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Mountains to Sea 3 • July 16-July 29, 2019

Mountains to Sea, Signing Off!

July 29, 2019

We’ve done it all: climbed mountains, rafted some serious whitewater, and caught gnarly waves. But more importantly, we laughed a lot, we learned from each other, and we became a family as we trekked from the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi River to the sandy shores of Charleston. Some days were tough, don’t get me wrong, there were some tears too, but these tears fell because at times we missed the folks we love back home and on the last day in the airport we realized that tomorrow we won’t all be together when we wake up.

I will miss so many things about this group, from our deep conversations as we prepared meals, to our van rides jamming to our favorite songs. I’ll miss watching the students push themselves and conquer new things that they never thought they could – whether that was climbing to new heights, riding another wave to shore, or paddling through whitewater, our group never failed to impress Liv and me. It was such a pleasure to spend these last two weeks leading alongside these kind, intelligent, and hilarious young people.

Sweet Audrey was such a joy to have on this journey. She knew how to have fun and made sure all were included. I think my favorite thing was her ability to not take herself too seriously and how she was always her goofy self. 

Sky radiated positivity throughout the trip. Her kind eyes always offered support to anyone in need and it was so incredible to see her capacity to care for her peers. She  has a big heart and will be missed by us all.

I’ll miss Jonathan’s jokes. His quick wit brightened every situation, especially on othe second to last night when we had the students play “Iron Chef” (a game where the students are split into two teams that each must make a meal for judging). Jonathan led his team to a glorious victory, meaning they didn’t have to do the dishes!

Caroline was so kind to each of us. At our final Moonup she shared that she learned how important it is to be her true self always and Liv and I were so touched. But truly, we were the lucky ones as we watched her grow as the trip progressed. 

Ryder was our fearless athlete. No challenge was too great or height too high in her eyes. She scaled Looking Glass’s north face many times and took the leap of faith at the US National Whitewater Center on our final day. She set her goal at the beginning of that last day to jump from the 100 foot tower and we were so proud when we saw her step up to the edge with her chin high, ready to conquer this final task.

Trent also stood out as one of the athletes among our group. He approached each adventure activity with confidence and was quick to hop back in line and climb again or tackle the next obstacle course. It was awesome to watch him power through every challenge this trip presented.

Maya is a student I won’t soon forget. She can be summed up with one word: fabulous. Maya had the perfect blend of sweet with a little spice as she is a young girl who is so sure of herself already that she had no problem speaking her mind. It was so refreshing to hear her share her thoughts and find that the commentary often aligned with exactly what Liv and I were thinking about the same situation.

Hatcher, like Sky, showed that he had such a big heart. Throughout the trip, we would see him going out of his way to be sure everyone had been heard. His sense for taking care of others is not only admirable but also a quality we look for when we staff our trips. I do hope he continues to develop this quality, as he has such a strong foundation already. 

Elina has such a great attitude, always. There was never a moment she didn’t enjoy, never a moment when she wasn’t smiling, and never a moment that she wasn’t making every effort to embrace our Moondance philosophy: Live in the Moment. She tried so many new things in these last two weeks and it was so great to be beside her as she had these new experiences.

Reed was an impressive athlete too and though he is not the most outspoken member of our group, whenever he did speak his peers respected what he had to say. He always lent a helping hand and Liv and I always appreciated his calm demeanor on what can only be described as a once in a lifetime, though sometimes hectic, journey.  

Isobel showed maturity beyond her years and Liv and I found ourselves carrying conversations with her as if she was a third leader on our trip, rather than a student. Her humor and the way her face lights up every time she laughed will be missed as we all part ways.

And of course Ledare was such a great student. She quickly made close friends with all the girls on our trip and really held the entire group together. We are so grateful that she chose to join us and I consider myself lucky that I can now call her a friend.

Alas, this was our crew, a motley bunch from all over the southeast. We were so different, but became so close over these two weeks. Liv and I will always cherish the memories we made with your children. Thank you so much for trusting us with their care. We both agree that we would do it all over again given the chance. 

As this is our final update for this trip, I do hope you’ve enjoyed following our group. With heavy hearts and 12 new friends, Liv and I wish you the absolute best. 

Kindest regards,


Sam & Liv

Hanging Ten with Mountains to Sea!

July 27, 2019

Surf’s up here at the famed Folly Beach! The past couple days have been full of gnarly waves, paddle board headstands, and many laughs as we conclude our time in Charleston.

