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Colorado Trail 1B • June 14-June 27, 2017

Final Goodbye from Colorado!

June 28, 2017

Hello to all of the Colorado Trail 1B families,

Our last full day together, day 13, began with whispered voices and muffled steps: Liz, the kids and I quietly blew up balloons and gathered outside the leaders tent as we got ready to surprise Elizabeth Oakes on the morning of her 20th birthday! As she emerged from the tent balloons were tossed and we merrily sang Happy Birthday. The only acceptable breakfast, of course, was cookie cake! Oakes loved the surprise and the kids made it extremely special. As the excitement settled, Chase created his own tennis court, using a balloon as the ball, and dueled it out with various opponents. Bo and Ellerbe, as leaders of the day, motivated people to pack up and kept a great attitude throughout the day! 

The drive to our next campsite, Mueller state park, was short and sweet and the group got to cleaning! Which, trust me, was a lot more fun than it sounds. I took Jake, Jem, and Pearl to power wash and vacuum the van. Things got a little out of hand as soap and water flew left and right! Needless to say, we were all a bit cleaner after we left the car wash. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad stayed at camp and organized the U-Haul. Gabe definitely was the student who was the most motivated to shower first, he showed great “EB” (Expedition Behavior)and was extremely helpful in making sure the final check ups on the van and U-Haul were completed! 

At last, everything was clean and it was time to prepare for our banquet dinner! The first stop: Goodwill! Here, everyone picked out funky outfits to bring some light-hearted fun to dinner. Caroline Scott bought decided on a prom theme and bought a dashing blue dress with, some high heels! And yes, she pulled them off gracefully. Bo on the other hand, used his creativity and bought an old necklace to use as a monocle along with a traffic stop jacket! It was definitely attention grabbing. 

Next, we headed to AJ’s Pizzeria! We gorged ourselves with garlic knots, cheesy bread, and pizza till our bellies were full. Little did the leaders know that it would come with a show as Vaughan, Claudia and others decided to show off their swing dancing skills. Spinning, and twisting (and maybe stepping on a couple of toes) till it was time to head back to camp for the night. Here, we held our final Moonup. Liz, Oakes, and I organized this final night and each shared a quote. The question we posed: what will you take away from this trip? We were all blown away and humbled by the kid’s answers. As the night ended tears jerked on all of us as Pearl,  Katherine, and Mary Grace joined in with a group of girls to sing “Catch Release.” It was a perfect last night under the stars that will be cherished forever. 

Our official last day, our airport day, was bitter-sweet and flew by right before our eyes. As we said goodbye to all the kids, we realized just how close everyone became over the past two weeks; In that short amount of time, as Mary Grace said, “strangers became family.”

It has been a true pleasure getting to know each and every student. Liz, Oakes, and I are already missing them! They brought energy, joy, and laughter everyday and that is all we could have asked for as leaders. We are so grateful to have shared this experience with them and hope it is one that continues to unfold as they return home. 

Gabe, Vaughan, Claudia, Chase, Pearl, MG, Caroline, Katherine, Bo, Jem, Jake, and Ellerbe – y’all made this a trip of a lifetime! Don’t be strangers, you all are now family. 

Your leaders, 

Liz, Oakes, and Creed

Big fun on big water

June 26, 2017

Hello from Cañon City, Colorado!! Our Colorado Trail group just finished rafting the Bighorn Sheep Canyon on the Arkansas River. The water is running very high this time of year, so rafting in the Royal Gorge (our original plan) is closed for commercial use. Although the group was disappointed, we were proud of them for keeping high spirits and being flexible with our change of plans. 


Our leaders of the day, Claudia and Vaughn, woke everyone up bright and early after a big night of “Iron Chef.” We drove to our River Runners location in Cañon City and geared up for rafting. 


Most of the group took a swim in the river after the Three Rocks rapid, although Pearl and Gabe managed to stay inside the boat and pull the swimmers back in. Mary Grace took a big spill, but we were so proud to see her push through and stay positive! The river was high but everyone had a blast over all.


