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Chamonix 4A • July 9-July 31, 2019

A Great Ending to a Great Trip!!

July 31, 2019

Bonjour from Paris!

We hit the ground running on our first night in Paris. After a quick bite to eat and settling in, we stopped by the Pantheon, an iconic resting place for famous French citizens. Then, we headed towards the River Seine. Our LODs, Aidan and Olivia, who completely mastered the Paris Metro by the way, found us a great Moonup spot near the Pont de Neuf on a riverside park. There we witnessed an engagement and talked about what we learned from others during these few weeks. After a great Moonup, Briggs was feeling some vanilla and chocolate gelato, so we ventured over to a famous gelato stop. After, Notre Dame beckoned, so we wandered over to admire the history behind the church. Lillie, our personal Parisian history and French language expert shared some nuggets of knowledge with us. To our surprise, our night wasn’t finished. As we were walking back towards our hostel, we stumbled upon a public performance by a famous Argentinian singer on a pedestrian bridge. With nothing but time on our hands, we enjoyed the music and the riverside breeze for quite a while. We only wish Lila had a chance to share her musical talents and play alongside him. We rested well after our first day in Paris well spent.

Our next morning began with a period of reflection. We all took some time to write letters to ourselves. We’re excited to mail these back to the students during the year, perhaps bringing a fresh perspective when received. After we finished, one LOD, Richman, ensured we made haste towards the Louvre. Emerging from the Paris metro at Palais Royal / Le Louvre, we were greeted by beautiful weather. The entire day we soaked in the 75 degree sun and cool breeze; it proved to be a perfect time to be in Paris. Hunger started to set in so we then made our way past the Obelisk of Luxor and towards the Grand Epicurie of Paris. This incredible grocery of local meats, breads, and produce provided us with some apple cider for a picnic in the Luxembourg gardens. We enjoyed our picnic sheltered by a tree as we reflecting on some great times. Post lunch, Briggs tried to pawn off an extra avocado to no success as Eads, co-LOD with Richman, led us on our way to Ateliers de Lumieres. This warehouse turned art exhibition projects Van Gogh’s complete collection onto the entirety of the walls, ceilings, and floors. A synchronized orchestra compliments the tones of the art projected. We loved the exhibit and the chance to see Van Gogh in a different light.

Now, we set out to prepare for banquet. Of course we stopped at a thrift shop to set the mood. After a brief ice cream break at our favorite Amorino, Katie led the way in the Hawaiian shirt department, scouting out the right shirts and providing some extras to others. Jake followed suit, as he had been awaiting this epic store visit many weeks. On the way back, we made a pit stop by Angeline chocolates to stock up on some fine Parisian treats before heading home. The last step to prepare for banquet, at least for the guys, was to shave three weeks worth of scruff into “stylish” facial hair. Aidan, Jake, Briggs, Richman, and Henry sported some questionable goatees at dinner, but do not fear they were shaved soon after.

To finish off the night, we picked up some more ice cream and ventured over to the Eiffel tower for Moonup. Tonight, with the sparkling tower as a backdrop, we discussed what we learned about ourselves and talked about journeys: their beginning, their end, and memories of the path along the way. Adylein reminded us of what we can take home from Moondance, Olivia talked about the right balance of our thoughts, and Elizabeth offered thoughts about our place here on earth. One final group peace “ommm” and a group hug finalized our Moonup.

We will miss this incredible group immensely. Each individual contributed to building a group dynamic that elevated every second of our experience higher. The group seized every day and every mile. They constantly expressed appreciation, humility, and a fun-loving spirit. Because of the outstanding attitudes, we were able to place an incredible amount of trust in each other as we grew to embrace and accept one another and our vulnerabilities. In this pursuit of a great group dynamic, we all stepped up to lead, but we also stepped back to understand how to be led. It was this self awareness and this confidence in a diverse group setting that showed us true leadership qualities in everyone here.

Excerpt from “Farewell Address”

“…Still I wish he’d told us that youth burns hot and quick like a kitchen match so you better light a real fire with it because it’s a long cold winter brother….and it really is easy to be yourself if you know yourself so be quiet and listen to what your soul is singing and keep the beat with our hands and feet. Hum along till you learn the words. And oh yeah, that guy Keats was right after all. Beauty really is truth and truth really is beauty. And that’s not a bunch of hocus pocus or mumbo jumbo. You can learn it for yourself this very day from a dog or a child or an old man. From a good story, a mountain creek, of the warm embrace of the people you love.”

