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Maui 2B • June 28-July 11, 2018

Final Update!

July 11, 2018

Aloha parents! We cannot believe that our incredible trip is already over. The last three days have flown by and we were so sad to see everyone leave last night. We had an unbelievable time filled with many laughs and a lot of fun! Since our last update in the field, we have gone stand up paddle boarding and snorkeling around The Molokini Crater! Stand up paddle boarding was an awesome time and we all competed to see who could stay on their board the longest without falling in! It was a close competition, but Elyse won! In the end everyone ended up swimming around in the clear waters and we were even able to spot some turtles! After a fun-filled morning we headed off to the Ohai trail for an adventurous hike filled with unforgettable views. We had many photo shoots and heartfelt conversations on the trail and it is a day well never forget! Afterwards we went to the Nakalele blow hole and admired its beauty from afar. After a long day we headed home to enjoy everyone’s favorite meal of hamburgers and hotdogs. Gordon, Charlie and John O. showed everyone their great cooking skills in the kitchen and everyone enjoyed this delicious dinner! Afterwards we headed up to Haleakalā to watch an incredible sunset from 7,000 feet above sea level! Hope and Kate were so excited to see the amazing sunset and to experience this incredible site with everyone. After a long day the Leaders of the Day John O. and Greta lead a wonderful Moonup where we all got very deep and real with each other, making our bond even stronger.

We had an early start to our day the next morning and headed out to Molokini Crater. Here we went on four different snorkeling tours and everyone was super excited! Emily and Stella were always the first ones in the water ready to explore while Scott was the first one to spot a sea turtle! This was hands down everyone’s favorite day as we got to explore the depths of the clear Maui waters. After snorkeling we headed to one of our favorite beaches and soaked up the sun one last time. Jack and Henry had an awesome time playing in the waves and many followed their lead, while others decided to lay on the beach. It was an unforgettable day and one that we will all cherish. That evening we went out to a Mexican restaurant for our banquet dinner to celebrate our fabulous 13 days spent together and headed back to our campsite.

The next day we packed up and got our last bite of shaved ice and headed to the airport. It was a sad day to watch everyone go their separate ways but we know that everyone will keep in contact for the years to come. The past 13 days were indescribable. Your children made this the trip of a lifetime and we are sad to see it come to an end!


Jack Emma and Baird

Surf's up!

July 9, 2018

Aloha parents!

Another great three days have flown by and we can’t believe that the trip is almost over! Since our last update we have become professional surfers and gone rain-forest canyon rappelling! On our first day of surfing everyone was able to catch a couple of great waves! Gordon was the first one to stand up and catch his own wave without the guides help! Greta, Jack and Stella all managed to ride a wave on the same board! We saw many sea turtles and learned some cool tricks on the board like a 360 turn! On the second day of surfing the waves were even bigger but our group prevailed and still managed to be champion surfers! Emily and Elyse rode tandem and so did John O. And Scott! They laughed the entire time and it was amazing to see them ride the wave together. Hope was super adventurous and tried out a smaller board and absolutely crushed it! After a nice morning of surfing we headed to Lahaina for an afternoon of souvenir shopping! Everyone got great shirts and bracelets so that they can remember their amazing time in Maui. Gordon and Charlie have become incredible chefs and created a wonderful dinner of spaghetti and meatballs for all to enjoy! The next day we went rain-forest rappelling, although we could not go waterfall rappelling due to the rain we still had an phenomenal time and Kate conquered her fear of heights! It was amazing to see everyone conquer their fears and see the beautiful smiles that covered their faces. In the afternoon we went on a short hike and Henry and Jack loved exploring the cave we found. Overall it’s been a spectacular three days and we are so thankful to have experienced it with your amazing children.

Here are some shout outs to the parents!

Elyse – hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun in Maui and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Love you!

Emily- hi mom and dad I’m having so much fun in Maui! I can’t wait to show you all the cool pictures of the activities we’ve done!  Love you guys!

Hope – hey mom and dad! I’ve had such an amazing time in Maui and I can’t believe it’s almost over and I’m so excited to see y’all and tell you all about the awesome activities I’ve done!

Kate – hey mom and dad! I’m having fun love you!

Henry – hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun in Maui! I like everyone on the trip and windsurfing was my favorite and I’m so excited to go snorkeling tomorrow! Love and miss you!

