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Chamonix Alps 1A • June 13-July 5, 2017

Final Farewell

July 5, 2017

That’s a wrap, folks.

Davis and I already feel the distance between us and our amazing, unique Chamonix family! The past three weeks flew by, but rest assured, we spent them well. We learned so much from our kids and feel so fulfilled after last night’s final Moonup. We reflected on the past three weeks, reliving the hilarious moments, challenging hikes, breathtaking scenery, and more. We brought ourselves back to the first Moonup, where we discussed what we hoped to gain from the trip. Seeing the transformation from that first night to our last night was inspiring. It is safe to say we all gained so much from our experience, especially soon to be lasting friendships. 

Please stay in touch and have an amazing summer.

Be Where Your Feet Are. All of our love,

Smellie and Dave

Mountain Magic

July 3, 2017

Coming at you live from the train à Paris! The past 8 days in the Pyrenees did wonders for our souls, bodies, and minds. We experienced all the elements –snow to rain, hot to cold, and clouds to beautiful sunshine — as one does in the mountains. 


We began our Pyrenees stint with a shuttle from Lourdes to Col de Tentes, a pass above the quaint ski town of Gavarnie. The trails led us across to Bujaruelo pass, which is on the border of France and Spain! Once we crossed into Spain, we descended to the foot of Bujaruelo, where we found an old stone bridge. The hostel here would be our hard-earned refuge on night two. We continued hiking along the left bank of the river, using the rushing water as our guide. The bright wildflowers and beautiful bits of forest continued until we reached Torla — an absolute favorite town. Torla is one of those places where you walk around with your head on a swivel, taking in each tiny, stony alleyway and hidden shop. Our hostel — Refugio Lucien Briet — was tucked away in one of the stony outlets in the center of Torla. Before dinner, everyone took a chance to explore our home for the evening. Then we dined like kings and queens, folks. What a great start to our tour in the Pyrenees, Spanish style. 


The following day, we started bright and early in the vaunted “breakfast room” with bread-fast, a carbo loaded start to the day to which we became very accustomed. A quick taxi ride brought us to the mouth of Ordesa Canyon. We spent the day tramping along the valley floor beside a raging river, and later high up above it, looking down at spectacular cascades. This was our first rainy day, and the group did great! LODs Luke and Grace did an excellent job keeping morale high as they found a nice, sheltered cave to eat our “bocadillo” sandwiches out of the rain. Once back to the mouth of the canyon after a full day of rainy fun, we shuttled to our refuge at San Nicolas de Bujaruelo. We pulled up to the stony bridge we had passed a day before, and were soon basking in the warmth of the old stone refuge. We sipped hot drinks and smiled as the rain continued to fall outside the window. The afternoon was a great opportunity for (slightly belated) mid-trip checkins. These brief individual meetings reassured everyone was having a blast and reinvigorated the group’s collective desire to gain leadership skills. This became clear with the heightened leadership of the following days. We also made p-cord bracelets to remember the trip! After a great Spanish dinner and hilarious Moonup beside the river, we were off to bed for a big day of challenging terrain on the morrow.


Day three brought us back up and into France! Crossing borders throughout the trip has exposed us to numerous unique Western European cultures. Patrick and Julia, our LODs, were briefed on our challenging route for the day and took the bull by the horns. Patrick got us all “hype” with his famous MBA swim chant, and Julia set a perfect pace for our ascent up to the pass. We sang our way up the mountain with glee! A gradual descent followed and brought us toward Gavarnie. Our home for the next two nights was the cozy mountain refuge of Grange de Holle, under the care of our wonderful host, Philippe. After only a couple hours of descent, we unexpectedly spotted our refuge! The town of Gavarnie was a short 20 minute walk from our refuge, so after settling in, we went to explore.  Upon our return, Philippe welcomed us with open arms and belly-warming food. We dined on warm soup, creamy pasta, and chicken. After dinner, our LODs led us outside to reflect on our day. We “mooned up” on some nearby boulders and shared with the group the person, living or dead, with whom we’d like to have a conversation. Davis shared a favorite essay of his — “Why I Do What I Do” by Morgan Hite — then opened the floor to discuss what it meant to each of us. Being together discussing topics such as this is what makes the Moondance experience meaningful. 


