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Maui 2B • June 30-July 13, 2017

A Final Aloha

July 13, 2017

Hello Maui 2B friends and families! We can’t believe this is our final aloha. The past two weeks have been filled with constant laughter and we have made memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. We cannot thank you enough for sending your amazing kids to spend two weeks with us on the beautiful island of Maui. This group has been nothing short of incredible and they have made our job as leaders so rewarding and worthwhile. 

We spent the past two days doing fun water activities and bonding even more as a group. On Monday, we got to stand up paddle board at Makena Beach. This was such a fun activity and gave us an opportunity to relax while hanging out on the water as a group. The day ended with an afternoon on the beach and a cookout at Kalama Park. We grilled burgers and hotdogs and made s’mores; the kids couldn’t have been happier! Tuesday, we woke up super early and headed to meet Redline Rafting for our snorkel tour around Molokini Crater. This was by far the group’s favorite activity. We got to snorkel in the bluest and most beautiful water we have ever seen! The tour ended with a yummy lunch on the boat and a fun swim with green sea turtles. 

After our snorkel tour, we took the kids to shower at a beach park and made our way to the thrift shop. Everyone got to pick out fun outfits for our surprise banquet, which we had at a local pizza joint. A pizza dinner was the perfect ending to the trip of a lifetime. It gave the group tome to relax, eat good food and reflect on the past two weeks. Our night ended with the most moving Moonup of the trip, which was full of laughter and tears. It was so moving watching all of the kids reflect on the bonds they have formed throughout the trip. 

This morning, we woke up the group with surprise Krispy Kreme donuts and spent the morning at camp cleaning up and getting organized for everyone’s departures. Although it has been a sad day for us all, it has been amazing to see how close this group has gotten in two short weeks. Once again, thank you so much for allowing your kids to be part of our Moondance family. The past two weeks have been some of the best times of our lives and your children have brought us more joy than words can express. 

With love and gratitude, 

Mallie, Brit, and Joe

Shout it out!

July 10, 2017

Shout outs:

Carolyn- hey mom and dad I don’t want to leave Maui! We went to the top of Haleakala yesterday and we were above the clouds! 


Isabella- aloha family! I am having an amazing time. I still can’t believe I’m in Maui. I love you guys! Give Oscar a hug for me!!


Anora- hey mom and dad! I’ve been having a great time and I can’t wait to see you guys in a few days. 


Thomas- hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun. We went to the top of Haleakala yesterday and had dinner, it was beautiful 


Julia- hi mom and dad! I’m having so much fun and never want to leave but I’m stoked to see y’all in two days. A hui hou!


Tommy- hi mom and dad. I’m having so much fun. I’m excited to come home but I’ll miss this place so much. See you soon! 


Lila- dear mom, I’m having so much fun. I miss you! 


Kate J- aloha mom and dad! I’m having so much fun in Maui. See you guys soon! Give buddy a hug for me! 


Sibley- hi mom and Gus. I’m having SO much fun here so don’t be surprised if I miss my flight. Hahaha just kidding, maybe!

(Don’t worry we will make sure she doesn’t miss her flight! – Mallie)


Burns- hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun and found my second family. 


Kate M- hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun and never want to leave Maui. Say hi to will and drew for me. See you guys soon! 


Sinclair- hey mom and dad! I’m having so much fun. I love my new pals. Tell Anderson and bandit I miss them. Love you guys. 

Conquering Maui's Tallest Peak!

July 10, 2017

Hello hello Maui friends and families! 


Just when we thought the trip couldn’t get any better, it did! Last time we checked in we were on the way to sea kayak and snorkel at the beautiful Makena Beach. This was such a fun activity and had some of the most awesome views we’ve seen yet. Burns led the group and was pumped he got to show off his kayaking skills in the beautiful Pacific Ocean! While we were snorkeling above the coral reefs, Isabella and Kate M. got to pose for a picture with a gigantic green sea turtle. After kayaking, we surprised the kids with a trip to Wendy’s and an afternoon in the historic town of Lahaina. Town day was such a fun way for the group to spend time together and get a few souvenirs to bring back home! We ended the day eating tacos and burritos at the new campsite followed by a memorable Moonup led by Sinclair and Kate M. 