Thank you for sharing these great people with us.

-Henry and Bowen

Amazing Adventures in the Pyrenees!

July 29, 2019

Our first day on our Pyrenean adventure started off with some fantastic news. Our pro LODs, Jake and Eads, shared the day’s itinerary with the group. We learned we’d be hiking up to the Vignemal, a 3,000 foot vertical face and legend in the climbing world. Our accommodations for the night would be a climbing expedition hut, where climbers rest, eat, and enjoy some great camaraderie before they depart to scale the wall at usually 2-3am. After the briefing, Sacha, our incredibly experienced and compassionate guide, met us at the trailhead, already knowing everybody’s name. Immediately, we knew we were in good hands. In our first few moments, we stood in the mist of an astounding waterfall and heard “the longest love story to ever exist” (a small plant called lichen that enjoys a symbiotic relationship with trees). Eads led us up above the tree line, pacing us perfectly to our first valley overlook where we shared a silent moment of meditation. We soon reached a massive alpine lake where Sacha challenged us to our daily swim. Elizabeth and Lila were the first in, bravely running into the super cold water with no hesitation. After warming up with a post swim picnic, Jake led us up to our night’s hostel that overlooked one of the last glaciers in the Pyrenees on one side and the valley we had just wandered up on the other. We mooned up as the sun went down, talking about our aspirations for the future and goals we have for the next year. Through a brief yoga exercise using the tree pose, Sacha reminded us that we work best as a forest, combining our strengths to produce something beautiful and cohesive.

Our second morning began with a climb to a stunning mountain pass overlooking our next valley we were to conquer. Before we had even reached the top, Briggs had completed his 100 push up per day challenge (mostly with his backpack on). Elizabeth had everybody playing guess this movie. And, Lila was leading everybody in sing alongs. From the top of the pass we headed down, feeling like we were in a bit of a different world because of all of the majestic landscapes around us. Our biggest adventure for the day was a vulture hunt. Sacha spotted a group of local Pyrenean vulture. This was Lillie’s time to shine. We slowly stalked forward getting as close as we could to these epic creatures, boasting a 3 meter wingspan (maintaining a safe distance of course). Once the vultures flew away, we carried on our way down the trail until we stopped for a refreshing water break at a fresh spring. We are certain this was the best tasting water the whole trip. After meandering through fields of wild iris and lilac flowers and crossing into Spain, we arrived at our refuge for the night. Our day’s challenge took place immediately- we all stood in the ice cold water for five minutes, and some dunked in all the way. The stars greeted us at our Moonup led by Olivia and Aidan, where we broke into pairs to talk about group dynamics and how we work best in a group.

Sacha reminded us about the importance of breathing the next morning, teaching us an ancient breathing while walking exercise. We had our chance to try it out as we did a monk walk (a silent walk) through the “magic Forest.” Our senses were opened to so many sounds and sights around us. The silence was broken with our next challenge for the day: ant eating. Adylein was the first to embrace her inner anteater and chow down on some ants. Elizabeth followed suit, in the exact style of Baloo from the Jungle Book. We continued on our way until we found a perfect riverside location for a long lunch. Briggs and Richman practiced their rock skipping skills, which have improved significantly over the course of the trip. Others rested on the warm riverside rocky beach. Our afternoon walk led us to a beautiful overlook of the world famous Ordessa valley and a blue water swimming hole. Adylein was the first in, rising again to the day’s challenge. She whipped out some super cool gymnastics moves as she jumped in. Everybody followed suit. Our incredible Spanish refuge welcomed us warmly, going out of their way to make sure everything was perfect. We learned a lot from their generous hospitality. The Spanish feast was a highlight. Richman and Lila led us in a Moonup on the porch rocks of an old Spanish church overlooking the mountains. We talked about ways we can do our part to save the nature around us. Many of us talked about spreading awareness about the outdoors by taking friends along with us hiking. Given the many miles under our belts, there’s no better way to share our knowledge and thoughts about the wilderness than with friends and family.

