun on some rocks. The whole paddle felt like we were in a movie.

Once we landed back in our little cove on the north side, we all decided to “take the rest of the day off”. Riley, Madeleine, and Anna prepared dinner and a show. They were not satisfied with just making pesto pasta and spinach salad, they insisted singing about it was just as essential as the noodles or the sauce. One thing is for sure, we ate well that night. Once the sun started setting, we made our way through the forest to the west side of the island. We walked along rocky coastline till we found a bluff with a view. Mason and Anna couldn’t believe we were not in a different country. It looked like the Mediterranean coastlines you see in the pictures. We all sat down to enjoy the view while Eric and Ruth passed out chocolates. With the sun setting over the islands in the distance, Moonup was truly spectacular. It was a pure and magical moment that none of us will forget. Once it was dark the group went to end of the dock to sit and eventually cry. We all hugged with promises of see each other again and to never forget the past couple weeks we have spent together. That night we slept outside under the stars. Thinking about our place among them and what the future might hold.

Yesterday was a big day. The LODs CJ and Mason led us home. After a rather eventful crossing, which included Teddy and William plowing through a massive wake, we made it safety back to Roche Harbor. We ate lunch and ice-cream and said our final goodbyes to Eric and Ruth. After we headed for home inland and cleaned all our gear. For dinner we had a “Iron Chef” cook off. Davern led a team who made gourmet grilled cheeses and a gram cracker smores dish. Riley led the other group who decided breakfast for dinner was the way to win us over. In the end, Molly and I couldn’t decide who won but clearly no one lost because once again we were eating well!!

The next couple days will be hard. Only because it has been so amazing. Molly and I are so blessed to have this job. It doesn’t feel like work. It feels like living. We are so fortunate to have met these kids and to have shared this experience with them. We will check back airport day for a final update, till then we hope all of you are well.

Frankie and Molly

Greetings from the Top of Mt. Baker!

July 9, 2021

“You might meet a thousand people in the city, but on the mountain you meet the universe”

Hello family and friends! Currently we are sitting in line for the Anacortes Ferry about to head out to the San Juan Islands for sea kayaking. We cannot believe it’s already the last section of the trip!!! The past couple days have been beyond special. The energy in the van is incredible. The music is loud and the laughter is even louder. We have said it before, but we will say it again, this group is so incredibly special and we are very grateful to have each other on this journey.

The last time we checked in, we were heading out to the North Cascades. On the drive north, we had a stunning sunset to the left and a beautiful view of the Cascades to our right. Just then, we got our first glimpse of the mountain that would be our home for the next four days. Mt. Baker towers above the surrounding peaks, sitting at an impressive 10,700 ft! Mouths dropped and nervous laughs broke the silence. It all become very real very fast, but the stoke was high! After three days of backpacking food, followed by a long day of driving, we decided to surprise the group with a much needed dinner at a local drive in burger joint! The crew refueled with some delicious burgers, fries, and milkshakes, savoring our last tastes of fresh food before heading back into the backcountry. We prepped our gear for mountaineering that night with the aid of our headlamps, and wrapped up with a Moonup led by our LOD’s, Teddy and Anna.