The next day, we made the decision to recharge a bit with a relatively relaxed hike into the Cirque du Gavarnie. This was a beautiful hike, and a much needed rest day. Our LODs, Talley and Christian, led the way to the Cirque, past the town of Gavarnie. We lunched beneath the Cirque, then our LODs decided to take the path along the river back into Gavarnie. We took the extra time in the afternoon for une sieste (nap), then introduced the NOLS leadership toolbox to the group. This is one of my favorite exercises as a leader. It effectively categorizes various styles of leadership. During leadership trips such as Chamonix Alps, it’s important to recognize and embrace one’s unique style of leadership. After each of us had a chance to discuss our strengths and potential weaknesses as Drivers, Architect/Analysts, Spontaneous Motivators, or Relationship Masters, we had a delicious duck dish (Canard Confit) beneath the low ceilings of the refuge dining room. With full bellies we huddled for Moonup on a porch in a pile of blankets. Before settling into bed, we erupted into a spontaneous dance party featuring Ruff’s harmonica skills. We looked upward to the mountains where we caught a glimpse of our next destinations–Piméné and Refuge d’Espuguettes. 


The following morning reminded us we were in the mountains, as it was frigid.

We bundled up after a good ole bread-fast complete with strangely delicious chocolate cereal and hit the trail. We descended through Gavarnie and past the mouth of the Cirque before we began climbing the far side of the Gavarnie valley. The birds were chirping and song was abound as we ascended and traversed the beautiful hillside. These were some of the choicest views yet! There was some route-finding to be done this day, and we were so proud to see LODs Blake and Mae consulting the map, confidently making decisions, and informing the group of terrain to come. We passed a dreamy little refuge (Paillet) and lounged in the surrounding field before making the final push to our lodging for the night. The path wound steeply up the alpine hills to the picturesque Refuge d’Espuguettes. Masters of tolerating uncertainty at this point, our team was not fazed by the inability to check in for several hours. We promptly had a snack, found some nice grass, and napped in the mountain sunshine. Soon, the refuge was ready for us, and showed us to our bunk nest on the top floor just in time to shelter us from some weather moving in. Once again, we had an excellent dinner and Moonup before laying our weary heads to rest. No surprise that we had a big day to come!


We awoke on Piméné summit day with minds sharp and ready to conquer our feat. We kept in mind the possibility of changing mountain weather as we prepped for the hike. Days like this require a level head, and our LODs Catherine and Caroline took a mature approach to the day. We encountered our old friend Philippe as we ascended towards the Col de Piméné, who warned us of some rain coming in from the Spanish side. Our LODs watched closely as we continued on. When it got to the point where we had to choose between summiting the petit or the grand Piméné, we ultimately chose the safest option. After fueling up with snack at the Col, we headed for Petit Piméné.  Still an amazing view and feat, we celebrated our accomplishment. Before we knew it, it started to snow! Instead of lamenting the difficult change in conditions, our crew started singing Christmas carols. It was absolutely a W-O-W moment. Attitudes were positive and morale was high. After enjoying our lunch overlooking the dramatic and beautiful Pyrenees, we began our descent back to Espuguettes. “Mountain Man” Luke took his time on the way down, capturing every bit of the natural, majestic environment that he could, especially the massive boulders and random ponds. There we snuggled up in or wool blankets to chat, read, nap, and revel in the comfort of our refuge. After dinner, our LODs led us in a comfy Moonup in our bunk/nest room. 


Day 7 in the Pyrenees was epic. I’ll start with that. This day is what makes a group perform. Early on in the trip, we introduced Tuckman’s 4 phases of group dynamics: forming, norming, storming, and performing. This day, we performed. We stared into the face of adversity, focused on our goal, and stayed positive all the while. This day met us with snow, sleet, rain, wind, and generally nasty conditions. Our LODs today were well-equipped for the job. Ruff and Andrew kept us all together as we conquered our first ascent, descended into a valley, hiked along a majestic river beneath the Cirque D’Estaube, and went back up and over to meet our home for the night — Auberge du Maillet. Andrew kept us in good spirits and moving at a consistent pace at the front of the pack while Ruff provided support and guidance from the back. Christian proved to be an excellent trail-finder throughout the day, sniffing out the way when it was unclear and always ready to scout when necessary. The strength and determination exhibited on this challenging day affirmed our superb ability to function as a team. These are my favorite days to be a Moondance leader.  Once we reached Maillet, we set up in our bunk room and treated ourselves to much-needed warm showers, hot drinks, and sweet treats. They were hard-earned and well-enjoyed. Our friendly hosts readied dinner as we defrosted and relaxed by a big fire. A warm dinner did wonders as we sat around family-style, grateful for a warm meal and a roof after our most challenging trek. As the warm fire crackled, our LODs led us in Moonup with a perfect topic, a “thinking man’s question” as Ruff likes to call it. The question was “what was your favorite moment or memory during our time in the Pyrenees?” We could have been there for hours rehashing the funny stories and memorable moments. What. A. Day. 