Saturday was one of the group’s favorite days yet! Sibley was one of the leaders of the day and made sure everyone had sunscreen on from head to toe and that camp was spotless before we left. This was such a great example of the roles that leaders of the day play throughout the trip. We started the day with a surf lesson at Kalama Park. Julia was so excited she got to show the group her surfing skills and help the others learn this fun new sport. Carolyn got up on her board right away impressed us all with her natural ability to surf! After surfing, we headed back to camp for lunch and a quick break before our afternoon hike at the Lahaina Pali Trail. Even though it was challenging, this hike was the perfect bonding experience for the group. Thomas showed his leadership skills when he carried some of the groups’ backpacks and offered words of encouragement the whole way up. 


Sunday was such a fun day that ended in the most beautiful views we have ever seen. Tommy cracked jokes from the minute we woke up and kept everyone laughing! We started the day rappelling in the rainforest and ended it with dinner at the top of Haleakala, Maui’s tallest peak. Although everyone was a little scared at the beginning of rappelling, Kate J. and Lila did an awesome job of encouraging the group and kept the group morale high. After rappelling, we headed to the laundromat and let everyone wash their clothes (which was very necessary!) We ended our day with dinner at the top of Haleakala. The view at the top was absolutely breathtaking! It was verrry cold but Anora made sure everyone maintained a positive attitude and appreciated the beautiful views that surrounded us. 


Today, we are stand up paddle boarding and surprising the group with a cookout at a beach park. The past two weeks have flown by, but we have enjoyed every second of it. We can’t thank you enough for letting your awesome kids join us in Maui. Aloha for now! 


With love, 

Mallie, Brit, and Joe

Fun in the Sun

July 7, 2017

Hello Maui 2B friends and family! 


Maui’s beauty continues to surprise us every day. We spent the past two days windsurfing at the beautiful Kanaha Beach Park. It didn’t take us long to realize why Maui is considered the windsurfing capital of the world! The first day of windsurfing was extra special. Hayes Hitchens, the founder of Moondance and the reason we’re all here, came to visit us and surprised us with 3 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts. The kids were thrilled to get to meet Hayes and couldn’t have been more excited about the donuts. 


Windsurfing is a lot harder than it looks, but everyone was able to get up and learn the basics of this awesome sport. Anora had it down from the start. We were amazed by her natural talent to windsurf! Kate M and Burns never failed to stop trying and looked like pros by the second day! The instructors were so proud of their hard work and dedication, and so are we. Despite the harder conditions on day two, Tommy kept everyone’s spirits high with his positive attitude and hilarious jokes. Lila was also a constant source of encouragement and made sure everyone kept a positive attitude and had a smile on their face. Isabella, Sinclair, Thomas and Sibley decided to pair up and ride on each others boards. This was so fun to watch and was the perfect photo opportunity. Everyone had a blast! During the last hour of our lesson, one of the instructors let the kids ride on the front of the board and took them out to look for sea turtles. We knew Julia had spotted one when she came back smiling from ear to ear! Carolyn and Kate J also got to go for a ride and got some awesome pictures on their cameras. It was so awesome to watch them ride on the board with a windsurfing national champion! After windsurfing, we took showers and went back to camp to get cleaned up and organized for the move to our new campsite! The day ended with hotdogs, mac n cheese, watermelon, apples and cookies. Dinner was a hit, to say the least.


Today, we start the day sea kayaking and snorkeling at Makena Beach. When we are finished, we will make our way to Maui Montessori, our final campsite. We can’t believe how quickly this trip is flying by and can’t imagine having a more incredible group of kids. The bonds that have formed and the friendships that have been made are what Moondance is all about. We cannot thank you enough for allowing your kids to be a part of the Moondance family! They have made our summer unforgettable. Aloha for now, we will check in again soon! 


With love, 


Mallie, Brit, Joe

Giving Back

July 5, 2017

Aloha friends and family!

Maui keeps getting better and better. We spent the past 3 days working with Hawaii Wildlife Fund participating in beach clean ups, assisting in taro farm restoration and conducting research on Green and Hawksbill sea turtles. Community service was an incredible way to start the trip in that it brought us together as a team and allowed us to see the positive impact we made on Hawaiian community.