The next day, we woke up early and packed up camp just in time to meet up with our four mountaineering guides from Rainier Mountaineering Inc. We played a few name games and could immediately tell that they would not only be incredible guides, but we would all soon become good friends as well. The drive to the trailhead was wild and full of energy! We blasted music the entire way, and everyone was bouncing off the walls with excitement and anticipation. Just before we were about to leave, Madeleine and Henry A. (our LOD’s) led us in a morning huddle to give us the plan for the day, and finished it with an inspirational speech from Henry A. himself. It felt like it was straight out of a movie! We loaded up our packs (which were somewhere around 40-50 lbs!) and headed out into the wilderness. The hike from the trailhead to basecamp has around a 3,000 ft gain in elevation and was one of the hardest days of the entire trip. We crossed rivers, climbed over trees, and hiked along cliff edges, steadily climbing up and up. About halfway through the trek, it opens up and you are able to see Mt. baker in all its glory. No one could believe that in just 48 hours, we would be climbing up to the top of it. Teddy, Christopher (CJ), and Henry H. led the group up a section known as the railroad grade, which is essentially a very narrow ridge line that runs all the way up to basecamp. The rest of the group followed closely behind— we have a very strong group of hikers with us! We are so proud! Even Mason, who was struggling with a tight nerve in her neck, pushed through to 6,000 ft as the group cheered on her arrival. She cried tears of joy! Her attitude and composure even through the toughest of challenges has been incredible. Our camp was nestled in between two ridge lines, with an indescribable view of Mt. Baker to the north. The snow had mostly melted down at our campsite, and we were luckily able to camp on a dirt surface, surrounded by alternating fields of wildflowers and patches of snow. We decided that it felt like we were somewhere in the French Alps, and couldn’t believe that a place this beautiful existed in our backyard!! After an easy cold pizza dinner, more group games, and some tea to wind down the night, Madeleine and Henry A. led Moonup up on the ridgeline, with an unforgettable view of the sunset behind a seemingly endless line of snow capped peaks. It was the group’s first real sunset of the trip, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Our guides joined us for Moonup that night, and we talked about what motivates us while we are climbing. The LOD’s chose Davern and William to lead us the next day through our mountaineering school lessons, and we called it an early night, falling asleep before the sun fully set!

We were lucky enough to be able to sleep in the next morning, using the day to fully rest before our alpine start and summit attempt the following day. Our guides led us through an introduction to mountaineering on the slopes after breakfast, where we learned how to attach our crampons to our mountaineering boots and travel safely on steep snow covered terrain. Once we felt secure traveling as a group up and down the slopes without slipping, we learned the basics of self arrest (what to do if you fall on the glacier) and team arrest (what to do if someone on your rope team falls). To practice this, we carved out large slides in the snow slopes, slid down them, and used our ice axes and crampons to flip over and stop ourselves from falling. We practiced sliding down on our backs, stomachs, feet first, and head first until every single person in the group felt confident in their ability to stop themselves on the snow. Our guides were so attentive, detail oriented, and instilled a confidence in the group that set us up really well for our summit attempt the next day. Finally, to wrap up mountaineering school, we learned how to walk with rope teams (the way that we travel while on the Easton Glacier). Most of the climb up Mt. Baker is done on a glaciated surface, which means there are crevasses all throughout the climb, which is why we hike up in rope teams of four, with each person separated by 25 feet of rope to ensure that we are safe if someone were to fall. After we mastered climbing in our rope teams, we headed back to camp to have a veeeery early dinner and Moonup so that we could get a decent amount of rest before our alpine start! Moonup that night, led by Davern and William, explored what we have learned about ourselves in the past week at Moondance. Madeleine, Anna, and Mason all said that they realized they are capable of accomplishing so much more than they ever thought was possible. These are the comments that fuel us as Moondance leaders! We climbed into our tents that night around 730PM, and rested our bodies until our alpine start wakeup call at 12:30AM the next morning.

We woke up in the dark, surrounded by stars and an unbelievable view of the Milky Way carving straight across the sky. Henry A. was chosen as one of the LOD’s that day for his positive attitude and incredible ability to motivate the group, and Mason was chosen for her perseverance, grit, and positive attitude displayed on our hike up to basecamp. The two of them led us up into the darkness, higher up over the rocky ridge line and onto the Easton Glacier. Once we were at the glacier, we split up into rope teams and started our journey to the summit! The next several hours were spent hiking up in the dark, up icy ridges, and over several small exposed crevasses. The night was a little chilly, but we were able to climb up in our lightest top layer and be okay. Hiking in the darkness was meditative and smooth. It was just one foot in front of the other, steadily climbing up as the sky around us slowly started to brighten. At one point, Riley and I both shed some tears as we looked back at the mountains behind us, and talked about how grateful we were to be here. Teddy and Henry H.’s rope team led the charge the entire way up the mountain, breaking trail into the glacier like pros. We moved along the glacier, across snow bridges suspended over crevasses, and up to the Sherman Crater that sits at around 9,000 ft high. At this point, we caught whiffs the sulfuric steam that was radiating out of the volcano’s crater! We could even see steam coming out if we looked carefully.

