Trip Updates

Maui 3B • July 12-July 25, 2019

Surf's Up in Maui!

July 15, 2019

Aloha from Maui!

After a long day at the airport we successfully gathered all of our students and headed for our campsite. When we drove through the gates we were welcomed by a beautiful sunset and spectacular view overlooking the whole island. For dinner we picked up multiple pizzas from the famous Serpicos, which were completely devoured within the first thirty minutes of being at camp. During our first Moonup we discussed Moondance policy and shared some laughs about everyone’s long day traveling. After Moonup we had an early bedtime that everyone was very happy about due how tired everyone was from their flights. 

Our first full day in Maui started bright and early with a huge breakfast full of fruit, toast, bacon, and eggs. After breakfast we piled into the van eager to get to our first surfing lesson. While at surfing we relied heavily on Margaret’s surfing experience to give us some pointers from her recent trip to Costa Rica where she became a pro. Richard who had never surfed before was the first to catch a wave and make it look effortless. Our surfing guide was very impressed by our group and began taking us out to the bigger waves within 30 minutes of getting into the water. Sophia and Avery led the charge and managed to both catch giant waves that they rode all the way back into shore. It wasn’t long before our entire group started to look like pros and catch giant waves all on their own. Everyone in our whole group had so fun. One of our guides even made a comment about how Liz’s smile never left her face the entire time we were out on the water. When we left surfing everyone was sad so we ate lunch and then headed right back to the beach. The whole car ride to Baldwin beach was filled with excitement due Kathryn’s impeccable song choices that energized the entire car. Once at the beach we spent over two hours playing in the water and getting to know each other even better. When we got back to camp everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of our last two campers, Everett and Pierce. Once they arrived and the group finished bombarding them with questions everyone was exhausted, so we ate a huge dinner then moved straight into Moonup. Following Moonup everyone went to bed ready for the next day! 

Zip lining day as the kids referred to it started off just as early as the first day. Everyone woke up ready to get going to start our zip line tour. We ate a huge bagel breakfast and had a few extra hours to kill before our scheduled tour, so we decided to do our first town visit. In Paia we went to Toby’s Shaved Ice where everyone got whatever food they wanted for lunch. Isabella and Lillian both got Toby’s famous Açaí bowls that they both loved and ate every last bite off. Pierce got a seasoned chicken that he was unsure about when ordering but ended up eating every last bite. Once we finished in town, we headed off to zip lining where five incredible lines waited. The kids were stoked to glide down the ropes in a deep valley, a beautiful scene. Everett was hesitant to getting started due to his fear of heights but conquered his fear and was smiling from ear to ear! By the fifth line he was a professional and we were so proud of him! When we returned to camp to hang out, Emmy led us in a game of cards while others played spike ball. We had a blast hanging out together as a group and worked up an appetite! We started getting ready for dinner, pasta night. Everett volunteered for cook crew and Sophia volunteered for cleanup crew, a huge help to everyone! We enjoyed dinner while watching the sunset over the mountains and got ready for Moonup soon after. While laughing under the night sky, Isabella spotted two shooting stars, a perfect closing to a perfect day!

We can’t wait for our next adventure tomorrow, Community Service!


Scat, Nick, Stephanie

Safe Arrival in Maui!

July 13, 2019

Aloha Maui Families!

We heard from our Leaders late last night, that all students scheduled to arrive in Maui on 7/12 have safely joined the group! Scat, Stephanie and Nick cannot wait to pick up their final two students this afternoon. The trip is off to a great start, and we’re excited to hear more stories from their adventures. Stay tuned!

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