Truly, we couldn’t have asked for better weather while here – highs just reaching the mid-eighties and low humidity. Our guides throughout our time here were quick to point out that this is not the norm this time of year. To show our appreciation we were sure to soak up as much of these beautiful conditions as possible.

For our first surf lesson we rose early in anticipation of the activity to come. Breakfast that morning consisted of yogurt, granola, fresh fruit, and conversation covering any and all previous surfing experience. Some of our crew has been to some incredible places already and we were so excited to see them show us their skills. Ryder did not disappoint as she was one of the first to pop up. Our guides even commented on how natural she looked riding the waves into the shore.

Our boys proved to be quick learners. Jonathan and Trent mastered the techniques, allowing them more time to put their new skills to the test. They paddled out in-line with the guides and were ready when the sets started rolling by. One after another these boys caught their first ever waves! The group was so impressed. Inspired by these feats, it was Hatcher’s turn to pop up and cruise all the way to shore. Reed popped up too and soon enough our whole group of guys were riding the same wave, which our guides let us know is called riding the “party wave” in the surfing community.

The girls were just as impressive. Sky caught waves all day, making it look easy. She was quick to paddle back out after each wave brought her in and likely had the most riding time of our entire group. She had a smile on her face the whole time too, it was so fun to watch. I should note here, for those who haven’t surfed before, it is a sport that is deceptively difficult – the entire time you are in the water you are battling waves, paddling against the current, and keeping your head on a swivel so you don’t find yourself in another surfer’s path. For a group of students where almost everyone was new to this activity, we were so impressed by the end of the day to see so many folks catching waves.

After the morning lesson, it was time for lunch on the beach and a walk through the little Folly Beach town. We had the opportunity to stop for snow cones and Maya devoured her special cherry cola flavored shave ice and took a few cute pictures with her new pair of fancy sunglasses. We were all rejuvenated by this break and soon began to get excited for our paddle boarding lesson along the Folly River. The weather was still as beautiful (and uncharacteristic of Charleston this time of year) as can be and we were ready to dip our paddles into the glassy waters running along the interior of the island.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) requires a lot of balance and some patience too, as you often find yourself taking a few unexpected plunges when you first paddle out. True to this norm, our group made a few waves as they lost balance and splashed down. Isobel stood as an exception to this right of paddle-boarding passage as she didn’t fall once on her own accord. Leading the pack, she was one of the first to encounter dolphins on our tour. Their sleek gray bodies began breaking the water’s surface not ten feet from the front of her board! It was incredible! The dolphins stuck with us throughout this journey and could often be spotted feeding right in front of the group.

Since our group was so skilled with the traditional paddle boarding style, we decided to push ourselves and try balancing on our heads instead of our feet! Caroline, who we knew to be athletic from her talk of competitive cheering back home, easily found  her center and held the headstand long enough for a few photos. Ledare was also a natural at the headstand and was able to stay straight upside down for longer than anyone else.

Our paddling experience was one for the books and everyone left the river feeling stronger and more confident in their ability to maneuver throughout the water. After dropping our paddles and lifejackets back at the SUP office, we drove back to camp to take refreshing showers and change into dry comfy clothes. For dinner we made southwestern macaroni and cheese and everyone enjoyed trying a unique twist on a classic dish. After dinner we built a fire in our campsite’s fire pit and enjoyed roasting marshmallows to make s’mores! All of the day’s activities wiped us out and we fell fast asleep as soon as we crawled into our tents.

This morning we had another favorite breakfast of peanut butter burritos with apples, bananas, and granola. Ready to hit the waves for our second day in a row, we hopped in the van and headed straight to Folly beach. Today, Audrey was the first in the water and showed us all up by catching even more waves than yesterday! We all watched her perfect form and tried to recreate it in our own way to ride the waves as smoothly as possible. Elina quickly caught her own wave and rode it into shore with a huge smile plastered across her face. By now, we were all surfing like pros and our guides acknowledged what quick learners we had in our group.

After few hours filled with paddling and cutting through the ocean on our boards, we had another delicious lunch on the beach, splashed in the waves, and soaked up some rays. Tired from our time in the sun, we walked back to the van and are now on our way back up north to Charlotte! Although we only have a short time left together, we’re having a blast and living every moment to the fullest. We will send you a final update after we send your sweet chickens back home!

Hang ten,

Sam & Liv

Sea Kayaking Success!