Scott- hey mom and dad I’m having a great time and everyone is so nice and everything is fun! Can’t wait to see you!

Jack – hey mom and dad Maui is great!

John O. – hey mom and dad I’m having a great time and Maui is awesome!

Stella – hey mom and dad I’m having so much fun I love all the great people here! Thanks for sending me here!

Greta – hey mom and dad! I’m having the time of my life and love all the activities! The counselors are the greatest! Love you so much!

Charlie – hi mom and dad! This trip has been amazing! I’ve made a lot of friends here and have had a lot of cool experiences and can’t wait to tell you more! Love you and see you soon!

Gordon – hey mom and dad I’m having a great time in Maui and I can’t wait to go snorkeling tomorrow at a crater! See you soon love you!

Meaningful Service and Fun Beach Times!

July 5, 2018

Aloha parents! Happy 4th of July! Since our last update we have participated in a community service project with Imua Family Services, which is a non-profit for kids with disabilities! On our first day we read to the kids and had story time! Gordon made an instant friend with one of the kids and she would not leave his side the whole day! Stella and Kate’s energy kept everyone motivated and we laughed the day away! After our fun filled morning we went to an incredible beach and went cliff jumping! Hope was one of the first to jump off and everyone else followed behind her! Greta conquered her fears and was so proud after she made the leap into the water.


The following day we went back to Imua Family Services and got to see many familiar faces. All the children’s faces lit up when they saw “the teenagers.” Elyse and Hope selflessly volunteered to work privately with one of the programs autistic children. Jack and Henry learned some great new dance moves from their buddy. We enjoyed a great nature walk where we get to play lots of fun games with them outside! It was hard to say goodbye to the kids but I think we all learned a lot and made great connections with the kids.


On our third day of service we learned more about how to help the micro community by giving back to the campsite of which we are staying! We helped with some maintenance around the campground and then headed to the beach in the afternoon to celebrate the 4th of July! We went back to one of the kids’ favorite beaches and played in the waves all afternoon! John O and Scott loved the big waves they spent all day jumping into them. Everyone loved spending time together on this great holiday and Emily had a smile on her face the whole time. After the beach we headed home to have hamburgers and hotdogs. Everyone enjoyed the classic American meal especially Charlie who helped us eat all the extras! To close off the day we all enjoyed popsicles while watching fireworks from a far. It was a great fun filled day and we will remember for a long time! Until next time!


July 2, 2018

Aloha parents! Our first three days have been incredible and our small group has already turned into a family. On day one we went windsurfing and all had an awesome time! Hope and Scott looked like professionals and were some of the first ones to catch the wind! Meanwhile, John O. and Henry were having a great time learning tricks with the sails and learned how to do a 360 with the sail! Stella and Greta were the trend setters of the day and tried to ride the board two at a time and many followed their lead. Overall, we had a blast as well as a lot of laughs and worked up quite an appetite for a picnic on the beach for lunch! After lunch, we conquered the Kahakapao loop trail in the Makawao Forest Reserve. Throughout the trail, Scott lead the pack and Elyse’s positive attitude kept everyone motivated on the trail! We all had a great time learning more about each other and talking about the mornings activity. Afterwards we went back to camp for dinner and Moonup and all fell asleep easily, eager for the next day to begin!


On day two, we woke up for an early morning kayak and snorkel tour at Makena Beach Landing! The group had a nice leisurely kayak out to a phenomenal snorkeling spot! Jack was the first one to spot a sea turtle and we all crowded around to watch this magical creature in its natural habitat. We saw a wide variety of fish including the box fish, the trumpet fish and the Hawaiian state fish the Humuhumunukunukuapua. Afterwards we went to Makena Beach which is also known as big beach due to the large waves! Gordon and Hope had the best time body surfing and were the last ones to get out! After a fun day at the beach, we headed home to make dinner! Our first leaders of the day, Charlie and Greta, made a delicious chicken stir fry and we all enjoyed this wonderful dinner family style! It was a great way to wind down and end the day.


The next day we went zip lining! Kate conquered her fear of heights with a little help from Emily’s encouraging words! It was an outstanding morning with the greatest views of Maui! After ziplining, we headed to Ho’okipa beach to watch windsurfers as well as surfers shred the gnar ????????. By the end of the day, the sea turtles were coming up onto the beach to rest and, after checking them out from afar, we headed back to our campsite which we now call home. We can’t wait for the rest of the trip! Until next time!


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