Our wake up call was a bit later on day four, a nice surprise for everybody. After a slow morning, we sauntered to a new swimming spot just outside the Spanish National Park. Upon just arriving, Katie embraced the experience and jumped right on into the pristine blue water. We all jumped in after her, swimming around in the refreshing cold water. Aidan, Briggs, Olivia, Lila, and Richman were the extra brave individuals to say yes to Sacha’s “adventure challenge” that included a short swim to some nearby rocks, a short sunbath on the warm rocks, and a jump back into the water to head back. All were successful. Significantly refreshed, we headed back to our refuge where a special treat awaited us. Sacha’s friend, a certified yoga instructor, was in town and lead us in a full yoga class overlooking the mountains. She catered her class to the needs of our group, and ended the class in an extended shavassana relaxation period. Even those who had never practiced yoga before were grateful for her class and energy. After another Spanish feast, Lillie and Elizabeth led us in a Moonup in which we discussed all of our hobbies that we care about and give us energy.

After a bit of a rest day, the group was ready to conquer another big hike. We spent the morning wandering up through the Ordessa Valley we had overlooked a couple days prior. We were surrounded by a stunning golden canyon, often referred to as the Grand Canyon of Europe. After reaching our highest point for the day, we enjoyed a pleasant lunch and wandered back down. We were lucky to take a few more jumps off of the rocks from the previous day before making our final push back to the hostel. Katie led the way on the last stretch of the trail, belting out some tunes to keep our spirits high. We sang along with her of course. Elizabeth had us all design our own crocs for Moonup that evening. Some folks got quite creative. Keep a look out for crocs that control your feet temperature, grow gardens, and make you temporarily invisible on the market soon.

Our next day was extra special because Jake turned 18! Richman woke him up to “happy birthday” number one of 100. We celebrated him the whole way up to the French-Spanish border where a fiesta with candy bars and a water guns awaited, much to his surprise. Sacha sang him happy birthday in French, and our Spanish connoisseurs sang him Feliz cumpleaños. The rest of the day was spent exploring our next incredible Pyrenean village, surrounded by a world-famous cirque, a geological marvel. Our refuge host, Christophe, entertained us with his French music and dance lessons. His go to move was “the surfer.” He prepared a dinner of freshly caught local salmon for us, and we dined family style. Aidan and Richman had prepared a special post dinner birthday celebration. After our first dessert, they brought out an ice cream cake with candles for Jake and we sang yet again. He was presented with a vibrant yellow vest signed by each member of our Moondance family and a locally crafted gift from Sacha. During Moonup, we reflected on all that we had gained from the trip so far and our favorite types of trees. The Magnolia tree seems to be a class favorite.

Our next excursion in the same town led us to a graveyard and a local church. This town marked the beginning of a 911km pilgrimage called the Santiago de Compostela. Sometimes called the Way, this pilgrimage is a historic trek for many in the area. Pilgrims, similar to us that day, visit the Church to reflect before their journey and also pay respects to the graveyard of original Pyrenean mountain guides. These guides, including the great great grandfather of our host Christophe, founded the sport of Pyreneism (Alpinism) and led the first mountain expeditions in the 19th century. It was so cool for us to see the birthplace and starting point of the first people to walk the same trails we have hiked for the last 8 days. After that reflection, we adorned our rain jackets and hiked up to a mountaintop refuge amidst the clouds and mist as our first cold weather had moved in. We discovered that hiking in weather other than sunshine is different and powerful experience. The fog hugged the mountains, and we saw the mountains that surrounded us in a whole new way. The rain made all feel a bit quieter and more peaceful. Eads led the charge on the hot chocolate train once we made our way up. Her excitement was contagious and lifted us out of the quietness of our walk. While we watched more clouds roll in from the coziness of inside, Elizabeth led us in some classic card games, and Lillie led the charge on the completion of a marmot puzzle. After another delicious dinner, we Mooned up in bed, sharing about our priorities in life- family, friends, health.

As we awoke, the clouds began to part ways, heading to cover a different valley. Blue skies rolled in to take their place. We shared a short reflective silent meditation overlooking the mountains around us. The leaders of the day, Elizabeth and Katie, led us in a group stretch, beginning our favorite stretch we call “good morning sun.” We hiked through more magical forests and crazy rock structures to the Cirque du Gavarnie, the highest waterfall in Europe (behind Norway). What we thought was a small lunch break turned into an adventure entire of a lifetime. Trailblazers, Aidan, Briggs, Lila, Elizabeth and Sacha took the coldest shower of their lives as we stood under the waterfall. The wind and mist proved freezing, but it was a memorable experience for all of us. Hiking back to town, we walked past the local opera. Every summer the town sets up an opera in the valley with the waterfall and 2500 ft wall as a backdrop. The entire town guided by fire light marches up to the valley and spends the evening together. After walking along a river and enjoying some last trail conversations, we arrived back in town where our transfer awaited. Our Pyrenean adventure finished but the area will never cease to amaze us.