We headed back to the campsite to prepare dinner and enjoy our last few nights as a group. Bo was instrumental in helping the leaders prepare a cookout for the group, complete with hamburgers and fruit salad. Ellerbe, Chase and Caroline organized group gear and assisted in cooking, while Jem headed up clean up duty. 


Today was a long day with a ton of excitement – the perfect last full day of activities! Everyone has gone to bed early in order to get everything done tomorrow to enjoy our last few moments together. It’s been an amazing trip and we couldn’t be more grateful for this group and how kind, caring, fun and weird they’ve turned out to be. We’re so excited to spend our last day all together and will miss our students so much!!

The Fun Never Stops!

June 25, 2017

After a long night’s rest, we woke up around 8am to begin preparing for our backpacking session in the San Juan Mountains. For breakfast, Jake and MG cooked cinnamon balls covered in Nutella and then decided to throw some eggs and hot dogs in there, why not!? We had a big day ahead of us! Breakfast took a long time, (as one would assume) so we didn’t finish packing up camp until almost noon. We drove towards Bear Creek Trailhead in the San Juan Mountains. We hiked nearly 4 miles which were rough for a few, but everyone pushed through! We camped at a site near the river and for dinner we ate pizza bagels. Afterwards, Gabe literally put back his hair and showed everyone up in Hot Hands. Chase got in there and was able to beat him a couple of times. We then taught and created our “bear burrito” prior to Moon Up. The question was, what has been your scariest life changing experience thus far? It was a very special Moon Up – our group opening up to each other in a very loving and respectful way, which only grew us closer. We then went to bed while Vaughn, Chase, and Jake decided to sleep in their eno hammocks. 


Around 8am again, Pearl and Jem, as our LODs, woke up our crew. For breakfast we ate some oatmeal, packed up, and hit the trail. We walked for a couple miles until we reached out next campsite. We had the majority of the day to enjoy fishing, reading, exploring, and having mid-trip check ins. Leaders met with the students individually to discuss thoughts on the trip and anything that the student wanted to share. We also did the NOLS Leadership Grid Game where the students found out what type of leader they are – whether that be a Driver, Architect, Relationship Master, or Spontaneous Motivator. We also had the students place the leaders where they thought they would be, they were almost 100% correct! After that game, we played the name game: however, we tested everyone on last names! It was hilarious. Bo, Ellerbe, and Claudia were pretty good and took it seriously. LODs then began cooking dinner, which was a scrumptious chicken Pad Thai. At Moon Up, Caroline and MG sang the “Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect and then Gabe, Caroline, MG, LT, and Oakes sang “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. The question of the night was, what is your first childhood memory? The memories had a wide range, but one of the most notable was Ellerbe being thrown up on. After trying to imagine everyone’s memories, we all went to bed. 


Gabe and Caroline were the LODs for day 3, but Liz and Oakes woke everyone up by singing the “birdie song” –  no one was a fan. For breakfast we ate cheesy hash-browns and sausage, it was delicious! We then relatively packed up and went on a day hike without our packs, which felt great. We eventually reached an open field and all took a moment to frolic. Caroline then began the process of creating flower crowns – they were lovely. We hung out in that field for a while and then walked back to our campsite. Katherine was so solid during backpacking. She constantly was encouraging and helped lead the pack through the wilderness. Once we got back, we put on our packs and headed towards a campsite 2 miles away from our van. We hiked the majority of the day and made it to our campsite near dinner, but before that people took time to chill out, read, and relax. We then cooked oatmeal as an appetizer then Caroline and Gabe began preparing chicken pesto pasta. Dinner was delicious! We then had hot chocolate over Moon Up. The question was, if you could visit anyone at that current moment who would it be and why? Oakes and LT sang Budapest by George Ezra and then we all tucked away in our sleeping bags, bracing the cold night ahead. 