The next morning, we awoke to a complete change in weather from the previous day. There was a wispy cloud bordering the blue sky as the sun began to peak through the mountains. Today was our last day in the Pyrenees, and we intended to soak in as much as possible. There was one last Cirque to see before completing the trifecta–Cirque du Troumouse. We took the long way through the Cirque du Troumouse into Heas, a tiny village where our Pyrenees experts would pick us up. We started with a bit of fog, which cleared more and more as we hiked. It was truly beautiful and such a great send off. The Pyrenees put on a show for us yesterday. We had lunch beside a lake, where we skipped rocks and soaked up the sun. Grace impressed us with the most impressive rock skip of all time.  We kept on moving and ended up on our final stretch along the right bank of a river. Boulders scattered around the grassy riverside, and wildflowers led us into Heas for our big finish! What a great send off and final experience in the magnificent Pyrenees. 


Our sleepy van ride back to Lourdes brought us to the Hotel Lutetia, where clean clothes awaited. Then came the much-anticipated Pizza dinner at L’Epsylon, a crowd favorite. After Moonup in a nearby park, we prepared for a good night sleep with dreams of…PARIS! 


With love and Parisian sunshine,

Ellie and Dave

Cooking and Kayaking in Costa Brava!

June 24, 2017


We are back on the tracks, ladies and gents! Having spent a few days on the Mediterranean resting our legs (but not our arms), we’re ready for all that the Pyrenees have in store for us. Let’s take some time and fill you folks in on our Costa Brava experience. 

We arrived in L’Escala, a small beach town in Spain, and checked into our three cozy cabins at the Cala Montgo. It was time for a cool down, so we immediately ventured to the pool for a swim! The pool was appreciated after a long day of train hopping. Our LODs for train day were Julia and Grace. They kept us all focused and together while we navigated each station. These two love organization, so they were the perfect LODs for this day. 

Something different and amazing about these three days in L’Escala is that we got to cook! Watching this group prepare dinner and set the table for our family of 14 has been one of my favorite parts of the trip. The first night, they split the ingredients into three categories for the three cabins to cook. The finished product would be burritos, so one kitchen was in charge of rice and beans, the next grilled up the chicken, and the last sautéed the veggies. Those who were not chopping and stirring were collecting tables and chairs and plates and forks and family vibes. Goodness, it was a beautiful sight. At one point, I hopped from cabin to cabin making sure things were running smoothly, but I was minimally needed. Then we sat down to our first home-cooked meal all together, which gave way to our first Moonup in Spain. We discussed our respective happy places. Parentals, you might be pleased to know there was a lot of gratitude for the things you all have made possible in this one! Before long, we receded to our bungalows and dreamed of the Mediterranean seafaring to come. 

Day 1 of sea kayaking began with a safety briefing from our friendly guides Manu and Gueyfre. Although it was a bit overcast when we started, 4 individuals–Ruff, Mae, Christian, and Caroline–showed us how to properly capsize a boat. Our guides assisted them as they laughed and wiggled their way back into the boats. We continued through caves and narrow canals beneath hundred-meter cliffs above us–the tallest in the region. We stopped for lunch in a beautiful cove and had siestas on the warm rocks. Talley and Mae pioneered the sport of kayak cockpit napping. And Davis the art of the chicken-wing-rock-nap, complete with snore-barking and a hat fashioned as an eye mask. After our siesta, we checked another sublime tunnel before heading back to base camp. The winds had picked up and the return journey proved to be a challenging one. Luke and Andrew kept pace with the guide and Patrick kept our spirits high through the stormy seas with his kayak singing and detailed stories. Once back to shore, we thanked our guides and began what would become our routine–the pool/shower combo. After cleaning ourselves of the day’s salt, we hit the supermarket in preparation for another feast. We would make a Moondance classic: Southwest Mac n’ Cheese. 

