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Maui 3B • July 15-May 28, 2017

Final Update - We miss you already!

July 30, 2017

Aloha Maui friends and families.


What an incredible past couple of weeks! This group has had the best time forming new friendships and developing as young leaders. Everyone played an integral role of making this trip so special and you better believe that we all had our fair share of laughs along the way!


We’ll pick right back up from where we left off last time with snorkeling Molikini Crater. Despite a very early morning start, everyone was bubbling with excitement from the moment we left camp until the boat pulled back into the harbor. We started off with some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast as we bobbed around in the Pacific Ocean. Once we finished eating, Isabella and Rachael led the way as we hit the inside of the crater and saw all of the vibrant fish and coral patterns. While inside, Georgia, Margaret T. Sally, and Ryan had a wild encounter with a jellyfish. We then went around to the backside, where we were able to see almost 200 feet down to the bottom. Once everyone had gotten their fair share of snorkeling we proceeded to zip on over to La Perouse Bay where Kate and Charltyn spotted spinner dolphins! After a long day of snorkeling and cruising around on the zodiac boat, we made our way into town. There we went shopping at a thrift store for our banquet later that night. We then made our way down to the coastal town of Paia with everyone dressed in their fancy new clothes. All of the girls looked fabulous, but the most interesting outfit award went to Ella and Helen for their mother-daughter look. 


The next day was definitely the toughest day due to all of the goodbyes that were exchanged. We have all made incredible friendships that will last a lifetime and cannot wait to see one another later on down the road. Once again, thank you so much for allowing your kids to be part of our Moondance family. The past two weeks have been some of the best times of our lives and your children have brought us more joy than words can express. 


With love and gratitude,

Joseph, Brit, and Mallie

Wind Surfing and Snorkeling!

July 26, 2017

Aloha Maui 3B friends and families! 


Our time in Maui has flown by, but we have been having the time of our lives. Our group has become closer than we could have ever imagined and there is no doubt we will all be friends forever. 


The past three days have been so much fun. Day 9 started with another morning at Makena Beach where we spent the morning stand up paddle boarding. It wasn’t long before Rachel and Helen started doing tree poses on their boards and Kate spotted the first sea turtle of the day! The activity ended in a competitive partner race which Sally and Isabella took first place in. We ended the day with an afternoon hike at Waihee Ridge Trail. This was a tough but rewarding hike and had some of the most beautiful views we’ve seen yet. Throughout the hike, Georgia and Ella kept everyone’s spirits high with their hilarious jokes and contagious laughter. 


We spent the past two days windsurfing at the beautiful Kanaha Beach. It didn’t take us long to realize why Maui is considered the windsurfing capital of the world! Ryan and Margaret T got to show the group their sailing skills and looked like naturals from the start. Even with the harder conditions on day two, Charltyn kept going and had a smile on her face the whole time. 


Today, we get to snorkel around Molokini Crater. Although we are sad our trip is coming to an end, we couldn’t be more excited about the day to come. We are so thankful for the past two weeks in Maui and couldn’t love this group more. Aloha for now! 


With love, 

Mallie, Brit and Joe

Surfing, Sea-Kayaking, and Sea Turtles!

July 23, 2017

Hello again Maui 3B friends and families!

The past three days have been filled with adventure and we have made friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Last time we checked in, we were headed to surf with the Maui Beach Boys. Surfing ended up being the group’s favorite activity thus far! Isabella got to show the group her surfing skills and made sure to help anyone who was having a hard time. It wasn’t long before the whole group looked like pros. By the end of the lesson, Margaret T and Rachel were tandem surfing and Sally and Ryan were switching boards while catching their wave! After surfing, we surprised the group with Acai Bowls then headed to check out the Nakalele Blowhole. Our day ended with a yummy dinner, a memorable Moonup and of course, a dance party. 

Day 7 was an early morning but the group woke up with positive attitudes and eagerness to rappel. We got to rappel down three different rock faces surrounded by the beauty of East Maui’s jungle! Even though it was scary at times, Helen and Ella kept everyone’s spirits high with their humor and contagious positivity. After rappelling, we surprised the group with an afternoon in the historic town of Lahaina. This was a fun and relaxing way to spend the afternoon and gave everyone a chance to get souvenirs to bring back home! Our last night at our Maui campsite ended with an incredibly moving Moonup led by Kate and Sally. 

Day 8 started with sea kayaking and snorkeling at the beautiful Makena Beach. Charltyn and Georgia spotted the first sea turtle of the day and got some awesome Go Pro footage! After kayaking, we surprised the group with lunch at Wendy’s then made our way to the laundromat to do some much needed laundry! We ended the day getting settled into our new campsite and spent quality time together playing soccer and basketball. We can’t believe how fast the trip is flying by and are so excited about the days to come. Aloha for now! 

With love, 

Mallie, Brit, and Joe 


Here are some shoutouts from the girls! 

-Helen: “Hi Mom hi Dad, I miss you so much! I’m really tan now. We’ve been doing a lot of fun activities say hi to Elizabeth for me”

-Margaret: “Hey Mom and Dad, I’m having so much fun. I miss you guys! Love you guys!” 

-Georgia: “Hi Mom and Dad. Tell Henry I say hi and I hope Puerto Rico is a blast! Can’t wait to see y’all when I get home and tell you all about it.”

