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Big Wild 3A • July 13-July 26, 2021

Final Goodbyes

July 27, 2021

Hello Big Wild families! Unfortunately, our time with your kids has come to an end. We would like to thank you, with sincerity, for sharing them with us for the past few weeks.


We have had such an amazing past few days full of laughs and great times. After our rafting adventure, we road tripped back to Jackson! During our car ride, James and Daniel expanded our rap music repertoire, while Catherine and Hunter sang karaoke to some old Disney classics. Our ride got even more exciting when Henry announced that he had lost his last baby tooth! Once we arrived at our halfway-point campsite, we grilled hotdogs and made a veggie platter before the highlight of the night… showers! We woke up early the following day to finish our drive and started our morning with an introduction to Grace and Gingers favorite band, Laundry Day. Once we finally rolled into Jackson, we ate lunch at a local sandwich shop where everyone created their own sandwich and later showed off their “masterpieces”. Afterwards, the boys and girls split up into two groups and we hit the town! Owen and James snagged some local Jackson hole apparel and Marley bought a gift for his dad. On the other side of town the girls were filling up on some delicious ice cream from Jackson Pharmacy. Eliza made us all jealous with her double scoops waffle cone of coffee and chocolate ice cream.


That evening, we had our banquet dinner at a Mexican restaurant named Picas. Janie and Alex had the famous chicken enchiladas while Hunter claimed the chicken and cheese quesadillas to be the best order. After a long, fun final dinner we jammed out to all our favorite songs of the trip as we made our way back to our campsite. We ended the night with a special final Moonup led by Hunter and Henry. Although there were some tears of sadness from having to part ways, we had an incredible night and trip full of memories. Once again, thank you for allowing us to share this experience with your kids – we loved every minute!


– Lily Grace and Sam


Rock Climbing in the Tetons!

July 20, 2021

Hello Big Wild A Families!


After completing our amazing backpacking section, we headed to the Jackson Hole Rodeo to cheer on the bull riders and try the famous Cowboy BBQ sandwich. All the girls of the group walked out of the rodeo looking fabulous in their new, matching cowboy hats. Early the next morning we began our climbing adventure in Teton Village with a beautiful gondola ride up the mountains to our first climbing location. After a short hike up, we learned all about linking knots and the safety regarding big wall climbing! We had amazing instructors that taught everyone how to communicate whilst climbing, how to tie proper climbing knots and how to belay each other.

Eliza and Alex competed in a knot tying race once they mastered the figure eight and overhand knot. The race was a close call but Eliza is our reigning knot tying champion! After getting basics down, the group got acquainted with new climbing gear; we learned how to use the special sticky climbing shoes to walk on the rock without any foot holds and attempted some bouldering. After tackling the boulder problems, the group learned how to hip belay and rappel – this was definitely a highlight of the day! Feeling confident with our new climbing skills, we completed our first multi-pitch climb. It was really exciting and special to see the students overcome their fears of heights and light up as they reached the top of the mountain.

Next on our agenda was the much anticipated rappelling section.  Marley was first to rappel, making the difficult task look easy! The students had an amazing first day of climbing and were all so open to challenges that the day held. That evening at camp we enjoyed some free time which we filled with hanging in the Enos and playing an intense game of spike ball. For dinner James, Grace, and Eliza showed off their cooking skills and crafted us some homemade mini pizzas.

Our second day of climbing brought us deeper into Teton National Park with some tough level two climbing! As we split up into groups, everyone took on a different climbing route that all led to the top of the beautiful Hidden Falls waterfall. Owen and Hunter began their day taking on bouldering. They put their new skills into practice and conquered multiple climbs utilizing all their new techniques! On the other side of the mountain Marley, James and Alex took on a tough 5.7 climb called Open Book, named for the ‘crack’ style of climbing required to get to the top. Another highlight of the day was watching Catherine, Janie and Hunter belay each other up Bat Slab after crushing the technical climb to the top. Henry and Daniel were next up and crushed the six pitch climb named Tree. Midway through their climb they got to enjoy some shade from the famous tree that sits on a ledge in the middle of the rocky, mountain face.