This bright group of students demonstrated incredible leadership throughout the trip’s entirety. Through filling roles of designated leadership, active leadership, peer leadership, and self-leadership, the group worked as a beautiful team to seize each day. The Pyrenees are incredible, but time spent in an amazing place means nothing without incredible company. We are grateful to have experienced these treks and landscapes with some incredible friends and trail companions. We will miss the trail and this team.

On to Paris!

Looking forward to updating you again soon – Henry and Bowen

Coasting Along Costa Brava!

July 20, 2019

Hola de España! Kayaking the wildly blue Spanish waters and relaxing on the beaches was a welcomed change in pace from our trekking days. Upon our arrival to Costa Brava, we filled our stomachs with some traditional Spanish tapas and headed straight to the beach. Aidan and Katie led us as we mooned up in the sand, gazing at the stars. We talked about our fears and reflected on the TMB. Tired from the long travel day, we crashed hard in our cozy bungalows.


Our LODs, Lillie and Richman, woke up extra early for a trip to the grocery store to prepare a breakfast feast for everybody. Lillie whipped up the best scrambled eggs any of us could’ve asked for, fueling us for our day in the water. We met our guides for the day at the beach, geared up, and headed on our journey. Lila and Elizabeth went in full Ariel mode, entertaining us all with their songs. We adventured through some rock caves where Katie mastered the three-point turn, kayak version. Before we knew it, we had arrived at our picnic spot for the day. We had plenty of time to snack on some fresh mangoes, wade through the refreshing water, and take some naps in the shade. By the time we left the wind had picked up a bit, but we were ready for the challenge. We geared up again and headed out to the waters. Adylein absolutely crushed her paddle back to our main beach, smiling and encouraging everybody forward the whole way. Upon our arrival back to shore, we relaxed on the beach until Briggs set out a challenge to swim to the last cone in the water. Lila and Jake rose to the challenge with him. Afterwards, we headed back to the bungalows to prepare a family dinner. Aidan’s cooking skills shone brightly as he prepared a perfect rendition of Richman’s favorite chicken and cheese quesadilla and romaine salad. Meanwhile, the leaders of the day set the table for all. To thank Aidan for his cooking skills and celebrate his very belated birthday, we surprised him with a specialty ice cream dessert and sang to him. We ended the night in Moonup sharing about moments that transformed the way we think about life and the world around us.


We woke up to some delicious French toast being prepared by Elizabeth and Adylein. After getting all geared up for kayaking day two, we headed to our next kayak spot- a beautiful natural reserve nearby. We think this spot may have even been better than the previous. Our guide taught us about the sea tomatoes and sea urchins all around us. A couple students even held the sea urchins for a bit. We wound through more caves and coves, filled with beautiful wooden boats and local Spanish folks. It was perfect weather for a splash war. Richman and Briggs teamed up to invade kayaks from both sides for the double splash. The best sneak attack of the day took the double kayak (Henry and Aidan) by great surprise. We arrived at yet another cool cove for lunch and swimming. This time, our guides brought snorkeling gear for us so we could swim around to check out all the cool stuff below the surface. Lila, Katie, Adylein, and Olivia were expert snorkelers and spotted some really beautiful fish down under. We began to head back, stopping at the Russian Baths on our way back. This swimming hole lies below a cliffside mansion and contains some cool passageways the students paddled through. The color of the water was unlike anything we had seen yet- the girls compared it to something like Mama Mia’s set. We thought our adventure had ended when we made it back to shore. Alas, another surprise was in store. We took a short hike up to visit one of Gaudi’s getaway houses featuring a tilted door. He visited the little house often to seclude himself while he painted. Elizabeth gave us all a brief lesson on surrealism, putting what we saw into context. We made our way a bit further to an overlook over the sea we had been kayaking the past few days. We soaked up the view and hopped back in the vans where we took a nap to rest up for our big evening event: IRON CHEF.


Our leaders, Elizabeth and Adylein, divided the group into two teams. The task was to prepare two courses under a set budget. The rest was all up to interpretation. Elizabeth’s team prepared a simple Caesar salad as their first course, topped with fresh toasted crutons. Their main dish featured pesto pasta, pan seared chicken, roasted tomatoes, and grilled mozzarella cheese. Lillie once again stepped up in the kitchen, teaching us all about how to perfect the pasta. Adylein’s team prepared a first course of tomato soup and artisan grilled cheese. Their main course was a perfect plate of spaghetti with pork. After careful deliberation, Elizabeth’s team took the win. We celebrated with a dance party for everybody in one of our bungalows, grooving the night away. We capped off the night reflecting on what we have learned from our Moondance experience so far.


