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Maui 1C • June 12-June 25, 2019

Final Days in Maui!

June 25, 2019

We had ourselves a DAY. Our last day of activities began with a feast of pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, apples and bagels. We lathered sunscreen on and hit the road for sea kayaking! We began sea kayaking with our awesome guides Michelle and Kyle. Michelle gave us a safety lesson and a general overview of our plan for the day. Before we knew it, it was time to zip up life jackets and load up the kayaks! Time to get ‘yaking! Before many of us even reached our initial meeting point in the water and while the rest of the crew was launching, we ran into our first sea turtle. With the whole group in the water, we paddled up and around a bend until we got to our destination: a turtle cleaning station! We tied all of our kayaks together and threw an anchor in the water. Snorkeling time! With flippers on and masks fitted, we hopped in the water. We didn’t even have to try to find the Hawaiian green sea turtles in the water- they were everywhere! We spent a lot of time in the water admiring them. Once we were all worn out from swimming, we hopped back into our boats. Our guides then passed around fresh pineapple! It was the perfect boost of energy to get us motivated to paddle back to shore. When we were paddling back, we passed a group of scuba divers who alerted us that there was a manta ray swimming nearby. Too cool! Once on shore, we showered off and hopped in the van to head to a beautiful lunch spot. Eric got us a coconut and we all tried the milk. Some liked it better than others! With full tummies, we drove to another part of the island for an afternoon hike. We ended up doing a 5 mile hike on a ridge trail. The whole first part of the hike was straight incline to the top of a peak. When we got to the top, we were in a cloud! We snapped a few pics and jammed to a few songs before heading back down the mountain. I think it’s safe to say we were all happy to see the van at the end of the hike- it was not an easy trail! On the way back to camp, we stopped at Safeway to let the kids pick up some food for our final dinner: a cook off showdown between the girls and the boys. Who are the judges, you ask? Eric, Evan and Sara, of course! We were so unbelievably impressed with what the kids concocted. The boys made a buffalo Mac-and-cheese dish that was outstanding, and the girls made and incredible hibachi dish with fried Oreos for dessert. After much deliberation, the title ended up going to the boys. We ended the night with one last frisbee game and a special Moonup. We all talked about what we will be taking away from this trip. It has been such an honor seeing how each and every one of the kids has grown over the past 2 weeks. After our discussion, we piled the kids in the van and drove around for a little bit for one last major jam sesh. They are all tucked in their sleeping bags now soaking in the last little bit of Maui before they head home tomorrow. We are so sad to see them leave, but we feel so lucky to have had them for the time that we did.

Our last morning together was a productive one. We began cleaning our gear and packing our things. Everyone was THRILLED to have a real shower! All of the kids are safely in the air- it was so hard to see them all go. These past two weeks have flown by, but we feel so lucky to have had them for the time we did. We had an absolute blast with each and every person, and we are so thankful for our time together. MAU 1C forever!


Evan, Eric and Sara

Snorkeling, Surfing & Sunsets!