On the last day of backpacking, Katherine and Chase led us all. We woke up around 7am and packed up our things. We ate a quick breakfast and of course made time to play Birdie on a Perch. We hiked our last steps and finally reached the van! After our massive dance party to Watch Me (Whip) in the parking lot, we finished packing and drove to Telluride. We excitedly ate at Steamies Burger Bar and while we waited for our delicious burgers, we got to play board games! Our tummies were full as we roamed the streets of Telluride. We stopped in local shops and picked up some goodies before we all got ice cream. We then drove until 7pm until we arrived to Canon City and prepped for IRON CHEF! We then got to our campsite, unpacked the Uhaul, then split into teams and began cooking. Food wasn’t prepared until very late; however, both teams cooked up some amazing grilled cheeses. When it came down to aesthetics, teamwork, and taste, team 2 took the win! We quickly cleaned up, had Moon Up, and went to bed. The question was bitter sweet – what are you going to miss most? As we reflected on the last two weeks, we realized how we have become a family. Although the trip is not quite over, it truly is amazing to watch and be a part of a group of strangers who think, care, and love one another. 


Hey mom and dad. We just got done backpacking for the last 4 days. I can’t wait to see y’all and my Grilled cheese for iron chef is going to be the new best in the family. Love y’all chase

Hey Mom and Dad!! We just finished the backpacking portion of the trip and it was super tiring but also extremely fun! See y’all soon!! -Jake

Hey mom and dad I got a HAWT shirt in Telluride see u in 2 days love u – Vaughan 

Hey mom hey dad I am having an AWESOME time it was a great choice coming here. Everyone here is super nice, love you all.



What’s up mom and dad, 

 Camp is going pretty good, I’m having lots of fun but am excited to go home. I miss sleeping in my bed and actually showers

       Love ️ 


Hi we just finished backpacking. It was very fun but I had a fall on the last day. We are going rafting tomorrow and that will be the last fun day. It is going to rain tonight so that will not be fun. I hope ???????? was awesome time. 

See you in 2 days.

Love y’all ️


Hey parentals!! It is Katherine, hope y’all are having fun, we just finished 4 days of backpacking!! It was fun and tiring. Can’t wait to see y’all and shower!!!! 

Love you️



Ellerbe: Hi! I miss y’all and can’t wait to see y’all! I’m having so much fun. I’ve met some really cool people and learned some really cool things like white water rafting and rock climbing. Sebastian: I can’t wait to see you and I think about you every day! I’m so excited to hear about your new fidget spinners ad hear how your swim meets are going! Don’t you dare go see Cars 3 without me if you haven’t already. Can’t wait to see it with you! You’re gonna be the first person I call when I get my phone back. Love y’all!!!!!

Dear mom and dad, 

I am having a great time at camp!!!!!!! I miss you guys so much. I hope you guys are having a great time and I can’t wait to be in an air conditioned house with ya’ll. I love u guys soooooo much and can’t wait to see u again!!!!!! I am having a great time and learning new things. Love u guys!


Pearl Frescoln:

Hey y’all! I’m having so much fun in Colorado! Can’t wait to see you guys is two days! Miss you️

Hey y’all! I love u sooo much and I can’t wait to see you soon! Back-packing was soooo fun! We went on one rrreeaally long hike but the whole time I was just talking with one of my many new friends named Pearl and time seemed to go by so much quicker! She is actually going to Vermont right after this just like us!! See you soon!♥️♥️


Dear Mom and Dad,

I love you so much and can’t wait to see you. We just finished our backpacking trip, which was so much fun and I even got picked to be LOD ( leader of the day) when you are LOD you cook dinner, make plans for the day and get to lead the group in backpacking. Today we went to a town called Telluride where I bought a cute shirt and stickers. Can’t wait to see you in two days where I will tell you all about the trip. 

Love you so much 

Love Caroline ️ 

Dancing Across the Dunes

June 21, 2017

Howdy, folks!

It’s been a great past few days.

Day 6 started off zippity quick! As we said goodbye to one of our favorite campsites, Hecla Junction, Bo and Caroline, as leaders of the day, got the group pumped for zip lining in Canon City. The drive into the Royal Gorge area was beautiful, with the Sangre De Cristo mountain range jetting up in the distance. 