Catherine and Luke fastidiously prepared the cheese sauce for this belly-warming comfort food. Catherine drew inspiration from her grandmother’s homemade macaroni and cheese as she stirred love into the pot. Luke was her sous chef, fetching any ingredient and providing feedback on taste and consistency. We had Grace, Blake and Caroline chopping onions and peppers then sautéing them to perfection. Then the meat masters–Talley, Mae and Julia–brought the flavor with a dose of protein. These girls always led the charge in cleaning dishes after the meal. Julia was the first to get up to start washing without any prompt from us. Once again, we assumed our places at the table together. Talley and Patrick led us in Moonup, where we all discussed our 3 favorite albums and reflected on the day. Davis shared one of his favorite pieces of writing, the Desiderata. Definitely worth a read and perfect for a Moondance trip. 

It became habit for the boys to chef up breakfast burritos in the morning. They’d wake up and immediately start cracking eggs and sautéing true Spanish chorizo for a hearty breakfast. After fueling up, we met our guides, who drove us out to Playa Tamariu. As we got closer to the beach, we caught a glimpse of the stunning day ahead. Clear skies and calm water. We weaved in and out of the most impressive caves on the coast, one of which is the deepest in the region. We took a particular liking to the ones with nice acoustics and echoes as we sang into the depths of the cave. Gueyfre taught us all how to perform an assisted rescue. This lesson helped us all cool off as well as learn a unique skill. Christian and Mae took a very active role as LODs. There was always one leading at the front and one sweeping at the back taking direction from Gueyfre. They did an amazing job keeping the group together and communicating. 

Team photojournalists, Grace and Catherine, were always making sure to capture the best photos and videos with their GoPros. They definitely got some killer footage. 

We stopped for lunch at our own little beach cove and quickly ate our lunch so that we could swim and explore the area. Christian and Andrew borrowed a couple pairs of goggles from the guides so that they could spot fish and explore the world going on beneath us. Davis and I had to take a turn to witness the beauty as well. Again, we took our lunchtime siesta either on the beach or in the kayak cockpits while Gueyfre demonstrated the art of the kayak roll. This beach and swim area was an absolute highlight. 

When it came time to return to Playa Tamariu, the weather had changed a bit. This provided us the opportunity to show our true colors and tough out some strong headwinds. Blake showed true grit as she rounded the final turn for the home stretch. We were so impressed with their strength during the return to the beach. Once back to Tamariu, we began to witness the excitement of Día de San Juan, an annual celebration featuring lots of singing, dancing, and fireworks we enjoyed from a distance. Our final bungalow dinner was a bit of a smorgasbord, as we were determined to finish any ingredients so as to not waste any food. You could find some whipping up the chili while Ruff facilitated some card games. The ensuing meal earned the moniker Moonachos, and ’twas enjoyed thoroughly by all. Like a well-oiled machine, we also prepared lunch for the travel day to come. Our 3-hut community hummed with the sound of efficiency! We ended the meal with a cake–Coque–traditionally enjoyed on Día de San Juan. Yum! 

So now we are off to Lourdes for the evening, getting everything ready to start the long-awaited Pyrenees trek!!!!! We are STOKED. 

A tout a l’heure!

Your fearless leaders,

Ellie and Davie 

Taking the Tour de Mont Blanc by Storm!

June 21, 2017

Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs!

Nous sommes montés le train à Espagne! We boarded the train to Spain! Heavy-legged and trail-hardened, we look forward to sea kayaking the Spanish coast, but will not soon forget our beautiful first week on the Tour de Mont Blanc (TMB). 

After meeting the kids at the airport in Atlanta, I knew we had a great crew. Travel was easy, and before we knew it we had landed in Geneva! After a quick shuttle to Chamonix, crossing the border from Switzerland to France, Davis greeted us at our first hostel– Chamoniard de Volant! Although a bit drowsy from the flight, we rallied for a jaunt to the charming town of Chamonix for lunch. It was here that we experienced the only rain we’ve had thus far on the trip! We knew it was time for a bit of a rest, but we made sure to start the trip off right with our first Moonup in a nearby field beneath the French alps. For those unfamiliar with the term, Moonup is our closure to every day on a Moondance trip– a chance to come together and reflect on the day.  