Our final stretch of the day was up the Roman Wall, which is a 30 degree icy climb up to the summit. It is the most challenging section of the wall, with several crevasses and steep climbing, but every single person in the group made it up!!! Henry H., Teddy, and Frankie were the first rope team to make it to the top, followed by both all-female rope teams (slay ladies!), and finally CJ, William, and Henry A. We finally all gathered together just under the summit and Henry A. and Mason led us to the real summit! When I tell you that view was magical, I mean it was MAGICAL!!! The skyline at the top opened up to reveal the entire Cascade Range, with views of Mount Rainier, Glacier Peak, Mount Adams, and what felt like hundreds of other peaks. The sky was crystal clear for us. We hugged each other, hooted, hollered, sat at the summit and soaked up the view for a bit, got a group photo, and even left a postcard with our names in the registry box at the top (look us up if you ever make it to the summit!!). We are so incredibly proud of this group for making it to the top. Every single person dug so deep, found grit, strength, and determination within them, and climbed with everything they had. We spent 7 hours overall climbing up to the top, gaining about 6,000 ft in elevation, and around 3-4 hours climbing back down. The climb down was almost just as challenging as the climb up, but again, this group fought through and made it down with positive spirits! Every time we would take a snack/water break together, I didn’t hear a single complaint come from this group, which is very, very special. When we finally made it to camp that afternoon, after about 12 hours on the mountain, we feasted on some lunch, did a footcare routine led by one of our climbing guides, and subsequently passed out for a few hours. A nap has never been so necessary! After a warm mac and cheese dinner, Mason and Henry A. led Moonup at the same spot we did the first night. Only this time the sunset was all the more better. We discussed what everyone’s next big challenge is after having conquered Baker. CJ and a few others mentioned going back to in person school and all of the challenges that it will entail. We all agreed that having pushed mind and body to get to the top, we feel better prepared for anything life could throw at us. For that we are grateful.

There has been so much love and support for one another this trip. It has been a great joy to watch everyone come together these past couple days. We cannot wait to close this trip on the islands. All of us are looking forward to relaxing and just enjoying each others company! It’s safe to say that we went into Baker as a team and came out a family. We as leaders have the beautiful privilege to watch lifelong friendships form right in front of our eyes. We are truly joyful and are beyond grateful for this experience— it is impossible to imagine spending our summer any other way. We will be in touch in a few days and we hope you all are well. Wish for favorable winds and calm currents!



Molly + Frankie

Tidal Treats on the Olympics

July 4, 2021

“Happiness only true when shared” -Christopher McCandless” – Henry H.

This quote hit us so hard at Moonup a few nights ago and we wanted to share! Our group is rockin’ and rollin’, currently driving away from the coast and reflecting on three beautiful days shared together in the backcountry! Frankie and I are feeling so, SO blessed to have this group to share this adventure with. It is day four, and we are all already obsessed with each other! We can’t believe we met just four days ago. It’s safe to say we are fully feeling that Moondance Magic.

As soon as we picked up our crew at the airport, we headed out of the city and out to the Olympic Peninsula. The sky was clear, the views were good, and the car snacks were spot on. We got pizza for dinner, pulled up to the campsite, and immediately got started prepping for backpacking. We learned how to set up a tent, pick out a campsite, what to pack for backpacking, how to pack a pack, hydration, sanitation in the backcountry, and group roles and responsibilities! WHEW. The group was tired, with a lot of jet lag and bloodshot eyes, but we persevered and crushed those lessons!!! The positive energy in this group is beautiful. We didn’t hear one complaint that night, even though we were asking so much of them on day one. We all went down to the dock that night after our packs were packed and had our first Moonup together. We talked about what we are hoping to get out of this trip, and we got some incredible answers. Most of us landed somewhere between wanting to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, connect with people after the past year, and unplugging from our phones. Frankie and I chose Henry H. and Riley to be our first Leaders of the Day, because they showed up the first day with so much energy and positivity, and we couldn’t wait for them to keep it going the next day as leaders!