Once arriving in Canon City, the group split to take on the zip lining course. We all got a little funky on the cables after Chase set the tone on the first line with “the gun show” pose. “Eeeeps” and “awwwws” carried through the air as each line grew in its speed and length. Jem was particularly boisterous as we went down a metal on metal line, reaching up to 45 mph! The course ended with side by side zip lines and races toward the finish. Claudia and Katherine, with pride, determination and some friendly banter, had the closest race. Flying over 1000 feet to the finish line, Katherine secured the win by just a hair. The competitive streak continued at lunch where Gabe rained champion of the tether ball court with his canon of arm. Our trip in Canon City ended here, at the Royal Gorge zip lining restaurant, with some fun food. It was hardly the end of our day; however, as everyone danced in their seats to music as we headed toward Piñon Flats. Jake, a notable car dancer, capitalized on these moments showing the leaders how to bop, whip, and nene! Mary Grace, per usual, shamelessly proved she was Taylor Swifts biggest fan in the group by knowing every word to her songs when they came on. The long drive ended in the Great Sand Dunes National Park and a belly full of Jambalaya, cooked by the master chefs Bo and Caroline, prepared the group for an early morning! 

Day 7 of our trip began way before the roosters cuckoo, at 3 AM. Despite the early start, everybody was in high spirits to hike the sand dune for an incredible view of the sunrise. Our effort was immediately rewarded as we saw a small group of deer at the beginning of our hike! Vaughn and Ellerbe, the selected leaders of the day, kept the group focused and motivated us forward. Sand dunes are no easy task, though. Pearl demonstrated great expedition behavior as she was always toward the front of the group, but more importantly also encouraged those who were in the back. Three miles and 699 butt burning vertical feet later, we tackled High Dune! Arriving just around 5am, we sat and watched an array of deep orange and mellow yellow dance across the morning sky. A communal feeling of accomplishment pervaded amongst the group as we all celebrated in our feat. The reward? Running, tumbling, and stumbling down all 699 feet we climbed up hours before. Y’all guessed it, sand got everywhere. But as the sand molded around our toes and ran through our hair, smiles and laughs rang abundantly. The good vibes continued into brunch with bacon and pancakes, this time, with Ellerbe and Vaughn wearing the chef hats. After brunch we packed up and headed off to Ridgeway State Park. Here, the group played the NOLS Leadership tool box grid game! Where we all got to learn who was a spontaneous motivator, architect analyst, driver, and relationship master. Liz, Elizabeth and Creed also taught how to pack a backpack, ration planning, and lightning protocol amongst other lessons in preparation of tomorrow – the beginning of our backpacking section! 


Love and miss you – Mary Grace 


Love you guys, – Katherine 


Love and miss you, – Vaughn 


Love and miss you, – Claudia 


Love you, – Jake 


Love you and miss you, – Gabe


Love and miss you! – Pearl 


Caroline: we hiked up the sand dunes today really early but the view was beautiful. We will start backing tomorrow, and I am so excited. I love you so much and miss you see you soon 

Love you – Caroline. 


We are about to go backpacking it is going to be awesome. This trip is so much fun. Love you.

Love – Bo


We are about to go backpacking in the back country. Hiking up the great sand dunes was very hard because our feet sank in. 

Love, – Jem



It’s Ellerbe. I miss y’all a ton and wish that y’all could see all the amazing things we are experiencing. I can’t wait to show y’all the videos and pics. Sebastian; I think about you all the time. Hope you did well in the swim meets! Can’t wait to see you and your new spinners! I’ll call you as soon as I can. Love you buddy ️

Love, – Ellerbe


Hey mom and dad. Hope everything is going well. We are about to go backpacking in the back country for four days. When Camden gets back tell him I said hey. Love y’all  – Chase

Rollercoaster Rapids in Colorado!

June 19, 2017

Hello from Hecla Junction campground in Salida, Colorado!! Our Colorado Trail group just got off the Arkansas River from our 2-day rafting trip and are hard at work setting up camp and cooking up some sausage and cheese appetizers. Pearl and, our Leaders of the Day, are chopping up veggies for quesadilla night – the group sure worked up an appetite after a long day on the river!

We woke up early on Saturday morning and hit the road to our rafting put-in. After gearing up in wetsuits and splash jackets, our awesome guides, T and Nicky, shuttled us to our put-in. After a detailed safety briefing, we loaded up the rafts and set out down the Arkansas River. The group was a bit apprehensive, as the river flow is higher than normal this time of year, but quickly learned to love the excitement.