July 26, 2019

Chirp chirp parents,

Believe it or not, we’ve spent the last few days birding on the shore of South Carolina. We have officially ventured from the mountains to the sea! Our minds are full of new knowledge about historic Charleston and the wildlife surrounding the area. Our whole group has loved lounging in the warm salty water and we’re excited to spend the next few days in this charming city.

We were greeted by a thunderstorm our first night in Charleston but that didn’t keep us from having a blast! After a silly Moonup, Sam and I treated our chickens to a late-night ice cream run accompanied by sing alongs to some of the group’s favorite songs. I’ve never screamed the lyrics to Wagon Wheel louder than when we returned to camp and continued our shenanigans in the van. Hatcher impressed us by belting out all the lyrics to Take Me Home, Country Roads when the classic John Denver came on. Tired from our long drive and singing our hearts out, we crawled into our tents and quickly fell asleep.

We awoke with a curious anticipation for the day to come and made our way to meet our Coastal Expedition guides, Anna and Dallas, for a boat ride through the marshes of a local estuary. After sunblock o’clock, we wandered onto our boat and began our tour to start our birding adventures. Jonathan was sure to point out all the different birds we could see from the deck of the boat and our guides were quick to name off not only the common species name, but also the Latin nomenclature.

Only a few minutes into the water expedition we encountered a glorious animal sighting: bottlenose dolphins! After taking a few pictures, Isobel told us about her close encounters with dolphins, very similar to the ones we were watching, in her home state. She impressed is all with her knowledge of the ocean and her experiences with aquatic wildlife.

A few dolphin and dozens of bird sightings later, we made it to our destination for the afternoon: Bull’s Island. We started our tour of the island by taking a quick dip in the water! Caroline and Ledare led the pack of swimmers for our first time in the Charleston bay and we were not disappointed by the bath-like temperatures of the sea. After a while of paddling about, our guides led us on a hike to see the northern part of the beach. On our walk, we encountered two volunteers that moved sea turtle eggs to keep them away from predators and in a safe nesting location. We got to touch some of the eggs and were surprised to see they looked just like a ping pong ball!

On the hike, we had a challenge to see who could find the prettiest sea shell. It was a close competition but Sky and Maya ended up winning with two beautiful shells that the guides said we could take home with us. We even encountered a shipwreck on the side of the beach that looked years old but had only been there for a few months. Everything we learned about the island fascinated us and it was a hard goodbye when the boat returned to pick us up and bring us back to the mainland.

Our water adventures did not end there, though. When we got back to the van, we beelined it to Folly beach where we spent hours swimming about in the ocean. The boys tried endlessly to tackle Sam into the water and Trent and Reed almost succeeded but Sam was able to escape just in time to avoid dunking under. Overall, Folly beach was lovely and we can’t wait to return in a few days to surf and paddle board!

Today we woke up with a bangin’ breakfast of cheesy grits with smoked andouille sausage in true southern fashion. Elina enjoyed the meal so much she immediately came back for seconds, being reminded of her Louisiana roots. After bowls were emptied, we loaded up the van for another full day on the water. We made our way down to Shem Creek and met up with the same guides from yesterday to begin our sea kayaking section. We learned some paddling techniques and were on the water quicker than you can say pelican (a bird we saw plenty of on the water).

Reed was a master at steering in no time and used the pedals to control his rudder seamlessly. We flew down the creek to the open ocean and continued our birding throughout the entire trip. On the way we had dolphins swim right next to our boat and it was the closest many of us had ever been to this marine species. Once in the bay, Audrey showed off her swimming skills and took a dunk in the water to cool off from the warm weather. She got back into her kayak quickly and we paddled back to our base for lunch.

After lunch, we continued kayaking to reach a beautiful shaded area to relax and take a few moments of silence to enjoy the sounds of the water and animals around us. On the way back, we made a giant barge out of all our kayaks and floated down the river as a unit. We said goodbye to Dallas and Anna and thanked them for all their knowledge before making our way to downtown Charleston. Ryder had visited a few months before so she showed is around the local market where we bought trinkets and gifts for friends back home. We ended our town day relaxing by a local pineapple fountain and enjoying the waterfront of the city.

We truly cannot wait for our next few days surfing and paddle boarding and will be sure to update you all after our activities!


Liv & Sam

Rocks Rock!

July 23, 2019

Hello again!

We’re writing from the road on the way to Charleston to give y’all a quick update on our latest activities. 

