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Maui 2B • June 27-July 10, 2019

Last Days in Maui!

July 10, 2019

Hello friends!

Before taking off for our sea kayaking activity, we woke up bright and early and ate a big breakfast. We loaded up in our big white van and drove to the beach to meet our guides! Mindy and Olivia F were chomping at the bit to get in their two person kayak and paddle out to sea so they jumped right in and took off! Following close behind were Connor and Maggie. We paddled around and picked the best spot for snorkeling- a sea turtle cleaning station! This is where fish eat the algae off of their shells so the turtles are up close and love the excitement. Olivia F and Elle captured the perfect GoPro shot of everyone swimming next to the turtles and Teaghen swam deep down to get a closer look. Charlie was the fastest swimmer of us all and he wove left and right around the turtles and fish! Before we knew it, our time was up and we paddled back to shore. For lunch we made a quick stop to grab ingredients for iron chef! The kids were divided into two teams and whipped up amazing courses for their leaders/judges. Connor, Olivia M, Mia, Perrin, Charlie, and Wynn, concocted chicken and couscous with a side salad and garlic bread. Elle, Olivia F, Teaghen, Mindy, and Maggie cooked orange chicken, stir fry vegetables, guacamole dip, rice, and ice cream and a cookie for dessert. Everything was delicious and we were stuffed! Luckily we had a trip to the top of Haleakala before dinner. When we got to the top the view was breathtaking. Wynn and Teaghen came prepared with their sleeping bags for extra warmth. They enjoyed the sunset warm and cozy while Mindy and Perrin snuggled up to enjoy the last bit of sunshine!

The next day, we were up extra bright and early to head to the Molokini Crater to go snorkeling! On the boat ride over, we enjoyed fresh fruit and cinnamon buns for breakfast. After our delicious meal, we were ready to gear up and jump into the crystal clear water! Mia and Elle led the way and immediately started pointing out the amazing fish they noticed. Kelly, our guide, told us how the crater walls created a natural water “elevator”, which moved everyone up and down drastically with the tide in a matter of 8 seconds. We then got back on the boat to head to our next snorkeling location. Olivia M. and Wynn opted to sit on the side edge of the boat to have a more thrilling ride. After a fun day of snorkeling, we got off the boat and enjoyed lunch by the water. Then we went to our favorite beach for one last beach day! We soaked up the sun, swam in the water, and walked down the sandy shore. Soon after, it was time for our banquet! After a quick Goodwill stop to pick out some Hawaiian shirts, we were off to a local restaurant in town. Everyone danced along to the live music, ate lots of food, and enjoyed our last group dinner. We returned home to our campsite and had our last Moonup as a group. Everyone shared their favorite memories from the trip and where they see themselves in ten years, the perfect closure to our trip! We stayed up afterwards to hang out as a group before going to bed and laughed until our bellies hurt! We love these kids and this group!

Today, our last day, we slept in for some extra rest. Then we woke up to some chocolate chip pancakes and from there finished packing up our bags. Olivia M and Mia were extra helpful and assisted in cleaning the van. Mindy and Elle found a soccer ball and passed it around while we hung out. Then Nick, our DJ, played us some tunes to relax to. We sang our favorite songs before we had to get out of the van and say our goodbyes. The last moments we all shared together were hard but we all knew that we would meet up and that all the friendships we made would last forever! We hope everyone has a safe flight back home and we will miss them dearly!

All our best,

Scat, Nick and Stephanie

Surprise Shoutouts!

July 7, 2019

Hello Parents!

Here are some shout outs from our awesome kiddos!


Olivia M wants to give a shoutout to her parents- she says she is having so much fun and is so thankful for this opportunity!

Perrin shouts out to her parents for letting her go on this amazing trip!!!

Olivia F says she hopes her brother Leonard and her mom & dad had a good and safe trip in Colorado! She misses her family!

Elle gives a shoutout to her sister’s 12th birthday named Lyla!! And she gives another shoutout to her parents-she says she is having an amazing time and is so happy to be in Maui!

Mia says happy birthday to her dad and thank you to her parents for this amazing trip!

Teaghen says happy birthday to his sister!

Maggie says thanks for sending her! She is having a blast.

Connor says Happy belated birthday Michael! He misses everyone and can’t wait to tell of his recent adventures!

Wynn says Thanks for sending him to Moondance- he is having such a fun experience  in Maui!

Mindy says that she is having the best time of her life in Maui and she can’t thank her parents enough for sending her here

Charlie says thank you to his family for letting him go to Maui!!!

Surf's up!