Caroline kept our raft entertained with plenty of riddles for our morning trip. We pulled off back at the River Runners “base camp” for a delicious lunch of sandwich wraps and chips and salsa. We then spent about an hour playing group games and Jake led the group in learning the “Full Moon Club” riddle and teaching it to the raft guides as well.

After lunch, we hopped in our rafts and continued on another fun-filled stretch of the Arkansas. We pulled over to set up camp where Justin, our gear boat guide, had found a beautiful riverside campsite. The group hiked up some brown granite cliffs to a stunning sunset view of Mount Princeton and the Collegiate Peaks, a few of Colorado’s “14ers,” or peaks above 14,000 feet. The group was breathing hard making it up the cliffs, but Bo was kind enough to lend everyone a helping hand and act as a spotter to be sure the group all made it up one tough rocky spot.

After our hike we all came back down to a dinner of chicken stir fry. Ellerbe helped the guides serve the chicken and clean up afterwards. Katherine was our reigning champion of an individual tug-of-war games that T and Nicky taught us. We then built a fire and roasted s’mores on the riverbank. Jem especially enjoyed roasting Starburst candies on a stick over the fire. As Saturday’s Leader of the Day, Mary Grace led the group in some group games and took the lead on “Moonup,” our nightly group meeting.

Vaughan and Chase spent the evening perfecting their fly-fishing technique with Creed. Although the river was moving a little quickly for ideal fishing, the leaders were very proud of Vaughn and Chase for continuing to persevere – Vaughn even got up at sunrise on Sunday to fish!

On Sunday morning we ate a delicious breakfast of eggs, spinach, and hash browns and set out on the river. The river had risen from 2,400 cubic feet per second to around 3,000 overnight! So, after going through some major rapids, the group got out to scout the Sidell Rapid and the best “line” to take through it. As a Class 3+ rapid, everyone was nervous to run it. I spoke to Claudia, who was apprehensive but excited to try her hand at our biggest rapid yet. After a few minutes, the group worked together and listened attentively to our guide and successfully made it through without flipping!!

We felt like the group has really grown together as a unit throughout the rafting trip. Going through a nerve-wracking experience and coming out the other end safe and exhilarated was quite the bonding experience. We can’t wait to see how close everyone gets in the next few days! Here are shout-outs from the group!

Bo: we just got done with white water rafting and it was awesome I’m loving it here love u

Chase: we just got done rafting for the past two days. We go zip lining tomorrow then we are backpacking. The water is still freezing. Can’t wait to see y’all.

Caroline: we just finished rafting today and went over eight class three rapids. We are going zip lining tomorrow and I am very excited. I miss you very much and will see you soon. (ps still expect a post card) love you so much

Pearl: today was so much fun because we went white water rafting and tomorrow we are going zip lining! I miss you all so much and I will see you soon!

Ellerbe: white water rafting is lit! I’m so excited to go zip lining. I love y’all! Miss y’all!
Exited to see u again!

Katherine: Today we finished rafting, and it was amazing!! I’m excited for the rest of camp! Love you mom and dad.❤️

Claudia: The trip is really fun. Today we went white water rafting and it was amazing. Give sugar, ginger, chili, and coco a kiss for me. Miss and love u all????????

Jem: White water rafting was really fun. We rafted a class 4 rapid. People are trying to convince me to live in their city.

Jake: Hey guys!! I love and miss you guys so much! Being on a phone to type this is really awkward! ???????? Anyways, rafting was amazing and we went on class threes and a giant four!! ???? Hope you guys are having fun being completely childless right now! And also with Gabe’s mom. Well, see you guys soon! I’m absolutely loving the Colorado Trail Trip! (Even more than the California one)
Love Jake! ❤️❤️

Hey mom and dad. I hope y’all are having the most fun that you could have without me. I miss you guys so much and I hope to see u soon.
Gabe ❤️

MG: hey!!! Miss y’all but I’m having a blast! White water rafting was AMAZING! We went through Browns Canyon and it was gorgeous! We kept getting quick glances at Mount Princeton and it looked awesome (how much I wanted to ski down it you don’t even know!!????) Colorado is sooooo pretty and I’m sooooo excited for zip lining tomorrow! Hope y’all are having fun (the most that you could possibly have without me there bc well ya know- imma blast????????) just kidding! Love you sooooo much!
Love you,
Mary Grace????