June 24, 2019


We began our morning began before the sun was even up. Carpe diem, right?!   It was time for one of the days many of us had been looking forward to for days: snorkeling at Molokini Crater! We snagged granola bars and loaded up the van for the drive to meet our snorkeling guides. Everyone did such a good job with getting up and moving so early in the morning- we even got to our meeting location early! Sean and Chase met us at the boat ramp and gave us a safety debrief. Without any further ado, we hopped on our boat and made our way to Molokini Crater! Our guides provided us with delicious cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit for a breakfast. Our first snorkel spot was on the back side of the Crater. We were met with vibrant fish and coral! Carrington, Janie, Addison, Caroline and Eloise had a blast jumping off the boat and swimming in the clear water. Chase told us that visibility in the water at Molokini on any given day is 140 ft- so cool! Andrew, Harrison, Nathan and Rogers spent their time in the water enthralled by the sea life that surrounded them. Sean taught the boys underwater breathing tricks. Rogers especially enjoyed the deep-dive trick that Sean taught him, and he become a pro at diving waaay down and holding his breath for forever! Our next snorkel spot was one of our favorites. Closer to the wall of the Crater, the water teemed with life, but there was a drop of around 250 ft off the reef. Some of the kids compared it to “the drop off” in Finding Nemo! This spot had another special feature known as “the elevator.” When a wave came in an area between two cracks in the Crater, we were pulled up and down in the water instead of being pushed up on the coral or into the Crater. It was the strangest feeling, but it so much fun once we got the hang of it! Eric spotted an octopus right off the bat when we were at this spot, and Andrew spotted a new sea creature that none of us had seen yet. Before we hopped in the water, Chase encouraged us to turn away from the Crater every so often and to look out into the deep blue (or moana) to see dolphins, sharks, rays, etc. Andrew did just that! He alerted the group of a 4 or 5 ft black tip shark swimming below! Don’t worry, the shark was far away and paid no attention to us. Once the shark swam away, we hit up two more snorkel spots. Our last spot of the day was a sea turtle hub (and a veryyyy popular tourist attraction). Because we got our day started earlier, we beat all of the other boats and had the sea turtles to ourselves! We were surrounded by sometimes 7 turtles at a time. We kept a safe distance from them, but it was still so amazing to be up close and personal with such cool creatures. The swimming made us all exhausted, but luckily, the guides prepared for that! Once we had enough turtle time, we hopped back on the boat where we were met with a sandwich bar and pasta salad! With full bellies, we started making our way back to the boat ramp. We showered off and put on dry clothes for our afternoon of service. Before we started our service activity, we celebrated the early morning and the exciting creatures we saw by surprising the kids with ice cream! We then drove to a Wildlife Refuge where we pulled invasive pickle weed out of the area. Mae worked diligently and without complaining, as usual! Boy, were we covered in mud by the end of it! After serving, we headed to camp where we all took much-needed hose showers. It was Harrison’s first house shower of the week, and he said “I have never felt better!” Me and you both, Harrison. For dinner we have vegetable pasta with cheesy bread. The kids devoured it, and still had energy to play soccer and Frisbee in the open field at camp. We wrapped up the day with another spectacular sunset and Moonup. Today was so awesome, and we are having an absolute blast with your kids!


Today was a much-needed sloooowww morning. We fueled up for our surfing lesson with pancakes and bacon. We hit the road, and we met our surf instructors Rory, Matt, and Jake at the beach. After a brief safety lesson, we hit the waves! Everyone perfected their surfing technique as the morning passed. Rory instructed Libby and Dudley how to ride a wave together on one board, and they absolutely killed it! Harrison showed his determination throughout the day by trying to master the waves without the extra push from the surf guides. After a couple of failed attempts, he nailed it! It was fun watching these kids push themselves. A few hours in the water was enough to make this group hungry. We ate our packed lunch under a gazebo on the beach. We then walked across the street for shaved ice and souvenirs! With everyone full and happy, we jammed to some throwbacks on the way to another beach. Crystal clear waves and soft sand was in store for the afternoon. We spent over an hour back in the water diving through and hopping over the waves. Believe it or not, we were eventually all worn out. We dried off on the beach and headed back to the van to head back to camp. Quesadillas were on the menu for dinner- Mae can’t get enough of them! We spent the evening playing soccer, playing would you rather, and enjoying each other’s company. We had a very special Moonup as we all reflected on the trip and our time with Eloise and Dudley. We are so sad to see them go tomorrow, but we are so lucky to have had them here for the past 10 days. But… the trip’s not over quite yet! We have a lot of exciting activities planned for our last day with Eloise and Dudley, and it all starts with windsurfing!


Maui C decided to all sleep outside last night since it was Eloise and Dudley’s last night. We had a relatively early morning today because of our windsurfing lesson. Everyone loved the pancakes so much yesterday, so we decided to do them again! We lathered on our reef-safe sunscreen and loaded up the van. Our adventure began with meeting our awesome guides: Camille, Scott, Mark and Farris. They distributed life jackets, booties and sails, and we hit the beach! We started with learning the basic techniques on land. Then, we demonstrated what we learned in the water! I think we can all agree that it was a very humbling experience. The wind wasn’t blowing a whole lot, so it was definitely a challenging morning for our whole group! After a couple of hours on the water, we sailed back in to the beach to de-issue the gear. After thanking the guides for an awesome morning, we drove back up the mountain for lunch at camp. We spent the afternoon playing soccer, ultimate frisbee and simply enjoying each other’s company. Dudley and Eloise packed up the last of their things, and we all loaded the van to head into town. We took the kids to Goodwill to pick out crazy outfits to wear at our banquet dinner in Paia. Some picked out crazier outfits than others (shoutout to Harrison), but overall the group looked pretty hilarious I must say. We went to a local wood-fired pizza joint for our banquet dinner. We laughed about all the fun times we have had as a whole group and reflected on how lucky we were to have 14 new awesome friends. We closed out our banquet dinner with a Moondance tradition. Eric, Evan and I came up with superlatives for everyone and presented them on paper plates. In return, they came up for superlatives for us! It was hysterical. It was so fun to wrap up our time as a whole group at the restaurant, but we were all a little bummed because we knew we had to say bye to Eloise and Dudley. It was a hard goodbye for everyone, but it was also encouraging to know that we have all the tools to stay in touch with one another! We wrapped up one of our last few nights in Maui under the stars at Moonup. We are all so excited to make the most out of our last activity tomorrow.