We had such a big day on the Nantahala, ending perfectly with a zip-line and ropes course adventure just off the water. Our group expertly tackled each obstacle with Maya leading the charge. She flew down the zip-line with a grin from ear to ear and hopped onto the course, eager for the challenge. Reed was excited for the course too, and he faced each obstacle fearlessly. In the end he had time to complete the entire course over again. He and Jonathan pushed each other to be stronger and move quicker with each obstacle attempted. Jonathan’s high energy and encouragement of others throughout the course eventually earned him the LOD title for the next day.  

Our next day’s activity was rock climbing on one of the famed faces in the Pisgah National Forest. Climbing is always a telling activity in that it brings a group together and allows for students to step up as leaders in different ways. For some students, this is the chance to shine athletically, for others it is the time to conquer a fear, and still for others it is the time to support and encourage a new friend. For all students it is rewarding. We are so fortunate to have this group, as every single student thrived in one or more of these important roles. 

Rock climbing was a new activity to many folks, but we were all excited to climb on the real rocks. Audrey mentioned earlier in the trip that she didn’t love heights, but by the end of the activity she had conquered her fear and climbed to the top of one of the more challenging routes. We are so proud of her! Isobel was worried about the heights too, but she wasn’t going to let this fear stop her from enjoying this once in a lifetime experience. When Isobel wasn’t climbing, she was cheering along someone else. It was so great to see our group fostering this positivity and helping each other reach the top. Whether the folks on the ground were holding rope or searching for footholds to shout up to the climber, everyone was in this together.

Ledare and Sky each had great days at the climbing site. These ladies were some of the first students to belay or backup belay their peers, proving that they were selflessly willing to help the other members of our crew. They also climbed most of the set routes and were smiling big when they reached the top and looked out above the treetops at the incredible forest view. Before them lay trees so dense that they form a lush blanket spreading far across the rolling hills of North Carolina. Truly, it was a beautiful sight to behold on such a beautiful day and we were so lucky to spend it all together.

After lunch we said goodbye to our climbing guides who were so kind and set out for Sliding Rock. This natural water slide is tucked away deep in the backwoods and is a popular spot for the knowledgeable locals with good reason. Though the water can be a little chilly, it is incredibly refreshing as you slip down the weathered rock. Elina loved the activity and was quick to hop back in line to slide again. She was followed closely by Caroline who chose to slide with a few other girls interlocking arms. There was a healthy amount of excited squealing to be heard as all the girls splashed down into the cold pool at the base of the rock. After a couple chances to slide down our group reluctantly made our way back to the van, pleasantly tired from a long day. 

The group did such a great job that we decided they had earned a treat. We looked up a local dairy bar and figured it was the perfect spot to stop for ice cream. There’s nothing quite like a scoop or two of your favorite flavor after such an active day. Hatcher chose to be bold and try the special for the day: cotton candy swirl. He said it was delicious! With full bellies, we decided it was time to head back to camp and have Moonup, which was the perfect end to this great day.

We slept in this morning for the first time on the trip and elected to start the day with a hearty pancake breakfast prepared by our LODs Trent and Ryder. Trent decided that he would offer custom pancake creations with various topping options: blueberries, peanut butter, and m&m’s. Everyone loved them! Ryder was the first student to be elected LOD a second time, and Liv and I can see that even without the title she carries herself as a leader among her peers.

Now as we enter the third and final state we’ll visit on this trip, I have to say goodbye until our next update. We hope y’all are doing well back home and we have so many new stories to tell when we return.

From Chucktown with Love,

Sam and Liv

Mountain Time!

July 21, 2019

Howdy folks!

After a successful summit of Mt. Mitchell, our group felt accomplished as ever and was ready to take on the trek back to the front country. Our morning consisted of packing up the campsite with Ryder leading the group, showing off her expert stuffing skills, and managing to fit all her gear in her backpack on the first try. Once everyone’s bags were all strapped down, we hit the trail with the fastest pace yet on our trip! We only took a few quick breaks to hydrate and fuel up on snacks and made it back to the van in no time. Trent was the first in line on the trail the whole time and let out a giant whoop of excitement when we reached the parking lot.

Since we had been living out of our backpacks the previous few days, everyone was eager to open the U-Haul to find our duffels and reorganize gear and change into some fresh clothes. Ward, as one of the Leaders of the Day, was eager to help everyone find their duffel and was an amazing help when it came time to repack all of our belongings. Soon we were back on the road headed for our next destination in a whole other state: the Ocoee River in Tennessee!

