Trip Updates

Belize + Costa Rica 3B • July 13-July 26, 2019

Surf's Up in Costa Rica!

July 16, 2019

Hola amigos!!

BCR 3B has landed and is happy to report a couple of fantastic first days! We have enjoyed getting to know your kids so much. They truly are a rambunctious and adventurous bunch. Our airport day was seamless as our group formed at the San Jose airport. Alexandra was the first to arrive and she quickly impressed us with her confidence by immediately introducing herself to every new adventurer. As we waited for planes to land, we played numerous intense games of BS, Spit, and Egyptian Rat Slap. Knox blew out the competition by becoming the undefeated champion of BS. After the final members of our group reached Costa Rica, we stepped outside of the airport to meet our energetic bus driver David and he greeted us with a generous “Pura Vida!” Then Thomas took command by leading our bag loading assembly line. Even though he had to heave every single bag, he still had enough energy to be cheerful during our short bus ride to our hotel for the evening.

After we checked in, it did not take long for the kids to find the pool. Everyone soon made their way to the hot tub where we played a much-anticipated Name Game. Emily broke the ice by being the first to memorize everyone’s names. Once we all became familiar, Caroline initiated a game of Marco/Polo that lasted until dinner. We marked the end of our amazing first day with a dinner of chicken, vegetables, rice, and salad. Afterward, our first Moonup was filled with effortless conversation. Preston and Alexandra were designated as BCR 3B’s first ever leaders of the da because of their great attitudes throughout our airport experience. We then hit the hay for some much-needed rest before our early morning and action-packed day.

The next day we met David and our bus in order to venture towards ziplining in Los Suenos. The drive wasn’t short, but we filled it with music and singing. Ellie and Emerson kept the vibes flowing by picking songs and leading us all through the lyrics. Once we made it to Los Suenos, Gary, our canopy guide, made sure we had all the proper equipment and training. The group could barely contain their excitement as we rode the tractor up a huge mountainside to reach our starting point. We rose and rose until we were well above the trees. Preston took the initiative to lead the students down the 12 zip lines. Mills impressed us all by choosing to ride upside down during the 6th line. After an unbelievable time, we then made it back to sea level safely. David was waiting for us with our faithful bus to take us to Uvita for an afternoon of surfing.

The beach was breathtakingly beautiful, but the surfing was even better. William caught the first wave of the day and continued to catch waves throughout the entire 2-hour session. He astounded the local surf instructor and received a few shakas from some bystanders. Pearl might have found her new passion as she caught her first wave ever and weaved her way through the surf. We were lucky to spend a couple of hours in the water, but it wasn’t enough. After the lesson, we made our way back to Nido del Halcon where the kids quickly found another pool to keep swimming. Jack then lead everyone in a game of categories that kept the laughs rolling until a beautiful Costa Rican sunset.

We all got plenty of rest as we eagerly awaited the next section of our adventure. The next morning we all packed into the bus to head to El Brujo and begin community service. More to come soon!!

¡Hasta Luego!

Safe Arrival in Costa Rica

July 13, 2019

All students have safely arrived in Costa Rica and the trip is on its way.

We can’t wait to hear more!

-Moondance HQ


  • Alexandra
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  • Ellie
  • Emerson
  • Emily
  • Jack
  • Knox
  • Mills
  • Pearl
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