July 7, 2019

To begin our day, we decided to treat ourselves to a little bit of extra sleep due to the holiday! Happy Fourth of July everyone! After breakfast, we headed to buy some festive decorations and outfits. Then, we went to our favorite beach where we swam, tanned, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather! Mia and Perrin even spotted Snout the pig, who became our new friend. After that the whole gang went by the shore and tried to make a human pyramid! Teaghen, Wynn, Charlie, and Connor kept stable on the bottom and after three tries we finally got the picture. Because we were getting hungry, we headed back to camp to have a traditional Fourth of July cookout including burgers, hotdogs, and watermelon. We enjoyed the afternoon playing cards, laying out in the sun, and hanging out in our hammocks. Who knew that Olivia F would be so good at war! Around dusk, we loaded into the van and headed to Lahaina to eat pizza and watch the fireworks show. When we got there, we spotted a beach with a sandy shore and decided to dive in! Our clothes were soaked, but it was so much fun that it was worth it! Mindy and Connor, our LODs of the day, found us a spot on the lawn, where we settled down on some blankets and towels. The fireworks came on, and they were spectacular! Olivia F and Mindy sang the song “Firework” by Katy Perry loudly so that everyone could see that they were in the 4th of July spirit! Maggie pointed out that the ones that looked like pixie dust were her favorites, but Elle disagreed and said the shaped ones were better. On the way home, we listened to some relaxing music. Because we were exhausted from our exciting day almost everyone fell asleep in the car. When we got back to camp we closed the night with a Moonup.

Friday morning, we were up bright and early for our second surf lesson. We were thrilled to find that our guide from our first lesson, Rory, was our guide this time too! Because we were already pros, we headed out to the beach and straight into the ocean. We paddled out, and within seconds, Elle was up on a wave! We spotted a couple more sea turtles and even surfed right next to some of them. Maggie perfected her switch trick, Scat and Steph attempted to do two people at once, and Teaghen even did some bunny hops on his board. After finishing surfing and eating our lunch, peanut butter and jellies, and grilled cheese, we headed into town to shop for some souvenirs. Afterwards, we headed back to camp for some quesadillas and guacamole. We closed the night with a heartwarming Moonup and decided to go to bed early due to our big day. 

This morning, we started the day by heading off to an annual rodeo parade. Everyone loved seeing all the horses and throwing shakas to the people riding by. There were lots of locals and they threw out candy to everyone. After the parade, we decided to stop by a local shop for açaí bowls and smoothies, which were delicious. We then met our rappelling guides and were ready to hit the ropes. Olivia M. was apprehensive at first, but by the time it was over, she was gliding down the cliffs with ease. Charlie was a natural and loved jumping off the waterfalls into the water at the end. 2 waterfalls later, we were greeted at the bottom by beautiful scenery. When we got back to camp later that day, we took hose showers and got ready for dinner. Olivia F. and Olivia M., our leaders of the day, whipped up amazing mini pizzas and led Moonup before we got ready for a well deserved night of rest. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store! Thank you for sharing your awesome kiddos with us in Maui. We are having so much fun!!

Nothing Better than Community Service on Maui!

July 4, 2019


We started off our day bright and early and got ready for some community service! We met our educator Ekolu and blessed the land before starting our day of service. We walked down the side of a mountain to an old taro field and got right to work ridding the areas of invasive species that are taking over the land. Teaghen and Charlie were given extra large tools and get the deep roots and worked so hard!

We learned about all of the flora in the area and even got to make headbands and bracelets out of leaves, a beautiful Hawaiian tradition! After we finished our service we drove to a nearby beach to go cliff jumping. Connor was hesitant about jumping but by the end of it had jumped off five times, more than anyone else in the group! Mindy and Mia satisfied their French fry craving and bought some on the beach. We ended the day with dinner and Moonup, reflecting on our adventures and what we had learned.

The next day we volunteered at the MOC Marine Institute and got to do a hands on beach cleanup! The beach was beautiful and Wynn, Charlie, and Teaghen rid the beach a lot of paper, the number one category of trash found at this particular beach and they were so proud of themselves! Afterwards, we sorted through the debris to put some items in the recycling. Olivia M and Mia got right to work cleaning coral tanks. Soon after, Maggie and Mindy joined them in scrubbing the walls, bottom, and even top of the tanks!

After an exhausting day of “com-serve,” as Nick says, we headed back to camp to get ready for dinner in town. For our local food stop, we headed to a Mexican restaurant, where we indulged in taco Tuesday! After dinner, we loaded up the van to head to a nearby beach to watch the sunset. Olivia M. and Connor decided to run into the ocean and soon after, everyone was jumping in. Elle and Olivia F did cheer tricks on the beach, splits galore! After an hour of photos, swimming, and staring in awe of the colorful sunset, we loaded into the van for a jam session and ride back to our camp. Back at camp, we closed our eventful day with a MJoonup and some meditation.