Vaughn: had fun white water rafting today, we are going zip lining tomorrow. See you in a week and a half!

Let the Good Times Roll!

June 17, 2017

At last we finally meet and it’s just the happiest of days! Day 1 consisted of many, “Hi what’s your name” and “where are you from”s. We gathered at the Denver International Airport, snacking on sandwiches and chips while playing games until we were eventually able to hop in the van and head towards our campsite, Onemile, near Gunnison, Colorado. We drove near 7 hours due to traffic, but luckily we were able to stop for pizza on the way. Around 10pm we made it to camp. After doing a brief lesson on how to pitch a tent, we had our first Moonup! Everyone went around and shared why they chose to be a part of Moondance for the summer and then we all went to bed. 

Day 2 was an early one – we began our day around 6:30am when Jake and Claudia woke all of the students up as our first LODS, Leaders of the day. For breakfast, they toasted bagels with cream cheese and jelly. We got dressed then put gear in the Uhaul and were off by 8:30am headed towards the Second Buttress for our first day of climbing. We got there a little early so Creed, LT, and Oakes taught a couple of lessons, such as LNT, hydration, and layering. Jake was one of the first to climb and successfully reached the top of a complex vertical crevasse. Our guides were awesome! Amy helped encourage Katherine to keep up her motivation and strength, which lead her to finishing the climb! For lunch, we ate turkey / ham sandwiches with lettuce and cheese by the river that our guides took us too. We pealed our oranges and bit our apples, catching a breath before starting again. After lunch while we were climbing, Pearl shouted out suddenly, “I lost a tooth!” It was incredibly random, but immediately everyone busted into cheer! Around 3:30pm we finished climbing and thanked our guides. As a special treat, we drove to Crested Butte and surprised everyone with a detour to the ice cream store, where we celebrated and reflected on our accomplishments of the day. Afterwards the boys went to a fly fishing shop and the girls went to souvenir stores. As a group we collected stickers, pillows, sleeping bag liners, and fly fishing flies! We drove back to Onemile and began cooking FAJITAS!!! Cook Crew did an awesome job and got a lot of help from volunteers! By the end of dinner there were still a lot of vegetables left so, of course, Oakes said, “if y’all finish all of the vegetables you can push Creed in the river!” And that was enough motivation. Caroline and Mary Grace were determined to finish all of the them so they could push Creed in the river. And they did it! All of the vegetables were gone and a crew was formed to watch Creed get in the freezing river. After that activity, we walked out of our campsite to a more secluded area for Moon Up. Jake and Claudia introduced our evening with bandannas over their faces, humming a chant until everyone joined in. Their question was, “If you could have dinner with any famous person who would it be and why?” We got a variety of answers and our minds raced with the thought of possibility. Later, the new LODS were announced and Katherine and Chase were selected! We then we all went to bed and slept like babies. 

