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Hawaiian Islands 1 • June 14-June 27, 2017

Final Update from the Islands!

June 28, 2017

Greetings to all the Hawaiian Island families, 

Since our last update we have shared so many more memories! 

First we worked as a team and conquered the KTC Challenge Course at Waipa which was a combination of low and high-rope activities. We began on the ground learning how to work together and communicate effectively to accomplish our goals.
Though we were already a family, Mason – our instructor – really helped us solidify our bond, while also making us think and plan for the challenges ahead. Konrad and Jack faced their fears of heights during the “leap of faith” exercise where we climbed a 30+ ft tree and took a leap trusting in the belayers below. 
Next we moved on from the most mentally challenging part of the trip to the most physically challenging part, a 17 mile kayaking trip down the Na Pali Coast. We saw views from popular films including Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Caribbean and entered awe-inspiring sea caves that you would have to “sea” to believe! After 12 miles conquered, we stopped at a Na Pali State Beach Park where we devoured turkey sandwiches, brownies, and mouth watering pineapples. After lunch Edward, Drennen and Jack walked down the beach to see Hawaiian Monk Seals sunbathing on the beach while the girls followed suit and sun bathed themselves accordingly. 
After lunch we continued to the take out point where each group landed their kayaks on the beach one-by-one. Liv and Drennen started a chain of laughs when their landing fell short and they practiced their kayak beach roll. Shortly after, Kelly Clare and Lina left everyone rolling around in the sand with laughter when they came soaring into the beach and literally rolled in with the wave. They immediately popped out of the water crying with laughter and smiling ear to ear. After kayaking, Catherine, Elliott and Madeleine stayed in the water playing around in the waves until the final minute constantly giggling. 
The next morning we woke up to a bitter-sweet day knowing that while we were about catch some gnarly waves surfing, today was our final day together. After mastering a few waves themselves, Kelly Clare and Liv decided to catch a wave together! Lucy and Taylor, looking like pro surfers themselves, never missed a chance to catch a wave. 
Parents, thank you all for sharing these wonderful individuals with us. We could not have asked for a better group. Each one of them has so many unique qualities that make them such a pleasure to be around. We know each one of them will be very successful in their future endeavors.
LK, Julianne, and James

Heartfelt Service in Hilo

June 24, 2017

Aloha from Kauai!!!

We have just landed in the beautiful city of Lihue on the island of Kauai after finishing two rewarding days of community service in Hilo on the Big Island. 

We worked directly with the nonprofit, Project Hawaii, to help raise money for their summer camp and school supplies for the “keiki.” The summer camp serves as a mentoring program for homeless children from age 3-7 years old. We began our fun- filled day playing with the kids at a nearby park. Our troopers, Taylor and Lina, must have given piggy-back rides to every child there, even when we were all pretty tired and hot. We then began to fundraise. Over the course of two days (6 hours total) we raised over $2,300! Kelly Clare, Elliott, and Catherine charmed all the cars passing by with their enthusiasm and great fundraising tactics. Both were putting on their best pageant waves and smiles – who could say no to that duo?! The boys took on a different tactic. Konrad teamed up with James and they danced and were silly the entire time, attracting the attention of many donors. 

After a long day in the heat we went for a treat at Jamba Juice. While leaving we ran into a father and daughter in the parking lot who were desperate for some spare change for a meal. The kids who had just seen the generosity from others in Hilo immediately responded with generosity of their own. The two were overwhelmed by the loving response, and I must say, we leaders were covered in chill bumps on this hot day. 

Next, we headed to Volcanoes National Park where Edward and Catherine, as LODs, lead us around to an array of volcanic activity sites including sulfur banks, steam vents and even lava tubes. We concluded our day with pancakes for dinner, served up by Jack, who is always ready to help in the kitchen. Our nights were capped by not only the usual glorious Hawaiian sunset, but also by the bright red glow of the volcano. 

Earlier today and prior to our flight departing Kona, Edward and Drennen saved the day by helping LK clean the U-Haul and van while everyone else stayed at the airport to check luggage. 

We have now settled into a picturesque camp spot on Hanalei Bay near the Waipa Foundation. On Friday, the group helped Waipa by clearing out invasive plants around trees and shrubs, we then fertilized the area around the trees so they could grow in a healthier environment. Lucy, Liv, and Madeleine approached the tasks with such vigor and began gardening away, Liv also got a game of Big Booty going to help keep everyone in high spirits.

After the service work, the girls took to the beach to tan while the boys went with James in search of prawn (a crawfish-like creature). All in all, Kauai has been great to us and we are looking forward to our next few days here.


LK, Julianne, and James

SCUBA, Snorkel & So Much More!

June 20, 2017

Aloha from Volcanos National Park!! 