The next morning came bright and early- we wandered to watch the sun rise on the Mediterranean. Eads, our morning gal, was the first to pop out of bed and chase the sun. We watched the bright dawn colors in the quiet as we prepared to say our goodbyes to Spain. Listening to some good morning tunes, we headed back to pack up for our transport back to France. Our current town is bustling with Tour de France teams. After our awesome days in the water, we are ready to get back to rambling in the mountains. We continued to be inspired by the students’ thirst for learning and enthusiasm for each day. We’re excited to see what the Pyrenees have in store for our group that’s already working so well together.


Until next time,

Bowen and Henry


Here are some shoutouts!

Hello! We are about to start the Pyrenees tomorrow which is a seven-night hiking excursion. The past few days we’ve been sea kayaking and before that we were on a 5-day hiking excursion across the Tour du Mont Blanc. It has all been wonderful. Looking forward to seeing y’all and tell everyone I said hello and I miss them so much! Hope all is well at home!

  • Lillie

Hey everyone! I miss you guys so much! This trip has been super awesome though; thanks so much for letting me go. 🙂 I can’t wait to see everyone and tell you all about it. P.s. these mountains are crazy. The blue ridge mountains are beautiful, but they are hills compared to the mountains here lol. Ok love you see ya l8r! P.p.s hey blue I miss you lots this is weird not having you in the same room at night for this long I love you x 420

  • Lila

Hello from the Pyrenees,

About to start hiking for the second time. Had a lot of fun at the beach and on the TMB. See y’all in a couple weeks.

  • Briggs

Chicken and cheese quesadilla with just chicken and cheese. Love and miss you!

  • Richman

Hello fam! I am having the best time with everyone! Spain was amazing and I love my leaders. Have fun in PV, and btw Bowen and Henry are staying with us when we get back 🙂

  • Eads

Hey fam, I miss y’all a lot, but I’m having a darn good time! Tell frances and Carson and them I miss them a lot. Also tell Dallas I love him. Can’t wait to see y’all after the Pyrenees!

  • Adylein

Shalom el familia. We out here climbing mad hills in Europe. Love y’all.

  • Elizabeth

Hey! We are about to hike the Pyrenees tomorrow. Love everyone here so much and having so much fun!!! Miss y’all love y’all.

  • Katie

Finished the Tour du Mont Blanc and went to Spain for sea kayaking, which was fun. Going to the Pyrenees for about eight days. It will be hard, but I’m prepared. Miss you guys a lot.

  • Jake

Spain was swimming and eating, touchdown. Costa Brava was so pretty! Now we start our last 8 days of trekking. Miss everyone.

  • Aidan

Hey mom and dad! I am having a lot of fun so far. We just got finished with Spain and are starting the Pyrenees tomorrow. Miss everyone a lot. Also, we sent out a post card so look out for that. P.s. text me before I take off just so I know that all is good haha. See you guys soon! Love y’all<3

  • Olivia


Fun times in Chamonix!

July 17, 2019

Bonjour from Chamonix!


On our first day, we shook off some jet lag and warmed up for our Tour du Mount Blanc trek on the alpine luge in Chamonix’s center of town. Eads and Katie served as our first two Leaders of the Day (LODs). As seasoned Moondance veterans, we knew they could help get us well prepared for our trek. Briggs claims he made it down the hill the fastest, but the final results are to be determined. On his way down, Richman spotted a construction game. After one minute, he had mastered the ability to pick up rocks and secured his future as a rock picker upper. We found more inspiration for our hike at the world climbing competition in the town center where we watched the best climbers in the world scale climbing walls at a mind-blowing speed. After a “duffle shuffle” (a lesson on pack packing), we shared a family dinner and a Moonup in the foothills of the mountains we were to climb through the next few days.