At the end of the day, the group met up and took on a huge overhanging rappel. Janie, Grace and Ginger were all pros, tackling the rappel with record speed! We had to end of our climbing section with a celebratory ice cream stop at Jackson Hole Pharmacy and Italian dinner.

We are now headed to the Salmon River in Idaho for some awesome white-water rafting!

Until next time,

Lily Grace + Sam

Wild Times in the Winds!

July 18, 2021

Hello BGW 3A families!

After an exciting day of arriving in Jackson and meeting everyone, the group hit the road to Pinedale, Wyoming for our first night camping under the stars. We stopped on the way to pick up some delicious pizza and then we’re greeted at our campsite by a beautiful horse that the group named Cleo. We woke up energized and excited for the day and began with the duffel shuffle, learning how and what to pack for backpacking, which the students picked up incredibly fast. Packed up and ready to go, the group began our first day trekking into the beautiful Wind River Range. Our group was led by our first LODs, Leaders of the Day, Eliza and Daniel who did an amazing job guiding us to our campsite with their newly learned map and compass skills. Our hike to the campsite was challenging and long, around 7 miles, but the whole group had incredible attitudes and were so appreciative of the nature around them. We hiked up upon a crystal-clear lake lined with perfect climbing rocks and surrounded by sprawling hills, and the students were so excited to learn that would be our campsite for the next two nights. We spent the remainder of the afternoon learning to fly fish and enjoying each other’s company by the lake. We ended this amazing, packed day with a fajita dinner prepared by Hunter, Catherine and Alex, our cooking crew for the night.

We woke up early on day two and took our momentum from the day before to conquer the Warrior II summit. The group was excited and eager for our big day and didn’t lose their smiles even through the hard times. On our way up, we took a long water break at a scenic overlook with snow patches which made the perfect set up for an impromptu snowball fight instigated by Owen and James. After everyone had received a face full of snow at least once, we pushed on up the mountain. I want to emphasize how steep and challenging this summit is, and that every single student was incredibly positive and supportive of each other. They really came together and looked out for each other to ensure that everyone successfully made it to the top. Marley absolutely killed it and led the group the whole way up with ease and never failed to cheer his friends on as they came up. After a long, tough morning the summit was extremely rewarding. We sat at the top, in awe of the stunning landscape below us, and ate our picnic lunch. After we descended back down to camp, we spent the afternoon by the lake. Daniel impressed us all with his natural flyfishing skills, as it seemed he caught a fish every time he casted his line into the water. At the other end of the lake Janie, Catherine and Ginger were cooling off with a swim in the lake; they quickly discovered that this dip in the lake was more of a polar plunge! Exhausted from the day, we turned in early after filling up on stir fry made by Henry and Grace.

The following morning was definitely a highlight of the trip; we slept in, being naturally woken up by the sun, and enjoyed a long, leisurely morning of pancakes and music. The students were amazed by Sam’s ability to flip not just one but three pancakes all at once! We packed up camp and said goodbye to our beautiful lake, but we’re happy to discover that our next campsite was near V Lake. This time around the whole group participated in the polar plunge and could not stop laughing at everyone’s reaction to the cold water. Freezing after our dip in the lake, we bundled up, sat around in our crazy creeks, and ate our final dinner in the backcountry. The next morning was bittersweet as we trekked out of the Wind River Range and drove into Jackson. We had a fun, celebratory lunch stop at The Burger Barn where many students ordered, and conquered, the famous double bacon burger. Although we are sad to leave our backpacking section, we are excited to switch gears and head to Grand Teton National Park for our climbing section!

– Lily Grace & Sam

All Have Arrived!

July 13, 2021

Hello Big Wild Families!

The whole group arrived safely in Jackson today, and are off on their adventure! We have heard from our leaders that the trip is off to a great start, and we cannot wait to hear more stories from their adventure.

Please remember our leaders and students will be unplugged during their trips but we will be posting up to three trip updates throughout the next couple of weeks! This will allow you to follow along with the trip and the students will also give a special shout out mid-way through! You can also follow us on Instagram, @moondanceadventures, to see more of what we are up to this summer!

– Moondance HQ


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