Our first day of community service was a huge success participating in a cleanup at Wailuku beach.  After picking up debris, we went to another beautiful beach park and snorkeled above coral reefs for the rest of the day. After a couple of hours in the water, we spotted our first Green Sea Turtle! Sibley, Burns, Tommy, and Julia got just close enough to it to get amazing pictures on their Go Pros!

Day two of community service consisted of a full day of hard and rewarding work at Uncle Oliver’s house. We planted different types of taro and helped restore Uncle’s fish ponds. The kids were so hardworking and couldn’t have been more respectful. Uncle Oliver had nothing but great things to say about everyone. When the day was coming to an end, a mud fight was inevitable. With Kate M. and Isabella throwing the first handful of mud, the day ended with everyone covered in mud smiling from ear to ear.

As our service days were coming to an end, the last day was spent snorkeling with hopes of seeing a hawksbill turtle, one of Maui’s most critically endangered species. Although we didn’t spot a hawksbill, Sinclair saw the first and only green sea turtle we saw that day! Throughout the rest of the day, the Hawaii Wildlife Fund conservationists taught us more about the life span of a sea turtle. We played a fun game that showed us the importance of respecting wildlife. Lila, Kate J and Anora lead the game to a win, being the only sea turtles who ‘survived!’ We ended our last community service day feeling accomplished and privileged to be here in Maui. Carolyn and Thomas ended the night with a thoughtful moonup that helped remind us of the real meaning behind the service we had done.

As the days go by faster and faster, we cannot stress enough how proud we are of each of your children and how thankful we are that they are a part of our family. The group dynamic is amazing and they all contribute so much to our team. We are so excited for the days to come and look forward to watching their friendships and bonds continue to grow. Today, we start day one of windsurfing! Goodbye for now, we’re off to catch some waves!

Mallie, Joseph and Brit

Zip-Lining Our Way Through Maui!

July 2, 2017

Aloha Maui 2B families, 

Our first 2 days in Maui have been nothing short of incredible. We are blown away by how quickly our group has bonded and have very high expectations for the remainder of the trip. From the moment your kids arrived at the airport, friendships started to form and our group has grown closer ever since. Our trip started with a morning at Piiholo Ranch, where we got to zip line 5 different courses with 5 different incredible views. We ended with a half mile zip line with a view of the Pacific Ocean and wow, it was breathtakingly beautiful. Today, we start our 3-day service project with the Hawaii Wildlife Fund. Over the next 3 days, we will be snorkeling at Marine Reserves, assisting with traditional taro farm and fish pond restoration activities and aiding HWF with in-water Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtle monitoring. The group morale is high and everyone is beyond excited to offer their services to the beautiful community of Maui!

With love and gratitude, the Maui B family. 


Here are some shout outs for the fam: 

Thomas: Hey mom and dad, I’m having fun and my leaders are awesome. Everyone on the trip is fantastic! 

Lila: Hey mom, I’m having a blast! I’ve made so man new friends. 

Burns: Hey mom and dad, I’m making new friends and might ever come home! 

Kate J: Hey mom and dad, having so much fun. Never coming home!

Carolyn: Hey mom and dad, I’m having a blast. I’ve made so many new friends and my leaders are awesome. 

Sibley: Hey mom and dad, I’m having SO much fun and making so many new friends. Maui is so pretty. 

Julia: Hey mom and dad, I’m having so much fun. I don’t want to come home to see Wills, but I’ll come home to see the dogs. Love y’all. 

Sinclair: Hey mom and dad! I’m having a great time and am making lots of new friends. 

Isabella: Hey mom and dad! I’ve been making so many new friends and am having a blast. Maui is gorgeous. Tell Oscar I said hi! 

Tommy: Hey mom and dad, I’m having lots of fun. I miss Blue but Hawaii is beautiful. Love you guys! 

Anora: Hey! Hawaii is really fun and everyone is great, but they say y’all a lot. Besides that, it’s amazing. 

Kate M: Hey mom and dad! I’m having such a great time here. I’m meeting so many great people and Maui is so beautiful.


July 1, 2017

Hi Maui Families!

Everyone arrived safely yesterday and we are excited for this journey to begin! Stay tuned for future updates!

-The Moondance Team


  • Burns
  • Sibley
  • Isabella
  • Kate
  • Kate
  • Thomas
  • Carolyn
  • Lila
  • Anora
  • Julia
  • Sinclair
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