Our Argentinian guide, Niko, picked us up bright and early the next morning to head to our trailhead. We cruised through stunning mountain roads, driving by glacial rivers, in the coolest 4 wheel drive mountain LandRover, a signature experience of our guiding company. This day was extra adventurous because we ate breakfast in France, lunch in Italy, and dinner in Switzerland. We oriented our map, checked out our route, and headed up our first hill. Aidan and Lillie courageously led the way as our LODs. Lillie’s highlight of the trip came soon into our first hike when we saw the native Swiss mountain goat. As an expert hunter, seeing such an animal was truly a dream come true. We arrived with tired but accomplished feet to our first hostel. Olivia and Elizabeth helped guide us in some mountainside yoga to keep our legs all healthy for the days ahead. Briggs and Richman were star participants in the class. Our three-course meal awaited us, and we sat around the table laughing and reflecting on an amazing first day.

Our next day included some much needed downhill sections that wound us through Swiss town after Swiss town. Jake, recalling all of his maps skills learned on his NOLS course, flawlessly led the way. Niko pointed out that some of the hay barns we passed through on our journey were built in the 18th century. Next, we went caving through a few hidden mountain hideouts on our way up to our next alpine village. Jake and Aidan engaged their photography skills to capture some great photos in the cave. After arriving for the night, to the surprise of all the local townspeople and hikers just sunbathing, we jumped in the chilly alpine lake and rested some tired muscles. The reward for our polar plunge was a fantastic Moonup led by Lila under a beautiful moon and fire red sunset.

One of our favorite parts of the trek was well-earned on this next day. We began with a long climb of almost 3,000 vertical feet. The group encouraged each other the whole way up. Elizabeth was especially skilled in keeping us entertained with trail games throughout the climb. Before we knew it, we had reached the top, arriving at a mountaintop hut. The kind Swiss farmers graciously provided some fresh baked lemon and carrot cake. Refueled with the best kind of energy (cake), we wound our way through meadow of wildflowers and cows. Katie made a friend in one herd of cows after a moo-off. To our surprise, Katie won. We arrived at our hostel for the night, overlooking a vast valley featuring the stunning peak of Mount Blanc. As Bastille day fireworks shone in the distance, we Moonup’d and discussed what qualities we bring to a team and opened up about our fears.

The next morning, the team crushed a climb to a mountain pass that divides France and Switzerland. We took the elevation as a team, encouraging each other along the way. During a break, Lila taught the “boot dance,” a classic backpacking jig that helps keep our bodies warm when it is cool. A passerby complimented her mad dancing skills. At the very top, after soaking up the crazy views around us, we took a rest stop in a mountain hut lodge. Eads would argue they had the best hot chocolate, perhaps in the world. From the top, Nicolas led us through a smaller, less crowded route to a small village. The trail wound through the classically gorgeous wildflower fields and vistas of Mount Blanc (a trend on our Tour du Mount Blanc). The only people we passed were locals on weekend strolls. Our boys invented and initiated a game of soldier- hiding behind boulders, marching in sync, fighting for the good of the team. Our hiking day ended with a small extra trip to see a stunning, powerful waterfall. Adylein was the first to spot the rainbow over the rushing water. Our extra hiking was well worth it. We arrived to our next town and our snazziest hostel yet, a huge surprise for everybody. To top off the perfect day, we had arrived in perfect time to celebrate Bastille Day one day late with the locals by watching the best firework show. Olivia picked out the weeping willow fireworks as her favorite, and we all danced with the town in the local square as an American band played for a group of 100.

Our morning was full of exploring the area and continuing to get to know one another better. Olivia encouraged us all to dip our toes in the chilly water and reflect on what all we had accomplished. We felt bittersweet emotions as we drew near downtown Chamonix.  Closing ceremonies in the hostel parking with Niko lot were observed by the Apache pilots of the British Army, who were also staying at the hostel. We waved goodbye as Niko pulled out in his little red car, and we headed to pack up for our next adventure. That night, we finished up our TMB experience with a Moonup in our favorite spot, at the foothills of Mont Blanc, where we shared about our role models. Lots of you folks reading our update were mentioned in the circle. We loved getting to hear about all the qualities of you incredible people. We shined our headlamps up to the peaks before Mont Blanc and received a response from some camping climbers miles away above 10,000 ft, ending our night on a high note.

As our train hurtles through the Spanish countryside, our team is ready for some much deserved beach time. We are so excited to kayak and test out some cooking skills in Spain. We’re looking forward to updating you again in just a few short days!

-Henry and Bowen

Safe Arrival in Geneva!

July 10, 2019

Hello Chamonix Families!

We received word from our Trip Leaders that all students have arrived safely in Geneva. The trip is off to a great start, and we can’t wait to hear more stories from their adventure.

  • Moondance HQ


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  • Briggs
  • Eads
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