Waterfalls, Service, and Sea Turtles!

June 20, 2019


After a full day yesterday, it was time for a slow morning. One by one, our group started to wake up to another beautiful Maui morning. We spent the morning chatting, giggling, and preparing breakfast burritos. We’re talking alllll the toppings: eggs, bacon, avocado, peppers, onions, potato, cheese, salsa. You name it, and we had it at our breakfast burrito bar. Our LODs Harrison and Janie set the tone for the day with their spunky and fun attitudes. After cleaning up camp and applying sunscreen, we all loaded up the van to head to our activity of the day: waterfall rappelling!

We drove in of Paia where we met our rappelling guides. We were warmly greeted by Kate, Isaac, Taylor, and Debbie. Once again, we hopped in the van and hit the road to the Garden of Eden. The group did great as they all kept positive attitudes despite the curved, windy roads. Once we arrived at the Garden of Eden, we were instantly amazed by the animals and the vegetation. This area of Maui receives hundreds more inches of rainfall than the areas we had previously been, and the greenery everywhere proved it. As we were walking to the base in the rainforest, we passed ducks and peacocks. Later on, the guides told us that the first scene in the first Jurassic Park movie was filmed where we were. How cool!

With harnesses tightened and helmets clipped on, it was time to learn the basics. We started on a short 40 foot dry rappel. Our guides emphasized how “trusting the equipment” was the hardest part of the day, and boy were they right! It certainly was daunting looking down and having to trust the ropes, but the group handled it like pros. Libby was our fearless leader as she jumped right up to be the first one down! Shortly after, Carrington followed and made rappelling look like a piece of cake. After we all mastered what the guides called the “bunny slope,” it was time to attempt the harder rappels.

Our next task was to shimmy down a 70 foot waterfall. Jitters were definitely still prevalent as this was only our second rappel, and it was our first with water involved. One by one, we inched our way down the waterfall. It was amazing to hear how supportive everyone was of one another. Cheers and laughter were heard all throughout the afternoon. Once everyone had made it to the bottom, we took a group picture in the swimming hole to celebrate our achievement.

Our final test was another waterfall rappel. By this point in the day, our group was feeling confident in their abilities. The group went down the rock at lightning speed and with laser focus. It was so fun watching everyone conquer their fears and celebrate one another. We were so happy for our other group members as they were for themselves, and that was super awesome to see. We closed out our activity with a short hike back up to the home base. Wraps, fresh pineapple, and cookies were waiting for us once we reached the top. Once we had all eaten our fair share, we started making our way back to camp for a relaxing late afternoon.

We spent the last few hours of sunlight playing soccer, throwing the football, and playing group games. This group is up for anything, and they are all so easygoing. Spending quality time with them on chill afternoons like this has been some of our favorite memories of the trip so far. Each personality is so different, and we are so glad to have each of everyone on this adventure with us!

Stir fry was on the menu for dinner. However, this group of growing teenagers needed more fuel so we had a Mexican-Chinese fusion dinner when we made supplemental chicken and cheese quesadillas. An odd combo I will admit, but don’t knock it until you try it!

After dinner, we had Moonup under a bright, starry sky. When everyone’s food settled and we finished Moonup, Andrew and Harrison finally got their wish of playing night soccer. Everyone got involved in the game, and they could’ve played until the sun came up if we had let them! Everyone just crawled into their tents for a good nights rest because our community service portion of the trip starts tomorrow! We can’t wait to see these group make a difference on this beautiful island.

