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Hawaiian Islands 3 • July 12-July 25, 2019

First days in Hawaii!

July 14, 2019

Aloha from the Big Island!

We’ve all finally arrived and the anticipation of the start of something new and amazing has been such a thrill. Kona is quickly beginning to feel like home and everyone is settling in so well after airport day. We’ve already made some fun memories together and although our group has only been here for a little over a day, it feels like we have known each other for weeks! Every single student has brought an amazing energy and unique personality to the group, and we’re looking forward to the many adventures and memories that our trip holds for the next two weeks!

Over the course of our first official day together, our group slowly trickled into the Kona airport and our excitement grew with the arrival of each student. Our first two arrivals, Taylor and David, helped set the tone for our group as they welcomed each new member of our Moondance family with a happy smile and a hug. After an airport day full of excitement and meeting new friends, we headed over to our beachside campsite. We were greeted by a hearty pizza feast by the beach where we got to know each other. We already feel like a close family, and our first meal was a fun, special one. To end our long travel day, we had our first Moonup and continued to get to know more about each other and what we are each looking forward to for the next few weeks. It certainly set an energetic, enthusiastic tone for the group as we head into our first few days!

It was such an amazing feeling waking up to the sound of rolling waves and a picturesque beach. We began our first full day by sleeping in and enjoying a hearty, well-deserved breakfast of bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches that Ava, Lizzie, and Aaron cooked up for us. After breakfast, we set off north for our day at the Waipa Valley for a hike. Waipa Valley is known for its luscious foliage and beautiful rocky shores. We sauntered down our hike to the beach front where we relaxed as a group and marveled at the beautiful Hawaiian coast. Christopher and Layne spearheaded the group’s Carins contest, which everyone promptly took part in. After constructing our decorative rock structures and spending some time getting to know each other a little more, we decided to head back up the mountain. Jack and William set the pace for the group while keeping us on track on the way back up as Isabel kept up the group’s moral with encouragement and constant jokes. Our beautiful drive back to our campsite took us on a coastal tour of the Big Island that weaved through spanning mountains and lava fields. Aubrey and Kennedy kept the group’s excitement sky high throughout our journey. They helped create a playlist for our group and kept us engaged when singing along with every song that came on. We ended our day today with a dinner of burrito bowls that fueled everyone back up after a long day. Our feast along with our second Moonup was the perfect ending to an amazing day, and we can’t wait for another one!

We are going to sleep tonight giddy as we look forward to beginning our scuba portion of the trip tomorrow! We have no doubt that each and every student will absolutely thrive and become naturals underwater. As we spend our next few days in Kona, we can’t wait to create new memories together and continue to become close. Although we have not been here for too long, we can already tell this is an extraordinary group of kids, and we couldn’t be more excited to spend the next two weeks with them!


Natalie, Bonnie. And Stewart

All Arrived to the Big Island!

July 13, 2019

Hello Hawaiian Islands families!

All students have made their way to Hawaii, and are ready to begin their big adventures. We can’t wait to hear about their SCUBA and their time on the Big Island!


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