-Kate: “Hi Mom and Dad, I’m doing a lot of fun activities. Love y’all and hope y’all are having fun in Duck!”

-Isabella: “Hey, I’m still having so much fun. We’re doing so many fun things and there are a lot of sea turtles and awesome animals. Miss and love you guys hope you’re having fun at work.”

-Rachel: “Hey family! Love and miss y’all hope y’all had a fun time in Colorado without me. Take care of the dogs and tell Granny we saw a lot of sea turtles.”

-Sally: “Hey guys, I’m having a swell time in Hawaii and making a ton of good friends and I love y’all and miss y’all. Have fun in Charlotte!”

-Ella: “Hey Mom and Dad. I can’t wait to see you guys when I get home. I’m having so much fun and have met so many cool people. Tell May I say hi” 

-Ryan: “Hey Mom and Dad, I’m having so much fun. I hope you guys are having fun in Dallas. Love and miss you and can’t wait to see you!” 

-Charltyn: “Hey guys having fun in Maui, the weather is really nice and it’s beautiful here. Can’t wait to get back and tell you guys all about it! Love and miss yall” 


Turtally Awesome!

July 20, 2017

Aloha Maui 3B friends and families!

We spent the past three days working with Hawaii Wild Life Fund, offering our service to the Hawaiian community. We started our community service project snorkeling at a Marine Reserve, where we got to swim alongside some of the most beautiful green sea turtles we have ever seen! Isabella and Rachael spotted the first turtle we saw and were able to identity it as a female green sea turtle. After snorkeling, we made our way to Ho’okipa, where we got to assist with the basking turtle project.

Day two of community service was the most rewarding day yet. We got to travel to Kahakuloa Valley, where we spent a full day working on Uncle Oliver’s land. We are so fortunate that we were given the opportunity to see Hawaiian traditions first hand by assisting in the restoration of Uncle’s land. Margaret and Kate were our LOD’s and did a great job of keeping the group motivated and energetic. Throughout the day, we made assembly lines that made our work quicker and more efficient. Helen, Sally and Ryan used their muscles and pulled weeds while Ella and Charltyn grabbed the remains and threw them in a pile. Our day at Uncle’s ended with a mud fight which left us feeling satisfied after a long day of work. After a yummy dinner and a meaningful moonup, Helen and Georgia started a dance party that had everyone laughing hysterically. This was the perfect way to end our day.

We ended our community service section with an in-water green and hawksbill sea turtle monitoring project. This was such a cool way to help HWF with their research and gave us a hands-on opportunity to work with sea turtles. Today, we are surfing at the beautiful Kalama Park. We are so excited about the activities to come and can’t wait to watch the group continue to grow and bond. Aloha for now!

With love,

Mallie, Brit, and Joe

Aloha from Maui!!

July 18, 2017

Aloha Maui friends and families! 


Our first two days in Maui have been absolutely amazing. Our group already feels like a family and we are ecstatic about the days and weeks to come. From the moment everyone arrived at the airport, friendships were made and bonds formed instantly. Joe greeted everyone at their gates and Brit and I hung out with everyone and played some intense card games while we waited for the whole group to arrive. We ended our first night together with pizza from dominos and an introductory Moonup that helped everyone better understand what the next two weeks on the island will entail.


Day two started with a morning at Piiholo Ranch, where we zip-lined 5 different courses with 5 different incredible views. The last course was by far the group’s favorite part of the activity. This course was half a mile long and over 700 feet above the ground with views of the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful ranches that surrounded us. After zip lining, we had lunch and headed across the island to our home for the next six nights. Before dinner, we surprised the group with an afternoon swim at D.T. Fleming Beach Park and a shower, which everyone was super excited about. The night ended with a yummy dinner and a Moonup full of laughter and excitement. 


Over the next 3 days, we will be snorkeling at Marine Reserves, assisting with traditional taro farm and fish pond restoration activities and aiding our community service partner with in-water Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtle monitoring. Aloha for now, we will check in again soon! 


With love, 

Mallie, Brit and Joe


Here are some shoutouts for mom and dad!


-Sally: hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun in Maui. I love everyone on the trip. I love and miss you guys and hope you’re having fun in Charlotte. Tell William to have fun at lacrosse camp. 


-Margaret T: hey mom and dad, I’m having a blast! I love and miss you. Tell Sam and Ada I said hey. Give Winnie my love! 


-Helen: hi mom and dad! I love and miss you. I’m having a really fun time in Hawaii. We’re doing so many fun things! 


-Kate: hi mom and dad! I’m having so much fun in Hawaii and I’m making lots of friends. See you in Aspen! I love you. 


-Ella: hey mom and dad! I love and miss you guys. I’m having so much fun and I’ve met so many cool people. Tell May I said hi. 


-Rachael: hey mom and dad! I love you and miss you. Tell the dogs hey for me and please don’t lock up Penny! 


-Charltyn: hey mom and grandma! I’m having so much fun in Hawaii. Tell everyone I said hi. Miss you and love you! 


-Ryan: hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun. Maui is beautiful!! Tell Nug, Kat and Reed that I said hi! Miss and love y’all. 


-Georgia: hi mom and dad! Maui is really fun and pretty. I hope you have fun on your trip. I can’t wait to see you guys when I’m back! 


-Isabella: hey guys! I’m having so much fun. Everything is so beautiful here. I miss you guys already. Soccer ball!


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