Today began with delicious oatmeal with granola, honey, and fruit! With full bellies, full water bottles and lots of sunscreen, we headed for Pu’u kukui (try and say that out loud)! After arriving and meeting our instructor, Mr. Ekolu, we headed down into the valley where we worked by a riparian corridor. Eloise, Libby, Nathan, and Harrison put their strength to good use by using picks to dig up large rooted weeds while Andrew, Janie, Dudley, Carrington, and Mae used sickles to pull up the widespread smaller weeds. After a good sweat and lots of pulled weeds, Mr. Ekolu sat us down to teach us about Hawaiian geology and ecology. We learned about the early production of sugar, the ancient history of rocks, the usage of the water collected on the island and of course some Hawaiian phrases! Rogers was eager to learn, and he consistently asked Mr. Ekolu questions about the land. Caroline and Addison were brave enough to try the very bitter sap from the nut of the kukui tree, the state tree of Hawaii. After a quick packed lunch by the corridor, our team headed down the valley to have a relaxing afternoon swimming at Wahikuli beach. For dinner we had fresh veggies, pita, chicken and rice to make a delicious and nutritious Mediterranean meal! To celebrate wrapping up our first day of community service, we had chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We were once again greeted with a starry Hawaiian sky for Moonup. After our group discussion, we all hit the tents pretty early for the night. Can’t wait to see what day 2 of community service has in store!

It was a relatively early morning for Maui C, but that didn’t stop them from getting pumped for our 2nd day of service with Mr. Ekolu. Yesterday, we worked more inland, but today, Mr. Ekolu wanted to show us another part of the island. We drove to his house which was perched on the crystal-clear water that was teeming with life. After a brief educational lesson, the group distributed snorkeling masks and clipboards. Today’s task was to survey and count the fish in the coral reef! Mr. Ekolu uses these survey numbers to create Excel spreadsheets. He ultimately uses these spreadsheets for his research on protecting the reefs. The group took off for the reef in pairs where they were met with all kinds of life underwater. The clipboard that Mr. Ekolu provided included waterproof paper and a chart of the particular fish he was studying. As the group swam around the reef, they kept track of the fish that Mr. Ekolu suggested to take note of. After about 45 minutes, we were instructed to come back to shore. Andrew was ecstatic when he came back in because he spotted an octopus while he was snorkeling! Rogers was also thrilled because he got to swim alongside a sea turtle. Mr. Ekolu then took us on a beach walk where he taught us more about Hawaiian geology and the issue of coral bleaching. The group were all so attentive and genuinely interested in all that we were taught. Pretty soon, all the swimming and walking took a toll on us all. We were hungry! We all decided to eat our packed lunch at Ekolu’s house. One of Ekolu’s relatives, Jonathan, brought out a tray of traditional Hawaiian food: bread fruit with brown sugar. With full bellies, it was time to say bye to our new friends Ekolu and Jonathan. We took a short drive to Whaler’s Village where we were met with an absolutely breathtaking beach. We spent the afternoon swimming, jumping off rocks, and enjoying the beautiful day on the sand. Carrington raved about how much she enjoyed the scenery during our laid back afternoon. A jam-packed day in the sun is certainly tiring, so the group treated themselves to T-shirt’s and souvenirs at a store in Whalers Village while walking back to the van. We closed out another successful day in Maui the only way we knew how: a cookout, a dance party, and Moonup. What an awesome finish to an awesome day!

Our final day of service began with delicious granola, apple, and honey breakfast burritos! We began our short drive to the Maui Ocean Center (MOC) where we met our guide for the day, Jade. She led us to a nearby beach where we did a beach cleanup. The group counted hundreds of pieces of trash and kept a tally of all the different types that they found. After the cleanup, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on another beach. Sandwiches, pretzels and goldfish for all! We had one more portion of service for today, so we met Jade back at MOC. She split the crew into 3 smaller groups for more specialized tasks. One group tallied up all of the trash we collected, another group sorted trash and the last group cleaned the coral tanks. It was so fun watching the group take ownership of their individualized tasks! Janie absolutely loved leading her team in the coral tank cleanup. As we wrapped up our service portion, Jade reminded us about the importance of keeping our oceans clean. Her message truly resonated with the group, and it was so cool to hear them talking about what an awesome day they had. We all said goodbye to Jade and began our afternoon activity. We went to an open field and set up a kickball game. Rogers stole the show with his powerful kicks and precise aim. Nathan impressed us all because he seemed to reach each new base in the blink of an eye. It was so fun to see the competitive spirits of each of the group come out. Once we were all tuckered out, we drove back to camp where we spent the afternoon laughing and debriefing the day. We played soccer and ultimate frisbee while cool crew prepared a group favorite appetizer: chips and queso. For dinner, we ate BBQ chicken quesadillas with quinoa and veggies. Deeeelicious! We have an early morning tomorrow, so we all hunkered down in our tents pretty early after Moonup. We are so excited to spend some time at Molokini Crater tomorrow!