The next morning we awoke to hot coffee and a classic french breakfast. Davis and I chose Grace and Patrick to be our first leaders of the day (LODs). Both of them exhibited unique qualities of leadership during our journey the previous day. Patrick was immediately welcoming to each person, establishing friendships with his hilarious personality. Grace had a calming and mature presence, which was apparent from the start. The two would work great as a team. 

Today we were prepping for the TMB and enjoying Chamonix! The LODs talked to the rest of the group and decided it would be a great idea to do a hike up to Mer de Glace, one of several stunning glaciers amidst the Mont Blanc massif. We began our hike just before noon and made sure to pack a lunch for the trail. Everyone was in great spirits on the way up the mountain, and this day really set the tone and prepared us for the TMB. We stopped at the cafe at the top where a rambunctious group of young and old french folk lounged and sipped their aperitifs. As we sat nearby looking out at the massive mountain topped with glaciers and waterfalls, they started to sing. What a great introduction to the French culture! Passion for life in the mountains resounded as the French folks sang and our group chatted & came together.

The following day, we began our trek on the TMB. After another delicious French breakfast, we were on our way to the trailhead in Arnuva, Italy. Lift off! From the distinctly Italian hillside, we hiked up, up, up to the Col de Ferret and passed into the snowy peaks of Switzerland after a high-altitude lunch on the Italian side, tucked away in the folds of the mountain to hide from the wind. The post-lunch hike included some boot skiing and flower sniffing on our way down to the pleasant Edelweiss hotel in La Fouly, Switzerland. Although exhausted from our first big day, we were all smiles as we rested our legs and dined on fine cuisine in the sleepy Swiss valley. The dynamic LOD team of Catherine and Julia led us in a giggly Moonup, which was pleasantly interrupted by our guide, Xavier, who alerted us that Blake’s lost bag would be arriving in an hour! As leaders, we were proud of the way that the group united to “help a girl out” when Blake was without her belongings. Blake, of course, took it all in stride and didn’t complain once. We hit the hay early in preparation for another big day on the morrow, this time to the quaint town of Champex by way of Praz du Fort, Switzerland.

Day two on the TMB started with 14 baguettes. We packed out of La Fouly and headed toward Champex through fields of Swiss cows feeding on grass with bells ringing round their necks. The first section was so kind and flat, which provided a nice rest before a bit of a climb to the town of Champex. Along the way we introduced the PB and J song, a group favorite. Davis and I quickly learned how much this group likes to sing. Even when our guide advised us to save our breath, the kids kept on singing. Andrew, in particular, has quite the extensive repertoire and impressive range. When we got to an intersection on the trail, our LODs sat with our guide Xavier and oriented the group. Mae quickly picked up the skill of map reading with some help and clues from our surroundings. We reached the town with time to explore and shop for lunch before dinner! Lake Champex was bustling as we entered the town, and the kids cooled down with some ice cream. That evening, we had a delicious dinner at our hostel–Pension en Plein Air–and headed out to the field for a beautiful Moonup. Little did we know, Davis planned a little surprise for all of us. We were all down in the field, when we heard the sound of a trumpet coming from the hostel balcony. I pointed up to the source, and there was Davis tooting us the sweet tune of taps! We all sang as he played to us and to the mountains. Then Mae and Andrew led us in a fun, thoughtful Moonup. 

We knew we were in for a big hike on Day 3 of the TMB, but lots of altitude gain typically coincides with beautiful views! Alors! We left Champex and hit the trail toward Trient. Today really tested our toughness, but we made it to the top, one stretch at a time! Have I mentioned how amazing our weather was during the TMB? Sunny and 70s EVERY SINGLE DAY! How lucky are we?!  I digress…we arrived at the top of our hike on the Bovine route and started looking for a lunch spot. There was a beautiful meadow with a shady tree and beautiful yellow wildflowers, so we parked and readied our lunch! We had our “pique-nique” as Davis played his trumpet. It was here that we introduced the crowd favorite “Ronald McDonald” song to re-energize the group. Soon we arrived at the Auberge du Mont Blanc in Trient, a very small town with a bright pink Cathedral. At dinner, the kids discovered that the underside of the place mats were coloring pages, so I went upstairs to fetch my colored pencils. They sat there laughing and coloring like little kids for 30 minutes after dinner. Ruff was particularly proud of his colorful bird. What a bird it was…This group is constantly entertained and entertaining, which Davis and I love to see. 