Another early morning, up with the sun, Jake and Katherine woke everyone around 6:30am and cooked breakfast burritos, which consisted of eggs, bacon, and cheese wrapped in tortillas. After breakfast, we had our debrief, quote of the day given by LODS, and presented Jake with his Alumni gift as well as everyone else with their new Moondance shirts. We packed up our tents and headed towards Gunnison for our last day of climbing. Today, Vaughn and Bo absolutely crushed belaying. They were both incredibly patient and applied their new skills with every decision made. Jem, Ellerbe, and Pearl were also very impressive on the rock wall; their determination and perseverance to finish their climbs were a motivation for all. For lunch, we ate sandwiches again and snacked on carrots – these guys love carrots. After Gabe and Jake got their hair done in braids and pigtails by the girls, we played a massive game of Look Up Look Down. LT and Ellerbe won in a veggie off with the subject of “sunburnt banana.” We climbed for a couple more hours and watched everyone challenge themselves to climb harder and higher. It was really cool to witness Gabe continuously push himself on climbs since heights are not exactly his favorite thing. We thanked our guides and put up our gear then drove to Hecla Junction towards our whitewater rafting site. We began a playlist of songs everyone wanted to hear and jammed out the entire time. MG is maybe the biggest Taylor Swift fan out there. Chase and Katherine did an awesome job today by setting a good example of how and what an LOD needs to do. They were both encouraging to all and acted thoughtfully without asking. We got to our campsite, set up camp, and went for a quick swim in the river. The girls brought shampoo and conditioner while the boys jumped off this rock repeatedly. For dinner, we cooked Mac and Cheese with hot dogs. Afterwards we had Moon Up by the river and were asked, “if you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring?” Caroline said she would bring a boat, captain, and fuel – pretty much, she doesn’t plan on ever being stranded on an island. Jem and Mary Grace were chosen for new LODS! We wrapped up with a deep breath in and a deep breath out then headed back to our tents to get a good night’s rest for the next day! Overall – rock climbing, campsites, and everyone’s attitudes have been awesome! 

Much love, Creed, E. Oakes, and Liz


Katherine: I am having the time of my life. I’ve never had this much fun at camp! I have gotten close with everyone so I’m not friendless. Miss and love y’all so much! So far we have rock climbed, I made to the top. Hope y’all are having fun without me. Love you!


Caroline: I am having so much fun at camp it is something I would do every year.  This is an experience I will never forget. Also I wrote you a post card and just haven’t had a chance to mail it yet, so hopefully expect a post card. Everyone here is so nice and I have made so many new friends, and the activities we do are so much fun. We are going white water rafting today and I hope it will be fun. Love you Mom and Dad hope you are having fun at home 

Love,Caroline Scott 


Ellerbe: This camp is awesome. We get to do something super cool every day and never get bored. The people here are so nice and funny and we’ve gotten so close in three days it’s like we’ve known each other for a year. Mountain climbing was awesome and I’m soooooo exited for white water rafting. I will never forget this 😉 miss y’all! Love y’all 

Mary Grace:

Love and miss you! I’m having so much fun and I love it here! Give Bodie, Elsa, Alex, and both of y’all a hug for me!!!!


Hi! I’m having so much fun at camp but I am also missing you guys so much! Give all the animals hugs for me and I will see you soon:)

Claudia: I am having a great time. I went rock climbing and I’ve become so close with the other kids on the trip. I miss my bed and good food but everything else is great. I have lots of story’s to tell you when I get back. Please tell grandpa that I’m ok and he doesn’t need to come get me. Miss and love you all

Jem: I am having a lot of fun. I beat Jet Lag in one day. Rock climbing is really  fun and I climbed a lot of wall and finished most of them. I forgot to put the battery’s that go in the head lamp. We are not having any showers. We are about to go white water rafting. I hope Italy is really fun. 

Love you,


Jake: Hey Mom! Hey Dad!  Hope you guys are having a great time. HOPE Ava is having an awesome time at Pali!! I’m rafting today and having a great time so far. See you guys soon!!! 




Chase: Hey mom and dad! Hope y’all are having fun being childless. We are having fun and rafting today and tomorrow. The water is FREEZING but super fun. Love y’all and see you soon

Love chase

Vaughn: Hey mom and dad ummmm…. I love you 



Bo: Hey mom hey dad this trip has been enjoyable and everyone here is great love you.



Gabe: Hey mom and dad,

I hope you are having a blast in cali and D.C.!

I hope talia is ok and tell her to not miss me too much. I miss you guys so much. And I am having a great time. Love you guys!


Ready to rock n' roll!

June 14, 2017

Hello Colorado Trail families, 

We wanted to let you all know that all students have safely landed in Denver and this Colorado Trail trip is on its way! We can’t wait to read all about it, so follow along as updates are posted. 

-Moondance Administrative Team


  • Jake
  • Vaughn
  • Claudia
  • Pearl
  • Mary Grace
  • Ellerbe
  • Chase
  • Gabe
  • Katherine
  • Caroline
  • Bo
  • Jem