With Love,

Evan, Eric and Sara

Catching Waves In Maui!

June 16, 2019

Aloha from Maui!

MAU C has arrived safely on this beautiful island, and we are so excited to see what all it has to offer!

Our adventure began with warm smiles from Rogers and Carrington at the Kahului airport. Slowly but surely, the rest of the crew trickled in after playing a few hands of cards. As each new smiling face arrived, Rogers was quick to ask if anyone needed help grabbing duffels and carrying them to our spot. All of the kids had phenomenal attitudes, and the group began to mesh immediately. You would have never guessed that these kids had just been on an airplane for hours on end! Their excitement was contagious as the group began to bond over wraps and fresh fruit. Our last members, Andrew, Janie and Addison, were welcomed with open arms by the rest of MAU C. And just like that, we hit the road for our first campsite!

The drive from Kahului to our campsite was absolutely breathtaking. As we drove up the mountain, the kids sat in awe of the giant peaks that were covered by clouds. As the group got settled in, we gave them a quick tour of our home base for the next two weeks. We closed out our first day together scarfing down pizza from a local pizza place. With full bellies and bright smiles, the kids hit the tents for a much-needed night of sleep.

Airport day can be exhausting, but these kids were up and at ‘em bright and early! We started our day with toasted bagels with an assortment of toppings (with fresh fruit on the side, of course). Eloise, one of our Leaders of the Day (LODs), raved about the pineapple. We absolutely love how eager everyone is to try local Hawaiian fruit! Once everyone had their filling of breakfast, we loaded up the van to head to Ho’okipa Beach Park.

We were welcomed into the park with nothing other than fresh fruit stands. The kids wasted no time hopping in the cool ocean water. As we were swimming back to shore, Dudley pointed out a massive sea turtle that cruised right by our whole crew! We all watched from a safe distance as the majestic creature swam by. Little did any of us know that that would be the first of many turtle sightings of the day! Rogers, Harrison, Nathan, Andrew, Mae, Libby, Eloise, Dudley, and Caroline all went on a walk down the beach where they saw at least 15 more sea turtles! We were all so excited to be able to admire such beautiful animals right from the beach.

The crew then rinsed off at the beach, and we all loaded up the van. We headed back to camp to grab a quick bite to eat- wraps, fruit, goldfish, and pretzel thins. We then hopped back in the van for a quick drive down the road where we met our zip lining guides: Roy, Brandon, and Marcus!

The day consisted of 5 different lines that increased in both length and height with each new line. Caroline was nervous about being so high up, but she handled it like a champ! Carrington helped ease the groups’ nerves by trying to zipline with a new person for every line. Our final line was half of a mile long over a beautiful valley. It was such a blast seeing the whole crew energized after that thrilling ride. You would have no idea that these kids were jet lagged by the looks of their smiles! That excitement trickled into our van ride where we all jammed to throwbacks and pop hits. Dudley impressed us all as she seemed to know every word to every throwback song.

The energy this group brings is like no other. These kids just can’t get enough! Once we got back to our campsite, a group started a soccer game. Libby stood out as the soccer star as she raced up and down the sideline with ease. Meanwhile, our hard-working cook crew, Harrison, Addison and Janie (with the help of Carrington), whipped up an amazing Mexican meal. Chicken, veggies, rice, corn, beans, chips, salsa, AND guac. Aren’t we lucky! We feasted and laughed together as we watched the sunset over our cozy campsite. While gazing at the star-filled sky, Harrison commented on how happy he was with our activities and our group. Our LODs, Eloise and Addison, wrapped up our eventful day with a special moon-up discussion about the importance of living in the moment. These past 2 days have indicated that this group fully embraces living in the moment, and we couldn’t be happier!

We were all greeted by the warm sun on day 3. Our 40-minute drive to our surf lesson flew by because of our van jam session- let me tell you, this group can SING! Before we knew it, we were all geared up for our surf lesson. We began with a brief tutorial on land with our fantastic guides Matt, Ashley, and Roy. Once the group felt comfortable, we hit the waves! The waves were absolutely perfect for beginners. The guides couldn’t emphasize enough how lucky we were! Before most of us had even reached the breaking point of the waves, Carrington had already cruised by with ease on her surfboard. Pretty soon after that, everyone caught a wave AND everyone got up! Nathan’s hard work with the guides paid off, and he began to catch some waves without any help! His dedication is something to be admired.

