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Maui 3C • July 12-July 25, 2019

Adventure Begins in Maui!

July 16, 2019


All of the kiddos have finally! landed safe in Maui, and they are all pumped to get our two-week adventure started! Ren and Catherine F. were the first two to arrive. They were such troopers waiting for the rest of the crew to land! Once the last plane of the day landed, we all grabbed our duffels and hopped into our van. It was time to go to our home sweet home for the next couple of weeks! Catherine W., Wynne and Rogers brought the fun as they requested some great tunes on the way to our campsite. 

Once we got to camp, we taught the kids how to set up tents. They had them up in record time! We finished setting up camp and rewarded ourselves with pizza for dinner. Mmmm mmmm! We wrapped up our first night in paradise with our very first Moonup. Moonup is a time where we come together as a group at the end of the day and get to know each other better. We played some ice breakers and hit the tents- it was a looong travel day! We are so pumped for our first activity of the trip tomorrow: ziplining!

The next day began just like any awesome day should: with eggs, bacon and toast. Wynne did a wonderful job preparing the cheesy eggs- they were gone within minutes. Later that morning, our wonderful island program director, Griff, came and gave the kids a Hawaiian history lesson. It was wonderful to watch them be so intrigued and engaged. After applying some sunscreen, we headed for the beach! As soon as our feet hit the sand, Catherine W. and Kiki headed straight for the water with GoPros in hand. They dove in the warm Maui water and just started swimming for the waves. The rest of the group soon followed suit, and within seconds, we were all laughing in the surf. 

Our adventure junkies Zain, Ren and Hamilton decided to take a walk on the beach. As we walked, we discovered giant sea turtles! These gentle giants soon captured the attention of our entire group, and they inspired everyone to keep on exploring! Catherine W., Rogers and Kiki swam out to a nearby point and watched the nearby surfers ride waves. After more swimming and laughing, we loaded up the van and headed back to camp for lunch. 

After lunch we had our first activity: ziplining! We met our guides and were all admittedly excited and nervous. Zain was a little more nervous than the rest, but I can honestly say by the end of the day, he had conquered his fear. We were all so proud of him! All of us had a wonderful time, and the afternoon was filled with loud screams of both fear and excitement. As ziplining came to a close, we were all exhausted. Once we got back to camp, we were greeted by a wonderful burst of energy with the last arrival of our group: Jack! We were all so excited to meet him, and he immediately meshed with the rest of the group. For dinner, we dined on pesto chicken pasta with optional sun-dried tomato’s cooked by Rex! We then had a quick Moonup and returned to our tents for some much-needed rest. 

Good morning! Today we had a much-needed relaxing morning, and the kids slept in. When we woke them up, we alerted them of the good news- pancakes were on the menu for breakfast! It was so fun to watch all of the kids work together to make a deliciousssss pancake bar. Once we all fueled up, we hit a beautiful nearby beach. We swam and swam for hours and enjoyed each other’s company during a nice beach stroll. Before we knew it, it was time for water rappelling!

Our guides gave us wraps, pineapple and cookies for lunch before giving us a quick safety talk. We geared up and hit our first rappel! We started with a dry rappel to get the basics down. We finished the afternoon with 2 waterfall rappels. Zain was nervous, but he conquered his fears and did great on the rappels! We thanked our guides and snapped a few group photos before heading back to camp for an afternoon of games. We played basketball and four square until it was getting close to dinner time. Rex helped with our dinner of fajitas topped with chips, guac and salsa. Yummy! We finished our busy day the only way we know how with a handful of peanut m&ms, Moonup and stargazing. We are all so pumped for our stand-up paddle board adventure tomorrow!

We started our day with a spread of fresh fruit and bagels. We stuffed ourselves and loaded up the van: it was time to begin our day! We drove to a trailhead and began our adventure. We hiked and laughed until we ended up at a spot where a river feeds into the ocean! We hiked upstream until we found a refreshing and chilly swimming hole. We spent a couple of hours jumping into the freshwater. We hiked downstream and back to the van where we had a picnic lunch. We filled up on sandwiches and chips before heading to our next stop. We drove to a spot that had super cool black rocks. The kids loved jumping off the rocks into the (verrryyy deep) crystal-clear water. We even spotted the biggest turtle any of us had ever seen! We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each other’s company chilling out in the rocks and listening to music. We headed back to camp and started preparing our delicious dinner of chicken quesadillas with rice, salsa and guac. Hamilton was so helpful and a fantastic chef! We closed our packed day with Moonup and mafia under a full moon. We can’t wait for surfing tomorrow!


Evan, Sara and Eric

Safe Arrival in Maui!

July 13, 2019

Aloha Maui Families!

We heard from our Leaders late last night, that all students scheduled to arrive in Maui on 7/12 have safely joined the group! Evan, Sara and Eric cannot wait to pick up their final student this afternoon. The trip is off to a great start, and we’re excited to hear more stories from their adventures. Stay tuned!

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