The next morning, we woke up at 5AM to get ready for the trail (but our group didn’t know that!). They have all commented on the fact that when they don’t know the time, it is so much easier to wake up and get after the day. We love unplugging! Teddy was the first one up, and made us his famous scrambled eggs, while Mason and Anna helped prep fruit, avocados, and toasted English muffins for breakfast! Henry H. and Riley led us in a morning huddle that got us HYPED for the trail and we headed out! The trail was about 7 miles long, and meandered along the Pacific Coastline, hitting the beach and then back up into the tall, looming evergreen forest. The tides were the highest they would be that month, and we challenged our group to make it to camp before getting blocked in by the tides. BOY did they haul! Every single person in the group crushed that hike, leaving no man behind. There were even a few parts of the trail where we had to climb up the steep cliffside along fixed ropes, and everyone breezed through it! We took one “packs off” break when made our final descent out of the woods and down to the beach and took a moment to explore some exposed tide pools. We saw at least 15 starfish and what felt like hundreds of anemones along the rocks! It was stunning. Anna, Riley, Madeleine, Mason, and Davern all came with me on a girls trip to collect water from the stream on the south side of the beach while the boys stayed back and finished setting up camp. Once we finally got our group chores done, it was time to HANG on the beach. We had decided earlier that morning that lightweight packs were overrated and brought a soccer ball and frisbee along with us on our trip. It’s safe to say that was the best decision we ever made! The crew played soccer and cards while the Anna, Teddy, and Mason helped me make fajita bowls for dinner. After dinner, we all went down to the beach to play games, which ended up lasting almost three and a half hours! Anna introduced us to the game “Signs” (our newest obsession) and we played on the beach until it got so dark that we physically couldn’t see each other anymore! We eventually made it back to camp to have our first Moonup of backpacking, where Henry H. first shared that Christopher McCandless quote. Riley and Henry H. picked CJ and Mason to be our second set of LOD’s, for their positive attitude and willingness to always lend a helping hand to the group. As we shared our Moonup answers, the fog rolled in over the sea stacks out in the Pacific and sent us to bed with an absolutely stunning view.

Teddy was the first one up the next morning by a mile! He immediately ran up to me and mentioned he found a bald eagle perching on his nest, so we took the camera and got out there. Turns out, Teddy is an incredible photographer, and continued to take beautiful photos of the group throughout the day! The rest morning was slow, but the rest was much needed. We all gathered in our “kitchen” and shared some chocolate chip pancakes that Davern (our resident pancake expert) and Teddy whipped up. They were perfectly browned, had the exact right number of chocolate chips in them, and made us feel good and excited for the day! Post-breakfast meant game time. There was an EPIC soccer match on the beach pitch in the afternoon that got everyone in the group amped. The game was TIGHT, but Davern came away with the winning goal!!! CJ, William, and I went off during low tide to explore some of the tide pools, and we found sooooo many goodies. We saw several hermit crabs, sand crabs, anemones, tiny fish, a green crab???, and some sea snails! It was awesome.

Later on, that day, Henry A., Henry H., Frankie, and I all went down to the beach to get some journaling time in. Davern then brought out her scrimshaw kit, which was INCREDIBLE, and took the time to teach us all how to create beautiful art on the side of a piece of bone! Riley carved a lovely scene of the sea stacks into her piece, and Frankie carved a pod of orcas into his. We finally went up to the beach to get some quesadillas (yum!) prepared by Frankie and Davern and spent the rest of the afternoon (you guessed it) playing endless rounds of games! We truly can’t stop. This group is goofy, loud, mildly competitive, and would play games until the morning hours if we didn’t eventually make them go to bed! Dinner that night was prepared by CJ, Madeleine, Henry A., and William. Henry A., CJ, and William chopped up all of the onion, peppers, broccoli, carrots, chicken, and mushrooms, while Madeleine whipped up the stir fry. It smelled so good! We loaded up our bowls and had an incredible last feast on the beach. Moonup that night was led by Mason and CJ, who prompted us to think about what we want to achieve in our lifetime. It was such a good Moonup question that had us stumped! We talked about love, success, work-life balance, and overall long term happiness. So much to explore in that question and I loved that the LODs chose to take us there!