We have had a wonderful time with Jacks Diving Locker learning the ins and outs of scuba. Over the last two days, we had 4 awesome dives into the crystal-blue waters of Hawaii. On today’s dive in Turtle Cove, Lina, Edward, and Lucy got up close with a Tiger Shark. Kelly Clare and Elliott’s scuba group found a sleeping turtle in an underwater arch. Madeleine took lead during her groups mini-dive and navigated them back to the boat like a natural. With a stubbed toe, our trooper Taylor conquered the last dive gracefully and with a positive attitude. Konrad set up his Eno on the boat for some island relaxing and later improved his snorkeling skills.

Liv and Catherine kept everyone energized after the first dive with their contagious smile and silly dance moves on the boat. 

For dinner, Edward, Jack, and Drennen whipped up some delicious BBQ chicken quesadillas and showed off their veggie dicing skills. 

Today we start our first day of service! Last nights LODs (leaders of the day), Madeline and Catherine wrapped up our day with a beautiful Moonup under the stars by asking the question “What is a kind thing that someone has done for you that has positively impacted your life?” We plan to take the heart felt responses from last night and implement them into our service today while we play with and raise money for the homeless children in Hilo!

We couldn’t have asked for a better group. We are beyond blessed by their zest for life and engaging personalities. We can’t believe today is the halfway mark!!! More great things to come. . .



Jack – Dear family, I have finished SCUBA certification and loved every minute! I am having a great time! Can’t wait to tell y’all all about it! 


Lina -Hi fam! Miss ya bunches! You’re the best! Can’t wait to come here with you! PS happy late Father’s Day <3 -Beanz


Liv -Hey Everyone! I miss y’all sooooo much! Can’t wait to tell you all about it. Happy late Father’s Day! -Liv 


Kelly Clare -Hey fam and friends, Hawaii is amazing! Swam with a sea turtle today and it was so cool! Miss and love y’all! -KC 


Catherine – Dear Family, 

I have officially finished SCUBA diving and I am alive and well! I have had so much fun with everyone! Our leaders are so fun and awesome!! I love and miss you all so much! You should receive something from me soon @ the house, not the beach! Miss y’all <3 Trina 


Lucy -Hi family and friends!! Hawaii is awesome. I saw a shark SCUBA diving. We are camping and I’m still managing to eat way too much lol. Love and miss y’all lots <3 Lucy


Elliott – Heyyyy!! All is gucci and I’m having a ton of fun! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!! Love <3 Elliott 


Madeleine – Howdy, having a swell time here. Hope everyone is good. Have my SCUBA license now. Tell Oliver and Cami I miss them lots. Love you all – Maddogg


Konrad -Hawaii is amazing! I was kind of sad I couldn’t SCUBA. Everyone is so nice!! See y’all soon- Konrad 


Taylor -Hi family! Miss you all so much! Been having a blast here! Now SCUBA certified woo! Can’t wait to tell you more! Love ya!! -Tay


Edward – Howdy, I’m almost done with the first island, finished SCUBA and I have something headed y’alls way. Saw a tiger shark today. I’ll see y’all soon. Love, Edward 


Drennen -Hey y’all, we have been doing so much in Kona. Can’t wait to surf and tell y’all all about it, see you soon! Love Drennen 


Aloha nui loa

-Julianne, Laura Katherine, and James 


Aloha from Kona!

June 16, 2017

The group is finally all here and we have settled in at Kohanaiki Beach Park (totally Google some pics, it’s beautiful!). The sea breeze is amazing and we have an A+ spot between a gorgeous golf resort and a sugar white sand beach. Edward and Liv started us off strong, as Leaders of the Day, as some of our returning students. Earlier today, as we anxiously awaited the arrival of Lina and Taylor, Drennen and Catherine both brought major laughs and a competitive spirit to our group’s recent favorite game “Big Booty”. We started off the day at Spencer Beach Park with a gorgeous view of the big blue and some chocolate chip pancakes. The group played “Birdie on a Perch” on the beach with Kelly Clare and Catherine as a power couple, winning the match by a “Veggie Off” and showing their silly sides. Today we explored lava fields and saw the entrance to a massive cave on the way to our current campsite. Elliott showed off her creative skills here and took unique photos of the group and the rest of the girl crew. Once we arrived here, everyone was ready to jump into the ocean and cool off with great company. Jack and Madeleine both took to the waves and tried their hand at body surfing and jumping the incoming swell. Konrad put his engineering skills to the test and showed off some great Expedition Behavior by putting up a clothesline for everyone to dry off their suits. We ended the day with a Moonup, where we reflected on the day and sought to learn more about each other. One of our most insightful answers was from Lucy, who is thankful for her little brother and how close they have become over the last few years.

Look out for the next update following the scuba section from Hawaii 5.0 here on Big Island. Loving our new ohana!!

-Julianne, Laura Katherine, and James 

A Day Late, but Nothing Short!

June 15, 2017

Hello Hawaiian Islands Families, 

With a few last minute arrivals, the group is now complete and they are off to start their Hawaiian Adventure. Stay tuned for more to come!

-Moondance Administrative Team


  • Madeleine
  • Catherine
  • Taylor
  • Liv
  • Drennen
  • Lucy
  • Edward
  • Konrad
  • Elliott
  • Lina
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