We started the next day bright and early with some music DJ’d by Teaghen and Charlie. After a quick breakfast of bagels and eggs, we were on our way to more community service. We headed to a harbor that was coated in debris, a drastic change from our cleanup the previous day. Perrin filled up two buckets full of micro- trash that has been breaking down for years and even found debris that turtles or fish had taken bites out of.

Over 6,000 pieces of debris later, we were satisfied with our work and ready for lunch. We ate at a nearby beach park and when finished, drove to a pond to look for turtles. Our guide, Jade, briefed everyone about what to look for when spotting sea turtles (age, color, and if they have any tumors). Olivia F spotted a few turtles basking in the sun and swimming around in the pond and made sure to keep her distance from them! After drying off we headed home and made a pasta dinner, ending the night with Moonup and going to bed dreaming of tomorrow!

Until next time,

Nick, Stephanie, and Scat

Aloha from Maui!!!

July 1, 2019

Today was our first day, full of fun games at the airport and everyone getting in from their long flights. Our first arrival was Elle and Olivia F. These two had a long day in the airport but their spirits were high!! Later in the afternoon we had everyone safe and sound and headed straight for camp with pizza and pasta in the back of the van. Everyone was full and happy by the time dinner was over and we got tucked into our tents. After Moonup and lots of name games, we went straight to bed as everyone was jet lagged. 

Our first day with everyone in Maui was jam packed with fun. Everyone was up after a good night’s rest and got packed for surfing. Teaghen and Wynn were already extra prepared from their past surfing experience in California last summer! A surprise natural was Charlie, who got up as soon as we got in the water. He was catching waves left and right! Mindy worked on her form and got to know the Hawaiian slang, from our three gnarly instructors! Mindy and her co leader of the day, Connor, paved the way for everyone surfing and afterwards got everyone motivated for our community service. Thanks to them, everyone was excited to help remove pickle weed, an invasive species, and stood up to the challenge! We got right to work at the Kealia Pond and were covered in mud by the end of it, but everyone was feeling great about how much we were able to remove and how much we accomplished! 

Windsurfing was first on the agenda and the kids were up and ready to go. As soon as we got there, we were given gear and carried it out to a beautiful cove with crystal clear water and white sand. The wind was a little strong but Olivia M. got up right away and we all watched her fly by! The others worked on their balance and Perrin had the perfect looking ‘7’ form one of the instructors said. Towards the end of our lesson Maggie and Wynn both spotted turtles coming up for air next to them windsurfing, a perfect treat for their hard work! Wynn also said this was the best part of his day, windsurfing and watching the airplanes land at the airport nearby. Meanwhile, Connor was catching a lift from one of the instructors, who let him sit on the front of the board and catch a free ride out to sea! Mia saw this and decided she wanted to try it too, and next thing we know everyone is out at sea happy as can be! After becoming professional windsurfers and reapplying sunscreen we headed to Baldwin Beach to eat lunch in the sun. Everyone packed sandwiches and snacks and we soaked up sunshine and took off for our next adventure! We arrived at the waih’he coastal wetlands to take a short hike to a river and it was the perfect day for it. The wind kept us cool and when we found the river we cooled off from our walk. After walking back to the van we went home for pasta night. We ate up and got ready for bed and Moonup, looking forward to what is in store for tomorrow!

Although day four was our first 30 minute sleep-in everyone was up bright and early due to the excitement for the day’s activities. We started the morning with a huge feast including chocolate chip pancakes cooked by Wynn and Perrin as well as a large array of fresh fruit picked up from the local produce shop right down the road. Our first activity of the day was to visit Ho’okipa Beach Park, a legendary surfing destination for veteran surfers from all over the world. The kids watched in awe as the surfers effortlessly caught waves and performed fancy tricks on giant waves with turtles swimming nearby. After watching these surfers the kids cannot wait for their next surfing lesson so they too can become pros. Following the beach park we made the short trek over to Piholo Ranch Zip-line for an afternoon full of high flying fun. On this beautiful ranch we saw an abundance of animals as well as five different zip lines, one of which was over 2,000 feet high over a deep valley full of wildlife and beautiful ponds. Some even saw a rainbow on the last line! The kids had a blast and continued sharing experiences all throughout dinner up until bedtime. Everyone is so excited for the rest of the activities the rest of the trip!

All arrived safe and sound in Maui!

June 28, 2019

Hello Maui 2B families,

Everyone has arrived to the beautiful island of Maui, and are already back at their campsite resting for their exciting adventures around the corner. We can’t wait to hear about their first few days!

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