The next morning (this morning) was an eaaaaaaarly start, but the group packed up quick and we headed back up the coast! 7 miles of coastal backpacking in by 10AM??? No problem!!! This group killed it! I couldn’t believe the pace they had set. Seeing their determination and grit throughout backpacking, Frankie and I are even more stoked to bring them up Baker. We know that this group has what it takes! Everyone seems so excited and grateful to be here, and that positive energy is fueling our group. Have I mentioned that we are obsessed with each other?? Anyways, we are off to Baker, blasting music, singing constantly, and getting each other stoked for our big climb up to basecamp tomorrow!!!! We’ll check back in a few days, wish us luck!

Molly + Frankie



HAPPY BIRTHDAY Momma!! and also happy fourth. I am having a great time here. We started with back packing and now we are about to climb Baker. I have already made some good friends from all over the states. Love You – Teddy

Happy fourth of July parents. We are going to climb Mt. Baker in a couple days. Miss you – Henry H

Hey mom and dad, we are going to summit mount baker in a few days, thats going to be quite tubular. I’ll tell you all the stories when I get home! –William

Hi Mom and Dad! This trip has been absolutely amazing. We are on day 5 and are about to tackle Baker. The first day we hiked 7 miles at 5:30 am in the Olympic Park. The views were to die for. Yesterday we backpacked 7 miles back and then drove to Seattle. We went to a diner for dinner and had the best shakes I’ve ever had. Today we backpack to base camp on Baker. We have to wear cramp-ons, glacier boots, harnesses and helmets. We’re also using ice-axes for the glacier. I’m so excited to push myself during the next couple of days. I can’t wait to see you all when I get back! Tell Sebastian I love him and that I hope his Chinese Camp is fun. I love you always. – Davern

Hey mom and dad and MJ. Today is the 4th of July as of writing this and we have just finished our hike and we are starting our climb on mount baker. I hope you guys are doing some fun stuff today too back in VA. I have been having a great time with this group so far. I didn’t think everyone would be so cool but we all get along great. I will try to take photos but Molly and Frankie have taken a lot of good pictures too and I keep forgetting to take my camera out. I am super excited for this climb. we can talk more next week when I am home cya 🙂 –CJ

Hey mom and dad hope y’all are having a great 4th of July at the lake and tell my friends hello. I am having sooo much fun and really excited for the rest of the trip. –Mason

Hey Mom I hope you’re having fun at the beach! Im having a great time, Teddy is in my group and a girl named Mason knows Sam K too. I miss you so much. hey maaadddyyy ill see you at the airport.- anna

Hey mom and dad! I miss you guys! But am having the time of my life, everyone is so amazing here and the energy is insane and I’m so good at waking up early now. Tell luke, billy, and joey i miss them.  Also can you make sure bennett is there when you guys pick me up at the airport! love you! – riley j

Hey mom and dad and max, I hope the road trip is going well. I miss and love y’all. I’m having so much fun. Tell Grandma happy birthday. Also hi maddy i’ll see you at the airport. – madeleine 

hey mom and dad whats up with you guys. happy 4th to the family and i miss you guys so much. hope churchill and georgia are good. today when i am writing this when i am climbing Mount Baker. We are glacier climbing and it is going to be so fun. I just wanted to write this to you to let you know how i am doing and what i am doing. love you guys so much. – Henry A

All Have Arrived!

June 30, 2021

Hello Olympics 2B Families!

The whole group arrived safely in Seattle, and they are headed to their first campsite! We have heard from our leaders that the trip is off to a great start, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting at least three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks. This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shoutout mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what were up to this summer!!

-Moondance HQ


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