It was a long drive, but it was supplemented with a great playlist of songs that we jammed to the entire time. Time flew by and we crossed the border into Tennessee and were soon at our campsite for the night. As Elina helped us prepare a delicious spaghetti with hearty marinara for dinner, everyone else jumped in the shower to wash off all the hard work we had built up from backpacking the past three days. After everyone had gotten squeaky clean, we ate dinner and ended the evening with a great Moonup discussing what we would do if we had a whole day to do whatever we wanted.

The next morning the leaders of the day, Maya and Sky, whipped up a scrumptious breakfast involving peanut butter, cinnamon apples, and granola. It was the perfect fuel for a fun-filled day playing in the rapids of the Ocoee on our whitewater rafting trip! We met our guides and had a quick safety briefing before being fitted for life jackets and helmets. A quick bus ride later we were at the put-in for the day and practiced using our whole bodies to row as a team and then tossed our rafts in the water to began our journey!

The first half of our trip consisted of major rapids, and running the 1996 Olympic kayaking course. We were proud to call ourselves Olympic athletes after everyone successfully made it through! Trent sat in the front of his raft and excelled as a pacemaker for rowing and braved much of the splashing water as we ripped through the current. Before pulling over for lunch, the guides informed us it was a good time to take a quick dip in the water and Reed immediately lunged off the boat and started swimming! Everyone else soon followed suit and we all splashed around until we had to swim to shore for a lovely meal provided by our rafting company.

We enjoyed sandwiches, chips, and cookies with our guides but were eager to return to the water to continue our escapades down the river. After lunch we ran even more rapids and had another chance to jump in the water. Many laughs were shared and river games played but we finally reached the take-out and had to part ways with both our boats and our guides.

We changed into dry clothes and hopped in the van on our way back to North Carolina. We reached our campsite and Sam, alongside the leaders of the day, started prepping for an All-American cookout consisting of burgers (regular and veggie), hot dogs, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and watermelon! While dinner was grilling, Hatcher headed a game of Capture the Flag using bucket hats as flags. We split into two teams and used the entirety of the campsite as our playing field. Isobel played an awesome defense, protecting her flag while the rest of her team was stuck in jail on the other side of the field. We shared a delectable dinner together and had Moonup which was concluded with our favorite game Audrey taught us all: warewolf.

Our morning today started with vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit, and packing up our tents and duffel bags. We had a quick jaunt over to the Nantahala Outdoor Center where we geared up to spend the day in ducky boats on the Nantahala river! The water was quite a few degrees colder than yesterday but that didn’t stop Jonathan from jumping in the water as much as possible! It took some adjusting to navigate the water on our own but Caroline quickly got the hang of it and showed everyone how to paddle correctly. Ledare had the biggest smile on her face while we were duckying. We finished our ducky trip and celebrated by attacking a ropes course that tested our climbing skills!

We’re currently on the move to our next destination where we will put our recently learned skills to the test: rock climbing! It’s been an absolute joy spending this adventure with your spunky kiddos and cannot wait to update y’all about our upcoming activities.


Liv & Sam

Making Memories in the Mountains!

July 19, 2019

Annnnd we’re off! All thirteen students traveled to CLT to meet us, some from far and some from quite close. All excited for this adventure.

Our second day begins with a big breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches prepared by our first Leaders of the Day (LOD’s), Ryder and Caroline. These gals are no strangers to Moondance and truly embody everything we hope to teach on these trips. They are outgoing, kind, and aware of themselves and the needs of other group members. Liv and I were excited to see them showing our crew the ropes on the first day of our backpacking section! Sky embodies these qualities too and brings all of the positive vibes to the group. She is always smiling and has an easy laugh that spreads to the rest of our group as soon as she begins. We can’t wait to laugh more with her as this trip unfolds.

Before we hit the trail, we asked the group who had been on an overnight backpacking trip before. A few hands shot up, but most stated that this would be their first. We are so happy to introduce many of these young folks to something we love so much.

Our first few steps onto the trail we meet a “new” student who calls herself ‘Adventure Audrey.’ She loves hiking and can often be seen enjoying one of the many spectacular views atop the ridge line we followed to our first camp. She and Isobel don’t see this lush green wilderness back home. Isobel is quite the adventurer too, she has yet to shy away from a task at hand and is always ready with a positive attitude. These girls will do great on this journey.