According to Xavier, Day 4’s trek from Trient to Argentiere would be the hardest day on our tour, but you would never have guessed it based on the high group morale as we rounded out a 900m climb at the Col de Balme and crossed from Switzerland back into France. From the pass, we could see the entire Mont Blanc massif in all its majesty with Chamonix and Argentiere sitting below in the valley to the South. We took some excellent photos and fantasized about potential ski lines over a snack before beginning a brief descent followed by another 100m climb. Although short, this rocky ascent to the day’s high point really challenged us, and we earned a great lunch in an alpine meadow. After lunch, we basked in the sun and napped for a bit before descending all the way to our hotel de la couronne (Crown Hotel) in Argentiere. On the way down Xavier would take off running from time to time, which Luke certainly enjoyed as he kept up with our speedy guide. The final descent in the afternoon sun proved to be the crux of the day, but Talley modeled mental toughness for us all with constant reminders to put mind over matter. Argentiere felt like a return to civilization, and we reveled in an opportunity to have a grand pizza dinner before a great night’s sleep. We couldn’t believe that we only had one more day on the TMB!

Knowing we only had a short, easy hike to Chamonix, our leaders of the day, Christian and Caroline, encouraged us to enjoy every last step on the trail. We did just that as we walked and joked and laughed and sang alongside the river. Before we knew it, we were back in Chamonix! All thanks to Catherine, who made sure we didn’t miss the turn to our hostel. We sat outside and said our goodbyes to our favorite TMB guide, Xavier. He was a fabulous ball of energy throughout the TMB, and we are so grateful for him. He handed out certificates to all of us for completing the tour and went on his way! 

After settling into our hostel away from home, Le Chamoniard de Volant, we headed to town to do some laundry, eat some delicious food, and soak up as much of the town as possible. 

We had a big day ahead, so our LODs kept things moving and organized. They led us in a great Moonup to close out our experience on the TMB. We discussed all of our favorite moments as the sun began to fade. 

Au revoir, Chamonix! Merci pour les souvenirs! Tu nous manqueras! 



Caroline: Hi family! I miss you guys but I’m having so much fun! Can’t wait to tell y’all all about it…love you all!

Talley: Hey fam jam! Patty Ice and Puddy, I miss y’all so much! Enjoying the food and can’t wait to squeeze ya!

Mae: Bonjour, everyone! Y’all would love it here. I’m having the best time. Food is good but I’m wanting a Cobb Zalad :). Love you. 

Blake: hey fam!! Love y’all so much! Really enjoying this trip so far, especially the food. Can’t wait to see y’all soon.

Julia: Hey family! I’m having so much fun! Can’t wait to see y’all. Much love <3

Catherine: Hey ma and dad!! Love y’all so very much! I’m enjoying myself and the food. My group here is awesome and my leaders are the bomb. Know I am smiling everyday and laughing too. Hope y’all had your own fun in Paris! Much love <3. Tell Brooks I said hey! Love you all xoxo

Ruff: Hello mom. How are you doing? I’m having a great time hiking and I’m about to go sea kayaking, so I’m pretty excited. Remember only one thing, “make hummus, not walls.” And also remember “eat your school, don’t do vegetables, and stay in drugs”. 🙂 🙂 🙂 :/ 😉

Patrick: Dear family, I’m taking my medicine, not eating peanuts, and have had no injuries. Trip is fun! Much love. 

Grace: Hey fam and Wittis! Hope everything is good in ATL! We’ve been to France, Italy, and Switzerland so far and are headed to Spain now. My leaders are great, and I’m having so much fun! Miss y’all! 

Christian: Mom and Dad, I’m having a great time so far. We just finished our first hike on the Tour du Mont Blanc and I already have tons of pictures. Say hi to Scotty for me!

Luke: Hey Mom and Dad Thank you so much for letting me go on this amazing trip So far we have been to Italy, France, and Switzerland and we are on a train now headed to Spain. I miss y’all and will see ya soon. Love Luke  

Andrew: Hey guys, miss you all a ton and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks. Love you a bunch. Andrew

In the Air!

June 13, 2017

Hi Chamonix Families!

We’ve heard from the leaders and everyone’s en route! The summer has officially started! Once everyone arrives in Geneva, the Moondance Office will call all families to check in.

-The Moondance Administrative Team


  • Patrick
  • Talley
  • Andrew
  • Mae
  • Luke
  • Julia
  • Catherine
  • Christian
  • Caroline
  • Blake
  • Grace
  • Ruff