Trip Updates

Maui 3A • July 12-July 25, 2019

Making Memories in Maui!

July 15, 2019

Aloha Friends and Family!

We’ve just ended our second day on the island and we are already having an incredible time! The island has welcomed everyone with open arms, so we are all looking forward to what the next two weeks has to offer us.  Thank you all for sharing these twelve wonderful students with us, they have already bonded as a group and its been amazing to watch new friendships form in just two short days. We’re looking forward a fantastic few weeks with them all.

Everyone arrived with smiles on their faces and the fires that had put a little scare into us were long gone by the time the group had landed. After a day spent at the airport, the group was eager to get a move on, so we loaded the van and headed to camp! We enjoyed some delicious pizza and got to know each other some more. Little did the group know they would become best friends in a few short days! After dinner, we circled up and introduced the group to Moonup, a Moondance tradition that gives us a chance to gather and reflect. We each answered the question of “why are you here?” and “what are you grateful for?” and it was incredible to hear the responses! Sheffield and Cross were chosen as LOD’s, or Leaders of the Day, another Moondance tradtion that gives students a chance to lead their fellow peers and take on some responsibilities throughout the trip. We chose these two because we noticed their exemplary leadership skills and the ability to step out of their comfort zone right off the bat. After Moonup, everyone was worn out and ready for a good night’s sleep in their new home!

The next morning was not just any morning, but extra special because our girl Virginia turned fourteen! We woke up our birthday girl with a plethora of decorations, party hats, and birthday music and got excited for our first day on the island. There is no other way to begin a birthday than a big breakfast of blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes with sprinkles. After a celebratory breakfast, we had a quick lesson about the history of Maui before heading to the beach! Everyone was super pumped to see sea turtles basking in the sun. Jack R and Ashton convinced everyone to swim out into the waves to check out the turtles that were swimming off shore and to body surf the waves back into the beach. We were tired and hungry after our swim so we walked to a fruit stand to get some fresh pineapple and mango to eat with our lunch. We enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch before heading to ziplining. We were all stoked as we prepared to zip above the trees of Haleakala. The longest of the lines was seven hundred feet high and a half a mile long. Jack B was the man of the hour and really excited to soar above the trees. He kept the morale high and made sure that everyone felt safe and excited for our day on the lines. We arrived back to camp around sunset where Fran and Susanna helped whip up some delicious fajitas. Everyone enjoyed the scrumptious dinner before we enjoyed our second Moonup before retiring for the evening.

When we awoke the next morning, Noelle, Malone, and Ashton cooked up a feast of a breakfast; a wonderful spread of hash browns, eggs, bacon, and sausage. We drove to the wetlands area to go for a hike and a swim where a fresh water river comes in from the West Maui Mountains to meet with the great Pacific Ocean. We enjoyed a great lunch there, as the waves crashed nearby, before we headed to the southern most point of Maui to enjoy ice cream and views. William was able to expand on some of his knowledge of the island and pointed out the different landmarks along the way. We are all amazed at his ability to create fun out of any situation. As we continued our drive, we made our way to a beach for boogie boarding and swimming. Katie was super excited when we spotted a massive sea turtle swimming nearby! It was seriously the biggest turtle we have seen all summer! Exhausted from an adventurous day, we loaded up in the van and headed back to camp for a spaghetti dinner and intense card games. We are so amazed by how quickly this group has become a family and cannot wait for the rest of our journey together!

Stay safe and have fun- we know we will!

Lizzie, AC, and Bill

All Arrived on the Island of Maui!

July 13, 2019

Hello Maui 3A families!


We are happy to report that all students for Maui 3A have arrived on the island and are with their excited Moondance leaders back at camp!  We can’t wait to hear about their first few days of exploring.


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