Most of our boys also don’t hail from states with this much green. On the trail, we overhear them expressing how incredible it is to see so many trees and to smell the freshness that only a forest after a light rain can produce. Hatcher remarked that he had never smelled something quite like this. He was reminded of hunting in the woods back home but noted that the terrain couldn’t be more different. Jonathan agreed and it was so great to watch these two guys experiencing a place so new to them and so close to Liv and my hearts. Jonathan can be a big jokester and his humor carried the group throughout the small drizzle that greeted us on the first day. Rain is to be expected along the famed Mountains to Sea trail, and we were so happy to see how everyone welcomed this weather with positive attitudes, as it cooled us down to a perfect hiking temperature.

Trent and Reed proved to be strong hikers, finding the task more difficult than expected, but realizing their own strengths and enjoying the challenge. For most of the hike they were at the front of the group, chatting and laughing or leading the group in a song, which we are all quick to pick up and sing as loud as we can. These songs rang out across the surrounding mountain tops as we pushed through to the summit.

With a few miles behind us, we could sense that we were close. We could taste the victory of reaching the highest point east of the Mississippi River: the Mt. Mitchell summit! We came around our final switchback and the trees opened up. We had done it! Elina took the lead and was the first to set foot atop the summit. She was wearing the biggest smile and we could see she was beaming with pride. Admittedly, the hike had been strenuous at some points, but she is strong willed and never wavered in her goal to reach the top. Her positive attitude earned her the LOD spot for our next day.

Ward too was chosen by his peers as LOD for the day following our summit. He selflessly carried all of his and his tent mates’ gear the entire way down from the top. Though the pack was heavy, Ward said he wanted to do it and be sure he did his part for his new pals. We love that spirit on a Moondance trip. Ledare and Maya both showed that they too share this selfless spirit. Both girls took more group gear than most and we didn’t hear a single complaint. Ledare was recognized for this positive attitude by being elected LOD on summit day. She was a natural while leading her peers and we loved the Moonup that she and Hatcher led. Maya will soon have her turn and I can only imagine she will shine just as bright!

We’re so lucky to have this group, as they are quickly becoming a family. We are so excited to have the opportunity lead alongside them.

Check out some shoutouts from your kids below and please stay tuned as we head to Tennessee in search of some white water!!

Until our next update, happy trails!

Sam and Liv


Hey mom and dad, I just summited the highest mountain east of the Mississippi! Love you! Trent

Hey family, I miss y’all and I’m having a great time! I just summited Mt. Mitchell! Elina

Hey mom + dad, I miss you so much. I just climbed/hiked Mt. Mitchell and I’m having a great time! Love, Ledare

Hey mom and dad, I’m having a great time. I have summited the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi! I have made lots of friends. Love y’all! Hatcher

Hey mom and dad! I miss you guys and love you so much. Can’t wait to see you and tell you all about the trip! I am trying new things and making new friends! Maya

Hey mom, dad, and Andrew. I miss y’all but I am having a great time! I just summited Mt. Mitchell and yea, BYE!!! Audrey

Hi mom and dad, I love you so much! I’m happy I’m here! Ward

OMG I made the best friends ever! We will be flying to Texas a lot! We met at the airport and were instantly bff. I love everyone so much, I, am so thankful I ended up coming here. Love y’all and Sierra too! Ryder

Hey family, I met the best friends ever & I am having so much fun. We just finished backpacking & it was so fun! I miss y’all and hope you are having a good time in Africa! Xoxo Caroline

Hi mom, dad, and Soleil, I am having the time of my life! I made so many friends and everyone is so nice. I miss you so much, but thank you for sending me here. Xo Sky

Hey mom and dad, I’m having so much fun! Everyone is great. We just summited Mt. Mitchell. I love y’all and miss y’all. Tell everyone I said hi! See you soon. Xoxo Isobel

Hey mom and dad, we’ve only done the mountain stuff so far. Everything is really cool, but is also tiring. Miss y’all, bye. Reed

Hey mom and dad, I just summited Mt. Mitchell! Love y’all! Jonathan

Safe Arrival in Charlotte!

July 16, 2019

Hi Mountains to Sea Families!

All students have arrived in Charlotte and they are off on their adventure!! We cannot wait to hear all about it, stay tuned!

-Moondance HQ


  • Audrey
  • Caroline
  • Elina
  • Hatcher
  • Isobel
  • Jonathan
  • Ledare
  • Maya
  • Reed
  • Ryder
  • Sky
  • Trent