After a couple of hours on the water, our group headed in for a much-needed break. We hit up a local fruit market (once again) and made our way to a nearby beach for lunch. After we ate, we spent a couple hours enjoying each other’s company while swimming through the waves. From there, we decided to hop in the van and visit the cute nearby town of Lahaina. We walked down the waterfront, and some got gelato while others bought souvenirs. After our quick shopping trip, we all piled back into the van to head to Dragon’s Tooth. We did a quick hike to a rocky cliff side. The views were breathtaking, and the kids were absolutely ecstatic. After a little bit of exploring on land, everyone was itching to get back in the water. We jumped back into the ocean below. We even got to see another sea turtle! Mae was especially nervous, but she handled it like a pro and eventually took the leap! We all splashed around in celebration. With adrenaline still pumping, we hiked back to our van and rinsed off. We drove back to camp where we were greeted once again with an absolutely incredible sunset. We ate pasta and veggies for dinner, and we laughed until the sun went down. Andrew couldn’t get enough, and he tried to get a game of night soccer going! Throughout the trip, he has entertained the group through telling stories and organizing group games. We have had an absolute blast so far, and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer!

Today started similarly to our previous mornings: bright, early, and with smiling faces. We began our jam-packed day with a hearty breakfast of oatmeal with Nutella, almond butter, peanut butter, and fresh fruit. After a quick camp sweep, we loaded up the van and hit the road for our first stop of the day: Iao Valley State Park. Iao Valley was unlike anything we had seen yet. We were surrounded by lush, green vegetation and towering rocks. After we gazed in awe in the parking lot and snapped a few pics, we climbed up a few flights of stairs where we were met with a gazebo and an even better view. Shortly after taking it all in, we climbed down to the nearby river. These kids are not shy whatsoever when it comes to jumping in pools of water! It didn’t take any time at all for them to hop right in and explore the surrounding area. Janie, Addison, and Eloise set up a hang out spot and enjoyed the rocks right where they were. These girls fully embraced living in the moment while soaking in the beauty of this awesome spot!

After an hour or two of exploring Iao Valley, we hopped back in the van and headed to a local restaurant. Rogers, Libby, and Carrington ordered poke while the rest of the crew stuck to the trusty ole American cheeseburger. Once we were all stuffed, we made our way to our second stop of the day: Twin Falls. Twin Falls is a small waterfall with a swimming hole underneath it. Once again, the kids were splashing and having fun in the water before we could even blink. It has been so much fun watching the relationships between these kids form, and the bonds they have created definitely grew stronger today. Once everyone was exhausted from the swimming, we headed back to camp for a quick break.

We decided to have an early dinner of pizza bagels so we could reach the peak of Haleakalā before sunset. Haleakalā is the tallest peak on the island at 10,023 ft. The crew grabbed a few layers and packed in the van for another quality jam sesh. Janie’s positive attitude has been apparent this whole trip, especially during the car rides. She keeps the group energized with her ability to recite practically every lyric to every song we play! The car ride was full of switchbacks, but we wouldn’t have traded the view for a thing. Once we hit the peak, the kids hopped out and got settled in their Crazy Creeks. We took a ton of pictures as we all sat together admiring the view. Addison and Eloise were on cloud 9, and they couldn’t stop giggling in excitement! The positivity and energy that these two girls bring day in and day out is amazing, and we feel so lucky to have them on this trip! The surrounding mountain peaks on the island poked out from the clouds, and we were sitting on top of the largest peak to have the best view of it all. This sunset was definitely something special, and it wasn’t just because of the cookies we surprised the kids with at the top. For everyone in the group, this was the first sunset we had all witnessed sitting above the clouds. It was truly magical, and it couldn’t have been a prettier night. We wrapped up our busy day with a light-hearted Moonup underneath an almost full moon. We all reflected on the beauty we had seen throughout the day, and we all feel so lucky to be in such an awesome place with such awesome people. Harrison pretty much summed up the sentiments of the group when he said said “that was one of the best nights of my life.”

From Evan, Eric, and Sara

Safe Arrival in Maui!

June 13, 2019

Hello Maui Families,

We’ve heard from our leaders and the group has landed safely in Maui! The trip is off to a great start and we can’t wait to hear about their many adventures!

-Moondance HQ


  • Addison
  • Andrew
  • Caroline
  • Carrington
  • Dudley
  • Eloise
  • Harrison
  • Janie
  • Libby
  • Mae
  • Rogers
  • Nathan